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Stacey T Pollock

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Earth changes, our bodies and our mind.
by Stacey T Pollock   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Monday, December 15, 2008
Posted: Monday, December 15, 2008

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How will we adjust to the changes occurring around us?

Change is a part of life.  It is the inevitable path that we take in relation to time and moving from one experience to another.  If we look around us today it is evident to our eyes as well as our experiences that there is a speeding up of time and of our abilities, both in what we can achieve as well as what we are now experiencing and discovering.  A major part of change is through the development of ideas and concepts that alter the way we think and how we pursue our goals in life.  New developments in thought are what drive us to actuate our dreams into action.

We can see the development in our thoughts bleeding through onto the internet, in books and in action of our daily activities.  They come through in books that write about personal development, seeking knowledge that surrounds personal power and how we can achieve all that is possible through our minds and perception of life.

This work and writing is not new.  Writers have been searching deep into the mind for centuries.  However it is now that people are ready to take thought to a new level, that they search for this information.  People are now at the right development level in the mind to understand the formation of life and how changes in thought can influence experiences. 

Not only are there changes happening in our thoughts and perceptions of life, but also in the world around us physically.  We realize now that our thoughts do influence our experiences and that through realization we come to a new point in development of our physicality.  We are feeling the effects of change and not just thinking about it being possible.  Life is now understood to be cycling through patterns, and what we experience links back to our relationship with all that is around us. 

The changes in our development are also influenced by the earth and the sun.  We are expanding our zone of limited perception to a larger canvas of awareness.  This means that we are not just influenced by the environment on the earth but also a space far grander than our small point of perception living on the earth.  Our perception is growing with our knowledge of creation, and we now realize that we belong to a grander scale of change that not only influences us, but all of the things around us and beyond. 

This new knowledge opens up fears of change, and as soon as we are confronted with possibility we automatically set ourselves up for the worst possible scenarios.  Things like, what if we were to be bombarded with meteorites, or that we collide with another planet.  Perhaps we might also fear possibility of coming across other beings from another world that want to invade us and overtake our planet.  We also like to delve into fear through thinking that our own technology will inevitably overtake us in the future, where robots will be conditioned to destroy us.  All of these scenarios come from a fear of change and it is our way of dealing with it in our mind.

Even though we will want to explore possibility in our mind, there is a level of truth that is evident through our awareness of definite and obvious change experiences in the world around us.  Many things are changing at a greater rate than we had experienced in the past.  Just like a mother forgets the pain of childbirth after so many years, we also forget that we experienced change for so many years already, that it is the natural occurrence of life and reality.  Change is development upon development and it exponentially grows upon itself, until it becomes other and something far more expansive.  This is the natural flow and order to life when we move through time and change.  It is not some miraculous event that is all of sudden discovered.  Change will affect our future, at all times, and is not only now being discovered but has been this way for all of time.  All possibility already exists, but choice is what determines what we experience in our lives when it becomes necessary on our journey. 

Through the knowledge that life changes always, then we know automatically that not only will our mind, brains and bodies develop, but also all other life outside of ourselves.  The earth also goes through development, as well as the sun and the whole of the solar system.  Knowing that life has a cycle and development, we can then determine that what happens outside of us will also influence us.  The growth of the earth and changes in the sun also impacts our bodies and mind, making us far more conducive to new information than ever before.

Why does this occur and how does it impact our bodies and development?

The earth goes on a journey in its own development as well as our own physical bodies.  If the solar system were to be seen as a cycling of planets and the development of their form and life, then it is clear that they are changing and moving as we are on the surface of the earths mass.  Not only does it cycle magnetically balanced with the sun and all the other planets on a continual movement as we do walk and pace through our lives.  The planets also gradually move forward in their progress towards the sun and their energetic (spiritual) development, and as they do so they acquire more ability to support life at more advanced levels.  The influence of more electromagnetic energy, that comes from the sun, heats up the earth making it speed up in its actions, that in turn also influences our development in the process.

The planets however do not have a development growth as we do and their journey takes billions of years in comparison to our average 80 years of life.  They eventually get engorged by the sun, fueling it to create more life in the process.  In the last years we have seen a great change occur in the sun and the energy being issued from it.  It heats up the earth in the process and creates all sorts of magnetic interference, not only to electrical devices, but also to weather changes, even to changes in our bodies and mind.  The impact of solar flares comes from the engorging of a planet slowly being eaten by the sun, which makes for a greater speed in development of the solar system for a short period of time, which will last for so many years, impacting all the planets in the process. 

The sun eats up the planet and uses its mass for fuel, it then sends out the energy in radiation back out into the solar system that will eventually cool into form towards the outer regions, starting the process again, forming new planets that will continue on the process of life of the solar system.  These changes even though they are impacting us for some time, will eventually calm down again to a more relaxed pace, as the planets continue their cycling, until the point that another planet reaches into the sun and is engulfed again.  We will not see this occur again in this lifetime, nor any that follow in the direct future.

The impact of this change will makes considerable changes to our bodies, our mind, and our world in the future.  It is speeding up our development through giving us more energy for life and experience.  Not only does the suns energy influence the solar system, but also our bodies and their growth patterns.  Making us also more advanced in abilities than before, and we are becoming more aware of ourselves as a part of creation and how it all forms together as a whole.

The effects of solar activity of the sun puts a lot of pressure at this time on the solar system, pushing it to perform to a much larger degree than its normal flowing pattern.  It advances development in a short period of time, but can be felt in the extreme, with a lot of life in the solar system being forced to change or die out from its inability to cope with the effects taking place.  We see this on the earth now when species of animals are dying out, not from any cause that we can understand in the present.  They are not able to take on the increased energy from the sun.  Their bodies not developed enough to accept changes that are occurring around them. 

This also happens with humans, that the most weakest will be effected in this time, people who have genetic weakness that can lead to death through too much pressure on the body.  They will be the first affected by the changes and if they are not helped in the process of development through stimulus then they might find it hard to relax in the times of changes on the body.  We start to see more occurrences of heart attack, sudden death syndrome, brain tumors, psychotic sicknesses, and most of all cancer. 

Cancer comes to us in a more rapid pace for the fact that the by-product of the sun, radiation, is the leading cause of its formation.  It deforms the cells and when the cells split into new cells, the deformation leads to different cancers in the body, depending on which cells were in the first stages affected.  The heat that comes from radiation is what dries out the cell to deformation.  The cells lack of fluid is what causes the cell to die, leading to cancer or a dying of cells all together that can be seen at the most degree when it happens within the brain, leading to conditions of brain loss and dementia.

Cells need sustenance to survive and when they are dried out by heat causing dehydration they will inevitably become affected as we know ourselves as humans, that we need water to survive, and that if we do not drink for 5 days we have a great chance that we will die.  Water is a great percentage of the formation of body and when heat is issued to it, it will loose this water at a much greater pace.

Not only does the effect of the heat from the sun change the structure of the body, but it also changes and influences how much energy of life is pushed from the mind and being consumed by the brain.  This energy is electromagnetic in nature and is to a lot of people seen as their spirit or driving force for life.  The increase of energy makes a huge impact on a person’s spirit which in turn changes the development of the body in total.  These changes on the body will be seen as a process, with one thing leading to another in the body as a total.

It starts with a sudden event that occurs in the body.  It happens in a sudden moment, and I call this a shock moment of the body realizing that a great change has occurred around it.  All of a sudden half of your body will go numb and you will feel greatly sick, the greatest point lasting for a matter of minutes as you feel like you are loosing control of your body.  You might also be physically sick at this time depending on your body type and what level of pain you can handle.  You will have a moment of great heat in the body, and will be sweating as if you have a sickness all of sudden and your body is trying to rid of it. 

The doctors will come and check your heart and everything, and if you are a person who does not suffer already from heart problems they will just tell you that you have had an episode of hyperventilation.  They will ask you if you felt like your heart was pumping too fast and say that you were just taking too much oxygen in for that moment in time.  However for some people that moment will last a number of weeks, where they will feel great pressure on their chest as if something is pressing into it.  This is because the lungs are being made to change themselves genetically to cope with less oxygen intake, from the effects of more radiation on the earth, oxygen levels naturally change. 

Not only will people feel this pressure for some time, they will also feel in the body a sort of numbness under the skin, mostly this will occur on the right side of the body, and eventually moving to other parts.  This starts with that first event, of hyperventilation.  Some people will feel it as if their body is gradually going numb from the head down.  It will be felt firstly on the cheek and the head, the neck and arms.  This can last for a couple of weeks and weakens over time.  This comes from the shock event from the body when it is realized by the brain, closing down some of the body in order to deal with the situation that is occurring from the hyperventilation or panic event. 

People in this time will have problems a lot with racing heart, overheating of the body, pressure on the chest, neck, shoulders, an immense tiredness that comes and goes.  You will feel over hyped at times then all of a sudden really tired.  It will go in cycles.

This is the precursor to the events that are to change the body in total.  It is a signal telling the body that things are changing on the earth and that it is time for the body to adjust to these changes.  Normally this happens gradually over many years, but because of changes in the solar system it is going to happen at a much more radical speed.  Changes will occur firstly in the chest and lungs, because of oxygen needed to help in the changes.  Oxygen is fuel for the body and it will be needed a lot for development.  The best thing to do in this time is to relax as much as possible, and to get plenty of time out walking or doing things where there is plenty of space and oxygen.   If you do not allow this relaxation you will create in yourself moments of feeling overwhelmed and easily dizzy.  You will have a lot of stress which will lead to panic attacks on the body from over stimulation.

Not only is the body being affected in this time, but also the mind will force havoc on emotional states.  You will have great emotional changes occurring in the body as it adjusts.  In these moments you could be feeling really happy, to the next feeling really sad.  Emotions will rollercoaster through the changes of energy on the body, affected by energy, and not necessarily by what we think we have to deal with.  The influx of energy over stimulates everything, and will make people confront issues that they have even more closely, making them go more internally into themselves. 

The changes of energy on the body will also make the senses more acute.  Sound will annoy people in this time, and anything that is too much pressure on the brain, mostly things that link to loud noises.  People will be forced through stimulation of the senses to avoid things they might have been involved in within their past.  Maybe people who talk too much or are aggressive and loud.  They will push a lot of things out of their life that annoy their senses, making them want for more calm while they are adjusting to changes.  Smells and tastes will also be acute, and their will be changes in eating patterns that can lead to weight changes in the body.

Sight will bring the greatest change of all and people will start to see in a different light, so to speak.  This is really what is occurring.  People will walk in their life as if all is a bit hazy all around them, as if there is white light in front of their eyes.  It will be almost like walking in a dream at times, where there will be moments of clarity and then a returning in and out of this perception.  A lot of people might have already had this occurring for some time and it depends on the development level of their body and their mind in total to how aware they are already to these possibilities occurring in the body.  The more practical and physically focused a person is the longer and slower the process will take to occur.  The more internal a person is and aware of their body, will also effect how fast they go through these processes.  A person’s energy might be more conducive to the changes in energy that are coming at this time.  They will not have to deal with the changes in the same degree, and they will be the first to experience the changes in the coming years before a lot of other people.

After these initial stages of shock on the body, which can last for a month or so, depending on the individual, there will be a beginning of changes in the brain and nervous system of the body.  This will be seen as pain in the lower back to begin with.  It will be like someone has stabbed you in the spin right in the centre of your lower back.  This might last for a time, depending on each person individually.  It will then move to the middle back, the upper back between the shoulder blades and then into the neck and shoulders until a moment when you will have great pressure in the head which will feel at times like your head will explode.  These moments will only last a few second, when it comes to the head, but the back pain will be prolonged, making for discomfort and needing for pain release in the body, and will affect work and sleeping patterns.

This pain comes from the nervous system and the changes happening within the flow of energy from the brain and mind.  It will change a lot of things in the body for the fact that it links to all parts, all organs, and appendixes of the body.  Depending on a persons body this might also lead to many headaches and pain on the sides of the muscles of the head, inability to focus and think straight and also dizziness and tiredness.  Drink plenty of water in this time.  Water will help when it comes to the headaches which might be coming from dehydration.

You might have also at times slight pains in different areas of the body relating to adjustments with organs, changes in fluid intake into the body, anything relating to hormones might also change, periods, and sexual desires, will rollercoaster depending of how the energy is working in the body.  The best thing to do in this time is to get plenty of rest and try not to over stimulate the senses with too much activity that leads to more pressure or moments of panic and hyperventilation.  Things like drugs and alcohol will not be a great help in these times but will instead enhance the experience to a greater degree, making it hard for the body to adjust.  This might lead to all sorts of things occurring in the body, where a person can find themselves being hospitalized from sickness and over exhaustion.  Alcohol also dehydrates the body and will make the effects far worse for the body within the days to follow after its usage.

The increase in heat in the body will lead to some interesting changes in the stomach.  People will burn out a lot more with acid when eating certain heavy foods that they used to enjoy.  They will find that food is needed less and that it can cause discomfort if it is too rich or too hot.  Hot being both in spices and in heat, for the fact that hot food will enhance the acid problem in the stomach, even hot drinks. 

There will be stages also in the lungs where they are changing, where people will have a sort of liquid fluid coming from them mostly at night when going to bed.  This will be enhanced depending on how much food they have in their stomach at the time, pushing at their lungs, making them feel like they have more pressure on them.  This fluid will be more watery than the normal gluey stuff that we get from the throat.  It is coming from the lungs and the changes that are occurring in their development.  Sleeping on the side can help at this time, because sometimes you can take the fluid back into the lungs, causing you to cough and become awake very quickly.

You might also have an increase in dreams and more chaos in the mind until the stages where the brain starts to adjust to changes.  This might bring many headaches and moments where you feel like your thoughts are running wild.  If you do not relax into thoughts they will cause hypertension on the body, or panic, which will lead to hyperventilation again on the body.  Eventually the body will adjust to these changes and it will calm down over time. 

Depending on the person, these changes can take up to six months to a year leading to a slowing down of the stages occurring.  It will come to a point where effects will not be felt as prolonged and as often, but more in cycles, on and off.  This can lead to stages you feel burning in the shoulders and neck one day and then the next you feel fine.  Sometimes you might feel pain only in the neck.  You might also be experiencing again moments where your body is feeling numb and having little spikes running through it, almost like when a person has pins and needles after the body is numb.  This relates still to the nervous system changing not only along the spin but throughout the whole body.  Even under the skin. 

Oxygen, blood and chemicals in our bodies are moving faster causing us to feel like time is speeding up.  Our days will feel a lot shorter and time will feel like it is being pushed into a box, what was once an hour might only feel like 10 minutes.  Our perception of our reality is changing and through the influx of energy from the sun and the changes of the earth we are forced to adjust and experience these changes as well. 

These changes are not unusual and are part of the flow of creation in total.  They do not have to be seen in any one particular way and will depend on the viewer on how they want to relate the changes back into information that they understand.  Whether they see it as a spiritual or physical experience, in the end it will be all areas of life that will be affected, not just our physical perception, but our psychological and spiritual perception as well.

These events will change the way we see reality, and also how we experience it, but it will not persist in such an advanced manner for any longer than the next ten years, gradually slowing to a pace that is more conducive to our past changes and experience, but to a different degree for the fact that we are already changed and going to be at a different point in time than we were those years earlier. 

In this time, however, we will not die out as a species, and we will not see a great cataclysm that will destroy the entire earth and all the inhabitants.  This is not magnetically possible for the summation of the whole of the solar system and the flow of its creation.  There will not be a great asteroid that will destroy our whole planet or great heating that will burn up the whole earth and all that is on it, turning it on its axis in a moment of time.  Things will be changing gradually and a lot slower than we first imagined through our panic and fear.

There will be changes, the earth will always be heating itself more and more over the years, and we will adjust not only physically but also mentally and emotionally to the changes that occur around us.  We will find technology to adjust to things, and we will meld into changes as we have always done in the past. 

There will be changes here and there happening with the earth as it always has.  These changes might come as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions and so forth.  This is all normal to the flow of the earth and the changes that are happening to it.  The earth will not flood totally, or go into an ice age.  It will proceed much more opposite to this.  It will gradually dry up more as the centuries follow and become hotter as time goes by.  Not in our lifetimes or the next, but over many that will come and go.  Land will be lost and gained from events that occur on the earth as it has done in the past, in a gradual way, and not in a cataclysmic scenario. 

Times are changing, as they always have and always will.  This is nothing new and certainly not a great discovery.  It is how it is and how life forms and creation flows.  It is however the level we are at now in the development of our consciousness and perception of the world to which we are formed.  We will in the following years come to understand this more after 2012 when people will realize that life goes on.  When they find themselves still here on the earth and that things have not changed to a dramatic and radical state, they will understand that change is part of life, and that through fears we can also come to realization of possibility and the understanding of the natural order of creation as a whole. 

We were, we are, and will be. 


By Stacey T Pollock


Web Site: Creation Theory Revised

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