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Cheril L Goodrich

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Spiritual Viruses
by Cheril L Goodrich   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, August 10, 2007
Posted: Friday, August 10, 2007

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Is it possible that there are spiritual viruses? What if physical viruses are only a manifestation of what the spiritual will not accept?

As human beings, we are used to dealing with matters that concern the body. External contaminations and outside stimuli seem to be the reason for most of the health problems that occur within the body. In order to examine this from another perspective it is necessary to at least begin to accept the notion that, along with having a physical nature, there is also a spiritual nature that must be contended with. Because the nature of the spirit is so essential to physical health, if this aspect is not addressed then the health of the body will continue to be the victim of an unaddressed spiritual problem. Without addressing the nature of the spirit, the body will continue to suffer due to a lack of understanding how the spiritual nature works. For this reason, it is important to learn how to build a rapport with the spirit, and then combine physical information along with spiritual information so better choices can be made when health is involved.

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If we want different results from physical medicine, then the nature of the spirit must betaken into consideration. If as responsible, intelligent human beings we have learned how to be responsible for our physical health, then we also must learn how to take responsibility for our spiritual well being and spiritual health as well. Being responsible at both levels will increase the probability of maintaining the health of the body; or if the body gets sick new avenues of healing can be explored.

Compromising the nature of the spirit has brought about all of the physical problems that are affecting humanity. Because it is not commonly understood how this compromise has brought about physical consequences, it is necessary to begin to use physical terms in a context that will bring about understanding as to how the spirit views physical problems. Because physical understanding lies in how physical science explains reality, physical terms can be used to relate to the spirit if the word meets certain conditions.  By meeting the conditions that are required for spiritual interpretation of physical problems, it is much easier to hear the answer.

Generally, when a prayer request is given, and there seems no response, it is because what is being addressed has a totally different meaning from a spiritual perspective. When we want to heal when the body is sick, we are looking for the answer to the disease. Spiritually speaking, the problem does not lie in the disease. The disease is manifestation of a spiritual problem. Praying to heal the body is confusion as to what the problem is. If it is believed the body is greater than the spirit, and one is praying for the body to be healed, the spiritual answer will never be heard.  It is a confusion of level, or what came first, the chicken or the egg, or in this case the spirit or the body.

If one is seeking for other explanations other than what physical science offers, it will be necessary to look for an explanation that involves the science of the spirit. The science of the spirit works according to wholeness. Wholeness defines whole conditions.  The body is a limit because it only defines a partial condition, or one that only relates to the body. For instance, when a whole condition is right, spring begins. Also, when conditions are right, healing occurs. For this reason, beginning to learn how to meet the conditions of wholeness will do much in understanding how to make the proper requests, and then hear the answer when praying.

One of the conditions of the spirit is finding what is the same. When spring occurs, the same thing happens every year, so the same conditions signal the beginning of spring. Spring does not change because physical science does not agree with it. Even if “experts” explains why spring won’t arrive, in the end it is not the expert who decides on matters of the conditions of spring. If an expert declares spring according to one budding tree, one budding tree cannot determine this. The spiritual conditions that signal spring are wholeness, and this requires many different conditions to be present. The common element that unites all of the events that we physically experience as spring is a complete idea, and that idea is the wholeness of spring. When spring is present, we can withhold our belief in its conditions, but this will not change what is already there. We can agree with the conditions of spring, and that makes is a lot easier. You can’t fight against a whole idea. Therefore, when looking to heal, it is easier to seek for a whole solution, rather than focusing just on the body. This will mean that the wholeness, which belongs to the spirit, must be addressed.

Disease must be looked at from a new perspective. Disease doesn’t just “show up” one day. It begins as an expression that began innocent enough, but when the expression turned into a physical denial of health, it manifested into a disease. Only the spirit can express health. The body does not know how. What the body can host is a multitude of unhappiness, depression, and pain. The body is where unfulfilled creative expression is buried. Unfulfilled creative expression  is externally projected. If it is not projected onto another through anger, it is self inflicted. Externally projected and self inflicted anger is creative expression without joy. A body of evidence that is full of anger, unhealthy conditions, and disease proves this to be so.

A body of evidence cannot give a solution of wholeness. It does not hold health. It is a recipient of health, but does not contribute in any way to health conditions. Just as the expert does not contribute to the conditions of spring, the body also does not contribute to the condition of whole health. Disease is not a whole problem. It is a partial misunderstanding of a whole idea of health that has been lost in a body.  The solution is to return the one lost creative expression to the wholeness of health. Not to attempt to bring a whole health solution to the body. This is impossible. One body is just too small. Besides, if one body held all of the health, what would happen to the rest of the bodies that occupy this world? By focusing on the problem, or in this case the disease in the body, the whole solution, which exists in the communication of health to the body, whole health is overlooked. It should be the problem that is overlooked, not the solution. The truth is, if health could be destroyed, no one would have it. Health remains whole and complete without interruption. Disease of any kind, is merely an individual interruption of whole health.

Interpreting health

A physical interpretation of health is always more complicated than the spiritual one. All physical interpretations come from external sources. Careers are made out of the studies that are done in laboratories of problems that attack health. Most of these observances study how to adversely effect what is adversely affecting health. This should be a clue right here. Where is the cause?  If disease is a cause, where does health fit in? Shouldn’t health be a cause, and not an effect of barbaric treatment? If the cause for health exited before, where did it go? These are questions that must be asked; especially if a disease is present condition that must be dealt with.

From a spiritual perspective, it is only possible to interpret health one way.  The spirit only has one interpretation because there is only one explanation for health. Whole health involves the right conditions. This one whole idea of health involves understanding that health cannot be attacked, so it is not necessary to study what is adversely affecting it, as in the study of viruses. From a spiritual perspective, health is just like Love so it is beyond interpretation. This makes it beyond attack by anything, including viruses. As far as the spirit is concerned, there is only one problem when health has been compromised. The whole problem lies in the separation from Love. If the whole problem lies in the belief that health can be attacked, then the reasonable solution would be to help the individual understand that it is impossible to attack health. Just as it would be impossible to attack a Cause for spring, likewise it is impossible to attack a Cause for health.

From a physical perspective, lack of health is placed in many different categories. Because we are seeking for a spiritual interpretation for lack of health, it will be necessary to place a problematic term into one category. By moving one word into one category, it receives one interpretation. It then becomes possible to meet the conditions that are necessary for a spiritual interpretation. For this reason the word virus will be used to describe a universal idea that can be accepted for both natures, physical and spiritual.

Both natures accept that a virus creates a distortion in the health of the body. This is where the similarity ends. However, by being able to accept this one interpretation for the word virus by both natures, it is possible to open the door and discover how the spirit defines this word. Understanding how the spirit views the physical nature will help humanity begin to understand an advanced form of communication. Without understanding that the nature of the spirit uses its own unique means to communicate, the physical nature is only privy to a minute understanding of truth.

The View

As long as the physical nature insists that the only solution that there is lies in physical science, the means to find whole health will never be found. New terminology must be given to old terms so a whole new interpretation can emerge. It is the physical nature that is in error because the physical nature only holds a partial representation that can be explained through a whole understanding of word value. For this reason, by learning to associate with new word interpretations the physical nature can begin to learn something new.

The term that there is nothing new under the sun is particularly important in this context. What was here a million years ago is still here. The fact that physical science “uncovered it” does not mean that it did not exist before. It is just that now it is viewed as another problem that physical science must find an answer for. By learning to adjust to another reality, which lies in redefining physical elements from a much simpler context, a much simpler solution will emerge.

Dealing with the issue of physical health, because there are so many terms that interpret disease, there will also be many physical solutions that will be used to restore health. The journey into the separation has taught that for every problem there is a solution. However, for the common virus, there is no simple solution, except that the physical body will build immunity to the disease and will never catch it again once it has been exposed to a virus. As it is seen here, the body does have its own protection to restore health. Because health is not the property of only one body, then health must be the same for everyone. Because the simpler the terms, the easier it is to understand the communication of health, it can be understood that there is one problem, which is a virus, and one solution, which is health.

Health is not an effect of a problem; it is the solution, so it is Cause. The restoration of health does not occur because physical medicine has caused a cure. When health is restored, it is the recognition that an error has been accepted over a Cause for Health. This keeps the Cause for Health in the proper perspective. This will also prevent the error of relying on medicine as a cause for health. Medicine is not a cause; however, it can be used as a helper for a Cause for Health. Dependence on medicine for a solution will not restore whole health. There is perfect order in the Universe, so proper order must be restored so health can be restored. When one is sick, they are “out of order.” Obviously, this will take some concerted individual effort to restore the proper order.

When sickness occurs in the body, because it is so upsetting, the terms that used are not exactly simple. Instead of getting caught up in all of the drama that is associated with disease, it will be much simpler to think along the lines of a mistake that has been made. The mistake has interrupted health communication to the body. From a spiritual perspective, all mistakes can be corrected. The mistake is generally a simple one, but not always easy to find. From a spiritual perspective, the greatest threat to health is fear. What is the first thing that happens when being diagnosed with a disease? The answer is fear. Health cannot be restored as long as fear is present, for fear blocks the communication of health. The belief that fear is normal is insane. All fear is insane and will lead you straight to hell. Because fear seems to be all encompassing, another solution must be presented so the fear that seems to be overwhelming can be overlooked so something else can take its place.

Because health is transmitted from the spirit to the body, the question; which nature is greater, the physical or the spiritual, must be addressed. What takes up more room? Is it what can be seen or what cannot be seen have more power? Does the visible direct the invisible, or is it the other way around?  Fear is all body related, and obviously the spirit nature is not. Healing will not occur without understanding this. It is true , that there have been those who have been healed without knowledge of this. However, they did meet the conditions without realizing they were meeting them. Meeting the conditions, without realizing one has met them, is otherwise known as a miracle.

Lack of health is always seen, from a spiritual perspective; what is the solution and how can this information be presented to the individual so they can reconnect to their health. When we pray and ask for a solution, and our spiritual nature is attempting to direct us, and we attempt something other than what we are being directed to do, we will not be successful. However, because this article is dealing with generalities, and not specifics let us return to the word virus. This will place all health problems into one category. Because it is the spiritual interpretation that is being looked at, the word will be used the way it is spiritually understood.

Manifesting disease

Seldom is it even considered that it is quite possible that physical viruses occur because a spiritual virus was introduced into the realm of possibility where the creative process lies. The realm of possibility is a common denominator that is shared by both the physical and spiritual realm. However, the realm of possibility from a spiritual perspective is all good. When the realm of possibility is taken out of a spiritual context and held in subjection to physical law, by the time a problem manifests physically it is impossible to “fix” without spiritual Help.

The spiritual realm of possibility is not found in the brain because the brain cannot hold a whole expression of the spirit. The brain also is not creative within itself. However, it does hold memories of physical experiences. These memories are the ones that believe in the physical world and hold it as the only reality there is. It is not that these memories do not believe in a spiritual reality. It is the fact that they have never been directly exposed to this reality that makes these beliefs subject to the physical world.

In order to move beyond physical memories, or the belief that the problem and the solution for viruses are only subject to physical solutions, it will be necessary to set belief aside. The nature of the spirit is beyond belief, but not beyond a conscious ability to understand. This will also mean that the definition held in the brain will be used to help understand a spiritual interpretation of virus, but will not interfere with a new interpretation. This will require one to disassociate from the old interpretation so a new one can emerge. All spiritual lessons involve making use of what is helpful, and leaving the rest behind. Moving forward on this premise, this will assist in reawakening the part of the spiritual half of the individual that has gone to sleep, or is accepting error as reality. Let us be perfectly clear on this. The error is being held in the brain and is a part of the belief system. The solution to any problem cannot be found in the same place to where the problem lies. A physical belief cannot be cured by another physical belief. This includes yours or someone else’s. The solution lies just outside of the brain in the realm of new possibility, where all Cause lies.

The realm of possibility is filled with electro magnetic energy.  This is static energy waiting to materialize into form. Because the physical nature has not learned how to identify with this energy, it does not understand what this energy is for. In the case of health, this energy is seeking to present itself to increase awareness of a healthy state. Focusing is not a physical trait, so learning to focus without fear will cause a shift to occur in the energy field that is perceived from the body level. This energy can be shifted to information that can be heard and understood from a body level to make whole conditions that will allow healing to occur. If the information is acted on, it becomes a part of physical reality. This is also called thinking outside of the box. If the brain is seen as the box, and the realm of possibility is outside of the box, then there are untapped resources that can change the physical world.

The physical and spiritual natures do not live by the same laws. When the realm of possibilities is tapped, and this possibility becomes physical reality, if the Laws of the Spirit are violated, the possibility that has manifested into form becomes  toxic or harmful to the physical world. This is how the virus became a part of the physical world. Something that was not harmful was used in a manner that violated the spirit. It then was interpreted as having a different value other than the one that the spiritual nature identified with. This gave the spiritual interpretation of the true meaning of the now virus a meaning that violated the Law of Spirit. Once this occurred, the once harmless virus became a toxic element in physical form. Once toxic, it carried a purpose that becomes harmful to the body.

This can be explained in a way that the physical nature can understand. All of the elements that are used to make an atomic bomb are harmless within themselves. However, once they are put together for a harmful purpose, all of the elements change to perform a function that is not spiritually sanctioned. The true purpose of everything in the universe is harmlessness. An atom bomb does not hold harmlessness. If something harmless is fed into an environment that does not use it for the right purpose, it becomes toxic and harmful to the environment that is host to it. For this reason, it is important to understand the nature of the spirit and allow the spirit to re-interpret what is harmful into harmlessness. This can only occur where education occurs, which is in the mind. There is a communication gap between the physical and spiritual nature. The easiest way to bridge this gap is by using words that both natures understand, but from different perspectives. Obviously it is not the harmless nature that needs re-interpretations.

The information, which is spiritually held, must be used with integrity that the physical world does not have. The nature of the spirit understands the true ability of the Law of Cause and Effect. In this world, this Law that was created only for helpful purposes has been turned upside down in a world that looks at this Law as just being words. The fact is, once this Law has been violated, what was never a possibility now becomes one. The creative potential, which works in everyone, will move towards what it understands even if it is going in the wrong direction. Now that the physical world understands it is possible to destroy the  world in untold ways, the creative potential of total destruction would become a fact, except that there is another Plan to re-educate the world so this does not happen..

As each individual heals their mind, by removing the spiritual virus of guilt, their old physical consciousness is replaced by a new miracle consciousness. This takes time, but this is the new interpretation of time; to keep pace with you while this process unfolds. The re-interpretation of time is held in the Higher Mind, not in the physical mind. It is the choice to accept this interpretation that allows miracles to move through and use time for a new purpose.
This world is not without Help, and Help that knows. This means that as individuals, we are not without Help. The Plan to join and use the means being provided for the world to move in a new direction is being provided. It is up to us to use it. It is impossible to hear what is not being listened for even if the information is presented in a million different ways.

The curtain that has been pulled between the physical and spiritual world is beginning to open. It will become increasingly more difficult to hang on to old concepts and hide in the shadow of the curtain. The Universe is not wrong in its interpretation of this world. It was not created to hold disease, misery, and unhappiness. All of the beliefs that do not hold health, happiness, and joy are coming to an end. It is much easier to follow a program that teaches correct word interpretation than it is to guess. The Intelligence that guides the Universe is now involved in opening the curtain and revealing the truth that has always been there, but this world has been too blind to see. Each day the curtain is drawn back a little further. Can you see the Light?


Web Site: One Wholeness Now

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