You’ll instantly join Omar Blue’s unique pack of fierce but loving canines.

Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA by O. Warfield

Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA by O. Warfield

When mighty doberman Omar Blue and his pack of fierce canines form K-9 Town, USA, predators await them but they are in for a big surprise. Fearless to a fault, the pack survives, garnering strength and pride from their leader Omar Blue, from each other and from their love for the new town that is growing quickly. As the canine Elders and puppies settle in, there’s no end to the adventure. What would make the grizzly Dirty Sam have second thoughts about attacking the female Elders? Why would Coyote Red think he and his pals could tear down the wedding space before rottweiler Brady and poodle Sophie Jean have their wedding?

The puppies share the joy of being naughty and being taught the rules of survival.

Omar’s pack are always ready for a challenge, but it’s Omar’s keen and mysterious wit that normally prevails.

Told in smooth rhymes, with a flow that takes the reader right into K-9 Town, USA.

Visit the author’s blog “My Dog Leads Two Lives,” for a close look at the fascinating characters. Omar’s pack is getting bigger and stronger, relying more than ever on Omar’s wit and the mystery that surrounds him, to keep them worthy of K-9 Town, USA. Omar Blue is up for the challenge and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Author Name:: O. Warfield
Author Website:
Book Title:: Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA
ISBN:: 978-1452892313
Publisher:: Createspace

About the Author

O. Warfield resides in Richmond, Virginia. Author and poet, O. lives with her loving husband and has one daughter. Born in Brooklyn, New York, O.’s objective through her book, “Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA is to reach out to other dog lovers and avid readers through hours of reading entertainment. Her characters have personalities that draw fans young and old to their individuality.

To fulfull a wish to bring enjoyment to children and adults with special needs, this book is now being read along with a unique presentation by the author, her daughter and a special friend, in resident care facilities, veteran’s and children’s hospitals, libraries and hopefully soon, public and private schools.