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End Times Prophecy.
by ROCK-Salt! Art Proctor   
Not "rated" by the Author.
Last edited: Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2006

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Each June I try to take the time to see what's new in the development of the events, that tell us the time is getting short. This year I got a lot of help and much of this is quotes.
Hang on to your,hats!!!
The facts, will astound you.

The Bible talks a lot of the end times and  really centers around, and culminates, in the return of Jesus Christ.

How he is coming back?

Exactly as, he left, over 2000, years ago.
When,the disciples saw him ascend into heaven.

He's coming back, this time, in great power,

and great glory, instead, of a baby in the manger.

Now, the Bible makes that clear.

 In acts one As the disciples saw him ascend in to heaven, they were watching Him ascend in the sky, til  a cloud blocked him out. There were a couple of angels standing by and they said:
men of Galilee why stand you gazing at the sky? This same Jesus that you've seen go into heaven, will come back again, in exactly the same way that you've seen him go, today.

He IS, going to come again.

When Paul wrote his letter to the Thessalonians, in first epistle, he commented there in Chapter 1, verse 9 and 10,: for people around, report to us what kind of reception that we had with you; how you turned to God from idols, to serve the living and true God  and to wait for his son, from heaven, whom he raised from the dead; that is, Jesus, who rescues  us, from the wrath to come. And he says  rescue us from the WRATH, to come. That phraseis always a reference, to that tribulation, period, that the world has to face.

There is a time when he will be coming for us.
For the body of Christ.
Jesus said in John, Chapter 14, 1 to 3, he said: you believe in God, believe also in me.

In my father's house are many dwelling places,
I' m going to prepare a place for you.
If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to myself .

So, where I am, there you may be also.

Paul, described that event  in first Thessalonians Chapter 4 with these words,: vs 16 to 18: The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ will rise first, then we who are alive and remain, will be caught up, together with Him, in the clouds;
to meet the Lord in the air; and so, we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.

We call that, the rapture.
When Christ is going to come,

and we're going to instantly be with him.

Now, after that event, Scripture tells us he's going to come back, actually, to this earth,  as king of kings: thesoverign, Lord of Lords.

To establish his kingdom, to rescue Israel his nation, and establish his kingdom on this earth.

 Jesus himself said in Matthew 24- 29 and 30.

For, immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened ,the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from the sky, the powers of the heavens  will be shaken, and the sign of the Son of man, will come in power and glory.

 When He makes his second, coming  to earth.

As I look at the word,  listen to tapes,  search the web, and review the expert's testimony; I can't help but feel that we are in fact: very close to the culmination of these events. 

From the book of Daniel, we get a seven year period, known as the tribulation.
Seven years, that are yet to come upon this earth, known as that, tribulation period.
Daniel chapter nine, verse 27: and he, (the he, being this guy whoís going to come to power, that scripture dubs, the antichrist; or the beast,the last great world leader, virtually a world dictator) And he ,will make a firm covenant with the many, for one week, or a period of seven years a week of years, in this context. But in the middle of the week; in the middle of these seven years, he will stop sacrifice and grain offerings.

Now heís describing something thatís going to be happening at a Jewish temple in Jerusalem.
You know the Jews had their temple in Jerusalem, all thru bible times, and  that it, was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.
Theyíve always wanted it back and as I write to you now , they are making preparations.
All they need is the go ahead to rebuild their temple.

Scripture tells us that in that tribulation period,  the Jews will be operating that temple, but, that at the mid point, 3 Ĺ years into the tribulation, the the antichrist, will break covenant and stop the ministry and sacrifices of that temple.
Tthen it adds this: and on the wings of abomination will come one who makes desolate. This seven year period, the bible says, is going to start, when this man, the bible calls the antichrist makes a covenant , a seven year covenant, with the many, which will include Israel .And when that covenant is made, the prophetic clock starts ticking off those seven years. At the end of that seven years Christ returns to the earth, to establish His Kingdom. Youíve got the battle of Armageddon, and the return of Christ.

The middle of the seven year period,when the antichrist, enters the temple, and  breaks the covenant; Jesus calls" the abomination of desolation." 
Jesus says and  Paul says in 2nd Thessalonians, that, that guy, is literally going to go into the Holy of Holies, and declare himself to be their Messiah and the Lord their God, in human form.
If you want to know what comes after this, in the last 3 Ĺ years of the tribulation; you can read Revelation chapter 6, thru 19.


The Bible tells us thatís what the world is facing.

We know, this, from the book of Daniel.

That the antichrist is going to come out of the area that was the old Roman Empire, in Europe.

He will be a leader, in that area and will make an agreement of peace with Israel, the seven year agreement, thatís going to be broken, at midpoint.

Is there any thing happening in the world today, that would indicate that this is on the horizon?


We learn a little more of this man, in other places in Daniel, and I want to lay this groundwork,  before we go any farther.

In chapter seven of Daniel,  Daniel, is having this vision, and heís sharing it with us. In verses seven and eight. In seven: after this I kept looking in the night visions; heís seeing this series of monsters, and then a fourth that was indescribable. He says it was terrifying and had large iron teeth. It devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder with itís feet .It took over the civilized world, which clearly defines the Roman empire. It was different from all the beasts that were before it. Then he adds this: this beast had ten horns. The other beasts, he could describe them: oneís like lion, oneís like a bear, oneís like a leopard. But this one was indescribable, this is a weird beast; itís got ten horns, and seven heads, it was an odd looking beast. He says: thatís the one, of the end of the age.

Then in verse eight: While I was contemplating those horns, behold another horn. a little one , came up among them, and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it, and behold, this horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man, and the mouth uttering great boasts. He goes on to explain that the ten horns are ten kings, or ten national leaders. This other one, comes up from among them, and becomes the dominant one, and, boy! heís something!---------------- Thatís the antichrist.

We see the same beast in revelation; an, end times, beast, coming out of the old Roman Empire.

In Rev. chapt. 17, verse 12 and 13: he sees the same beast, seven heads and ten horns, the whole nine yards; and he says this: and the ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received their kingdoms, but they will receive authority as kings, with the beast. These have one purpose: and they give their power to the beast.

Along with that; Iím throwing this in for groundwork, the number 666, seems to be identified with this beast. In rev. chapt.13, it says regarding this guy: let him who has understanding, calculate the number of the beast; for the number is that of a man, and his number is 666.

Today, we have been seeing things going on in Europe, in what was that old Roman empire, that are, at the least, very, interesting.

Now if this is, indeed that era.
Jesus said there would be other signs that we should look for, in the light of these prophesies.

In other words: youíve got this, brewing on the political level, but at the same time you can look around, and you will see things going on in the world, that He describes as : signs of the times. There are a lot of them. Letís just look at a few, before we go on.

In Luke 21:11 he says: and there will be great earth quakes, and in various places, plagues and famines. There will be great signs from heaven.

In verse 25: there will be signs in the earth,

in the moon, and the stars; on earth, dismay among nations, in perplexity, at the  roaring of the sea, and the waves.

He says in Luke 17;28 to 30, this is Jesus: It was the same as happened in the days of Lot .They were eating, they were drinking, buying, selling, they were planting, and building; but on the day, like the day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone ,from heaven and destroyed them ALL.

It will be, just the same, on the day, when the Son of man, will be revealed.

So, He says: youíll see some of these things going on, and He says: (and this is interesting) He says: and this will be as the days of Lot.

Weíll look a that, later.

Whatís going on in our world today?

He specified: He said: notice the earthquakes
There will be earthquakes in various places. ďEarthquakes are going to become a big dealĒ; is essentially, what Heís saying.
He says: thereís going to be natural catastrophes. Your going to see natural disasters taking place, and pestilence.
We are certainly seeing these types of things, are we not?

Now listen: "like never before". 


Thereís always been these type of things in the world, but not like theyíre hitting the world today. For example: this world, natural catastrophe wise, earthquakes, etc, has been barraged, like never before.

This last year, natural disasters, alone, accounted for the death of over 300,000 people, and, One Hundred,Thirty Seven, Billion dollars, in damage. Thatís more than ever before, by a bunch.
For instance: we had the worst hurricane season, in all recorded, world history, this last year.
Wilma, and Katrina, and Rita, and on top of that, we had the tsunami, last year; the effects of which were thrown into this year.
Itís been incredible, the world is reeling from it.

Jesus said: the earth, in, dismay in perplexity, in the roaring of the sea and the waves.

Take earthquakes themselves; more and more and more, the earthquakes, have been in the news.
For instance: in the year 2000, it is estimated that, 231 people died from earthquakes.

This last year, 2005: 89.353.
Actually 2004 was worse: 284,010, estimated deaths.

Over, 2000 years ago, Jesus said: and notice the earthquakes.

Now I must point out that there are many who say: that because of the technology and our ability to measure them, and track, them; that we are just more aware than before.
In the 30ís there were about 350 stations that could measure for earthquakes. In 2005 there are over 8000, and these are much more sophisticated, and news travels WAY QUICKER.


So the consensus of many is: that the average is the same.

I sort of question that, as we are all aware that the people out there, want to tell us, what they want us to hear, you know?
But that aside, 
If thatís literally the case.

Well, Jesus never said they would increase.
All He said is that youíll notice them,

which we certainly are, arenít we?
Much more noticeable, and, we are much more aware of them.  The damage done by earthquakes is off the charts, now. Maybe, thereís not any more, but they sure are doing a lot more damage.

That is an undeniable fact.

In February of last year there were over 700 people that died and many more injured, from a 6.4 earthquake in Iran, and that was only months after the earthquake in Iran that killed 30,000 people.

 Then there was this crazy tornado, in Birmingham, England. They never have tornados in Birmingham England.

That, was followed by these hurricanes, Wilma and Katrina and Rita, then two months later we had this 7.6 earthquake in Pakistan and India, that killed, 75,000 people, and left thousands, more, homeless.

On November 27th there was an earthquake in China that killed 14 people,
the next day, 55 more people died in Iran,
from another earthquake.

On November 16th, we had that, killer twister that went into Kentucky and Indiana, and 15 people from our own country, died.

From that, we had these Portuguese wildfires,

 26 wildfires, that, pretty much, destroyed the, entire, nation. One of the officials in Pakistan, in all of this, said:

This a wakeup call, for the world.  Interesting!

Jesus said in Luke 21:31: so you also, when you see these things happening, recognize that the Kingdom of God is near. And then He mentioned pestilence. Back in the fifties early sixties, we thought we were winning the war against pestilence. We had penicillin, the wonder drug. Pestilence has made a rebound now, and so many of our antibiotics arenít working any more, and thereís a real fear out there of pestilence. Thereís, the aids virus, thatís still in epidemic proportions the world, over. Itís still there; it hasnít gone away, because we donít hear as much about it. Itís devastated every continent on the earth.

And on top of that thereís now, the bird flu.

One of the main reasons, for the fear, as Daniel pointed out, when he said people would be going to and fro, all over the earth in the end days; is the ability of the virus, to be in one corner of the world, say China, today, and be in San Francisco, or any of two thousand, or so, major cities, tomorrow.
The consensus, of the ewxperts, with the travel capabilities of today, is: that over  25 million people could , in fact, die, from that flu.
It hasnít broken out yet, and God willing, and thru prayer, it wonít.
But, Jesus said: pestilence, is going to be a sign of the times, and we are seeing all of these things, and many, of which, you may know of, that I didn't mention..

Letís get back to His statement about the days of Lot.

Those of you that know about Lot, know that he lived in Sodom, and God got him out of Sodom, before the place was destroyed, because of itís incredible, iniquity. It was like a cancer on the side of the earth and God said: enough, and wiped it off the face of the earth .Sodom was a place of particular sexual degeneration,and perversion; highlighted with homosexuality. So much so, that, since the destruction of Sodom, by God, we call homosexual acts, sodomy.

Jesus said: so the days of Lot were, so the days of the coming of the Son of Man, shall be.

This whole area, not just homosexuality, but sexual degeneration, has gotten out of control.


The revenue from the pornographic industry, last year, was over 23 billion dollars, in our country, alone.

Thatís bigger than the NFL, the NBA and major league baseball budgets, put together.
On a world scale it took in 57 billion dollars.

To compareĒ: Microsoft, the leading computer software company in the world, had worldwide revenue of 36.8 billion dollars.

In 1998 the justice dept, estimated there were about 28,000 porn sites on the web.  In 2001, three years later, the number had climbed to 280,000, and we won't even quote the numbers today, just note, that ANOTHER, tenfold, is pretty close.This is: corrupting society, and children, corrupting the body of Christ.
Couple that, with the concerted effort, by the mainstream media, and by certain, groups, to make all of this normal, and all of this, right.
The homosexual lifestyle is something, normal!?
They are endeavoring to stuff it down our throats; in our society, our country and the whole world.


As the days of Lot were, so the coming of the Son of man shall be.

There are laws on the books in many of our states today, that allows marriage between same sex partners, calling it marriage.

Itís against the law to discriminate against any kind of homosexuality whatsoever, for businesses and things like that.

 Not only is it not politically correct, itís actually becoming illegal to even say anything against homosexuality.
Now, just for the record: I donít hate homosexual people, I hate their sin. Just as I hate my own sin, and all sin. They are sinners like the rest of us. I want to see them saved, I want to see them delivered and set free, just like I would, in the case of: adultery or fornication, or any other, prevalent sin.

I donít put them in any different kind of place, my heart goes out to them, to see them set free, but instead, itís being crammed down our throats, that this is OK, normal, and acceptable.

And now, you can hardly go to a movie without your token homosexual person, whoís always the most wonderful person in the world, in the movie. And what of the movie that garnered so many awards; best picture, best this, best that, best cast, everything." Brokeback Mountain"-------- Itís an old fashioned western.
Two good ole Marlboro men, that canít keep their hands off each other, and are so in love.
To choose an American symbol, the old west, and make, what God calls:
an abomination,

normal, well, you decide,

whether that constitutes: cramming it down your throat.
The Sacramento Bee, and probably, a whole lot more papers, that, Iím not privy to; headlined, the awesome reviews: five stars, (The passion of Christ, I think, had 2 and 1/2 stars.) and devoted, front page, space, to glorify and tout, what they called: much more than a gay love story.
It was a masterpiece, that, we should all see, and, appreciate. ----PLEASE_____

You, can see where all of this is going.

 You canít use the words Jesus Christ, unless of course, itís a curse word. His name can be used as a curse word. You canít talk of the wonderment of God, but itís ok. to use all the foul language you want to use, anywhere you deem fit. Thatís freedom of speech.

But the things of God? Oh no, you canít talk about that. You canít talk about Jesus, you canít talk about God.
You definitely better not bring up the Bible.

But,  foul language, as foul as you want to get, is freedom of speech.

Whatís wrong with that picture?

Indeed brethren, we are in the days of Lot.

You can do a study of the Bible and find many more things that have been prophesied, and are happening. Itís all just sort of happening, you canít look at one, and say thatís it, but the whole, is screaming, on deaf ears.

Whatís happening politically, that might be relevant to these prophesies of the End Times?
That to indicate that the tribulation period is near?

Letís look at Europe. Whatís going on there?

The Kingdom of the antichrist is going to come out of Europe, and itís going to make peace with Israel, and go from there.

So, is there any thing going on there that would indicate that stuff is actually happening?

I find it interesting that the ďOld TestamentĒ book of Daniel, and the book of Revel;ation, ďNew TestamentĒ, that both say: that what was once the Roman empire, is going to become a federation of nations, together; that thereís going to be these ten nations, federated together.
You can look in Europe, today and what do you have?
The European Union, which is a federation of nations.
The  inconsistency with that, is, that there are 25 nations in that federation., not ten.

So you say well, whatís the story? Whatís going on?
Letís look at whatís happened in the last ten years.

The European Union, has been around, since 1948, which is also the year, Israel, again, became a nation.

The first, and utmost, requirement, of the possibility of end times prophecy coming to be.

Israel, had to be intact, so to speak, prior to any fulfillment of these latter day prophesies. .

In the last ten years, within the Europen, Union, itself, a group of nations has been established: called the: Wrestern European Union,
There are ten nations, in this union.

This last year they established the: European Defense Agency, apart from the WEU itself.
10 nations make it, up, the EDF: 8 of which are: WEU nations.
So the WEU, still controls it.
Youíve got two unions within the main, of ten nations each. Thatís damn, interesting!

In 1998,the Europen Union, created a new office. Itís called the high office of common and security policy, for the European Union. This PERSON, would be the director of foreign policy, of the European Union, as a whole.
His, influence, would primarily be involved with the Mediterranean and the surrounding area.

A new powerful position, one person, that represents, the whole; as far as their foreign relationships, and the like, go.
The document that established that position, out of 2,115 documents, that year, was numbered: 666.
Interesting?? !!!

The next year November 1999,
they appointed the first man to fill that position. His name is: Javier Solana.
He holds that position, to this day.

He was formally the head of NATO.
He also became the secretary general,
of the council of Europe .
The council of Europe, is the decision making body, of the European Union.
The following month, he was appointed the secretary general, of the WEU, as well.
This one man, holds, three, very powerful positions.

 An excerpt from the EUís web site:

  The WEU is led by a Council of Ministers, assisted by a Permanent Representatives Council on ambassadorial level. A Parliamentary Assembly - rather unique for an intergovernmental organisation - would oversee the work of the Council. Most of the WEU functions are in the process of being merged into the EU. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council (composed of the delegations of the member states to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe), is fearful for its future existence, and has been lobbying for itself to be recognised as the "European Security and Defence Assembly". This would allow it to function within the ESDP structures within the European Union.

Some of the moves that have taken place and indicate the partial merger of the WEU into the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU have been the following:

The EU, adopted an assembly recommendation, To increase the powers, of their secretary general, and the secretary general of the WEU.
Javier Solana, holds both positions.

That recommendation, is known as: the assembly recommendation, and itís number:

So, is this man, Javier Solana, the antichrist?

Are these events ands current happenings the signs that the Bible spoke of?

Ours, is not to answer, but to be aware, and watch.

There are agreements being drawn up as, I write, that offer a seven year period of peace in the Europen arena.
Israel, has shown great interest, in that agreement; as the palistinian issue, wears down, their confidence, of, continual, existence.

In January of 2007, this agreement, is to be presented for ratificatioin, by the members. 

If you see an urgency, a hard line approach,
in my writes; consider the preceding, and realize, the time, of wavering, walking the fence, is quickly, coming to a close.
You may have been criticized, or worse, for what they like to call Bible thumping.
Many of you, think that by giving in to all the other seemingly, innocent ways, that peoplle claim to be moving towards God; you are being loving and, in His will.

That's, NOT, the case.

Those that stick to His way,

find that after a time, of the lukewarmwers,
falling away;
the remnant starts to come thru the doors,
and what looked like suicide,
turns into growth,
with His Power, and Grace. 

Stand on His Infallible Word,
and He, will stand with you.

In His Service---------  Art 

I want to thank Pastor Larson, of Truckee, Ca. and John McArthur, of  S. California; for their extensive studies and dedication to unraveling the book of revelation and the end times, prophesies.

I don't remember pastor Larson's first name, as Teri, took the tape with her, and I don;t have another copy.  He accounts for MUCH of this, THO!  THANK YOU! pastor, Larson, and Pam, who gave me the tape.

Much of what you see here, comes from their, heart for the truth. And ,a lot, I transferred by "via voice" right from their tapes, and writings.

I, personally, claim no title, or ownership, of any of this. My goal, as always, is to spread what seeds I can; whether given by my Lord, or any of His faithful.

Mostly, to put out a call: a plea,
to stop mixing truth with lies,
Stop conforming to the worlds view,

but, to adhere, totally, to His Word, and commands, there-in, contained. 

To, challenge, rile, and any way possible:
convict, His own; 

back to that narrow road;
that leads to eternal life,
and beckons us, to share,


Reader Reviews for "End Times Prophecy."

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Reviewed by Patricia Wade (Reader)
Dear Arthur,
How many have missed the signs of the times...As for me, I am instructed by the LORD: "Keep your eyes on and pray"...and let us be found serving Him, before He returns. I look forward to sharing more on the subject of End Times Prophecy.
Blessings and Shalom.
Reviewed by Valerie Boggess
Wonderful write filled with TRUTH, POWER, and MIGHT. Your seeds of truth tell it like it is. There will be a day and most definitely the Lord is returning for His, "Salt of the earth". Each day of my life I look upward into the heavens for the return of my Lord. Yet I know that God is patient and merciful, so that many will have time to hear the good news. But my heart tells me that today is the "Day of Salvation." My prayer is that many will come to know the Lord and not tarry to long. Your End Times Prophecy states the truth and I pray that it blesses many lives. "Open Your Ears, to hear the Good News of the Lord." Powerful write Art!
Reviewed by Birgit and Roger Pratcher
A very powerful article,
Reviewed by Rhonda Galizia
Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK
To Challenge,Rile,(I Call It Raisen Hell) In Any Way Possible--Stay On Narrow (Path) Road, Beckons Us To Share GOOD NEWS...



Keep On Writing Write On..

Your Friend, TRASK
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