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Jacob L Chernov

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by Jacob L Chernov   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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This article is about the economic systems and failures that should be obvious to all Americans.

November 12, 2008


                With the holidays approaching fast it doesn’t feel like there is a holiday season this year.  On the news there is nothing about how people in America and all over the country are suffering due to the economic situation of the world. 

                I am writing this article because my wife and I find ourselves in this situation as well.  My wife had a good job with Wells Fargo, until they decided that firing her because of her illness was a better option than working with the restrictions that the doctor placed on her being able to do certain things.  For the past two months going on three she has been looking for a job that would allow us to stay in our apartment. 

                She has finally found one job and I have found a second job that would have allowed us to stay afloat, however our apartment manager isn’t willing to work with us even though we haven’t fallen behind except for this current month.  We attempted to get assistance from the city of Phoenix Family services center only to be turned away because we didn’t get an appointment.  We were then told that we would have to wait until the week of the 17th to try to get an appointment to see them and attempt to get help. 

                The people that work at this program told me some interesting things, such as “the funds we have are limited and we can’t help everyone that needs it,” and “I’m sorry you are in the situation that you are in wait until you get evicted or go to court and try to get an appointment.”  I don’t see how waiting until we have a court date would be helpful because we would then have an eviction on our record when we attempt to get into another apartment later on.  How is that helpful? 

                This really strikes as strange that the program run through the city doesn’t have any funds to help the citizens, yet the city of Phoenix police department is driving some nice new Chevrolet Tahoes, and the city of Phoenix fire department is still sending a 4 man crew in a fire truck to people that need an ambulance and a Paramedic. 

                I am not sure about you but I know that in times when the economy is crap and people can’t find work I find it hard to believe that the police need Chevy Tahoes in a city where it never snows, hardly rains, and doesn’t have any serious weather that would constitute the need of the police department having vehicles that get 15 miles to the gallon. 

                Instead of pumping money into programs such as the ones that help people in times like these the city would rather waste money on vehicles that use more and more fuel.  If you speak with the city they will tell you that the police department ordered those vehicles over a year ago, even though they started hitting the streets this year and they are this year’s models.  This is interesting, the same city that isn’t willing to enforce Arizona state laws when it comes to topics like immigration, or various other laws that truly protect the citizens.

                Along the same lines with that you have the fire department that still insists on having more fire trucks than they do ambulances even though the majority of their calls are medically related.  Again I ask who is figuring out the budget and allowing this to happen.  Why is it that people who are in charge of this city see what they are doing to this city?  With the recent economic downfalls there has been a rise of people who are doing such illegal things like robbing banks, grocery stores, and so forth.  I guess those Tahoes will be put to good use responding to crimes committed by people who are so desperate that they can’t even feed their families and have turned to a life of crime in order to save their house.  They are doing this because the city doesn’t have the funds in the family assistance coffers due to the fact that they are buying more and more expensive vehicles and blaming it on the crash that one officer was involved in that burned him. 

                I have seen the stories about the federal government bailing out the big businesses and they say that they know about economics and economic policies but the bail outs and the money being thrown at the problems obviously aren’t helping when the CEO’s of these companies are just retiring and taking with them millions of dollars of tax payer money. 

                People call the new president elect socialist and communist and other names associated with other political systems that are in place around the world and I think that they are sadly misguided.  I find it interesting how these other countries don’ t seem to have the problems with housing, health care, and other issues that are affecting the American people as we speak.  If you drive down just about any neighborhood you will see for sale signs, and foreclosure signs all over the United States.  Why is this going on?  It’s the same people who were responsible for the crisis that we are in and yet instead of the government stepping in and helping the people out they are more concerned with bailing out the companies that are taking people’s homes from them.

                The great system of capitalism is the same system that allows people to be discriminated against at their work place and gives more rights to the employers than the employees.  This is also the system that has allowed for the raping of the people by health care companies, drug companies, and oil companies, and then bails them out because they spent their money that they took from people who are dependent on them in misguided ways.  

                Don’t get me wrong I love my country and if I could serve I would however, this type of thing really aggravates me not only because I am one of the millions of people that have fallen victim to the enslaving of the American people by the corporate machines but also because of the way the government instead of thinking about the people who they are responsible for continue to bail out these very companies that are sending their jobs to other countries and keeping this country in the poor house while they are making millions in profits and living large.

                While the CEOs and other corporate executives are taking junket tours and vacations people can’t even afford to feed their families this year for the holidays and it really enrages me.  This country was founded “for the people and by the people,” however, when you look at what this country stands for now it’s about keeping the rich people rich and the poor people poor.  People in this country need to start standing up to the government and to the corporate giants that run this country, and bring this country back to what it was.  If you aren’t happy with how this country is being ran you need to band together and do something to make a difference.  The only way things can change are if the corporate giants and the politicians that are supported by them are jobless themselves. 

                During the elections this year there was only publicity given to the two parties, even though on the ballot there were four people running for president.  But one must ask themselves if the office of president even matters anymore with the way this country is run?  When you think about it the people who are elected into the house and the senate are the ones that really make the decisions, and those decisions are based on the fact that they have to keep their corporate sponsors happy.  There should be a law passed in this country that instead of wearing suits to the house and the senate the members should dress more like Nascar Drivers and wear the names of their sponsors on their jackets.  It would be interesting to see how many Exxons, and other companies are in the congress. 

                While this might sound like someone who is just angry because of their situation it’s not meant to be that at all.  For the past couple of years I have been writing these blogs, articles, whatever you want to call them in order to wake people up to what is really going on in this country.  This isn’t something that is new, this has been going on for decades and it’s finally coming to a head.  Where banks are owned by foreign governments and advertising themselves as something that is “truly American,” are something that needs to not be missed by the people who are living in this country. 

                Another issue that has helped cause this country’s economic situation to go bad is the credit system.  Another system created by big business and corporate sponsors of the legislative and executive branches of our great “democracy.”  The whole system of credit and fake or imaginary money is something that has driven this country down since its inception.  Why did we create such a system in the first place?  Did we not forward think enough to see that this system was going to create a huge problem?

                There is some obvious signs that this would be a huge problem in our society.  Why is it that we need a system that will “tell you what type of person you are?”  Why not just do a background check?  There are systems already in place to keep records on people why do we need more of these systems that aren’t run by the government but they are run by the private industries.  Since when does a private industry have the right or the duty to tell people what type of person I am?  I find that not only offensive but pretty disturbing that a private company such as Experian, or one of the other major credit bureaus have the information and can either help make my life easy or more difficult. 

                With all of this going on we are still willing to bail out companies and businesses that have thrust our country into an economic downfall that has no chance of lifting any time soon.  With our downfall the rest of the world is following suit.  It is interesting that these politicians instead of letting these businesses fail and investing money into the citizens they decided to invest money into banks that invested into the credit system which has collapsed this country. 

                The companies that are responsible for this mess in this country continue to benefit as if they aren’t even thinking about or don’t have a conscious about what they have done.  In our country we are told that we are a country that is dependent on foreign goods.  We don’t have to be given the amount of resources that we have, this country is very resourceful and has the materials and goods to support ourselves. 


                The second portion of this problem revolves around the fact that we as a country need to start being a little bit more self centered when it comes to our own country.  We need to stop being the world’s police department and start taking care of our country and not worry so much about everyone else’s. 

                When we examine what has happened in the economic situations that we are in you will see that most of this has been the direct cause from the fact that we have troops in every part of the world except for in America.  We wouldn’t have the problems with illegal immigration that we have if we would put troops on our own borders instead of worrying about keeping the peace in countries that have been in war since the dawn of earth.  There are some countries and regions of the world that will continually be in a war or war ready state and there is nothing that the United States can do about it.  We are one of the youngest countries on the planet and yet we expect everyone else to do what we want them to do.  Who are we to tell other people how to live, why can’t we just take care of our own problems and our own situations?  Granted there are times that we do need to step in but when we are sold a war that was sold on the false premise of there being a “storage of weapons of mass destruction” that have still never been found and people from our country are dying right and left because people don’t want us in their country isn’t it time to bring them home?

                We are spending more money on this war day in and day out then we spend on making sure that American Citizens can get the health care that they need, and that they can stay in their homes.  If the money that is being spent on this war was being spent on the people in this country we wouldn’t have a problem such as the one that we are having now. 

                I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on economics, nor have I ever majored in foreign relations; however I am a person that can use my brain and figure out that if the money is going out of this country and there is nothing being returned there is a problem.  It’s really a very basic principal.  It is the same thing that I see happening in the City of Phoenix and the problems that people are having staying in their homes. 

                This problem wasn’t created by the people because I can guess that by and large most people in America can see the obvious.  It’s the people that are handling the country that obviously have been taken over by greed and other issues that cause them not to be able to see the fact that they aren’t doing any good for this country but they are hurting it.  When you take from the people and give the money to other countries you are hurting the very people that you are supposed to be protecting and managing. 

                I look at the United States as a business and the President is the CEO, and right now the person in this office is looking more like the CEO of AIG, or Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae.  The congress is the board of directors, again a group that can be affiliated with the great American failures in business.

                It really is very simple.  If you run a business and you are putting out more money than you are taking in then you are eventually going to run out of money and you will go bust.  Welcome to our current economic situation.  We have allowed our CEO and board of directors to run us into the ground by sending out more money than we are taking in.  This is something that can also be affiliated to the big companies that were started with the labor of the American people that have made their founders rich, and are now overseas in other countries.  Thanks to them, companies such as Microsoft, Sprint, General Motors, Ford, Dodge and other companies’ people are without jobs. 

                The economic problems that are responsible for people losing their jobs, homes, and other things can be simply pointed to people that are in charge of this country.  There is hope that with someone new coming into office this country can be turned around but it is very hard to see that happening.  With the writing of this I sincerely, hope that the new cabinet and the new leadership can in fact bring the change that propelled the new president elect into the hearts of so many Americans that are so desperately looking for answers.



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