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Jay Dubya

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Anti-Health Care Reform Town Hall Protesters
By Jay Dubya
Last edited: Sunday, November 06, 2011
Posted: Tuesday, September 08, 2009

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Author Jay Dubya examines why Town Hall Protesters are so passionate and boisterous about their politics.


Health Care Reform Tea Party Protesters”


Many Democratic Congressmen and liberal media journalists are wondering why there is such passionate citizen opposition to the current proposed Health Care Reform bills. Well, here are some explanations why so many Americans are so-concerned about what’s going on inside the good old USA.


  1. Imagine if Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere and their fellow patriots had sat respectively mum while King George’s representatives praised how great it was being governed by England. Would the American Revolution have ever happened? Please have one salient observation: the 2009 Tea Party Patriots are proud to exhibit the American flag during their demonstrations but the pro-health reform zealots seldom show any indications of patriotic love of their country in the form of U.S. symbolism. They’re all about “What’s in it free for me?” Which side would you prefer to identify with? Maybe you don’t recognize (or believe it) but many Americans espouse that a second American Revolution is presently being ignited and that it is the duty of the silent majority to finally stand-up and save their country from sliding into a deep Socialism-style abyss. These now-vociferous and agitated people believe that American capitalism must be preserved and not be sacrificed on the altar of Neo-Marxism as defined by the administration of one ultra-liberal personage, Barack Obama.


  1. Now second, imagine that your left arm is “Freedom” and that your right arm is “Taxes.” As your taxes go up, your freedom goes down (like in a reverse scales’ scenario). These boisterous Tea Party people interrupting their Democratic Congressmen are simply demanding more freedom while insisting upon less federal taxes. And besides that, they’re tired of hearing the standard Democratic talking points about the necessity of immediate national health care reform.



  1. The loud people that are anti-health care reform at the town hall meetings believe strongly in the principle of “self-reliance,” an essential pillar of our American Republic. But when some people want government to solve their problems for them, those “self-reliant folks” that have loyally paid federal income taxes over the years instinctively resent those moochers that are usually looking for something for nothing including Welfare, Medicaid and free health insurance. Nothing is “FREE” in this cruel world, including “free health insurance.” And besides these “protesters” are not just conservative Republicans; they are also concerned Democrats and activated Independents too who are sick and tired of government waste under both George W. Bush and under Barack Obama.


  1. Many hard-working and retired citizens despise being classified into the category of “Entitlements.” There are two kinds of ENTITLEMENTS: those that are “Earned” for people that have paid into Social Security and Medicare (since its inception) and those other Entitlements that are “Unearned”: Welfare, Medicaid and proposed Health Care Reform. After working and contributing to Social Security for 40 years, I personally believe I’ve EARNED the right to collect every penny I can out of the fund.

Now as you know, Medicaid for welfare recipients is half paid by the Federal Government and half paid by the individual states. I’ve read where New York State last year paid 43 billion dollars for Medicaid so obviously my state New Jersey’s Medicaid bill is probably 20-25% of New York State’s. Why aren’t our New Jersey politicians addressing what is possibly the biggest drain on the State’s economy, namely Unearned Medicaid and State Welfare Benefits?


  1. Indeed, over 40 million people (low-ball figure) living in the United States are without much-needed Health Care Insurance. Of that 40 million, 13 million are illegal aliens (looking for an Unearned Entitlement), 12 million are currently eligible for Medicaid but too unmotivated to fill-out the necessary paperwork, and millions more are “Invincibles” earning between 35 and 75 thousand dollars annually that believe they’re in great physical shape and don’t need to spend money for health insurance even though they can afford it. And so, these Democratic Congressmen (looking to grant amnesty to future voters) want to insure these 40 plus million at the expense of the entire “productive citizen population.” If the federal government wants to get involved in Health Care Insurance, it should leave the general population alone with their own private plans and exclusively focus on insuring those with pre-determined and pre-existing long term diseases and those that chronically smoke cigars and cigarettes and also those “dependent victims” that are chronic alcoholics and illegal drug users.


  1. The population Of the USA is something north of 310 million. There aren’t enough doctors around right now to take care of the 265 million Americans already with health care insurance. Now someone with great wisdom please tell me, where are the additional 450,000 doctors going to come from to accommodate the 40 plus million not having health insurance without ultimately diluting vital services for the 265 million already currently covered? Statistically and numerically, this added coverage of 40 plus million could only mean one thing: RATIONED health care for everybody!



  1. Yes, we’ve all heard the argument that Emergency Room Care for illegal aliens and for those without health care insurance is costing a fortune, but let’s examine the problem this way: let’s admit all those seeking Emergency Room Care into hospital beds (if health care reform is initiated) for a full week of being professionally attended to and then let’s compare the relative costs of Emergency Room Care and week-long hospital care. In America, things are only valued and appreciated if they are earned and paid for by the individual. Anyone presently wanting (but not having) Health Care Insurance should pay for at least half of the tab. Many of those without Health Care Insurance can give-up smoking, drinking beer and alcohol, illegal drugs or that big Dodge Ram truck if they truly desire having health care insurance that badly.


  1. The government isn’t capable of running anything efficiently if the Postal Service and Amtrak are any reliable barometers. And now the government wants to take over Health Care, which constitutes 18% of the U.S. economy. And you say that this isn’t a quick movement in the direction of Socialism and wealth re-distribution? Consider this: Social Security experiences 10% fraud in its administration. Multiply that ugly statistic by 4 and you’ll have what will happen with National Government-run Health Care Reform. On the other hand credit card fraud is only one-half of one percent because in the CAPITALIST system of American economics, company net profits’ are increased when fraud is kept down. The government just can’t be trusted running anything as massive as Health Care based on their lackluster track records with the Postal Service, Amtrak, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Corporate profits tend to minimize fraudulent practices.


  1. The Democrats want the public to believe that a “Public Government Option” is needed to inspire competition with standard health care providers. This is not a novel unique economic’ experiment as many glib-talking lawmakers want the public to believe. It’s already failed miserably in Hawaii, Tennessee and Massachusetts. It’s also failed in Canada, in England and in France. First a government program is introduced to compete with the regular health care providers. Within ten years, the government insurance program (fueled by taxpayers’ dollars) is issued at a price cheaper than the plans of the private providers. Although benefits are not cut to the policyholders, the government dispersals to doctors and to hospitals are then together cut. Private companies that can’t compete with taxpayers’ dollars soon go out of business and the best doctors soon abandon the government health care plan and cater to those that are willing to pay extra for their highly skilled services. This obvious doctor rebellion trend is already happening in Medicare and Medicaid when government tries to limit expenditures. Barack Obama is right when he says that people can keep their own health care plans without going to the public option in a modified Universal Health Care System. What he’s not disclosing is that within 10 to 15 years after its introduction, the government plan will drive the private plans into bankruptcy by offering lower rates and lower reimbursements to doctors and to hospitals. The best doctors and surgeons will rebel and then abandon government health care in order to make more money engaging in private clinic practices.


  1. The Democrats don’t want to put tort reform and open state competition into Health Care Reform. The trial lawyers contribute heavily to the Democratic Party coffers and most of your Democratic Party lawmakers in Congress are lawyers. Doctors are paying for massive medical liability insurance policies and thus require many tests to be performed on patients so that they won’t be sued. And even though over 1,300 private health care insurance companies operate in the U.S., most states limit the number of companies that can compete for customers. Open-up health care competition within each state just like car insurance has been opened-up and costs per contract should come down.


Now please, just take a look at the Clintons and at Barack Obama and at most of your leading Democrats. They’re virtually all lawyers. Now take a look at your leading Republicans: the Bushes were businessmen, Cheney was a businessman, Frith and Ron Paul are doctors, John McCain a military hero and Ronald Reagan an actor and a union leader. Now you know why there is so much distrust of the Democrats’ agenda: they’re basically a gaggle of power-hungry and greedy lawyers, and most “self-reliant and honest” American citizens don’t like the ideas of suing or of being sued.


  1. If you think that “Democracy” and “the Constitution” are what has made the USA the greatest civilization ever, then you must be mistaken. Unlimited Democracy (“Unbridled Individual Freedom”) means total anarchy. What really has made America great? It’s “free enterprise capitalism” and the freedom to compete, to create and to invent that has made America great and not solely “Bill of Rights Democracy.” Free Enterprise gives the U.S.A. economic stability, and without its necessary implementation there would be widespread political and societal chaos. But the freedom to participate in Wall Street and Main Street and to start your own business is slowly being eroded by a greedy tax-hungry federal government. The Town Hall Protesters wisely understand the vital nature of the “Free Enterprise Pursuit of Individual Happiness Principle” but the press and the liberal politicians can’t seem to fathom it. If you want to see Democracy in action all by itself, look at Iraq and Afghanistan. If you want to see “democratic free enterprise capitalism” and a stable dynamic country in operation, look at the past United States of America.


12) Here is what the protesting town hall patriotic Americans want:

    1. a smaller federal government

    2. paying less taxes and seeing less pork barrel spending

    3. having more individual freedom and less government intrusion into their private lives. The main role of government is to protect its citizens from enemy harm.

    4. Uncle Sam should stop mortgaging our children’s and our grandchildren’s futures and saddling them with insurmountable debt.


  1. The federal national debt is now over 10 trillion dollars. One and a half trillion is covered by dwindling money in the Social Security Fund and 2 and a half trillion exists in the “General Fund.” Up until recently, the remaining balance or debt of 6 trillion dollars was being held by U.S. citizens in the form of U.S. Savings Bonds and U.S. Treasury Notes. Under Barack Obama, his new trillion dollar additional debt is being financed by Red China and consequently, any future debts will be owed to foreign (and often hostile to the U.S.) countries or foolishly financed by issuing new U.S. currency and thus causing future runaway inflation. The Town Hall Protesters don’t want to see more U.S. debt owed to power-hungry countries like Red China and Russia. They also want to avoid runaway inflation with the government printing excessive amounts of un-backed paper money.


  1. 800 billion is going to be taken out of Medicare/Social Security to help pay for “Universal Health Care for All Americans.” Senior citizens fully know that you aren’t going to help 40 plus million not having health care without RATIONING health care (that is an “Earned Entitlement”) to millions of worthy Social Security/Medicare recipients. The math’ just doesn’t add up. This new Health Care Reform is just a “hypothetical theory” that is subject to new governing statistics as the plan is enacted and then incompetently managed by an inept federal bureaucracy totally lacking keen business acumen.


Finally, two Septembers ago my wife and I had spent twelve days touring Spain, France and Italy. Everyone (natives and tour guides included) we had spoken with complained of having to drive small old cars or motorbikes, of living in mediocre apartments instead of owning their own houses, and the Europeans also grieved about having 70 to 80 percent of their wages going to government taxes and socialist-designed programs. The unhappy inhabitants we had met all wished that they could live in the USA where they believed upward social mobility and economic opportunity are still possible. Truly free Americans are entitled to keep at least half of their’ hard-earned salaries.

  It is beyond my comprehension why any American or American politician would be looking to Europe for enlightenment (and national health care solutions) when virtually everyone in Europe wishes that they could live in this last fading bastion of world capitalism, the United States of America.

In conclusion, the Town Hall Protesters and the vocal Tea Party Movement Activists have little-to-no-faith in the federal government’s ability to solve anything, especially something as major as Health Care Reform. They and I believe that the true answer to our government’s largesse lies in this country being reborn into its fundamental belief in the spirit (and the initiative) of the individual citizen, but when equal rights and privileges are “democratically” given to illegals, then what is the true benefit of being a bona fide U.S. citizen? American capitalism and individual enterprise along with self-reliance must be re-generated, otherwise mediocrity and Socialism will be the guaranteed fate of this great nation.

Well now, if you put together all of the ideas represented in this article, you’ll better comprehend what this grassroots Tea Party/Town Hall Protest Movement is all about. Keep your 2009 eyes on Washington DC on September 12th! That’ll give us all a more accurate idea of how big the Tea Party/Town Hall Protest Movement has really become!

Jay Dubya (author’s initials and pen name)



Web Site Jay Dubya Books

Reader Reviews for "Anti-Health Care Reform Town Hall Protesters"

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Reviewed by Richard Orey 9/8/2009
An interesting and thought-provoking article!

I began working for wages when I was 7 years old by picking strawberries in the fields of Oregon. When I finally retired in 1991, it was after a lifetime of paying taxes. I'm registered with and have no allegiance with any political party.

What bothers me about our recent health "Town Hall" meetings is mainly one item: The protesters do not act as if they came to learn about the various aspects of the central health reform plans being proposed. They attend and immediately act out vigorously to do nothing but obstruct the meetings with the patent intent to interfere with and prevent any open discourse and discussion with their shouting and disruptive antics.

So for me, I'm opposed to most public demonstrations by "Anti-Health Care Reform Town Hall Protesters," not for their beliefs and motivations but for their predetermined "kill everything" attitude. Frankly, if I were in charge of any meeting where this happened, I'd have such disrupters arrested for disturbing the peace. To refer to their actions as simply passionate and boisterous is preposterous.

All in all, I'm reminded of the argument that if we had just "killed" the idea of horseless carriages over a century ago, we wouldn't have to suffer all the automobile carnage on our present-day highways.

Thanks for sharing your views. It's nice to note that "Anti-Sharing Authorsden members and readers" aren't passionately and boisterously interfering with your right to present your views and ideas. If they were, you might have a different description for their actions.


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