A Musical Family: Andrew Li, 11, follows older brother, George to the piano

I was awestruck by a You Tube video recommended by George Li, a 16-year old pianist with an impressive performance resume. He had recommended a sample of his younger brother’s playing on a Spring Sunday morning.

With the family tie-in whetting my curiosity, I didn’t hesitate to mouse tap to a special treat:

Andrew, 11, performed Chopin’s Scherzo no. 1 at his teacher’s student recital, March 24, 2012. (Dorothy Shi)

In this Chamber Music Setting, Andrew displayed sensitive ensemble playing. It was an opportunity provided by the New England Conservatory Prep Division.

The two brothers, together collaborated on Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 17 in G, K. 453 (first movement)

George played the Tutti, (Orchestra part) to his brother, Andrew’s solo.

Start at 3:28 in the video

As I gather answers to questions posed to George, it will illuminate a kindred passion for the piano shared by both brothers.

In the meantime, here’s the Village TREE of support George Li is grateful for:

http://www.georgelipianist.com/home.html (Click VILLAGE tab)

I’m sure Andrew’s branches are now sprouting.