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Grace G.

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Is Bacteria Gonna Get Us?
by Grace G.   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Posted: Monday, December 18, 2006

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Chillingly similar to a canary dying in an underground mine from poisonous gas; but ultimately far worse, something is happening to the air we breathe and ultimately to biological life on planet Earth. Biology includes plants and animals. Species of trees are dying from a strange white fungus that is also killing animals and now people in Oregon and California while at the same time the rate of autism in children changed from 1 in 5,000 to 1 in 100 in less than five years. If this isn't significant enough a signal that something has gone terribly wrong with the human DNA, then perhaps you aren't paying attention. Ever heard the fact that American apiary farmers have reported huge losses of honey bees (ranging from 60% to entire colonies)? Heard about the dying off of bats that keep the bugs at bay? The bees are seldom found because when a bee gets 'sick' it instinctively leaves the hive to avoid hurting the colony. The bats are found with a mysterious white fungus around the mouth. First the trees and then the bats. Why should this be troublesome for you? For starters, the loss of entire bee colonies is a direct threat to the pollination of the crops we use for food. As for the bats, if they don't keep the bugs that spread disease at managed levels, no one will be safe going out after dusk.

What precipitated this? In the rarely found 'dead bees', an unknown pathogen that tests as a 'fungi' has been discovered. The white fungus found on the mouths of the dying bats appears to be the same as the white fungi found on the bark and limbs of dying trees. Many bee farmers in America have wondered if 'something' transferred in from the Australia bee pollinators. Top scientists find the missing bee event confusing as they struggle to define the root cause. Some point to causes like microwave frequencies, cell tower energies and others to pesticides. Some bee farmers have wondered aloud if this could be related to the new geometric shape of the bee screens used by the bees to produce honey because bees are so ‘geometrically’ linked in nature. Einstein once stated: 'when the bees die off, humans only have four years to live on this planet'. If this still doesn't have your attention and you need more proof that something is really wrong on this planet, consider one story that didn't make the headlines: thousands of fish were found dead in one of the Great Lakes that when tested were found filled with the Ebola virus. It's like a report from the Twilight Zone...

When I look around at ‘health’ issues in a time where people are ‘living’ longer, often through chemicals, I'm amazed that science can't stay on top of the strange diseases making an appearance in this world. It’s bad enough that women and men in their twenties are being diagnosed with breast cancer and rare, aggressive brain cancers; but, there are still millions that continue to die around the world from AIDS. So, if the missing bees of 2007 doesn't have your attention then you might not connect with the overnight spread of Ebola, bizarre and sudden appearances of new auto-immune diseases, raging flesh eating bacteria, increases in the previously rare Guillain-Barre Syndrome and increases in fibromyalgia. When the news began to report stories about food sources being infected with Ecoli (reportedly from pig waste in California on spinach), wheat products processed into gluten in China that began to kill adults and babies and 'poison' sold as 'sweetener' was discovered in Colgate toothpastes sold at discount outlets, I began to think about 'manipulation'. I also pondered what else might be happening that could smack of 'external control'?

With people in their early forties and fifties being diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's (perhaps mad cow disease), with prostate cancer on the rise, with a rise in male and female osteoporosis and with the AMA reporting on bizarre new rapid growth cancers, I took pause. Are things more in our face about new strains of bacteria and emerging viruses because there are more people living on Earth than at any documented time? Are humans to blame both because they pollute and consume at the same time? Are people or chemicals or both causing the planet to die? Is the planet trying to strike back or defend itself? Could it possibly be that something more sinister is going on? I was ready to follow the manipulation trail in search of ‘truth’.

At one point the news reported that 'chemicals' in the environment was the link to these new illnesses. Then the media story morphed to the destruction of the rain forests and release of ancient viruses as the leading cause. I could not shake off the news that did not make the news. I kept having he thought that something more is negatively impacting the health of all living things, manifesting itself as emerging new diseases and cluster escalation of existing diseases. I came upon a ‘hidden’ local news report about the massive die off of fresh water fish in the Great Lakes from 'Ebola'. Then while traveling, I read a local news report about the hushed discussions of thousands of dead elk in Wyoming. This was prior to the 'missing' bees and the connections made my blood run cold. Add to this equation the often unreported stories of sudden deaths while in flight of hundreds of birds in flight in Idaho, Utah, Austin, Texas and Esperance, Australia and it's impossible to look away. Birds just suddenly 'fall' from the skies while in flight with no known 'cause'? Thinking about this global puzzle, I took a mental recall step backward. A couple of years prior to my awakening, while researching the cause for kidney stones, I found a medical paper authored in 2004 by The British HIV Association about AIDS. It was a fascinating piece about finding an antigen circulating in the blood of HIV positive women and children in Africa. It had a direct connection to the formation of kidney stones. The link in the 2004 study was to a bacteria discovered in 1988 by a Finnish Scientist. In the early reports an emerging disease was tied to cows, plants and 'the soil' our food sources touch. Daunting! About the same time this discovery was announced, one of the lead medical doctors on the NASA Space Team wrote a paper about an unknown bacterium found in the blood of the returning astronauts. When each astronaut went into space they contracted or at least tested upon return with a bacteria that seemed to duplicate twice as fast under exposure to zero gravity. Within days of reading this research, I heard an author discussing a book titled: The Calcium Bomb. Even though this material reads at times like a medical journal, it’s worth the price of admission to understand a critical connection not being talked about in many circles. To cut to the chase of the book's presentation and the link to the NASA findings, the bacteria discovered is called ‘nano bacteria’. It spreads through the blood. There is only one method available in the world to test for nano bacteria. All tests are performed in Finland using a patented enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit which is sent to your local physician with blood draw and mailing instructions. The test is not covered by medical plans and it’s very expensive, so is the extended treatment. Alas, the treatment does not completely stop the return of nano bacteria. The blood test for this critter looks for antigens and specific nano bacteria antibodies as this is the link to having the bacterium. There is not yet a diagnosed ‘cause’ but speculations include: injections (contracting nano from a medical injection) and the other is through our environment. Nano bacteria have been linked to heart disease, atherosclerosis, kidney pathology, cancers, peripheral neuropathology and cell death. So I wondered... is there a connection to the rise in autism, Alzheimer's, fast growing cancers, viral infections, auto-immune failures and more? Could it be that 'nano bacteria' is impacting the health of all living things? I could not shake the thought that perhaps there is a truth that we haven’t been told about injected drugs, preventative vaccines; perhaps the air we breath, the food we eat and water supplies. Dr. G. Hudelist, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Division of Special Gynaecology, University of Vienna Medical Centre, Vienna, doesn't mention this connection in his research; but, he has reported that nano bacteria is related to ‘psammoma' bodies of ovarian cancer. What’s that? Psammoma is an onion peel-like calcified structure which is called a ‘calcium bomb’. It’s sometimes referred to as laminated or calcified ‘extracellular debris’ which is found in the blood stream and soft tissue organs of the body. One thing is clear, it’s found in a variety of human malignancies such as breast, ovarian, thyroid, meningeoma and endometrial (uterine) and of course HIV infected blood and (the thing that I personally investigated for my family) kidney stones. Nano bacteria are extremely small, needle shaped negative bacterium. They use body calcium to form a cocoon of protection while preparing to multiply. Now that got my attention. Did this explain the depletion of the bone density which might tie to the increases in osteoporosis and the formation of kidney stones, for that matter all calcifications in the body? The protective covering is often called a calcium salt, but it’s really a calcium phosphate shell. Your doctor may have ordered an MRI or a CAT scan for kidney stones and discovered many appearances of white spots that were mildly passed off as ‘calsiumage deposits’ resulting from age because imaging showed the spots were outside the kidneys. They may even have said something like: we all have them as we get older. Well, it’s an infection trace when you test positive for the antigen or the antibody for nano bacteria; something much larger than aging. At this point, the microbial origin of nano bacteria is controversial. It could be introduced through ingesting vegetables, beef, pork, chicken or fish (any contact with the earth's soil), injections; perhaps the water we drink and air we breath. And, the treatment is viewed as a ‘scam’ by general practitioners because the company that detects the nano bacteria is also the only company offering treatment (for profit), and it takes a minimum of 6 months (or as long as it takes to kill the bacteria using neutraceudicals and tetracycline). After a prolonged treatment, it still comes back. Why isn't there more discussed openly in the media or medical communities about this? And, where did nano bacteria originate? I decided to dig deeper when a friend developed a horrific disease I had never heard about: Morgellons. What I learned about this disturbing, nearly impossible to cure, contagious disease shook me to my core. It sounds more like science fiction than fact. The connection presented by Cliff Carnicom (he presented his first paper on biological components of Morgellon filaments in May 2000) brings this home: "At this point in the chronology there is linkage between the aerosol issue (he changed the name chemtrails to 'aerosol issue') and the Morgellon's condition. And that linkage is established through biological research done over a period of 8-10 years as well as in physical form at the microscopic level between environment samples and airborne environmental samples and biological specimens that are pervasive." Shaking your head at this point? I did too. I wasn't a believer in any of this until I saw Morgellon hair or filament growing out of my friend's arm. The Twilight Zone cannot touch this horror. From the CIDP Foundation (The Team Leader of the research unit was Dr Hilgegarde Staninger of Integrative Health International at Lakewood, California.): " ...Morgellons has deliberately been spread via the chemtrails (airplane aerosol) and that pretty much everyone is infected. It is a communicable ‘nanotechnology’ invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nano tubes, nano wires, nano arrays with sensors, and other nano configurations, some carrying genetically-altered and spliced DNA/RNA. These nano machines thrive in alkaline ph conditions and use the body's bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power. There is some evidence these tiny machines possess their own internal batteries. They are also believed to be able to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information. To what end is not known. The symptoms vary from open skin lesions from which colored or plain fibers emerge, which do not scab normally, heal extremely slowly and never become bacterially-infected -- to brain fog, fatigue and depression, etc. It is also established that Morgellons nano machines are commonly found in all body fluids, orifices and often even hair follicles, and are believed to routinely achieve total body systemic penetration. It is reported by nearly all afflicted that Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or 'group intelligence.' Communicability appears to be possible/probable through shedding of the fibers by the infected and through all normal bacterial or viral vectors. Some fibers have been shown to withstand temperatures in excess of 1400 F, routine sterilization for Morgellons nano machines in all reusable medical/dental medical equipment and instruments is moot. There is also strong evidence linking Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers although proof of transmission through aerial spraying remains anecdotal. Electromagnetic signals from HAARP could also be used to turn on the infection, even in a healthy person." When your stomach is ready, perhaps you will want to view this monster on YouTube or Could anything be more shocking? I had to ask. In my search for the truth I stumbled over an open Pandora's box only to find the contents had already been unleashed on the unsuspecting world. Deep breath now as we ready for the 'new outer limits'. New diseases might be directly tied to global warming. Yeah, right! Well, before you laugh this one off, there is a deeper secret. It might be that emerging diseases could be resulting from a global governmental treatment to slow warming using the earth's atmosphere. Beginning with Edward Teller, the father of the atomic bomb. The radar screen in the scientific communities may have understood about global warming. Nikola Tesla discovered that the ionosphere could be manipulated to control the weather while he was researching a resource for 'free energy'. Tesla seemed to present a convincing case that the universe was heating up from the sun or some 'body' outside our solar system and that by releasing 'aluminum' particles in the atmosphere, humanity could slow down the warming. No kidding! Edward Teller believed Tesla. Did the research of these early 19th century scientists result in a plan to cool the earth? What if a program was implemented without telling the inhabitants of the planet? Was a program designed and implemented to release particles of barium, aluminum and other nasty chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere for cooling? Have particles (released by airplanes with on board aerosol injectors) to make the planet more reflective of sunlight been making humanity sick? (Search for Project Cloverleaf.) Could it be that cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Morgellons, mysterious new pathogens lowering the immune system, flesh eating bacteria, nano bacteria calcium bombs and other emerging diseases are the direct result of some 'save the planet treatment'? With the bees disappearing around the world and the beetles that would normally invade the empty hives filled with the abandoned honey not entering or touching this food source, is there an airborne bacteria or fungus being 'spread' through the very air we breath in a science gone mad attempt to cool the planet? Are the bees telling a bigger truth? Could humanity and all life on Earth be enveloped in a scientific culling horror event? Even the dying evergreen trees covered in a white fungus are screaming for our attention. The truth is worthy of discovery even when it slams you head first into a new reality. Never forget that it was government that told us back in the 50s that the testing of the A Bombs could not hurt people; as a matter of fact, they encouraged people to 'come watch'. Remember, when you do your own research and find that Morgellons syndrome is a 'disease of the mind' or a 'delusion', there are 30,000 cases recorded at the Center for Disease Control and it is thought that over a million cases go unreported because the patients are being treated for depression. And, if you are told chemtrails, nanobacteria and new diseases are nothing but conspiracy theory, this means people do not follow the 'generally accepted version' of what they hear. Don't let this make you stop in your search for the truth. It’s now your turn to take a deep breath and decide if you want to know more. You will find that some researchers believe Morgellons does come from chemtrails. There are also those who believe nano fibers, nano bacteria, nano-whatevers are a deliberate attempt to modify human genetics; and, not for the good of the human host. You will also learn that Cliff Carnicom has discovered something he calls the florescent protein or a GNA protein that is changing human DNA. The important thing is that it is up to each of us to take on the responsibility to get informed. 'Now' would be the time.              


Web Site: Penultimate Imprint

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Reviewed by Sally Kotoff
I thought this was a very well written article. My only concern, being a Morgellons patient, is the comment that Morgellons is contagious. I do not believe this is fact. Many people have the disease and live with others who don't have the disease and there is no sign of it spreading to other family members. My theory is that if more than one person in the family has the disease it is through contact with whatever caused the disease in the first place. It might be air, water,chemtrails, etc. Thousands of people afflicted have not spread this disease to others.
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