Rina, 5, and a review of her staircase activity: The Playground as Piano Teacher (VIDEOS)

I updated the last blog-embedded video that previewed staircase activity planned for Rina’s next lesson. It explored the tricky last line of Reinagle’s Minuet which has of a mix of rhythms and more complex melodic motion compared to the first three staves of music.

What I added to the footage, however, was my plan to insert a wooden flat for the parallel minor on the third step of the staircase. (This won’t be integrated into Rina’s playful stair-step romps until she is well-saturated with the piece as written) But it reflects my teaching philosophy that embraces black-note exposure sooner than later.

Toward the end of this video, you’ll see me placing a flat beside B.


Here’s a review of Rina prancing up and down the staircase at an earlier point in her musical development.

She then returns to the piano following this activity.

By the end of the lesson, I’ve introduced her to the MINOR for the FIRST time with an inserted flat for “Frere Jacques.”

(Rina, now 6-months into piano study, is exploring finger-to-finger, legato movement.)






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