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The Doomah Discourse
By David Arthur Walters
Last edited: Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Posted: Tuesday, July 05, 2011

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David Arthur Walters

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Hanley Harding and the personification of the president of Iran exchange notes on history







An unexpurgated Authorsden Roundtable exchange between the late Hanley Harding, a veteran of numerous covert ops, and Dajen Doomah – the name is believed to be the handle used by the president of Iran for clandestine Internet intercourse with patriotic Americans.

PRELUDE: How can your beloved President Bush be, as he claims, a follower of Jesus Christ, his “political hero” (may Allah have mercy on the great messenger’s soul); how can he genuinely  respect human rights; how can he honestly present liberalism as a civilization model; how can he truly oppose the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction; how can he dare to make “the Global War on Terror” his slogan; how can he sincerely work for the establishment of a unified international community which Jesus Christ (Allah has mercy on his soul) and the virtuous of the Earth will one day govern; - how can he do all this with good intentions, yet, at the same time, spit in the face of the international assembly three times and then preemptively attack on flimsy pretexts other countries that have done his countrymen no harm; command the military organ of mass terrorism to destroy a sovereign state and the infrastructure of a country, destabilizing its people, killing a hundred thousand of them, and plunging the country into the horror and terror of constant chaos; violate the sanctity of private homes, kicking down doors at all hours of the day, dragging people out of their beds, blindfolding them and forcing them to their knees, and sometimes murdering men, women and children in their homes for no other reason than hate and cowardice; kill hundreds of innocent people in their homes with bombs because a few criminals might be hiding among them; hold suspects in prisons for years without charge or counsel in violation of standards of human decency and international justice;  take his own people’s children away from their homes and send them into harm’s way on the basis of a pack of lies, in effect, psychologically and physically maiming and killing his own people; waste trillions of dollars of his people’s resources on the commission of evil and consequent chaos, while reducing taxes on his rich supporters and diminishing the welfare programs guaranteed by the Preamble to the Constitution of his country; - yes, how can he do all this in contradiction to his formerly stated intentions? What do we call a man whose deeds fly in the face of his stated principles? How can he call Saddam Hussein a murderous dictator, yet have the same effect? These are the questions my students ask, over and over again, as the situation grows more intolerable, and they think it’s best to have nuclear weapons to protect their country from your country because it is advancing world terrorism. All I can say is that I will ask for answers, knowing that Allah is merciful and shall redeem those who repent and do their best to undo wrongs and bring their actions into line with good words. Respectfully Submitted, Dajen Doomah, Allah’s Slave

DAJEN DOOMAH: Dear Infidel Knights of the Round Table: I am a teacher. My students sometimes ask me questions about certain subjects that I may not have honest answers for, questions that you may be able to answer. For example, my students examined old maps and documents but they were unable to find a country named Israel over sixty years ago, so they assumed Israel did not exist before then. They wanted to know why Israel was created, so they conducted some research into the question and learned that Israel was created because several million Jews had killed in the war; the victors felt guilty about that, and gave them their own state. They asked me two questions after our morning prayers today: 1) Is it not true that the establishment of a new country with a new people is a phenomenon that is exclusive to our times? 2) How does the killing of six million Jews translate into the establishment a new state in the Middle East, particularly when the population of the region is opposed to its presence? 3) What logical justification does the United States have for its support of that intrusion? Since the Infidel Knights of the Round Table are well versed in this subject, I am hoping that you will help me answer these questions so I can enlighten my students. Yours Faithfully, Dajen Doomah, School Teacher


HANLEY HARDING: Please allow me to respond to your inquiry. First off, we are not "Knights" of the Round Table (we do not claim to be so special and carry such noble purpose). We are more "rascals" of the Round Table. However, many of us do try to put our personal feelings aside in search of truth, or at least admit our personal biases, when discussing a topic, so others will more clearly understand why we opine as we do.


DAJEN DOOMAH: Thank you for responding.  I hope that neither you nor your brothers and sisters were unduly offended by my use of the term “knight,” which I associated with the honorable King Arthur and his noble knights. Of course I know why the table was round, but still they were noble knights. Yet many of the knights who joined the pre-emptive Crusade against Allah’s people were much less noble than the Arabs. As a careful student of history, you must know that “arab” means “noble.”  Although we are Persians and have had our differences with our Arab brothers, we certainly intend no insult when we call them Arabs; that is, “nobles.” Although we ourselves are a humble people, we are proud of our heritage. Our heritage is the foundation of our personalities, which are all not merely biased but faithfully prejudiced in favor of the All-Merciful-Allah. Unlike infidels (may Allah have mercy on their persons), who believe they can take off their personalities like hats under the pretence of searching for the truth, we find our truth within the personal commune. And the infidels would too, if only they took to heart the truth revealed by the foremost modern Christian philosopher, Karol Wojtyla, in THE ACTING PERSON. Indeed, it would seem that every Christian who sincerely believes that the Prophet Jesus was the son of god – which we, respectfully, do not believe – and was and is the same as god but in the form of the Supreme Personality, would esteem the person even higher than we do, and would not pretend to set aside the very personal feelings and prejudices that make him a human being made in the image of his personal god.  Even in the common parlance of your English language, the term ‘person’ is synonymous with ‘human being.’ Sometimes it is difficult for a people to know themselves through their own eyes, therefore it is useful for another people to come to their assistance; in this case, to point out that, no matter how impersonal or objective or detached or scientific a Westerner may think he is, he is still personally motivated and prejudiced, otherwise he would be an inhuman monster.  And, more often than not – and I am sure this is not your case - when he claims that he is going to set aside his personal biases and feelings in order to speak truly, he is about to lie, and is trying to deceive people into thinking he will not conduct himself as usual, most often badly, which if he were honest, he might as well do, that he might be corrected when in error. For the highest Christian truth, what you enjoy capitalizing in English, as Truth, although all truths are one in Allah, is not only personal but is a Person. And this is another matter that my students are curious about – how can Christian Americans believe in the Supreme Person while at the same time thinking the person is some sort of dirty thing that must be set aside in order to tell the truth, which is in effect a lie? I have not posted that question on their behalf somewhere. In any case, I hope you will take this under consideration, and allow me to address you, first of all, as a noble person. Your Friend in Allah, Dajen    


HANLEY HARDING:  Call me whatever you like, but be truthful about history instead of distorting it to make all sorts of false charges against Jews. The bulk of known written history dates back almost 6,000 years. The Semitic people were, in fact, the nation of Israel. The Muslims actually "splintered off" from the existing tribes of Israel and went their own way, creating Islam. This is why they revere the same prophets and even Jesus. For whatever reasons, historically, there was inculcated not only a disdain for Judaism, but a rabid hatred, which has grown, exponentially, to this day. Historically, Jews have not preached hatred or declared war and death to Muslims, but Muslims blame all their problems on, and teach their children to hate, all Jews, merely because of their being Jewish. What kind of religion propagates itself through hatred and commission of murder? If a corrupt Sheik, Emir or King allows the majority of his people to wallow in poverty and hatred, and amasses all the land's wealth for his own greed and selfishness... why do the downtrodden scream, "Kill the Jews!"? The Iraqis aren't screaming "Kill the Jews!" They know that their problems lie within their own country and how it needs to be governed to the advantage and enrichment of ALL their people, not just a power elite. Yours Truly, Hanley Harding


DAJEN DOOMAH:  My Dear Friend Only in Allah, I see that you have proven my thesis true : you have pretended to set aside your personal feelings and biases, but you could not conceal them, wherefore you launched a personal attack on your cousins. I assume that, if you are not Semitic by birth, you are, nevertheless, Judeo-Christian by culture if not by faith. Therefore may the All-Compassionate Allah have mercy on your person for the cultivated animosity that you feel for his slaves; may you be forgiven for your defamation of their characters just for being Muslims; that is, for mercifully pointing out the hypocrisy of Jewish leaders for their own edification and for surrendering to Allah’s will and following the holy prophets. Without Allah’s compassion, your groundless hatred of your own kind would surely work your ruination on or before July Fourth of your Common Era year 2012 (Allah is merciful).  Now what have you done, Hanley, within the context of the Judeo-Christian culture, but to further foment or perpetuate, with your angry accusations, the very preaching of hatred and commission of murder among us that you yourself condemn? Indeed, your speech resembles that of the more “rabid” – as you say – fanatics among our beloved people in Palestine, who are taught to hate their Zionist oppressors in schools; yet their teachers fail to make a clear distinction between political Zionism and religious Judaism, a flaw that our schools in Iran is correcting. Of course your personal animosity is due to certain vicious defects in your personal upbringing as well as your public education, which is a political mockery of the meaning “under God” in the idolatrous pledge to a flag of a country instead of a confession of faith in Allah, conditioning all docile students in the confusion of religion with politics, and inciting them to mass murder and organized terrorism. Religion is the worship of the Absolute Power, while politics is an attempt at its worldly distribution. All peoples have worshipped the Absolute Power, the Eternal Subject of universal religion, the Giver of Life and Death. Fire was the symbol of that Power for my Persian ancestors, as well as for the ancient peoples of Bharat. The Pharaoh of Love looked at the ultimate form of Fire, the Sun, or rather to “the energy within the Sun”, for the solace of the Egyptian people. Our Arab brothers in the deserts preferred the Canopy to the Sun, hence they looked to the vast Sky as the one and only, the encompassing deity. Indeed, monotheism was the original religion of the great cradle of religion. But power-hungry politicians worked vainly to variously distribute Allah’s power according to their base, materialistic inclinations, and therefore the number of idols multiplied. These infidels believe that power resides in the ability to manipulate people and to accumulate wealth for their minority interests, and thus do we have the “power elite” that you have mentioned, and we have them even in so called republics and democracies – their abstract idol is money, on which they crave usurious interest. And it is well worth noting that that both communism and capitalism idolize matter and constitute political instantiations of greed. In fact, your country – where many immigrants found some fortune relatively small and great because of the vast resources that the invading European barbarians plundered from its natives – is for the most part owned by a neo-barbarian superpower elite that colludes with the money-hungry power elites of its allied infidels to exploit the poor countries of their natural resources. It commits this crime against Allah’s desire for peace: that is why we call the barbarian party the Party of War; that is why Iran exports the means for freedom from the perpetual mass terrorism of the infidels. Now you have mistakenly charged Muslims with the hatred of Jews; it is the Party of War that has perpetrated the persecution of Jews, and has often done so in the name of the Judeo-Christian deity identified under the pagan rubric, ‘God.’ You must surely recall that German philosophers, before and during the Great World War, went so far as to take the Jew out of Jesus by claiming that this holy prophet was Greek, in order to justify their hatred for Jews and greed for their property. Indeed, as the hatred approached a holocaust – the Jews and other Semites, by the way, sacrificed enemies (herem) by setting them apart and sacrificing them to their Lord – devout Catholics got on the political stage and gave the Nazi salute (my students have photos of these rallies). In point of historical fact, Muslims have always treated Jews well in comparison to the barbaric Party of War, and had not the Muslims converted the hordes from the East to tolerant Islam, there would be no remnants of Judah today. But allow me to return briefly to your confusion in respect to the nature of nations as the native or navel origin of tribe, clan, and folk, and from this origin to the development of diverse populations, via seed-mixing in the harlot cities, into conglomerations subservient to political states that in effect incorporated many nations yet called themselves “nations” – to wit, mongrels – and to your confusion of the political state of Israel with the Semitic tribes, and your mistaken belief that the Israelites or Hebrews before them were the only Semitic people. You will discover, if you take the political course I have laid out for my students, that there is only one god with many names, namely, Allah, and that the hatred you speak of is not the fault of religion but is rather the use of religion by the Party of War as a political excuse to set one individual against another in the name of godless liberty and democracy, to use their mutual fear of one another in their protesting irreligion to organize them into warring parties ruled by the power elite for the accumulation of material wealth via the destruction of the world – such is the greed of the Great Satan.  I may provide you with some edification on the subject later on, but suffice it to say at this juncture that the Great Satan is doomed for his hatred of man. The Great Satan was cast down in the first place because his love for Allah was constituted by his hatred for man. It is this very hatred that is cultivated by the false prophets of Judeo-Christianity who, on the one hand, profess love for and faith in God in the form of Divine Personality, the God-Man, yet curl their lips in disdain at humanity and snarl at “humanism” like dogs. But we Muslims do not hate our kind, for Allah is merciful, thus are you our friend only in Allah. I also want to point out here that, contrary to your stated opinion, neither kings nor sheiks nor emirs rule Iran. Iran is a holy democratic republic; lest politics go astray from Allah, we have a council and a supreme holy man to keep it in line with Allah’s will, may he have mercy on your dear person. Finally, we do not hate Jews. But many of us hate Zionists, for they have forcefully, without a referendum, established an unwanted political state in Muslim country. Your Friend Only In Allah, Dajen Doomah     


HANLEY HARDING:  You are misleading yourself, my friend. The establishment of new countries goes far back in history, and was accomplished by the time-honored tradition of warfare. The establishment of a "new country with a new people" is, in and of itself, a non sequitur. The nation of Israel (for Israel was, historically, a sovereign nation, firmly established and recognized by other sovereign nations, thousands of years ago) was deliberately put out of existence by the Romans, because the Jews refused to submit to the sovereignty of Rome over the nation of Israel. No other nation had so continuously and persistently resisted Rome's take-over as Israel. So, Rome decided if they couldn't subdue the Jews, they would just make their nation disappear and scatter the people far away. The land of Palestine was the land of the sovereign nation of Israel. Semitic peoples (Muslims) "wandered" their way back onto the land, swearing to the Romans: "We're not Jews... we're Muslims... we hate Jews as much as you do, and we won't cause any problems." That was plain old common-sense survival strategy... who could blame them. And so, they continued to live on, and multiply, through the death of the Roman empire, through the Crusades and world wars unto this day. 2) The killing of six-million Jews (the Holocaust) was a horror which had not been seen in the modern world. However, the Holocaust was not the start of the Zionist movement (which is nothing more nor less than the return of Jews to their historic homeland). The movement had been going on for many years before the historic Balfour Declaration, which was written in November, 1917, not at the end of WW-II. This was not merely a personal letter, but was only written after Lord Balfour had talked seriously with many heads of state as to whether or not historical justice would be served by re-installing the Jews onto their historic homeland as the renewed nation of Israel. It was after the Holocaust was revealed to the world that the British (who, at that time, controlled Palestine) made the declaration that the historical nation of Israel be re-established in their historic homeland, but be mindful and tolerant of all the new history which had taken place their, since their dispersal. Thus, the Jews did not demand the Dome of the Rock, which, although built on the site of the Jewish Temple, was of major religious significance to Islam. They also did not do anything to jeopardize any historic Christian holy sites. Understand... there was never any sovereign nation of Palestine. Palestine was simply an area of land, labeled a Territory... the Palestinian Territory. 3) The United States was only one of many nations who supported the restoration of Israel as a nation. After all, without the existence of the Jews, there would be neither Islam nor Christianity. By the way... the first reaction toward a peaceful establishment of a Jewish village was the slaughtering of every man, woman, and child in that village by knife-wielding Palestinians.  Now... we come to today. The Israelis have made their land fertile and their industries productive, producing amazing new technological achievements for the world. They have re-invested money in their agriculture and business and technological advancement. The Palestinians, meanwhile, were co=opted by an Egyptian, who couldn't get a dozen Egyptians on a street corner to listen to him, and by the skilled use of terror and murder against Palestinians, and his proclamation of hatred for Jews, made himself the "king" of the Palestinians. He spent years, raking in hundreds-of-millions (possibly billions) of dollars for his own benefit, leaving the Palestinians to wallow in squalor, all the time blaming it on the Jews. Those dollars could have been spent in exactly the same way the Jews spent theirs... making their land fruitful, but no... that wasn't to be. But there was always plenty of money for weapons and for any and all Muslims who would use those weapons to kill Jews. So, we continue to see Muslims murdering each other at an alarming rate and continuing to blame their own social and economic problems on the Jews. Palestinians, to boot, are now largely outcasts from all other Arab nations. They are publicly unwanted by their own kind (other Muslims) yet allowed to work, own businesses, attend schools and receive medical care in Israel. I hope I have been of some help in your search for information. I try to present as much historical fact as I am able, but have limited time to do research for teachers. All the best to you and yours; a thousand blessings on your family; and all the best to your students. Sincerely, Hanley Harding


DAJEN DOOMAH: To All Infidel Knights of the Round Table, My students keep asking me: How can President Bush and his people be followers of Jesus Christ, God’s great messenger; how can they claim to respect human rights; how can they present the United States Empire as a model for world civilization and claim to be working towards a unified international community or Empire of God over which Christ will be the emperor and the virtuous people of the Earth as his obedient subjects; how can they announce their opposition to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass devastation; how can they make their slogan, “World War on Terrorism’; how can they claim all that as their agenda, yet, at the same time, engage in mass organized terrorism and have whole countries attacked and destroyed with their massive means of destruction? How can they believe in the natural right to life, liberty, and property, and then have the lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed on the chance of the presence of a few criminals in a village, city, and country? How can they claim to be Christians or good people, and then occupy and destroy a sovereign nation and plunge its people into chaos and civil war on the pretext of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, which they themselves possess enough of to destroy the world several times over, having themselves killed hundreds of thousands of people with nuclear bombs against even the advice of some of their best generals? How can they claim to be defenders of human rights after having killed with sanctions, according to the Red Cross and the Catholic Church, nearly one million men, women and children and infants of Iraq? How can they say they are spreading world peace by most recently killing one hundred thousand more Iraqis, putting nearly two hundred thousand invading troops on the ground, and systematically breaking the sanctity of private homes? How can they with a clean conscience justify rebuilding the infrastructure of a country whose infrastructure they deliberately destroyed, charging their own people for the reconstruction monies diverted to their friendly contractors, like Vice President Cheney’s Halliburton? How can they accuse one tyrant of killing and impoverishing his own people while they themselves put their own troops, many of whom joined the military service not to fight wars on flimsy pretext but to relieve themselves of grinding poverty, in harm’s way, taking them away from the loved ones who need their support and having them killed, maimed, and psychologically traumatized, squandering hundreds of billions of dollars in the process? This great tragedy engulfs Iraq and the United States because President Bush, who said his “political hero” was Jesus Christ, used his awesome power as the military commander of the United States superpower to initiate an unprovoked war on Iraq; or rather, there was a provocation - a pack of lies deliberately put forward to deceive the people of the world.  All of this is enormously profitable to the people whom President Bush and Vice President Cheney represent, particularly the power elite with a vested interest in the military-oil-industrial complex, including the tyrant puppets of the United States in the Middle East; but what does empire have to do with Jesus Christ, President Bush’s political hero, except that Christ was unafraid of empire for the sake of Allah, and was charged and convicted of a capital crime and crucified by the Romans at the instigation of his own people? President Bush may not become a true peacemaker or disciple of Jesus Christ until he dies again and is born again a thousand times over. Do not believe, my friend in Allah, that you are safe from terrorism because your president is waging war all over the world, for the Terrorist Almighty is within, and all of your riches and weapons of mass destruction shall not protect you from his wrath. Your present peace, notwithstanding the sins of your leaders, is due to the mercy of Allah. Beware and repent now for the time is nigh: “Those that make war against God and His apostle and spread disorder shall be put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the country. They shall be held up to shame and sternly punished in the hereafter; except that those that repent before you reduce them. For you must know that Allah is forgiving and merciful.” (The Table).  Indeed, the Final Hour, the Day of Judgment, rapidly approaches. In the interim, it is my main contention that those in power do not rule indefinitely; their names will be recorded in history and they will be constantly judge in the immediate and distant future. Yours Faithfully in Peace, Dajen Doomah, School Teacher


HANLEY HARDING: I would tell you and your kind to go down to Sheol, now, but I see you are already in Hell. In Truth, Hanley Harding


DAJEN DOOMAH: In truth, My Dear Hanley, I detect profound disrespect for genuinely Jewish nature and even an element of rabid anti-Semiticism in your virulent condemnation of Muslims, in your unflagging praise of Jews, and in your corresponding prejudicial misstatement of historical facts. Jews of all people are most eager to criticize their own conduct and to feel a great deal of guilt for their historical misconduct, and you would praise them for that and do the same yourself if you respected them as much as you would have us believe. We cannot help but admire the personal objectivity of the Hebrew historians before the Exile, an objectivity you might want to emulate. They portrayed the faults and sins as well as the virtues of their patriarchs and their religious and national heroes. For example, my source for the depiction of the great unifier, King David, as a murderous thief and liar, on the vicious side, is Hebrew historical scripture. Now you have reminded us that Palestine has a long history, claiming, on the one hand, that “there was never any sovereign nation of Palestine. Palestine was simply an area of land, labeled a Territory... the Palestinian Territory”, yet, on the other hand, you say, “The land of Palestine was the land of the sovereign nation of Israel”, and that “the first reaction toward a peaceful establishment of a Jewish village was the slaughtering of every man, woman, and child in that village by knife-wielding Palestinians.” Let us not dwell on the murder of Palestinian farmers, for violating the curfew of the Zionist terrorists during their seizure of Palestinian lands, when they returned late from the fields to their village, and the execution of innocent men, women, and children in their homes simply to terrorize the population into exile. No, let us remember that Palestine has a long history in addition to its prehistoric period, and go back to a much earlier incursion of Hebrews into Palestine. It was the Hebrew tribes, whom the Egyptians called hibiru, those who crossed over the law, or outlaws, who seized Palestinian land and laid its villages to waste, killing every man, woman and child not enslaved – those allowed to remain were reduced to servant labor. The terrorists purportedly committed those crimes against humanity as bigots (by-godders); that is, the almighty terrorist ordered them to despise the local gods while running rampage over the land. Not only were the bigots to snuff out the lives of residents who had done them no harm, they were not to take any booty at all – your own ancestral clan was duly punished by the iron rod of the Lord, in the form of a pre-emptive Philistine lightning strike, for keeping a few Moabite sheep for their personal pleasure. At the time of this pre-emptive invasion of Palestine, a few Palestinian Hebrews were in fact peacefully residing there; but pressure from the invaders and fear of retaliation from non-Hebrew tribes moved them to join the invaders, and the distinction between the two Hebrew groups became largely moot hence ignored by historians – the Egyptians called them all Hebrews, and it was not until a monarchic state was violently organized in opposition to the dominant Palestinian faction, the Philistines, that the Hebrews became known as Israelites. Contrary to what we might expect from your statements about the peaceful nature of this people, whom you would have us believe do not kill their own kind, the Hebrew tribes were jealous of one another and engaged in violent internecine tribal warfare, not only with each other but with the gradually developing Israel nation. We know from archeology that they destroyed the towns of their own people time and time again. And they emphasized the traditional Semitic part played by herem (devotion to death) during the Israelite Conquest. Foes were set apart and destroyed in gigantic holocausts to the national deity. The success of the Hebrew tribal confederation became, as its prophets warned, its ruination, for the people became their own worst enemies when they took on the characteristics of their worst external enemy: Hebraism became philistinism, and that, coupled with their original fondness for tribal liberty, set the stage for groundless hatred or hatred for one another, their Lord’s prescription for disaster. Wherefore the glory days of the ancient centralized Israelite state/religion were few in number – its golden period lasted less than a century – and in truth no Israeli state has existed without the support and interference of a sponsoring “superpower.” Indeed, the existence of a central state is anathema to the original Hebraic nature, which was tribal and wanted no kings or secular messiahs: the tribes were too jealous of the prerogatives to submit to the leader of another tribe; the Israelites were only briefly a theocratic state, for they were too fond of freedom and too particularistic to follow a priestly leader; the so-called judges, by virtue of divine grace, had some charismatic influence over the whole people, as did the legendary charismatic patriarchs and heroes; the resort of monarchy as an expedient was distasteful albeit necessary for the time being – a necessity we would have cause to regret if it were not for the global benefits of its nemesis, the Diaspora. It should be a lesson to us that the monarchy of Israel did not live long: it was divided; when Israel in the north was defeated and the tribes scattered, Judah remained; since then, their descendents and those who adopted their culture and religion have been called “Jews.” Their destiny is not to fight over rocky ground as if they had rocks in their heads. They may safely return to Zion when the messiah appears – and he shall appear only when the Temple is rebuilt by post-modern architects – in which case their impossible mission will be accomplished. Or so it is written in original documents. Now, then, the country we know as Palestine is so called after the Egyptian generic root ‘prst’, a reference to the sea invaders; more definite is the Egyptian term pronounced ‘pulasti’, and we have the particular noun ‘pelistim’, translated as ‘Philistine.’ The ‘Sea People” hailed from the “Isle of Caphtor”, speculated to be Crete, but I have good reason to believe the Philistines were most recently from Ireland – they were the originally the “Snake People” or “Canoe People” mentioned in the East. After ravaging Anatolia, Cyprus, and Syria, the beer-drinking Philistines invaded Egypt and were defeated by Ramses III in a land and naval battle circa 1170 B.C.E., and then they settled in southern Palestine, occupying an area from what is now known as Tel Aviv to Gaza Strip. The Canaanites were conquered and became their subjects. Of course there were many kinds of folks in Palestine then as now, including hybrid descendents of the Neanderthals, who occupied the area thousands of years prior when it was a virtual paradise. The area was called Philistia by the Greeks, “The Land of the Philistines.” The Hebrews within reach of the Philistines were in their thrall. The Hebrews who had occupied the hilly country resisted; now the Herculean resistance and subsequent defeat of the legendary Samson, perhaps recorded history’s first “suicide-mass-murderer” to literally bring the house down on celebrating men, women and children – is well know by all, as is the defeat and death of the first king of the confederation, Saul.  It was not until David that the Philistines were defeated – their warriors became mercenaries in the Israelite armies.  Since the piratical, kilt-wearing Philistines had mastered iron smithing in Anatolia, had superior weaponry and military organization, and seemed to adopt the gods of whomsoever they conquered, history has derogated them as an ignorant, arrogant and smug people who were indifferent to high culture and whose skill was limited to military technology and war making. Spokesmen for high culture in Great Britain, for instance Matthew Arnold, have claimed that Great Britain has become a nation of machine-worshiping, utilitarian Philistines, only exceeded in their philistinism by the people of the United States. Matthew Arnold identified philistinism with extreme Hebraism, or rather its love of wealth and practical mindedness, while, at the same time, he admired moderate Hebraism, or rather its devout “energy”, as the salvation of humankind from material poverty. He reiterated the great spiritual principle, reiterated perhaps too extremely by Muslims today, that the kingdom of god is within you, and not without you, in the form of such a multiplicity of products that the choice between them deceives men and women into thinking they are free, wherefore the worship the machinery of mass production, and smugly believe the right way of living is to do anything they please; having replaced slaves with machines, they become slaves to machines, and worship machines, all to the cost of the inner life that religion and culture should cultivate. “What an unsound habit of mind,” wrote Arnold, “it must be which makes us talk of things like coal or iron as constituting the greatness of England, and how salutary a friend is culture, bent on seeing things as they are, and thus dissipating delusions of this kind and fixing standards of perfect that are real…. Nine Englishmen out of ten at the present day believe that our greatness and welfare are proved by our being rich. Now, the use of culture is that it helps us, by means of its spiritual standard of perfection, to regard wealth as but machinery…. If it were not for this purging effect wrought upon our minds by culture, the entire world, the future as well as the present, would inevitably belong to the Philistines…. Would any amount of wealth be worth having, with the condition that one was to become just like these people by having it?” Apparently so, for it was the fashion for Britons to think of themselves as Palestinian Hebrews and eschew eating of pork, although, at the same time, they discriminated against real Jews. When the “Jewish Question” – what to do with the Jews – was raised in modern Europe, a question that some thought could be answered with induced Zionism - getting rid of Jews by deporting them to Palestine - a political philosopher remarked that the question should be asked of the entire European population, for it was, in its practices and middle-class effects “Jewish”, by which he meant philistine. The question should have been entitled the “Philistine Question.” And as one might expect from Mr. Arnold’s old but not outdated remarks, the United States, the neo-barbarian superpower, leads the world in philistinian Hebraism today, and its leaders, who profess Christianity and wrongly slander the Pharisees, cite the old historical testaments as their justification for ignoring the doctrine of the alien god in the new, spiritual testament, the god of love whose age of love is hopefully destined to follow the age of punitive law and the age of blind faith. Judaism, thanks to the liberal casuistry of the Pharisees, had already, two thousand years ago, advanced light years beyond the barbaric fundamentalist faith expressed by some Christian leaders today. Having taken on the character of its enemy the Philistines, the Judeo-Christian leaders would militantly organize the global political-economy into a gigantic machine, to be worshiped and served by the population, now distracted by anti-culture and anti-art, denigrated into “free” individuals, monads ruled by Occassionalism, having little concern for their spiritual or cultural life but that it is devoted to production and consumption of objective goods and services – thus mental illness was defined by the Surgeon General of the United States, during the Year of the Brain, as “the ability to lead a productive life,”; i.e., a life of incessant production and consumption of material goods, including the cure for mental illness recommended in the Report: high priced drugs. The very multiplicity of the produced objects aggravates the individuality of objectively disoriented people – the more things for sale, the more divided they are, the more mechanical life becomes, and in this distracting routine the individual thinks he is doing what he likes because he is free to despise his immediate neighbors and to express his murderous instincts via the imperial aggression of the military-oil-industrial complex. Educated Muslims, in their theosophy and philosophy, in their spiritual and mental freedom, are as diverse as any other sophisticated people. Muslims intellectuals resist the Philistine machine of the Party of War not because it is a machine but because its drivers have not the slightest idea that it is going to hell in a hand basket and taking humanity with it. Islam’s chief prophet was more Jewish than the Jews; indeed, he was a frustrated Jew, and Islam today is, as a consequence of his resistance to the philistinian hypocrisy of his day, the most monotheistic faith of all. Its vices and virtues are as obvious and egregious as any other religion, for good and evil are rooted in man and not in his religious machines. Yet Islam is, as Luther knew so well, the “iron rod of God.” That rod was forged by the Philistines. It is under the alchemical Persian influence that the iron may be transformed to gold, and the age of iron shall become the golden age. Your Faithful Schoolteacher, Dajen Doomah





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