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Jeremy A Vaeni

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I Am Not At Your Window ... or ... Get To Steppin’
By Jeremy A Vaeni   
Rated "PG" by the Author.
Last edited: Thursday, January 27, 2005
Posted: Friday, April 09, 2004

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Don't let the title fool you. This is the beginning of the next step in human evolution.

A week ago Wednesday I had a job interview with a prominent New York TV production house. The very first question the first producer put to me was, “So what is your book about?”


“Do you really want to know?” I asked. I was slightly nervous because it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what my book is about. I figured that by calling it, I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land!, nobody would ever ask.  It’s obviously about why aliens don’t land and almost obviously humorous. To that end, I included the article “the” and a giant exclamation mark in the title.


In response, she nodded and said, “Yeah,” when what she meant was, “Duh! I asked the question, didn’t I?”


I told her and the supervising producer that it’s sort of a mind opening device disguised as a book. It’s autobiographical but it’s not a very straightforward thing at all. And then the supervising producer chimed in with, “You trying to start a cult?”


“No-no,” I stated flatly, “that’s the sequel.”


They laughed. I didn’t get the job.


I understand the stigma attached to alien abductions and how easy it is to peg anyone claiming to interact with aliens as a lunatic of some sort, or an outright liar. That’s partly why I wrote my book: I’m no New Age space case and I’m certainly not a hoaxer. I don’t want to form a cult. I don’t even want to instill the kinds of fear it takes to sell products.


Here—I’ll prove it….


Three readers of my book have told me that since reading it, they’ve suffered a nightmare or some kind of nighttime experience involving aliens and me. Two of them sound purely like dreams: I come through their bedroom window with some bald aliens and we abduct them. It’s frightening but it’s just a nightmare. This reminds me of when I was going through the bulk of my abduction experiences in high school and confiding them in friends. Inevitably many of them would relate similar nightmares or start to think they were being abducted—as if I have the power to unleash evil alien fury upon them.


The other “nightmare” or “experience,” or whatever it was happened to a close relative. The basic gist of it was that this alien presence told him, verbally and with a demonic voice, that they were going to take me and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Kind of like, “You’re powerless. Tough shit.” He was asleep in his bed when this happened. It was a long experience, too, about a half hour. He knows this because that’s how long it took his wife to wake him up. She shook him and yelled his name but he couldn’t come out of it. There’s more to the experience than that but I don’t really wanna harp on it.  For all I know it was a bad dream in a deep sleep. But elements of it sounded very familiar.


I certainly recognize the demonic voice.


Now if I wanted you to believe in me like a cult leader I would tell you with conviction that all of this is real and I am working with aliens or in direct communication with them or something to that effect.  Like any good cult leader, I ‘d lie; like any great cult leader, I would believe that lie.


Instead, just like in the book, how about I give you the facts as I see them?


FACT:  reading frightening material may produce nightmares.  That’s obvious enough; however, when the frightening topic is true and abstract and could happen to anyone, it’s easier to mistake normal night terrors for genuine experience.  This all hinges on the dreamer’s suggestibility.


So relax! It ain’t me in your bedroom.


FACT:  the mind is indeed a tricky thing. We humans tend to divide our minds into the subconscious and the conscious. The mind is primarily the brain’s response to an apparent division between objects, as interpreted by our senses, and to the fact of death. That is what the mind is; how it is filled depends upon one’s upbringing, culture, etc. You know, all the filters and prejudices we incur and adjust as we age.


FACT: alien abductions do not fit into any known psychological ill. They are not dreams or hallucinations.  Many are real, physical events—but not all.  This has baffled researchers who think that perhaps aliens influence abductees via implants or by some high-tech device that interferes with brain waves. This has also emboldened skeptics who think that alien abduction experience can be induced using the right machinery. There have been a bunch of studies that show similarities between alleged abductions and what can be replicated in a lab. All one has to do is listen to the lab rats and listen to the alleged abductees to learn that what’s produced in the experiments is a shell of a thing compared to the real experience. Inducing someone to see a fearful silhouette in their peripheral vision is a far cry from the narrative structure and consistency abductees share. Get real!


FACT: but not all. Remember the, but not all from above? Yeah, many abductions are not physical experiences. And they aren’t due to implants. And they aren’t due to brainwave interference. There is something more to humans than meets the eye or any of the senses for that matter. This is because there is something more to us than our bodies, which produce our minds.  We’re not our brain/egos alone. In fact, dissolve the ego and you will find that there is another piece of human biology that lies in wait. There is a different energy that inhabits our bodies fully when the brain is not expending its own energy to run the show and thus block out that other energy.  Its subtle influence can be felt in the form of insight. It is the well from which insight, creativity, and that deep feeling of spirituality spring forth when we let our guard down, give up, or give over to a “higher power.” All of that is a mere taste of our potential.


THE FACT IS, there is an opening in, for lack of a better term, our ethereal body. The opening is located at the base of the spine. This is where waveform energy enters us and becomes its particulate form. It becomes thought and action, which we perceive to be our own. (It is our own in that it’s expressed within our individual bodies, but those individual personalities we mistakenly call “the soul” are again, nothing more than a sentient brain’s necessary illusion. We greet the material world using our own material processes.)


I hope this is still making sense!—bear with me!


So through that opening comes alien influence. “Alien” meaning any outside waveform being, or solid being using the waveform to inject its presence into the opening. I hope this description isn’t too vague or abstract. It IS very real, this opening. And everything I’ve just said about it is true on one level, but a higher truth is that all is one. All of the apparent things that make up the universe are really one thing. This whole “separate objects” point-of-view is not the point-of-view of Truth, it’s the point-of-view of Brain. Some of you will nod and say, “I knew that,” some will scoff, and some will wonder if I’m stealing from The Matrix trilogy. None of that matters. What you think about this does not matter. Throw out your opinions, your feelings, your defenses—your selves. Understanding only happens when the “me” is silent. When you are silent, you will understand all of this because you will experience a much broader, far richer world around you. It may be scary in retrospect but at the moment of clarity, there is no fear.


And as things get clearer and clearer and you start to wonder if aliens are talking to you or demons or angels or fairies or whatever it is that comes through that opening, you may scare yourself silly. Just keep going, because beyond that lies TRUTH in capitol letters. The TRUTH is, through that opening we taste the universe in one gulp. Nothingness…everythingness…the fabric of our being is the fabric of the universe, planet by planet, star by star—all life, all objects, and no thing whatsoever all at once.


Yes, the FACT is, we manifest as fear-filled animated objects dividing the world around us as our senses dictate. The TRUTH is, we are TRUTH. We are GOD. Not a piece of god; not the sons and daughters of god—God.


Incidentally, beware the ones who declare, “I am God.” Anyone who tells you that IS lying.  This is not paradoxical, it’s just that we can only understand this intellectually—if at all—until we let go the ego, the “me.”


Okay, so I just babbled semi-coherently much like a cult leader, but without asking for your belief in me. This “Jer could be nuts” argument isn’t exactly a closed case, nor is the “Oh, he’s lying,” toss away line. So I will sweeten the pot. I will put up or shut up, as it were. I’m telling you there’s an opening connected with our physical bodies by an ethereal body that hovers in superposition around the physical. I’m telling you that through this opening other beings may influence us. I’m telling you that that stops when, through this opening, we experience ourselves as the universe and as nothingness, for then we understand not logically but in the core of our being that there are no entities influencing us because there is no us and there is no them. Reality is ONE FABRIC and we ARE that fabric. I’m further telling you that the reason this sounds so abstract is because it is transcendent of logic. It is not logical—it is greater than logic—but unfortunately, that which is not logical may only be interpreted by logic as either irrational or an ideal.


It’s not irrational—this is not some New Age superstition. It’s not an ideal—we can and in fact MUST do this now. There is no mystical future to strive for here. Time is not involved. It’s simple: When you stop talking and listen with the intent to listen (as opposed to listening with the intent to respond) something totally revolutionary takes place in your body.


Okay: still babbling; sorry. Put up or shut up. Right. * Ahem * …deep breath…


I can “produce” in my body an energy that is not normally present. This is different than when one’s brain waves switch over to Alpha in a deep meditative state (although I’m sure that happens with my brain too). If there is any serious researcher at the university level reading this who studies consciousness, biology, or whatever category this ultimately falls under, I wanna be your lab rat. I will show you what I’m talking about and I feel certain there must be a way to measure it. 


We’re talking about the enlightenment process here—you know, the one the Buddhas and Christs and Krishnas of the world go through to “achieve” godhead. This is happening to me and I’m a total slob of a human. A real train wreck. I am spirituality for dummies. At the risk of sounding more grandiose than I already may, I think this is happening to me because, for whatever reason, it finally CAN happen to the average undisciplined Joe/Jane. I really wanted to sit on this information until my next book but I think it’s wrong, morally. I think I need to usher this TRUTH in as FACT to a world whose sanest patrons only believe in facts.


Facts in their purest form are a description of this living truth. The reverse is never the case because truth transcends—is broader than—fact. That which transcends something must also include in its makeup the thing it transcends. What this tells us is that consciousness transcends and includes the physical. Therefore, Truth must have a physical correlate.  There is no no-thing without thing. The religious among us are thing pretending to be both thing and no-thing. The nonreligious pretend to be just thing. But in truth there is no division—just our cunning brains blocking out the fact of it, the truth of it, the living it.


I’m telling you there is a gateway by our lower spine that translates the intention of no-thing into action within our bodies. Ultimately, the intention of no-thing is to wakeup the physical world to the fact of its God-ness. This is the pinnacle of sentience, which is the type of consciousness exclusive to humans (and other highly evolved beings).


Humanity doesn’t have a gift over plants and animals, we have a charge. Our charge is to wake up. That’s our duty. Other beings may nudge us but it is we who must wake.


Let’s get to it. Enough of the religious and cultish horseshit. I’ll take the first step only if you will step with me, not follow.  As Jiddu Krishnamurti pointed out, “The fist step is the last step.” He’s dead now. Only Truth lives forever. Our first/last step is out of time. We’ve got eternity literally at our backs.


Who dares to move? Who dares to see this?






Note: words themselves create division. Even though I’m talking about another energy that enters my body and talking about a “you” that exists beneath the façade of you, that doesn’t mean there’s a conflict. The discrepancy is that 1.) language is a barrier and 2.)  these divisions are only surface appearances like ripples in a pond. Since we see ourselves as ripples, it’s hard to talk about us as POND, for even the word “us” is a division that does not exist.

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Reviewed by Jeremy Vaeni 1/27/2005
Jeremy, you're a genious! I don't care what they say about you--you're pure magic! Dynomite, kid! Dynomite!

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