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Nina E Anderson

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Cancer Disarmed - an adjunct therapy.
By Nina E Anderson
Last edited: Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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It is possible to change the DNA of cancer cells to have them return to a normal life death cycle where the immune system or allopathic treatments can be more effective.


For a moment, let’s visualize we are in the twenty first century, battling aliens to keep our human species alive. Our planet has undergone changes that have resulted in weakened defenses. Alien forces infiltrating our colony are already hiding inside our fortress. The aliens’ plan to defeat us includes reducing our core food supply, and mating with humans.


Over time, the hybrid offspring react like aliens. Aliens have a direct link to our food chain, so they get the choice vitamin-rich entrees, and leave us with the garbage. These intruders also have learned which type of weapons can kill them, and have removed from our planet the necessary materials required to create these weapons. We no longer have the ability to destroy the aliens, because we are living off insufficiently fortified food, and our children have turned against us. What hope do we have for survival? If only a “superhero” could alter the alien’s thought processes enough to cut off their food pillaging, and allow us to gather the materials to build our weapons again, so we can destroy them once and for all.


What happens inside our bodies when cancer cells start replicating unchecked is exactly identical to the “aliens” of our tale. As described in the book, Cancer Disarmed Expanded Edition, our immune system is a strategic defense system that automatically knows what to do when a foreign intruder threatens our health. Cancer cells live harmlessly in the body as long as the immune system is operating properly. T cells act as the avengers, converting nitrogen into nitric acid that they then release onto the cancer cells, dissolving them. Normal cells are protected from this defensive assault by a coating of the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD).1  This coating is absent in cancer cells. Cancer cells seek out the nitrogen in our body’s protein, thus depleting the nitrogen that the T cells need for the production of their “assault weapon.” Nitrogen comes from protein stored in the muscle tissue, and is a target for the cancer cell. The breakdown of muscle in cancer patients, cachexia (the medical term) is a condition generally referred to as the “wasting disease.”2  It literally causes weight loss and muscle protein loss, general debility and lack of appetite, all factors that severely compromise the health of the patient. It is estimated that up to 40 percent of all cancer patients die from malnutrition, not from the cancer. Without a nitrogen source to produce the nitric acid, the T cells technically run out of “ammunition.”


Cancer cells are quite proficient at reproduction and task-control of the cells. Normal cells are programmed to die at a normal rate, after producing daughter cells that resemble themselves. Cancer cells alter the programming so they don’t die, and their daughter cells are reprogrammed to live longer. This creates a mass of dysfunctional cells, which is what is commonly called a tumor. To thrive and grow, these cells need to be fed. They draw nutrients from an in-growth of blood capillaries that feed them. To further defend itself from the immune system that may try to cut off its blood (food) supply, the cancer cell grows a tough protein coating that is thirteen times thicker than a normal cell. When there are many cancer cells, they can circulate through the blood to other parts of the body, called metastasizing.


At least 40 percent of those who die with cancer do so because of protein calorie malnutrition, not cancer, according to Patrick Quillian, Ph.D., R.D., C.N.S.3 Ross Pelton, Ph.D., who was the administrator at Hospital Santa Monica, treated cancer patients who had cachexia. After administering a protocol of a fermented soy beverage, the patients experienced an increase in energy levels and regained their appetites. He attributes their improvement to the high protein content of the soy as well as its anticancer agents. A mature soybean is approximately 42 percent protein and actually contains more protein than any other plant. It is a “complete protein,” since it provides essential amino acids.4 Once the patients regained strength, they were able to continue the alternative and complementary cancer treatment protocols.


Eating specific formulations of soy can provide cancer-fighting compounds, called phytochemicals. In order for these phytochemicals to do their job and cause the cancer to self-destruct, they must get into the cell. Cancer protects itself with a barrier of protein. Soy that has been fermented and nitrogenated, hydrolyzes the soybean proteins into bioactive amino acids. These acids are small components, better able to permeate the cell wall. Nitrogenation is the key that unlocks the door. Cancer cells, in their normal foraging for nitrogen, absorb it. What is taken in by a cancer cell are the nitrogenated soy proteins that carry with them undetected, immune-supporting compounds consisting of isoflavones, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols, and phytic acids. Once within the cancer cell, the anticancer components set out to reprogram the part of the cell that affects its reproduction, and life span. The immune system can then do its job of disabling and removing this life-threatening intruder.


As described in Cancer Disarmed Expanded Edition  a clinical study was performed using Haelan nitrogenated fermented soy beverage with 318 cancer patients, 276 patients receiving chemotherapy and the balance radiation, while consuming the fermented soy beverages.5 This study, and numerous reports from doctors and cancer patients since the study’s completion, confirms the use of fermented soy beverage protects cancer patients from the toxic effects of the chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Subsequent research and reports show the use of nitrogenated fermented soy along with chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments results in greater cancer cell deaths by apoptosis than either chemotherapy and/or radiation produces when used individually. Chemotherapy agents are known to induce NF-kB activity, leading to activation of survival factors and thereby resulting in lower cell killing. A study found that cisplatin, docetaxel, and adriamycin chemotherapy agents significantly increased the cancer cell’s protective NF-kB pathway activity within two hours of chemotherapy administration allowing many of the cancer cells to survive the treatments. The NF-kB inducing activity of the chemotherapeutic agents were completely abrogated in cells pre-treated with the soy isoflavone genistein producing greater apoptosis with both chemotherapy and radiation treatments.


Nitrogenated fermented soy beverage (available at effectively treats the Protein Calorie Malnutrition that kills 40-80 percent of cancer patients. In addition, it is an anti-oxidant with several anti-cancer, including bio-available genistein, other isoflavones, and soy derived compounds that induce apoptosis, anti-angiogenesis, immune stimulating, and other properties that are beneficial to cancer patients. Many oncologists do not recommend the use of anti-oxidants by patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments because they are concerned that anti-oxidants may protect cancer cells resulting in lower cancer cell death rates. Research and case studies show this is not a valid concern for cancer patients who are considering the use of the nitrogenated fermented soy beverage along with their chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.


In the study, greater cancer cell death was achieved by cancer patients taking the nitrogenated fermented soy beverage prior to and during treatments with chemotherapy and/or radiation. Researchers at the Department of Pathology, Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University School of Medicine have determined that one of the main mechanisms involved with the greater cancer cell killing results are attributed to the fact that the soy isoflavone genistein, together with other cellular effects of genistein completely shuts down the NF-kB activity survival mechanism that cancer cells employ. Cisplatin, docetaxel, and adriamycin were the chemotherapeutic agents used with the soy isoflavones pretreatment resulting in increased cancer cell growth inhibition and increased apoptosis induced by the chemotherapy drugs on prostate, breast, and pancreatic cancer cells. Tumor shrinkage with the soy pretreatment was far above the results normally seen with chemotherapy treatments. The soy isoflavone genestein when used with radiation produced 25 percent cancer cell death by itself, the radiation treatment by itself killed 70 percent of the cancer cells and the combination of the soy pretreatment and radiation resulted in 85 percent cell death.


*The National Cancer Institute has accepted the following case as “sole therapy cured” cases using Haelan fermented soy beverage.


Breast cancer free without surgery


Patty was 64 when she was diagnosed with ductile carcinoma that the doctors estimated had been growing in her breast for eight years. Patty had been under extreme stress during this period of time and believes that was a trigger for her cancer’s growth. The physician recommended a total mastectomy or a lumpectomy with removal of the lymph nodes under her arm followed by aggressive radiation. Patty agreed to the lumpectomy but refused to let her lymph nodes be removed. She was appalled when other surgeons tried to bully her into having the lymph glands removed. They tried their best to scare her into surgery, but she refused to have either the lumpectomy or the lymph node removal.


Patty was introduced to the nitrogenated fermented soy beverage at a medical symposium attended by her holistic physician husband. In November she began drinking a bottle per day. In addition she eliminated sugar and alcohol, ate primarily raw, organic foods and put an air purifier in her home. Six weeks later she had a mammogram, which revealed a significant decrease in tumor size. Her radiologist was amazed. A third mammogram revealed a 50 percent reduction in the vessel supplying nutrients to the minute tumor. She had four more mammograms, and each time the tumor was measured, it had decreased in size. Two years later her mammogram showed only a shadow where the dead tumor once was. Her doctor confirmed that there were no other nodes or other signs of cancer in the breast tissue. All of her organs had been scanned by ultrasound and there was no evidence of metastases. Her radiologist said that in his 32 years, he had never seen this kind of improvement. He was so convinced that he put his wife on the soy beverage to treather colon and liver cancer.


*The following case has been submitted and accepted by the National Cancer Institute with the patient being cancer free after seven years.


Pancreatic cancer


Steve Kochak had pancreatic cancer spread throughout the intestines and gall bladder. After a protocol of several months of receiving the soy phytochemical and after having no symptoms he was tested extensively including CT scans. These tests revealed that he was completely cancer free. The doctor who collected and verified the medical records for submittal to the National Cancer Institute as part of its best-case scenario program was Vijaya Nair, M.D., M.S. Assistant Clinical Professor in Epidemiology at Columbia University, New York.


*The National Cancer Institute has accepted the following case as “sole therapy cured” cases using nitrogenated fermented soy beverage.


Liver cancer


A construction superintendent in his 60s was undergoing surgery to remove a gall-bladder blockage of his bile duct. Once they opened him up, they found that it was pinched off by cancer that had surrounded it. The doctors also found cancer in his intestines and his lymphatic system. They closed him up, with a drain to help remove the bile fluid. His cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) was so pervasive they never

expected him to leave the hospital.


A friend brought him some soybean concentrate, and the man began to drink it every day for a period of two and a half weeks. After the initial two weeks, his oncologist did a fluoroscope examination, found tumor shrinkage, and ordered a CT scan to verify his findings. The man continued to drink a bottle of the Chinese soybean concentrate each day. He also took Venus flytrap, red clover, CoQ10, liquid

oxygen, and pycnogenol. By the third week, the bile drain, which was supposed to drain fluid buildup, was instead being sucked back into his body. Another CT scan revealed that the liver was almost its normal size, and the drainage tube was being pulled inward. The man’s initial cancer growth was reduced by half and the metastases in the intestines and lymphatic were gone.


Seven months later, lab reports showed that blood tests and cancer markers were near normal in all parameters with no signs of any tumors remaining. He moved after his recovery. His new doctor didn’t believe he had had liver cancer, because no one is known to have survived cholangiocarcinoma. The doctor took a biopsy of the liver, comparing it with the biopsy sample from the man’s initial gall-bladder surgery. The test confirmed what the man had told him. The doctor was shocked that this man was alive. He did not know of any other survivors, and could not deny the man’s conviction that his remission was attributed to the nitrogenated soy phytochemical beverage.





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Reviewed by John Domino
Dear Nina,

Anything is possible...

You express yourself very well. Do you think that soy is the answer?
I am sure of one thing - beef is NOT!

Enjoy iife!

John Michael
Reviewed by m j hollingshead
interesting article

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