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Muhammad Ali Khan Panhwar

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Collapse of a Regime
By Muhammad Ali Khan Panhwar   

Last edited: Thursday, April 10, 2003
Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2003

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Fate of Evil is Fatal

A proud regime with a proud leader ruled Iraq for more than 24 years has collapsed just in 21 days. It is surely a chapter of history by which we must learn. We must take an account of past, present and future to determine what have happened and what might happen next.

Saddam Hussain:

An Arab Nationalist leader of Iraq. He ruled for more than 24 years, without any substantial internal opposition. Perhaps he crushed his opposition through his so called secret police. He gained popularity among Arab world by joining Baa’th Party which is an Arab Nationalist Party. He was a good opportunistic player in his earlier times, but gradually his fate starts to diminish. He was among the minority of Iraq which are Sunni Muslims, perhaps that’s why he preached secularism in his country, infact his reign was based on fear in the hearts population. He slowly suppressed Shia population so no one can raise a voice against him. A majority of 55% shia population was afraid of him, he crushed all their leaders and amputated minds “do not talk against Saddam”. People were tortured and murdered. Now let’s go to Kurd population, well, he did well to find them and crush them. He assigned this task of ethnic cleansing to one of his cousin Ali Hassan Al Majid, also known as “Chemical Ali”. He done perfect job, all living things were dead and many of them were women and children, and also mosquitoes so the Saddam could be protected from Malaria. After the popular uprising in the gulf war of 1991, when Allied Forces went back home to their families at the same moment families of those who stood up against Saddam were being crushed and off course, this job was also assigned to Chemical Ali and he did it well. But what was left by Chemical Ali was finished by Saddam’s son Uday, who created Fidayeen-e-Saddam (a group of thugs from all around the world who swear to die for saddam as this was their only option to cover up their pasts and to obtain a secure future, but not anymore!!), their job was to kill, rape or do anything which pleases their commander.

Saddam Hussain was not a leader at all but a cruel dictator and mass murderer; he couldn’t see the future of Iraqi nation but was busy to serve his own interests. He deceived his own people; he deceived all other people of other nations especially from Muslim countries who supported him. He gave nothing to Iraqi nation but war with neighbors and with west, economic sanctions, poverty, prison, hunger and death.

American Psychology & Interests:

The ingredients of American nation are all migrants who migrated from all over the world but mostly from Europe in pursue of new world. Most of them were suppressed people in their own countries and left to America, some of them were British lords and Generals when it was a colony of British Empire. Most of them were hard workers, and didn’t have anywhere else to go so they got united. They hadn’t got much cultural disputes so they sacrificed their native culture and adopted emergent one. Above all most of them were educated. Americans worked hard, chosen right path, sacrificed to become what is now United States of America. Those who point their finger on Americans must see their own past & present before doing this, my advice for them is that, “You must deserve it before you desire it”.

By taking American history in account they are and must be a proud nation. A progressive one, off course, there was a time of racial unrest. But they emerged from it; I must give this credit to President Truman.

Americans are really proud people and they don’t have any major differences between them. They want to see stars and strips on every nook and corner of the world, but covered with the notion of Peace for all in fact it’s the ideology of Neo Imperialism. They want to sustain their international power and manipulate all other nations especially from the third world to fulfill their very this interest. After the fall of Iron Curtain they adopted new causes like Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Dictatorships and so on.

As far as Terrorism is concerned, they think that every bearded man is a terrorist, and why is that because in the cold war period they themselves provided funds to ISI to create problems for USSR, for that ISI created several extremist “jihadi” groups and poured into Afghanistan to fight with young men of USSR army. As soon as USSR torn apart Americans immediately switched their preferences as those Jihadis were unable to serve any American interest anymore. So those too changed their side as they were now like a car without a steering wheel. Immediately they got attracted to Palestine issue as many of them were from Arab countries. And, off course, start to create problems for Americans. That’s why every bearded man is a horror for American because all those jihadis were bearded men.

As far as weapons of Mass Destruction is concerned, what would you call those bombs which were thrown on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in the tenure of President Truman, and those bombs which were thrown on Vietnamese and now the wide, open and legitimate use of cluster bombs or very newly developed “MOAB” Mother of All Bombs. I heard General Tommy Franks giving speech in Centcom Media Center in Doha Qatar. He proudly said that the coalition is using precision guided ammunition, but what is the use of Precision Guided ones when it harms the neighboring civilian buildings. But it’s a fact that freedom needs sacrifices and nothing comes free.

But I must say that even they’ve sacrificed the innocent lives of civilians and courageous American, British and Iraqi soldiers, they did a noble job. Those who criticize American policies must not forget the liberation of Kosovo, Middle East peace process, liberation of Kuwait and regime change of Afghanistan. Those who think that this was in the interest of America; yes it was but the outcome of all those adventures is satisfactory.

European Psychology & Interests:

There’s nothing much I can say about European except, they are tired of Unilateralism. They change their sides when they see it is better for them, like Germany & Russia. France is still stuck with the contracts of Oil Wells with Saddam Regime, what a pity.

A threat to Neighbors:

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Turkey, Jordan & Syria are bordering with Iraq. Most of them are Sunni Muslims who might not accept a Shia government in Iraq. The second thing is most of these coutries have monarchs and not the representative governments. Perhaps after the new government in Iraq, as an Arab democratic model may create unrest for the most of Arab world monarchs to restrain the voices of their own people. Iran will be pleased if there will be a Shia government in Iraq and if in new government Kurds are getting some place in authority then many of the Kurds in Iran may flee to Iraq for a better future. But Turkey is certainly afraid of boost in rebellion, as most of the Kurds are in Turkey so they might demand a separate Kurdistan with the help of Iraqi Kurds, but its still a very speculative matter.

A threat to Muslim Governments:

In Arab world the fall of Baghdad is seen as the fall of all Arab Nation, which may result in the unrest of their governments. But as far as non Arab countries are concerned there is an element of Islamic Extremists mostly leftists who seen this war as a war against Islam. Its very certain that they might start to create problems for those leaders who didn’t even strongly condemned this war. Political unrest will certainly prevail.


Clearly this was not a war against Islam, this was neither a war against Arab nation rather this war served and will serve American national interests as well as the interests of all the people of Iraq. The death of civilians and others are accounted in the sins of Saddam and not America as he could prevent this and other wars. Democracy will prevail; terrorism will be eradicated to the some extent. Iraqi people will have the freedom of speech, freedom to choose their government. They will be free to exercise their religious practices, as it was banned to beat your chest in the Holy Month of Moharram. All Iraqis will get a chance to be a part of government; no one will be tortured or murdered for ethnic background. Iraq & Iraqis are free now; they are celebrating their freedom and thanking America. I heard a person who was shouting in broken English “Saddam killed brother, thank you Bush”. The statues of Saddam were pulled off, torn into pieces and being beaten and spitted by Iraqi people. I must congratulate Iraqis for getting their freedom. Happy Freedom.

NOTE: I have deliberately omitted that what will be next and what should we learn from all this. I hope you’ll give your comments on the future perspective.

Reader Reviews for "Collapse of a Regime"

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Reviewed by Robert Williams 2/11/2004
Greetings in Peace,
As a veteran of AWACS whose remit was to monitor the air war in order to maintain balance of power between CIA-installed Saddam Husayn and CIA-installed Ayatollah Khumayni, I want to say that Uncle Sam has perpetrated nothing but chaos in the Middle East and Afghanistan during the past 40 years. In fact, Uncle Sam and the British are the root of all Middle East woes.

Because of this, there will be no democracy in Iraq just as there is no democracy in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is ruled by a former Soviet but now drug lord, Hamid Karzai. Taliban had stopped the growing of opium, which CIA needs to sell as heroin in order to fund their covert operations. CIA drugs, not oil, is the reason that Afghanistan was invaded and Taliban attacked. Now that Karzai is ruling, CIA is reaping record heroin crops in Afghanistan.

Iraq's brutal dictator could not hold onto the reins of his country, despite his brutality and monthly Anglo and American bombings of his internal enemies for 130 consecutive months leading up to the current Anglo-American invasion and occupation. Despite high level wordnoise to the contrary, Uncle Sam has always tried to maintain Saddam Husayn and his regime. Khumayni killed many of Saddam's internal enemies in Iraq-Iran War of '80s. Daddy Bush killed most of Saddam's internal enemies in Operation Desert Storm. 130 consecutive months of Anglo-American bombs killed more. Then Junior Bush's present invasion and now occupation has killed and is killing still more.

The Saddam regime could not hold on to the reins. Some say that is because Saddam died about 8 years ago and his sons were trying to rule in his name through imposters, which means the Saddam held prisoner by Uncle Sam is a fake. No genetic blood tests have verified it is him. Everyone is taking the government's word that this guy is Saddam. From my own military experience, I wouldn't believe the government about anything. Yes, this guy could very well be an imposter until proven otherwise.

Whatever the reason, Uncle Sam is ruling Iraq until he can find another dictator. They keep toying with Republic form of governments such as in Iran that work effectively there, but an Iraqi version will have no more say in Iraq than Yasser Arafat has in Palestine.

The point to all this is that no Iraqi or even American should trust Uncle Sam to put in the next dictator in Iraq. The last dictator they put in killed and tortured tens of thousands of Iraqis. And Uncle Sam sacrificed Americans to add to the body counts there.

The next dictator will be no better.

American voters need to reclaim their country from the British who have them providing the brawn to their Empire. American voters need to clean house in Washington, District of Criminals, and ship all the turncoats and Benedict Arnolds back to England where they belong.
Reviewed by Masarat Daud (Reader) 4/19/2003

Before I comment on the content of your article - I will point out the layout and usage of ideas. Your ideas are unclear because towards the starting, you praise the US government in this opinionated article and later go on to criticize them and again towards the end, present a hazy picture reflecting your inner confusion where you support and criticize the government.

Now to the facts. Before you go deeper in the crisis, you have to understand something that the media will not clearly underline the political motives of the war. We all know that the main reason behind this war was OIL. So that America gets cheaper (almost free) energy source and so it can lower fuel costs. Now look at the crisis - if you were in that situation. Your whole family is killed and only you are left in this world and have to get your limbs amputated because of shrapnel injuries - the question is, will you be ok with it? Is this killing and this form of degrading humanity permissible for America's interest in oil?

In the start, you said America is what they have worked hard and made for themselves. Have you thought how degrading it is for youself and for your country to make this immature assumption which basically indicates that what your history and your forefathers earned was out of mere looting.

Qamar is right. History is the proof of American earnings - by selling ammunitions during the war. Is this a moral way of living. This makes you lift your head up high and say - wow I am proud to be an American?

Nobody supports Saddam's dictatorship. But this war was illegal and forced. We are against this war because the motives were not ethical. If you think France is against the war coz of the Oil Wells, well what abt America? Dick Cheney has already promised his close aides a slice out of the pie. GE owns the biggest news channels there and they will never let the real news get to your ears because at the end, they get cheaper fuel from the government thru their political contacts - why wud they show the true picture. If you think ppl are spitting over Saddam, why dont u go to Iraq for a trip and watch Bush's pictures being spat on. There's no winner in a war.

If war is viewed as a way to deal with those who breach resolutions, the precedent should apply to all countries who pose a threat to the world. If the purpose of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” is to free the people of Iraq from a dictator, then why not wage war on Zimbabwe?

Also, beating the chest is Haraam in Islam and that is why it is banned. Too bad you are not aware of this fact. Open the Qur'an and read the referances. What were they suppressed from? From praying and fasting? I don't think so.

The global economy is to feel the blow of this hasty mistake committed by Bush and his coalition team. US might be strong on its military and its technology but its economy is a mesh that depends on all countries and if they start boycotting them, then the US will suffer the most. Already, the unofficial cost of this war has been calculated for the US and British taxpayers to amount to more than $1 billion per year. And they still don't realize that and blindly support their President. I wish someone would just show the real picture. Maybe it is just not the right time. Please get your facts cleared and really know what you are talking before you shove disgrace on your history and your identity.
Reviewed by Qamar Abbasi 4/10/2003
Mr. Panhwar:
Your article makes me womder if you were aiming towards getting the American citizenship by writing this piece. Bush, to me, is a dick-head and Blair is his prison bitch. The history shows that the British ruled the world and how cold their behavior was towards the people. Dont look too far, take the sub-continent example as how many people were killed, thrown into jails, raped etc by the British. If you say America did a marvelous job by getting the Iraqis free, what about the Palestine, and Kashmir. These nations should have been first. If you say American helped the Iraqis release their pain, then I would suggest they should have gone into Africa and helped the people over there by sending more medicines, clean water, food etc. I never liked Saddam Hussain and I always wanted a democratic government in Iraq, but the road American has chosen is totally wrong. If the American government is overthrown today, I am sure you will find tens of thousands of people on the streets cursing and spitting over Bush's picture.
Therefore, Mr. Panhwar get your facts straight before saying anything. Your article is totally one-sided. I feel like you wanted to praise America as you were on a gun-point. Most of the article doesnt even make sense. When you say that Americans dont have any major differences... its full of shit. I think you must read the American history before saying anything. I want to continue saying that how crapy your article is, but i think i will stop here.

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Women at War by Rosemarie Skaine

Women at War presents historical and present-day information on women in combat. Also in ebook:978-0-7864-8173-6..  
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Gold and Platinum Members

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