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Karen Gallo Dunn

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Preverted Pedophiles Hiding Behind Cleric's Collar! Catholic Priests: Sterilization, Castration, Death-- Gas Chamber or Prison! or an old Fashioned Labotomy! DEFROCK, EXCOMMUNICATE IMMEDIATELY! One molestation is too many - no forgiveness - Punish the Preverted Pedophiles NOW!!

In God's Name - They Frock Up Grave Scandal ! sayeth our Pope! Shall we kneel and pray, light candles and transfer, promote, demote our rapist Priests? How dare Father Child Molester -- be allowed to transfer to another Parish in another community where his molestations-- rapes and sins are unknown? If transferred to another location, is the "new" Priest introduced to the neighborhood Parish as: Please welcome "Father CHILD MOLESTER" He IS NOW LOCATED IN YOUR IMMEDIATE AREA -- AT YOUR PARISH," -- why not? Law is Law - Are there exceptions for Costumes or Customs or Catholic Priests?! Every priest -- child molester, child rapist, should be cured or extinguished or imprisoned immediately for the sake of our society as a whole. NO MATTER what gender, race, color, creed, position, fame, honor, culture, profession, religion, custom, education. Sick is Sick! Dangerous is Dangerous! Sterilized or Castrated = Cured. Penalized by Death = Disposed -- Extinguished. Imprisonment = Just Desserts -- Torture -- Penance. Furthermore, it should be the perverts' choice -- What defense? What justification? Cure/Dispose/Torture! Stop the multiplicity! WHAT child, knowingly would admit to something so perverse? WHAT child would understand the consequences or truly know what rape or molestation constitutes? TEACH YOUR CHILDREN! What child would take initiative to admit being raped by their priest, father or teacher, innocently? How many of YOU suffer from child molestation and deal with it? How many of YOU were abused and raped as a child and are an ACTIVE child molester and rapist in our communities? How many out there are on medications and psychiatric education seeking relief and peace from being abused? How many psychiatrists are abusing their patients? How many patients even recognize or realize they are being raped? HELLO WORLD, We are talking about Innocent angels, our precious babies being raped, used, defamed, demoralized, dehumanized, desensitized for LIFE !!!!!!!!!!! Future child molesters!! There are no other options. No immunity, no defense, no penance, no protest, no forgiveness. Bad is bad, man or woman, equal, criminal, unforgivable -- ungodly evil. WE must do something about this NOW. Look at all the powerful people who frock up as Presidents, Politicians, Athletes, Judges, Police Officers, Celebrities, and get away with MURDER, RAPE, ADULTERY, KIDNAPPING, ABUSE -- ALLOWED EVIL DEEDS to be shushed, kept quiet, Hush-Hush!! Slap on the wrists! Bad Publicity! That of course is the SPECIAL PEOPLE - THE RICH, THE FAMOUS, THE MINORITY. How RICH is the Catholic Church? We are talking about RAPE of Children by Catholic Priests! How much Vatican Gold has been sold so these stories have not been told? How despicable can it be? Is the Catholic Church collections on Sunday merely HUSH money used to protect Catholic Child Molesting Priests? To pay off the media, to squelch the rumors? To cover up the TRUTH? The MAJORITY, (Mr. & Ms. J. Q. Public), however, go DIRECTLY to jail for a multitude of offenses! -- DO NOT PASS GO! And even if INNOCENT -- but guilty of perhaps fitting the "description", "profile", race, color, attitude, etc., of whatever crime was committed -- guilty or NOT are they NOT incarcerated in order to close a case or put it in suspension? Check the Headlines: "L.A. Jury Finds Dog Owner Guilty of Murder in Mauling Death" -- this draws Nationwide Attention and owners face a penalty from 15 years to life. Catholic Priests Raping, Molesting -- Out of the Closet Child Abusers, Filthy Phony Priests, Criminals in Cloaks surrounded by the Holy Ghost! Pope: "Suspicion Is Cast" -- EXCUSE ME, take the key and lock them up NOW. We all KNOW "now-for-sure", that there ARE Catholic Priests, "TEACHERS" in their Frocks of deception, covered with rosaries and crucifixes - RAPING OUR BABIES -- OUR INNOCENT ANGELS -- this is over the edge -- this is intensified crime -- horrific evil. Guilty Catholic Priests, et al., molest children, rape and instill sexual deviation. The innocent child is clueless as to the serious nature of the situation. The child does not consider these acts perverse. The child has no experience or knowledge to make a judgment that this is evil, incorrect, unnatural, not normal, wrong, harmful, ABUSE. The child just thinks these are the rules of the game! In Catholicism, the priest is our channel to God. The Priest with the consecration of holiness instilled by oath and endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit of God has the ability and credibility to instill the fear of God AND furthermore is NOT to be QUESTIONED. The Priest is the closest human being to God - this Priest, this Man of the Cloth -- the Channel to God's Holy Ear -- a holy man -- a saintly man -- a man who does not SIN but listens to confession and talks to God and asks him to FORGIVE US. A priest - Your Link to God's Ear A priest - You adore - You do Not Fear A priest - You trust with All your Heart A priest - Controls your Spirit & Soul A priest - Helps You Enter Heaven's Door "In the name of the Father," Catholic Priests teach our Altar Boys, Children, Babies, Youngsters, Teenagers to believe what is RIGHT according to GOD, LORD, CREATOR and MASTER using mystical, biblical, historical, spiritual, God-Fearing, faith, hope, charity as ammunition to mold their minds to believe, behave and act in a Godlike fashion. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness, God is watching You, The Bible tells me so, etc., " control words and phrases to birth and instill the spiritual wake-up and reasoning between RIGHT (heaven) and WRONG (hell). How dare any Catholic Priest, Teacher, Authority, Adult, Teenager, Father, Uncle, Mother, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother, Rapist, Child Abuser, Child Molester, DESTROY an innocent life and chart the child's DESTINY toward a course of abused=abuser, raped=rapist, tortured =torturer (self or others). A Holy Authority controls the child magically and fearfully -- complete unconditional control of the heart, mind, body and SOUL - and "SPIRIT" -- Innocence at Large, A Pure Canvass? How dare we, THE people, stand for it, allow it, shush it, bury it, disregard it? Results: the damnation/DEATH of a pure Spirit/Contributor to life, transfers to the BIRTH of a deviant! A pure innocent child with a life ahead filled with promises UNTIL abused, molested and raped by a deviant! How dare parents NOT believe their children. How dare parents NOT protect their children. How dare the POPE not enact excommunication, sterlization/castration, elimination or prison? Do Bishops do FAVORS for Cardinals to acquire a new Title and "RED" Wardrobe to boot? How many of these Holy Men are Homosexuals Hiding in the Closet -- Frocked-Up to Disguise their Criminal Intent? If you have a child and they tell you about molestation, BELIEVE them. Children are innocent, they do not have the mentality to MAKE UP rape, abuse, molestation, sex, perversion -- they are innocent -- they don't know if these transgressions are right or wrong or even what these acts signify. Children only know that they feel or felt uncomfortable but at a young age almost EVERY new experience makes a child feel uncomfortable (First Day of School, Dr. visit, Dentist visit, Swimming Lessons, Driving lessons, etc.). Close Cuddling, hugging, SEX with a PRIEST (parent, relative, friend, Teacher) would be categorized in their mind -- as possibly very uncomfortable - a creepy new experience - feels scary, yucky, stranger than all the others experiences. The child may question, WHY? is he/she doing that to LITTLE ME? Most likely they believe or guess that is what the Priest, God, Teacher, Authority, Adults, Parent wants me to do -- the bible tells me so - mommy let's daddy touch me there! How likely is for a child to MAKE UP THIS KIND OF A STORY? -- Just BEING OVER IMAGINATIVE ON THIS PARTICULAR SUBJECT?, Probably MISTAKEN ABOUT THE TOUCHING?, Must be LYING ABOUT HOW IT HURT?, Acting --REHEARSED?, Simply HATEFUL - JUST SAYING MEAN THINGS?, GETTING BACK? Parents, get a grip - it is doubtful that young children would put themselves in a situation of such a serious, uncomfortable nature on purpose or for attention. Children: -- they wash their hands before dinner; they say their "good night" prayers kneeling on the floor; (in Catholic School - go to church every day except Saturday); they say "please & thank you"; they watch cartoons; brush their teeth, play Nintendo; love and honor authority IN THE FORM OF affection that turns to rape, sexual abuse by their Catholic Priest, Teacher, Father, Mother, Aunt, Uncle, Sister, Brother, Stranger; go to the movies; help with the dishes; play dolls; play trucks; this is their life. How are the innocent children to know that affection, hugging, kissing, and touching is NOT normal? How do they draw the line between love and sexual favors? How many of you were ABUSED and DIDN'T realize it until you got older? Don't you imagine a child would be afraid to tell their parents? Fear instilled by the PRIEST? Did Father Molester say, "GOD would be unhappy if you told anyone about our special sacred ceremony~"? Fear instilled by the Parent? Don't tell mommy our little secret! WAKE UP PEOPLE! WAKE UP NOW! How many of you were abused as a child? How many of you are still screwed up about sexuality in general? How many of you allow the father, boy friend, uncle, grandfather to rape your daughters? How many Queen Victoria's are out there raping and molesting children? Rapists? How many perverted pedophiles are out there hiding behind cleric's collars? Catholic Priests are MUCH MORE evil and guilty than a common criminal based on position and intent. NO contest. In the Name of God, Priests gain unconditional trust on a metaphysical level and use the capacity to control and rape and molest our innocent children. Sure, you say, the end result is the same! The child has been molested and scared and scarred for life which most likely will result in sexually deviant behavior as soon as the opportunity arises. The act of perversion has just been taught sacredly, without prejudice and continues as they abuse younger children utilizing the methods and system taught to them by the HOLY Catholic Priest. The Catholic Priests who molds the new born soul and character of a catholic child has the responsibility to instill morals, values, commandments, beliefs, religion, bible, principles and understanding of Catholicism as a way of life. A Catholic Priest who introduces the child on a spiritual level to the Creator of Heaven and Earth. A Catholic Priest who is deemed a Messenger - a Man of God - A Holy Man - A Channel Directly to the Lord, our King. A Catholic priest who molds the mind at the age of REASONING. A Catholic priest who engorges the heart with holy spirit of angels and teaches children the acts of faith, how to walk the walk, how to talk the talk, how to do good deeds, how to plant God's seeds in conjunction with the Almighty's expectations. A Catholic priest who listens to your confession and passes out penance? Rapist Priests are demonic fiends who prey upon innocent, pure spirits and bodies of innocent children -- our future. THAT Dear Sir and Madam is beyond belief and must be reckoned with immediately. No way will this be swept under the carpet or buried in the bureaucracy, or ignored! There are 3 Choices. A. Sterilization/Castration B. Death/Gas Chamber C. Prison A good suggestion is mandatory Sterlization/Castration -- a prerequisite to sanctification into Priesthood. ONLY then will the natural human gratification/temptation (SEX) be literally cast aside. Possibly that would allow Catholics to regain their faith and not only BELIEVE but know for sure -- this sterile man is SERIOUS and has chosen to remove his natural sexual desire in every way, shape and FORM in order to QUALIFY to serve GOD in the Catholic Religion which forbids a man to marry -- he is married to God? How many men/woman join specific organizations to be in a position to prey on innocent children in a capacity of authority with total disregard for the child or the child's future? No Forgiveness -- No Logical Explanation -- No Dispensation --Unquestionably - Unequivocally - Totally Satan!!! Amen                         

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Reader Reviews for "Rape:: POPE : In God's Name - Catholic Priests Frock Up & Rape Our Children"

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Reviewed by TONY NERONE
I see you have a number of reviews on this writing. All I can write I was born a Roman Catholic, and I am ashamed I was. I still follow Jesus as I am a born again christian. This was a great article, Karen.

Reviewed by Cynthia Buhain-Baello

Write on!!! Such strong articles on truth should be posted like these!
In our country priests have fathered children among young girls and have even kept concubines in apartments, I know - he lived with her next door to us! Shameless gall. The victims are innocent youth serving as sacristan and church cleaners, sad but true.

One priest got stabbed to death by his male partner after the youth got so p....d off by his advances. Then they say mass like nothing's wrong.(yuk!)

Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK
My Mother Beat Me As I Hung On To Catholic Church Door age 3-I Would Not Go Into Church-Year Later Beat Up I Got Dragged In P U--PU

Old Lady Kept Squeezing In By Me (No Room) She's Trien Get In My Pants!Told Them They Beat Me Sum More!

My Father Came From Austria Jew-My Mother Russian Jew Wanted Nothing Due -Try Raise Us Catholic-TODAY I Have No Religion As I Comdemned It Then Even Hanging On To Church Door At 3 Years Old...

Divinity: You're Even Aware Over 2500 Children Disappear Each Day In This F--ked Up USA-Over 2 Million Year_

You Believe UFO'S Are Picking Them Up And Taken Them To Slave Planets!

For No Other Reason She Writes About Evil That Continues To Exist-It Sure As Hell Is Not Fantasy,i.e. Most People Turn Look Other Way-Then There Child Is Molested Maimed Killed-THEY THEN BECOME:

Self Proclaimed Martyrs-Until This Happens They Could Care Less...

Hey, Even (God) Doesn't Think Of What I Will Do To Child Molestors...

Reviewed by Divinity 11
I can understand your disgust at what has happened with these cases, but I am disgusted at your comments in this and the other article that lead readers to believe that you think all abuse victims grow up to be future molestors.

Although written passionately, i find that these were written without any research and are just heated ventings on a subject that does need to be addressed, but not like this. I, along with many I know, am an abuse survivor, and I am NOT a molestor. I am in the middle of making a documentary to eexpose the abuse problem and encourage victims of it to start their journey of healing. So, I take major offense that you think that all of us who have been through abuse will turn out to be moletors. THAT is sick.

Have you been through abuse? If so, then are you now a molestor?

If not, then why do you feel like you have the knowledge, experience, and right to speak about it as if you KNOW what happens to us?

I do appreciate your fervor in wanting to address this issue, but please, please please, do your homework first

Reviewed by Tami Ryan
"The child does not consider these acts perverse. The child has no experience or knowledge to make a judgment that this is evil, incorrect, unnatural, not normal, wrong, harmful, ABUSE. The child just thinks these are the rules of the game!"

How did you arrive at these conclusions? Contrarily, these statements couldn't be further from the truth.

"Close Cuddling, hugging, SEX with a PRIEST (parent, relative, friend, Teacher) would be categorized in their mind -- as possibly very uncomfortable - a creepy new experience" (What?!?)

This voice of experience is here to tell you that the "new experience" of the first day of school or being nervous about going to the dentist cannot possibly compare to that of childhoold sexual abuse. Period.
Reviewed by J Michael Kearney
I've never been very religious myself, despite 12 years of Catholic School. I don't look down on religion or religious people at all, I just always had my own private beliefs and felt I didn't need a church. // I think the church used abominable judgment here. With fewer people going into the priesthood post-1965, they seemed to "look the other way" at such abuses and tried sweeping them under the rug. Hey! Up until a few years ago, most cities did the same thing with rogue cops...they covered up the egregious incidents and moved the officer behind a desk. // The reason the church's judgment was even worse is that for eons we've known that pedophiles are drawn to jobs where the kids are. A catholic priest was a perfect cover for a deviant because they are seen as asexual (celibate). They would've been far better off making an example of the first few pedophile priests. Monsters do slip through the cracks. Look at the PD, despite all the psychological testing, a few bad eggs still get through. The key is getting rid of them with a zero tolerance policy. The only way to earn the people's trust is to put the kids ahead of the pedophiles in their midsts. /// Fine writing!
Reviewed by Donald Iarussi (Reader)

written well, i can tell you that most people do not care about rape. many men refuse to admit they participated. LDS Church has gotten off scot free in this time of exposure.
Reviewed by Donna
WOW! That was pretty powerful Karen. I couldn't have said it better myself.
Reviewed by Taylor Dunn
Beautiful article. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and dealt with. When a law is broken, a punishment is imposed to an extent to decrease the probability of the crime reoccuring.
Reviewed by Gregory Sonn (Reader)
An unbelieveable situation written with much truth and passion as well it should be!
The unparalelled position of authority is the most sickening thing about an already horrendous situation.The Pope now is simply to out of touch and sick to think clearly. But many a pope before him has turned their collective heads to this horror. The Catholic church has been hiding for centuries.They expect us to believe in the Almighty but won't tackle even an exorcism on faith alone.They won't believe you. Well if one is true the other must be also but that is stirring the soup and might affect their weekly collections! They turned their backs on WWII and were left alone by an antichrist himself! They could have plundered the Vatican city with ease and they didn't! I wonder why? They could have done it in Napolean times also and didn't. Another antichrist! As long as their possessions were left alone they turned a deaf ear twice! After that they come up with confession so no matter what you do you can immediately be absolved of any sin or wrong doing. Sounds like a built in Carte Blanche to me. I love God but have trouble with Catholicism as I feel it is man made power and has always been corrupted since its inception. When kings reigned the church was all powerful, does that sound anything like God's teachings? I think not! I agree wholeheartedly with you as the guilty must suffer! Maybe they will skate for now but when the time comes our Lord will take His vengence because it is his to administer! Satan has been in the church for a very long time now and some priests his hounds. Very good article and to hell with political correctness as to hell with these so called men of God! Bravo, Gregg
Reviewed by Don Lakusta
Guilty is guilty. Crime has no borders therfore those who judge must not have borders either.

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