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Michael Batiukov

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Human Nature vs. Nature
by Michael Batiukov   
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Last edited: Monday, July 03, 2006
Posted: Monday, July 03, 2006

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Why 21st century can be the most crucial point in the evolution of human civilization? Should intelligence help us to create or destroy? Why we need a new paradigm shift in the way of thinking, in all our actions? Governments, politicians, scientists, religions, military forces, chemical, biological, nuclear weapons are irrelevant when civilian planes can be used as weapons.

World peace and planet Earth survival is a PERSONAL thing!

Human Nature vs. Nature
Michael Batiukov


"We are made from the ashes of stellar death. Some scientists have whimsically imagined the meanderings of a single carbon atom, released in the explosive death throes of a star, drifting for eons across intergalactic space, landing in a gas disk that eventually formed Earth, becoming chemically altered, and finally being inserted into a chain of life as part of a nerve cell that guides a human hand to write about it." - National Geographic




The human understanding of the universe is extremely limited. The human understanding of the human race and its main mission on the planet Earth is even more limited. In this essay I would like to discuss some aspects of the nature and human nature in their unity and interconnection from the personal responsibility point of view.


A prehistoric Italian iceman nicknamed "Otzi" was shot in the back with an arrow and killed 5000 years ago. Every day people are shot and killed by other people. What is wrong with human nature?


It is absolutely unbelievable that people are made from the ashes of stellar death just to kill each other in the intergalactic space. Or, maybe, people are made to love and to be loved, to pass a chain of life from one generation to the other, nurture and maintain life in all its diversity, heal the sufferings brought into being by other people, understand the deep relationship of all aspects of life on this planet? Do we really have the right to conquer and dominate nature, space and each other?


Some people think that all those atoms, stars, galaxies, planets, humans, animals, trees and flowers appeared on the planet Earth from nowhere for no reason whatsoever. And they do not really care about it at all. As long as they are drinking beer, eating pizza and watching TV they need nothing. They are set. Why bother, they are as disposable as the waste they throw out every day. Trash in the car, trash in the house, trash in the fat body and empty soul, trash in the mind. Hey, trash this planet, nuke it. We can find the other one! Really?


Some think that our Solar System with its central star - the Sun, surrounded by nine planets, by moons, by asteroids, dust, and gas is formed purposely. With only one intention in mind - to preserve all forms of life in a quiet neighborhood of the Milky Way through love and care. They are the most hated people in the world with the name "environmentalists". Why do they so concern with life on Earth?


The origination of life on our planet is still remains a mystery. Life is a mystery. Life is a unity of everything alive in nature. Life is a metaphysical thing. True mystery of life is love. Earth is a living body constantly giving birth to a new life, spirit and compassion. Let's look again why Earth, at about 150 million kilometers from the sun, is the perfect spot for sudden appearance and millions years of evolution of life on its surface.


Criteria for our life is a certain composition of energy, water and particular atmospheric conditions (the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air). The sun light is the perfect source of energy for this planet. Liquid water (not too hot, not too cold) is the main conductor of all life processes.


It is interesting that oxygen appeared on Earth only about 500 million years ago, but life itself in the form of bacteria has been traced to 3.5 billion years deep. It means that very slowly primitive forms of life took control over the atmospheric composition altering it for its own development, growth, and reproduction. How amazing! Even primitive life forms could take control! What about smart animals - humans and their primitive way of thinking about nature and human nature. Are they able to take control over both of them?


There are certain theories of the origin of life. Was life originated from a deep ocean, or from a mixture of molecules subjected to lightning, or from seeds from the Moon, or arrived here from outer space on meteorites, comets, asteroids, or created purposely by God alone in 6 days, or established by "gods" from the 12-th planet? We can only speculate about it.


But there is no doubt that all organisms on Earth today are the products of billions years of evolution - from single-celled bacteria to the most advanced organisms - humans. The main advantage what humans have over the rest of the animals and the other humans is intelligence. The same intelligence is able to wipe out all the products of billions years of evolution in a matter of seconds, or is able to help human race to survive and prosper.


Why 21st century can be the most crucial point in the evolution of human civilization? Should intelligence help us to create or destroy? Why we need a new paradigm shift in the way of thinking, in all our actions? Governments, politicians, scientists, religions, military forces, chemical, biological, nuclear weapons are irrelevant when civilian planes can be used as weapons.

World peace and planet Earth survival is a PERSONAL thing!


Most mistakes what humans made in the past are based on ignorance, luck of wisdom and luck of understanding that all of us are one. The unity of one among the unity of others. Your life is the life of your own planet. How unusual our Solar System is when compared to other planetary systems? What if it is unique and very very unusual? Let's try to find the Earth-like planets and take a galactic trip in our imagination, in our dreams.


Scientists say that, in theory, there could be hundreds Earth-like planets in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. We have to look for the planet of the right size, the right distance from their Sun, with the right temperature for a sudden life appearance, with the right environment for living organisms to survive. There are about 120 of them out there with similar cosmochemical conditions and compositions, with a certain photosynthetic and geodynamic activities. Do they all carry at least a primitive bacterial type of life? Unfortunately, not at all.


Let's reach the closest one to our planet. The star Epsilon Eridahy (or EpsEri) which is only 10 light years away (or about 100 trillion km). EpsEri has Earth-like planet around it with a comet like orbit of 2502 days a year. We are getting closer and closer to it and see just a huge Jupiter-size ball of gas. What a disappointment after so many miles and years of traveling. You are lucky that you travel in your imagination. It is free and inexpensive. Use it more often.


Let's check some other stars with Earth-like planets around them: UpsAnd (44 light years away), G1 star 47 Ursae Majoris, 51 Peg, GJ86, RhoCrB, 55 Cnc. By the end of your dream-trip you will be shocked by a fact that most of all those planets do not have even a primitive microbial life! That's enough to know, to wake up in a reborn state of mind. Unbelievable how the power of astronomy can improve understanding of man's place in the universe.


So, what are you going to do first when you'll be back from your dream-trip to other planets, stars and galaxies? Probably, you will give your loved-ones a kiss with a smile. Or, talk to your children about the miracle called Life? Or, go to the nursery to buy some flowers and trees to plant on your backyard? Maybe, you will talk to your dogs and cats for a while? Or, you just stand outside looking at the night sky amazed?


Right now is the best time for you to break free of old belief system, old images of God, old concepts about nature and human nature. When a confluence of technologies, faster thinking computers, genetic modification, gene therapy, artificial intelligence make our time - 21st century, a golden age of discovery and self-knowledge, self-perfection as human beings.

Open your eyes to the suffering caused by ignorance, by starvation, by wars, by ideologies, by using the name of God to justify the unspeakable cruelty. There are many religions created by people for people to fear of everything and anything. They did not stop any wars, hanger, killings or sufferings for thousands of years. Probably, there is only one God (or Goddess) for all the humans on this planet? And the name of this God is Love? Love is a symbol of all universal consciousness of nature and human nature. This God is without borders, races and nationalities, without politics and governments, without religions, without limits in finding creative intelligent solution to any problem.


Take away inequality, religion, hunger, poverty, ignorance; bring love, peace, education to people of the whole world, what will be the meaning for suicide bombing? None, whatsoever. As Dalai Lama once said: "Our own heart is our temple and the only religion we need is compassion".   The most important problem of all nature and human nature is lack of love. Humankind is the family. Goodness is creative and endless. Love never stops. Why after thousands of years of the history of humankind, human beings are still operating in a primitive "every man for himself" mentality mode? Researches estimate that humanity loses about $250 billion through the destruction of natural habitats in a single year.


The best thing to look at the interconnectedness of nature and human nature is to take Rubik's Cube and to turn some of it borders. The cube can be a 3D imitation of life with multiple combinations, like: birth-life-death, space-time-mind, mother-child-father, truth-compassion-forbearance, creation-preservation-destruction and so on and so forth. Every different color of the cube can represent the connection of nature and human nature. For example, blue color side is water, green - planet Earth, yellow- the Sun, red - human blood, white - human mind, orange - human spirit.


The only purpose of every one of us, humans, is to turn the imaginable cube sides to make difficult choices in politics, economics, society using various multidimensional combinations to return to the state of balance and harmony, to the original state of the unity of nature and human nature, to the state when every side finally will have one clear solid color. The best place and time for starting turning cube sides, for changing yourself for the better is right now. This present moment contains the beginning and the end of all your life and the life of the whole planet. All nature depends on your human nature.


As always many of us would tell that it is impossible to live in harmony, it is impossible to love and to be loved, to keep peaceful personal relationships, to profit without destroying natural resources, to keep peace between nations without weapons, to be radically honest and live without fears, not to kill yourself with food, alcohol, drugs and smoking. It is impossible to put Rubik's Cube back to order. There is only one correct alignment and 43 quintillion wrong ones. It is a timeless puzzle. You can twist it and twist it but the colors will only get more scrambled. It has since been calculated that if every person on the planet Earth randomly twisted a Cube once every second, about once every three centuries just ONE CUBE would return to its original state.


As Enro Rubik once said: "The problems of puzzles are very near the problems of life. Our whole life is solving puzzles. If you are hungry, you have to find something to eat. But everyday problems are very mixed - they are not clear. A good puzzle, it's a fair thing. Nobody is lying. It's very clear, and the problem depends just on you. You can solve it independently. But to find happiness in life, you're not independent. That's a big difference."

At the world Cubic Rubik Championship in Budapest in June 1982, a 16-year-old Vietnamese High School student from Los Angeles won by unscrambling a Cube in 22.95 seconds. It means that it is very possible to find peace and harmony between nature and human nature in the shortest period of time. Everything what we need is just a wish to be better. Any, "so scary" countless combination of ideas and actions can lead to one solution in the shortest period of time!


The apple that Mother-Nature dropped at the feet of Newton is nothing but a coy invitation to follow her to the stars. As Pascal said: "Nature imitates herself. A grain thrown into a good ground brings forth fruit; a principle thrown into a good mind brings forth fruit. Everything is created and conducted by the same Master, - the root, the branch, the fruits, - the principles, the consequences." So, who is the Master of your planet? Maybe, just you?


So, what if we are alone in the galaxy after all? And nobody would never help us to solve all those Mother-Nature problems? What if there is only one alive planet exists outside the Earth? And this planet is you, alone? Gaze up at the night sky, make up your own mind about Nature and Life and your Mission on the planet Earth.


Michael Batiukov

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Reviewed by John Coppolella 2/3/2009
Dear Michael Batiukov:

I read with great interest your finely written article. You have made many good points, and asked some very good questions. I have addressed this same ground in two of my articles here on the Den, about Creationism vs. Evolution. I would like to invite you to read them and come back with fair reviews. I believe we are not so far apart you and I, just looking at life from slightly different vantage points. I like your style of attack and rebuttal in your writing, and look forward to reading more.


Rockie Coppolella
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