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Regis Auffray

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Technology in Advance of Culture and some Assumptions
By Regis Auffray   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Posted: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend.

Technology in Advance of Culture and some Assumptions

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha'Tara]

"Technology in advance of culture is detrimental [ any developing society]. (from "Cluster" by Piers Anthony)

It is obvious at this point that the technology handed to the Earthians in roughly the last 300 years was carefully designed and orchestrated, not to elevate the species to a higher level of intellect and understanding, but to bring it down socially. Now we can appreciate the devilish intent in this "gift" of the gods, of the masters, of "science" or of whomever you wish to acknowledge and give credit to. If you wish to give man the credit, why not? He fully deserves it.

We can sense the turning of the tide as man's problems of resource depletion, environmental pollution and overpopulation spin out of control for societies trapped in what can be best described as a "land locked" situation on a finite planet. Technology feeds upon technology; machines breed, make, enhance and repair machines making it possible to expand the one concept that should bring any intelligent being to a dead stop: the cities of the world. Think: if technology collapsed due to any of several inevitable scenarios - depletion of raw materials, over-taxing of the energy fields, social breakdowns due to war or disease or clusterfuck, what would happen within, or to, the great cities? They would implode like houses of cards. Today's modern cities are more dependent on an expanding technology than is individual man. However man is inextricably bound to city life, no matter how far he may reside from any city. It is no longer the earth that provides the means for man to survive, but the cities; the industrial and commercial centers where food, clothing, materials for shelter, health care, "universal" education, government, law and disorder and the all-important mass info-tainment apparatus are manufactured and maintained.

The above is obvious to any thinking individual - that perhaps explaining why it is only understandable to a tiny percentage of Earthians! If the above appears to be a valid assessment of man's current situation, it begs the double question: who gave an intellectually and emotionally unprepared species its technology, and more importantly, why?

Now we enter into an interesting mind game. Assumptions have to be made here, but that is nothing new to man, a species that has worshipped gods and now is more inclined to worship but one god at a time (or so it assumes). If there ever was a GREAT ASSUMPTION, that would certainly qualify as an acronym for God! History shows how much man has done, mostly to the negative, with the concept of an invisible, utterly silent divinity that has never shown up anywhere, or at any time, though lesser beings, representatives, it is claimed, have appeared here and there, always in the safe long ago, to decide the outcome of wars, implement conquest and genocide, or fight nuclear and biological warfare as well as to lay down various sets of Draconian laws to keep the subjects, particularly the females (!) in check. That's religious history which recent archeology has proven correct and current events continue to prove correct. Besides, who am I to question this? I've interacted with some of those.

Assumptions then. Let's assume that man is not an aberration of nature that popped up suddenly at the whim of nature or of a god on a single special world to conquer and rule a single planet. Such an assumption would presuppose the existence of other sapient/sentient beings of a similar nature to man on other worlds throughout the universe. The assumption must allow that such beings are both, less and more, advanced scientifically, technologically, intellectually and morally, than man. Having dared this first assumption and not run tearfully to the local shaman, preacher or priest to confess to a heresy and to be absolved, let's use the saying, "as below, so above" (how often I've been corrected on this by well-meaning readers who return with "as above so below" thinking I was confused about this: I'm not!) and see what that nets us. IF we assume that such alien societies do exist "out there" throughout the galaxy and beyond, using our maxim, what else can we assume?

One, we can certainly assume of the more advanced races that they are well aware of the existence of other sentients within their worlds. We can assume they have super-light speed capability and the technology {of aggression} to match. I say "of aggression" because that is exactly how Earthians would proceed and we are following the maxim, "as below, so above" thus assuming for this argument that our sentients have a like-man mindset which can be translated as "what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine unless you can prevent me from taking it" which pretty much sums it up.

Two, we can assume that these conquering "less than sapient" sentients are gamblers, that being another very Earthian trait. Only these entities do not gamble for worthless baubles as do the idiots of earth; they gamble with energies of galactic proportions. We already know that technology requires huge amounts of fresh, raw energy to maintain itself. Energy being a universal constant, i.e., you can neither add to it nor remove from it, it would seem that it can't ever become a problem of supply. Oh but there is and it's a major problem which man's science calls entropy. Think in terms of recycling. To the unthinking recycling indicates a great step forward in "reclaiming" energy. In fact man's efforts in that direction indicate the opposite: the need to recycle tells us that available new earth energy is going entropic. That is, the same energy man began his technological rise with remains, but much of it has "sunk to the bottom of the Thermos bottle" as sediment and residue and there is less and less room for new stuff in the bottle and the taste of the coffee leaves more and more to be desired. Furthermore, and of crucial importance, it would be suicidal to attempt to clean out the Thermos bottle by using what's left of raw energy. There wouldn't be enough of it left to do the job properly and no more coffee!

Quoting from a high school physics manual: " any energy transfer the useful output energy tends to be less than the total input. The law of constant energy still holds - the rest of the input energy is waste: it appears in some less useful form."

I think that makes the point. Once energy has been expended to "create" something else, some or most depending on the process, of that particular energy is no longer available to do new work. Contrary to popular belief, as far as a growing technology demands go, it is always NON-RENEWABLE. Once used or transferred it goes dormant, settles, becomes pollution. As the money boys discovered in trying to make new money from trading in old (debt), it doesn't work so well. You can't just go back to your piles of pollutants and demand new things from them. Entropy. Remember that word because you children's children - the ones who survive the coming catastrophe - will curse you because of it when they survey their blighted world and against quasi-impossible odds, try to find the means to survive in it.

Assumption: galactic energy traders and gamblers. Not so far-fetched according to the maxim. There would be two ways they could manipulate energy from "new" worlds as they attempt to replace what they squandered and feed the treadmill they can no longer get off of. One would be that they discovered the "secret" of "mattermission" meaning they can suck raw energy from distant suns or planets and "beam them" back to their own headquarter worlds. Pretty far-fetched but not beyond possibility within our assumptions. Another way, the most likely, is to farm out-worlds - to go where the raw energy still exists. Create slave labour pools of entire planets and feed off of that. Let's assume that earth is such a world: a farm, a feedlot, for sentients who prefer to remain mostly hidden in ships cruising near-by space or live on earth itself, either in hidden and fortified places or disguised as Earthians, as leaders and rulers, dictators, presidents and generals, kings, queens, popes. Movie stars, entertainers and sports figures - you know the ones who haven't an iota of talent yet garner the bucks and adulation? The elites, the ones who "win" because some hidden force is pulling the strings for them.

Is a picture emerging?

But what happens when such a resource/slave planet develops its sentience and it begins to evolve contrary to the needs of the plantation owners? When it threatens to unmask the clowns at the gala party? When it seeks values that contradict the dictates of the hidden puppet masters? When it evolves a planetary consciousness and begins to contemplate itself as a force in its own right and begins to change? What happens when a "dark age" suddenly enters an age of reason, or a process of renaissance? When society at large begins to see its rulers as not having divine right to rob, rape and kill at will? When it begins to demand better treatment in everything from housing to individual rights? From labour practices to education? When it gets an inkling that things could and should be better for the majority, even if it still has quite a time determining what such a majority should be?

Well, that's man's history in a nutshell, isn't it? It is marked by conquest, enslavement, rebellions, major revolutions that spin out into global wars and recurrence of status quo.

Revolutions were to make the lot of the average man (and woman in rare cases) better. Unfortunately the main brains behind these movements were captured, tortured or killed by dissident groups and counter-terrorism leaving the "masses" leaderless and taken over by new sociopathic leaders such as (to name but a very few modern ones) Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong. In these latter times, behind these sociopathic leaders were "scientists" and "inventors" busy creating weapons of increasing power of mass destruction. This facilitated the major wars which were used to eliminate even more of the evolving minds on the planet. The sociopaths survived, of course. They would become the rulers of the "new" world - a world awash and enmeshed in ever-growing technology. And here we are. Classless clueless consumers whose lives are filled with every imaginable gadget the monkey-mind can think up to make a faster, cheaper buck. Brain-dead techno-freaks who couldn't survive a week if their technological life-support umbilical was completely cut off.

Meanwhile, what happened to culture? To art, to philosophy, to reason and understanding as forces meant to help mankind evolve mentally, morally, socially? What happened to the quest for virtue, for "love" of fellowman, for compassion, to the awakening interest in sharing the planet's resources equally? What happened to the emerging renaissance human being whom some poets began to see as a "god" in his own right? Where did that path go?

That path was violently aborted. Elitist forces realized the danger of obsolescence and rallied viciously all over the planet. And they had help: their trusted slaves "suddenly discovered" natural forces that could be put through energy transfers and made to serve their needs all the while making it seem as if the intent was to serve mankind in general. Everything "good" that man had brought forth through various revolutions and small intellectual leaps was preempted to serve both the existing and the new elites of corporations as they replaced (but did not change) the feudal kinglet mindset. Few were the wiser for reasons stated above. Man was forcefully dummied-down to that pathetic creature you see everywhere today, scrabbling for a place in sporting event lineups, for recognition, for money, for "love," for some sort of instant physical gratification, for a living on worn-out wind-eroded soil or to survive as a refugee in a desert camp on a war-torn border.

And where does that leave society as a whole? At the edge of an ever-expanding black hole into which it must inevitably, inexorably be sucked.

And how does that serve our assumed alien masters or energy-sucks in their space ships and/or hidden strongholds? Well, given that man is about to destroy himself through ignorance and amazing stupidity, the planet can be returned to a state where the Masters can again safely live on it without being challenged. If enough (but not too many - though an excess can then easily be purged) Earthians can be salvaged from the catastrophe, these can be reprogrammed or brainwashed into a state or condition of permanent servile mindlessness, as they were intended to remain "in the beginning." At today's rate of de-evolution I don't see that as posing much of a problem.

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Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK 5/31/2012
What Intelligent Life Any Means Wants To Come Here(?),i.e.I Wrote In Beginning:

Universe Is Never Ending Sewer
And It Ends On Planet Earth...

As For great Technology Advance-
Strange-You're All Still Living
Like Bunch Of Animals!!

Reviewed by Ronald Hull 5/31/2012
Much truth here. However, I disagree. There are no space aliens manipulating us. It has been clearly shown that we still have a reptilian brain of the dinosaurs, and, in spite of our remarkable thinking frontal lobe, we are wired to the "territorial imperative" and "selfish gene" that makes us slave to the hierarchy we survive on--too well.

The doomsday scenario is the subject of my next short story and a series of short stories I'm writing for my next book, Tales of the Apocalypse.

Apocalyptic scenarios have been around since the beginning of written history. And,while there have been setbacks, every century has been better for Earth's human inhabitants. Technology, contrary to this article, through the information revolution caused by the Internet, create a Global Village to confront the problems besetting us.

Reviewed by Vivian Dawson 5/30/2012
Much to do...*Regis*...
advancing culture....!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Lady Vivian
Reviewed by Jon Willey 5/30/2012
Regis, indentured servitude, entropy and the law of conservation awakened the memories of my physics classes and thermodynamics - there is an interesting mix, physics, human intelligence and evolution - thanks for sharing this with me - I wish you love and peace my dear friend - Jon Michael
Reviewed by Tom Hyland 5/30/2012



WORKS 4 ME !!! TOM...

Reviewed by Lily of Lough Neagh C. Dennis-Woosley 5/30/2012
Power, Greed, and lack of wisdom would sum it all up. I must say though (laughing), I don't believe its the assumed aliens masters we must concern our self with. We have a mind, and are responsible for how we use it and what we do with it. This could become a huge discussion and all the particulars that led us here.

What man needs to do is start by going back and realizing what is important is love and care for each other.

Thank you for sharing this article Regis

Love and Light
Reviewed by Jane Noponen Perinacci 5/29/2012
Bravo! For those who seek the truth read the above!!! Yes!

Love ya!


Reviewed by John Domino 5/29/2012
Dear Regis,

I once was told by a friend that we should go back to the times when people were "True Americans" and live off the land. Well, I replied then we must go back to the time of the true American Indian when one respected the land and did not divide this country into squares of property. We live in a fabricated world and yes I am a product of it as well. Although I have a big home and a square of property myself I spent some of my happiest moments living as basic as I could for 10 days in a canvas tent. One day I will take a real vacation and see what it's like to sleep on an isolated island and live off the land for at least one week. Now that's what I call "real living" my dear friend.

God Bless You,

John Michael
Reviewed by Mitzi Jackson 5/29/2012
very nicely worded, enjoyed reading

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