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Regis Auffray

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Why did God make Man in His Image?
by Regis Auffray   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Monday, August 24, 2015
Posted: Sunday, August 23, 2015

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An essay by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend.

Why did God make Man in His Image?

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]
“To know the future is to be trapped by it.” (Children of Dune, Frank Herbert)

I would add to this that to know the past is a deadlier trap because Children of the Matrix do not believe that the past can be altered. Thus they find themselves trapped in a repetitive situation (the past repeating itself in an endless karmic loop) without any escape except for the false exits provided by the Matrix at death: heaven, hell or extinction.
For myself, such bleak approaches to “life” are simply unacceptable. Thus I've been fascinated, perhaps even obsessed, by the concepts of God and Life. It's one thing to be aware that one is alive in some way; it's another to be able to accurately describe what "being alive" actually means, all the more so when one factors in the concept of “death” into the equation. I know I can't. "I think, therefore I am" does seem to sum it up, but does it even begin to explain what "I am" means? It does not.
So back to the God thing, but with a new twist this time.
Billions of people believe "in" God even if they all basically disagree on what God is. The number of religious cults and sub-cults certainly attests to the fact that no one knows what "God" is though there is no lack of opportunists who make nice piles of dough pretending they can explain it. A Christian preacher-teacher, John McArthur, will even tell you that he has found God’s will and you can have his directions, for a price, of course. What? You expected God to give away something as basic as a guide to his will… for free? Get real.
I don't need ignorant Bible thumpers or pretend-popes to explain God to me: I already know all they want is for me to "lean not on my own understanding" but instead pay them to make it all nice and comfortably murky for my mind so I’ll buy more of the same swill. Binder Dundat, don’t work, but thanks for the memories!
Having said that, I have, over the years, developed my own theories on the nature of God. As I got older and definitely wiser, less and less of those theories came out of the religious box. And now, for your entertainment (and perhaps edification if you give it some thought) here's my latest, never before explored but one that makes more sense than anything else I’ve ever thought of, or had “explained” about God.
This idea begins with this quote from the book, "Science Fiction and Philosophy" which I'm currently attempting to absorb.
Quote: "Consider, for instance, Jake Sullivan, the protagonist of Robert Sawyer’s "Mindscan" who, hoping to avoid death, scans his brain and attempts to upload his mind into an artificial body. In a similar vein, Rudy Rucker’s "Software" features an aging character who uploads his pattern into numerous devices, including a truck, in a last-ditch effort to avoid death. This common science fiction theme of scanning and “uploading” one’s mind is predicated on the idea of copying one’s informational pattern - one’s memories, personality traits, and indeed, every psychological feature - into a supercomputer. The survival of one’s pattern is supposed to be sufficient for the survival of the individual, across a storyline of extraordinary shifts in underlying matter.”
How about that, huh? Now go back a few millennia, to a mythical time when a god created human beings, making them "in his image" and sending them out to rule the earth - Genesis, Chapter 1, the bible.
At this point I’ll stop capitalizing the divine title. God will be god and so you know, that can be singular and plural, male and female. The use of the pronoun “he” is for convenience and you can read it as “she” if you so choose; and you can read the word “man” as “woman” if it makes you feel better. To all intents and purposes it makes no difference to the following argument.
The telling part isn't that god created man, but that he deliberately, specifically, made that man in his own image. Going back to the quote above, what does that say, but that god uploaded his own mind into a new kind of body. In other words, when man began to exist, god - the creator, the old god - ceased to exist. His mind passed into the new tool. Man became god, and the mind of god, or soul of man, would henceforth continue to operate in every new human being who came alive, or was born. Each being had the mind of god; each being was therefore potentially completely and fully god.
Of course I can't tell you what that creator god was like – no one can. The highly questionable biblical account says it was a perfect being and it made man a perfect being also. Understandably, since man was to be the continuation of god, the creator would make it as much like itself as it could. And it is to be expected that god would see/sense himself as a perfect being. But there had to be a very serious reason for a god to upload his own mind into an earth creature, even if it was one he shaped particularly to do this job; to be the divine vessel and repository of divine mind.
I can think of some good reasons why a god would upload its mind into a special and specific creation. Here are some simple conjectures on what actually happened back in the where/when of the awakening of man.
One, the god was dying. If you remember the original movie "Stargate" you will recall the old god, the last of its race, discovering the humans and using their bodies as the means to perpetuate itself.
Two, it was being hunted down and needed a place, not only to hide, but to save itself should it be discovered and overcome. It needed a fertile, malleable and gullible mind to enter into and use to propagate itself.
Thus, after much experimentation, it learned to use humanity as a sort of multiple, ever-spreading back-up of its own mind, ensuring that the process would simply keep going until mankind evolved enough to realize this truth about itself and re-establish itself as god, at which juncture the “original” god would simply destroy whatever husk remained of humanity and carry on where it had left off.
I should add here that god didn’t completely trust itself to humanity. It also developed an information-storing “cloud” (you can call that heaven if you want) where it stored back ups of itself. While this was a good safeguard it had a significant draw-back: such backups remain static. No more can come out than what is put it. In a living, learning, developing, awakening, experimenting species however, the divine mind part, or soul, would be alive, experiencing life and adapting as well as evolving. It would also be subject to mutations but god was willing to take that chance. He could always manipulate some more “perfect” aspects of itself within man to control, subdue or destroy those mutations. Think about the divine concept of a “chosen people” and religions that believe themselves to be the perfect repository of god’s will, or the only path of “salvation” for example and the fact that billions today still believe that they need saving! Think about the massacre of "heretics" and the burning of witches and the "cleansing laws" of Leviticus designed to rid the Chosen of those who didn't toe the line. Think about the crusades and the inquisition. Think about all the evil perpetrated on this world in god’s name.
That particular theory explains many puzzling things about god. It explains why man can never quite agree on what god is though billions of individuals are absolutely sure that god exists and is the creator of all that is. That's god's mind projecting itself over and above the rational human mind, overriding any logical objections it may have that god doesn't exist as Matrix religion insists it does. It also explains why man is not perfect, since he bears the image of an imperfect creator who made man so he could survive an imminent death or hide from his enemies right under their eyes. It explains why man is such a twisted, evil creature, being programmed with the mind of a misogynist, genocidal entity who was, in all likelihood, being hunted by Galactic or Universal police to be captured, arrested and subsequently brought before a tribunal for crimes against life. References to these aspects of god's personality abound in the bible and other ancient manuscripts. It explains why god neither answers prayers nor talks to anyone, the only “evidence” being what paid talking heads of Matrix religion say while quoting and misquoting various psy-op manuscripts published by the Matrix to maintain the grand illusion. It explains the endless confusion since when any man, woman or child speaks, god speaks.
The theory also explains why the bible makes it clear god could never, ever completely wipe man out, however tempting the idea would be at times, ref. to the story of the flood in Genesis and the survival of one chosen family to continue the task of carrying god's mind. To destroy man would be to destroy the evolving aspect of god himself. End of man equals end of god as a living being; all that would remain of god being in the aforementioned upload to a heavenly cloud. This theory also explains why the bible says, "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” (psalm 82, KJV Bible) Yes, even god himself testifies to the truth of this approach: that man is the repository of god's mind.
If this is true , but you don't like the idea, can you exist without carrying forth the mind of god along with yours? The answer to that is yes, you can. The mind of god is not your whole mind, it's more like a virus, most of the time dormant but when activated by religious rituals and beliefs, emotions, difficult or ecstatic times, or pressure from the divine-human hive mind, your god mind can do a lot of damage to your relationship to others and to nature, especially if you do not realize what force is being exerted to make you engage destructive and self-destructive passions. The god mind fears nature; hates it and always seeks to dominate it: to impose its own will upon it. The god mind does not understand the simple fact that to be "man" is to be joined to a planetary nature; that without a healthy planetary environment the man entity could conceivably destroy itself completely. The god mind, being of another, completely alien realm isn't concerned about saving nature in order to save its physical body. It doesn't realize that it is now bound to earth nature because it has no other vehicle but the human body to survive in.
The way out of the karmic trap is to separate one’s own mind from that which is god's. Man’s part of god’s mind is of course what man calls the soul. This soul, whether one believes they have one or not makes no difference here - is what the conscience has to go through in order to function. That’s mental enslavement to, entrainment within, the Matrix. The collective god-mind or hive-mind is the source of the Matrix. It is the source of all religious organizations and all religions, of necessity are totalitarian (collective, not individually-controlled). Soul-controlled Earthians do not have a free mind of their own, never had. In their minds, they know themselves to be dependent beings – whatever particular sub-source that dependency relies on, having to choose from a simplistic Matrix-designed trinity of powers: religion, the state or money. Man’s karmic wheel of dependency.
Hence, self-empowerment. If people were self-empowered; if they had no soul, their conscience, their will, would be the center of their being. Each individual Earthian would be his own master and would have no need for anyone else to impose laws on him; to force him to behave mostly improperly towards all others. Though gregarious, Earthians can never, will never, be able to interact compassionately and with full understanding with any others. This is part of the divine agenda, the programming. If all people were free to act according to their own nature, the divine aspect of their will would soon wither and disappear. To use an analogy: why would you go to work under less than enviable conditions, doing boring labour and getting paid minimum wage if you had all the money you needed, all the time, always at your disposal and never had to worry about running out of it? The Matrix makes man work because work for wages and the need for wages is dependency and enslavement. It sucks out any sense of self-accomplishment and meaning. Thus man looks for meaning in other things, also controlled and doled out by the Matrix: religion, family, race, sports, sex, entertainment, violence which ultimately leads to willing participation in war and genocide.
As long as man is being manipulated by the soul "implant" or that part of his mind that is god's, he will have no free will; no valid choice; no personal concept of what constitutes proper choices, accountability and responsibility. Man remains a puppet to a force that is much more powerful than he is. That force is the god mind tuned to billions of other god minds on the planet. That is the collective force that spurs man on to distrust, fear, hate and attack others he imagines as his enemies. It is also the force that makes him believe "in" certain powers, whether it be in Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha, a political or military leader, a charismatic TV evangelist, an Ayatollah, in Darwinian physical evolution or science in general. It doesn’t matter to the Matrix; to the collective god-mind, what man believes "in" as long as he is consciously entrapped in that belief and can be, at the flip of a mental switch, emotionally manipulated through it. Think propaganda, the one force that has absolutely no effect on a self-empowered mind but can send mob-action signals throughout the world and set it on fire. Think pogroms.
Think of the fear, the hate, and the anger that swims just below the surface of your own consciousness. Watch it moving lazily there, and then imagine these are a carp and a nice juicy bug happens to fly just above the surface of your calm water. What do you do? You jump at it because that is your programming – and you are ALWAYS hungry.



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Reader Reviews for "Why did God make Man in His Image?"

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Reviewed by Marilyn Friesen 8/24/2015
I can't even begin to comprehend your thinking, it is so different from mine. God is my Heavenly Father so I let Him take me by the hand, lead me, and worry about the more complicated scenarios, if they even do need worrying about.
Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK 8/23/2015

Far Off Wall To Long,i.e. Sum It Up
You Have To Die Not Once But 4 Times As
If (God) Bastard Sends You Back Into This Evil
World-Boy Will Your Attitude(All Above Just Theory)
Change Not For Better--If You Die Do Come Back--


Jimmie Hendrix Played(Ripped) Guitar But All He
Made (Music) Was Lot Of Noise(Die Self OD Drugs)
One His Lyrics He Twisted Around:

........Life Is But a Joke!!

My Not Lyric:

The Universe Is Never Ending Sewer
And It Ends On Planet Earth,It
Earth Is Last Stop In Universe...

As Intelligent As You -Are Sha--I Figured
You Would've Figure That It Out By Now!

Reviewed by Jane Noponen Perinacci 8/23/2015
We are God and God is us and that's why we have a hard time finding each other. It's a tug of the ONES. We are a walking contradiction. Oh, I could just crawl all over this one!!

Love ya!

Reviewed by Ronald Hull 8/23/2015
You have developed a rather complex explanation, coming around to a similar conclusion that I have, very early in life. However, your explanation seems to be a bit overly wordy.

I could answer your question in the title quite simply. Thinking man, or Homo sapiens, has always had, gods. We have that evidence going well back beyond the biblical times from drawings and sculptures of these gods thousands of years old, as far back as 50,000 years.

In recent times, perhaps 6000 years ago, intelligent elders, like the Jewish leaders who wrote the Old Testament, saw the conflict in trying to worship every little unexplained phenomena in the forest, the sea, and the high mountain tops, and so they needed to focus the thinking of their flocks. So they came up with the idea of a single god. They created god in their own image (the many depictions of god and Jesus by Michelangelo and many, many others, always show him as a "perfect" man). And then, in a brilliant twist, they claimed that god created man in his image. And then forbade man from making "a craven image" of him. Cool.

Therefore, man created god in his own image, and vice versa. The flock continues to believe it, hook line and sinker.

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