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Cheril L Goodrich

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Love is Content and Not Form
by Cheril L Goodrich   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Saturday, July 14, 2007
Posted: Saturday, July 14, 2007

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That form is recognized as having greater significance than content is obvious. This is because content cannot be seen by the error that form holds.


Physical man has two natures. One is physical, but the other is spiritual. The physical nature teaches form, the spiritual nature teaches content. Both natures, physical and spiritual, hold the information for both form and content within awareness. Awareness for the spirit is held in spiritual awareness. Awareness for form is held in physical awareness. All awareness is surrounded, and protected by consciousness. Physical and spiritual consciousness is different thus far, because they do not hold the same interpretation for reality. Physical consciousness is aware of its spiritual nature, but it is unaware of how to access this aspect of itself. It relies on information that it has learned in time, or the physical experience, to explain the spiritual nature. Because it is basically not aware of what is held in spiritual consciousness, this has led to some problems. The nature of the awareness of the spirit does not reside in a body. This interpretation has brought about the mistaken belief that body awareness has an ability it was never assigned. The awareness held in the body holds a flaw that prevents spiritual awareness from entering. This has not prevented the awareness in the physical body from attempting to explain what the spiritual nature is for.

As conscious individuals, we accept this information as our reality, but still many questions remain. Questions remain because it is impossible for what is held in physical awareness to explain what is held in spiritual awareness. Feelings that make us wonder if we are using correct measures to reach the spirit consistently plague us consciously. When we think we have found something that will lead us to the truth, and use it consistently, it still has not produced results that are consistent and offer totally what is wanted. One reason for this is because truth cannot be explained, it can only be understood. This leaves the explanation for spiritual awareness outside of the physical realm of understanding, or not within the awareness that is held in the body. Attempting to grasp spiritual awareness with the physical intellect is useless. Physical awareness does not have the capacity to wrap around spiritual awareness because of the flaw it holds. Because the flaw prevents access to the spirit, it made up spiritual information to compensate for lack of knowledge, or the gap that exists between the two natures.

Much of the information found in the Bible reflects the lack of spiritual awareness. Physical man has always been confused about his nature, and has attempted to use physical information to explain spiritual content. This has confused those who live in the physical realm. By attempting to explain higher information from a lower level of understanding, the true meaning of the spiritual nature has been lost in a physical interpretation.

Up until now, the attempt to understand spiritual information has been difficult at best. Those who have attempted to explain the information have been recognized that they held information that was worthy of consideration. However, lacking the ability to interpret the information, most individuals used the information, reinterpreted it into behavior, and then attempted to use behavior to manipulate the spirit nature into subjection. This did not work either. Wondering why “good” behavior did not seem to make a difference, many gave up on learning, or they attempted to still use their behavior, believing that if they somehow could just be good enough they would eventually be able to influence  God. Many religions are based on this premise. The use of guilt belongs to the flaw, and attempting to atone for guilt through the use of behavior is useless.

The greatest disservice that has been given to the Bible is the assumption that it is teaching about behavior. Behavior is about physical history, not spiritual history. Attempting to relate to Bible lessons with behavior is like attempting to swim on dry land.  Bible lessons are about finding and using righteousness that can only be found in the heart. That physical history does not align with spiritual history is obvious. They teach different lessons. By giving the Bible another look without a physical interpretation, the meaning behind the lessons in the Bible stand out unmistakably. Once again, all spiritual information and lessons cannot be interpreted from a physically aware state. Physical awareness does not hold the ability to interpret spiritual awareness because of the flaw it holds.

Although it is impossible for the body to reach spiritual awareness, it is quite possible for consciousness to reach this level of understanding without body awareness.

A Course in Miracles teaches how to use content. We already know how to use form. We have learned this since we began physical life. Physical life acknowledges the spirit, but has yet to unite with it. Consciousness has grown accustomed to only seeing form, so form must be broken down in such way that the content behind the form can be revealed as the Cause of form, not the other way around. This will reverse the Law of Cause and Effect. Once it is understood that content is Cause and form is Effect, never again will behavior be relied on to force and manipulate external conditions. It will never be necessary to “get” ones needs met. If all Cause as understood as being within, there will no longer be needy people.  This will end the need for food, the need for material possessions, the need for health, the need for love, and etc. If the need is already perceived as being fulfilled, where is the need? This is what the spirit offers through awareness of this nature. This cannot be obtained, but it can be attained through a willingness to re-educate consciousness.

Learning from a position of content instead of a position of form is a whole new ballgame. There is nothing in the physical world that teaches content, except perhaps physics; but even at this, just what is being examined from an intellectual standpoint cannot be understood from a spiritual perspective. The idea that there is Life in content that has the ability to communicate intelligently has not yet been accepted by those who live in form. Unfortunately, it is physically believed that the end result of all intelligence lies in form. This disassociation from unseen Intelligence, which by the way is Universally acknowledged, lacks the ability that is needed for understanding the nature of spirit. Man does not live by bread alone because he has another half that must be fed also, but not with physical food. What cannot be seen is not in need of physical sustenance, but it is in need of something. The “something” is what the Course teaches as being the spiritual bread that feeds the spiritual nature, or the content that is unseen by physical eyes. What nurtures the spirit is Love, not food. Attempting to overeat is a way of comforting the spirit in a physical way. Obviously, this doesn’t work. If it did, being overweight would not be a problem. Attempting to understand content through the use of form is useless. Content is greater than form because content is acknowledged by Living Law. Form cannot be acknowledged until Living Law is understood. This is why the terms in the Course are so difficult to understand. It is teaching that Intelligence that is unseen is greater than the physical intelligence that is seen. What is seen is flawed. Flawed reasoning cannot explain unflawed reasoning. Attempting to reason in this way only leads to more confusion.

Physical consciousness is in a precarious position. It must attempt to understand what it has no idea how to understand. Information held in physical reasoning must be consciously overlooked in favor of higher learning if the spiritual nature is ever to be understood and accepted. Since the beginning of time this has been the spiritual goal for consciousness. The means to reach this goal is through A Course in Miracles; but don’t read this Book without a Teacher Who is equipped to give the proper meaning to the Words. The Words are not self explanatory, they are meant to be interpreted without physical the physical intellect, or understanding. Adding physical understanding to spiritual information gives an inaccurate interpretation, and that is wrong with the physical world now. Words must be explained to consciousness without the interference of the physical intellect. Only by correcting the flaw will physical consciousness be allowed to take its place in the Universe as part of unlimited awareness, by offering new potential for the world.

The “flaw” held in physical consciousness is a spiritual virus, and it has attached to the physical body. If one has a virus, it is understood that physical law cannot “fix” the problem. Physical law can address the symptoms, but the virus itself must be addressed by Internal Intelligence, or the natural healing process. The flaw that now rests under the protection of physical consciousness is what is causing all physical problems, including the viruses that attack the physical body. The solution is simple; remove the flaw, and all virus attacks will end. Although the solution is simple, it is not easy. The entire foundation of the physical world was built around the assumption that the flaw was and is real. It appears as though the foundation of the world will fall if the flaw is removed. The Course teaches that this is not true . In fact it is teaching that the flaw itself will be the end of the world as it is perceived now. The choice to continue to use the flaw for a false reality, or begin to change the course of physical and spiritual history by giving the world a new direction is in our hands. It all begins with a single decision. Being placed in our hands does not mean that we choose how re-education and the Plan to evolve the world is to occur. It means that we have a choice to make. When we make a choice to go to college, it doesn’t mean that we already know what must be learned. It means that we have made a choice to acknowledge that we do not know, and are willing to learn something new. That we do not understand the Laws that govern the spirit must also be acknowledged. We are not being asked to guess if we are right, and change our mind without Help. We are being given a new way to learn how to make new decisions that will dramatically effect individual, and world circumstances. Learning how to set new goals that include the nature of the spirit will directly effect world outcome in a positive and healthy way.

            The flaw in human consciousness deals with the inherent fear that lives in body awareness. Being fearful is a human condition because the flaw has been encoded into DNA. The fear of removing this flaw brings up the question; if fear is removed from DNA, will I still be considered human? Better still, will I even exist? The answer is yes, but in a new form. The removal of fear from human consciousness will evolve consciousness to a new level of awareness. Higher awareness does not use a body to interpret anything. However, physical consciousness does use the awareness found in the body to interpret the physical experience. The physical experience will remain, but without fear. This will give the physical experience a new form, or a new kind of body. Without fear, the physical body will become lighter and freer. It is only fear that keeps the body enslaved to the body. Instead of the fear factor being the purpose for the body, the new purpose will be an experience based on Love and joy. Love is the absence of fear, so this will signal the end of all war in the physical world. As peace is learned to be the new experience for the world, new means of helping each other will replace the old fearful means to achieve a goal. The new purpose for physical consciousness is a Universal Experience. At last, human consciousness will find its place among the cosmos. It will no longer fight what it does not understand. Instead it will work in conjunction with what was once a mystery.  

The exploration of outer space will not occur the way that physical consciousness believes it will. It will occur because it has learned how to live within the context of peace. Until peace is a major factor in the physical world, the exploration of outer space will not be Universally allowed. The space that the physical world has contaminated because of the flaw is time. The space of time, where the flaw is contained, must be cleaned up. Each individual who lives in this physical world is responsible for recognizing the contamination they are responsible for. Each person who has entered this world has been assigned a specific plan that will allow them to clean up time. The old purpose of time will fade away as the new purpose for it begins to take shape. It is of the utmost importance that each individual recognize that there place in the Universe is spiritually upheld by Living Law. There will come a time when each individual will have to consciously look beyond the physical laws that govern this world to find their reality. This will begin to dawn in the mind that recognizes that there is only One Plan that offers this.

The Plan to re-educate consciousness does not require belief. It works whether it is believed in or not. What it does require is willingness. Your will is as powerful as the Living Law that upholds it. However, because your will is being controlled by a flawed interpretation, it is not being used to its fullest potential. Its potential is weak because it has fallen under a flawed interpretation. The Plan offers a way to access your will until you are able to consciously use it without interference by the flaw. This takes time to learn. This is one of the new purposes for time.

The first prerequisite to enter the Universal Education program is to recognize someone as not being separate from you. It only takes an instant to you choose to allow a new interpretation for one individual to enter your mind for this to occur. This instant is a Holy Instant, and when a Holy Relationship begins. A Holy Relationship is not a soul mate, so please do not make this error. A Holy Relationship involves another individual who you can learn lessons from that will help your consciousness expand beyond the physical laws of time. Expansion beyond the physical laws of time is a Holy Instant, and recognized as being Now, the only aspect of time that is real. In this Holy Instant, Heaven moves into your mind to explain a truth to you that is beyond the flaw based interpretation of reality.

You are not being asked to give up your religious affiliation. You are not being asked to give up anything that has value. What you are being asked is to give up what is valueless. This occurs through a willingness to make value exchanges. What you consciously protect in your body awareness is to be willingly exchanged for something new. A small physical value for a new spiritual value is a fair exchange. Never has so much been given for so little.

Everything in the Universe works according to a value exchange. It is impossible to receive everything without giving anything. The means of this exchange is Universally sanctioned, so it is Universally supported. Learning how to pay it forward is an act of faith that teaches what is hoped for will be given and received, for at this level both are the same thing. Because the Plan is being carried out under Universal Lessons, it is necessary to work within the means that are being provided. The more who participate in learning the lessons, the more spiritual awareness is gained for the physical plane. Once enough information is gathered, time will no longer be able to contain what has outgrown it, and consciousness will evolve into a Universal Space where consciousness has access to unlimited awareness. Make no mistake; everything that is needed for this Plan to take place is now in the physical world and ready to be used. All of the information that is needed to fulfill the Plan is held in miracles. Miracles were made for time, but work according to a Higher Law, so their frequency vibrates at a higher level. Accessing a miracle means that it is possible to take a tunnel through time, and advance consciousness thousands of years to a new level of awareness, thus physical consciousness expands to include a universal interpretation. The more tunnels that are made in time, the less effect time will have on physical consciousness. All of the information you are reading comes from taking many tunnels through time to advance to a place where this information could be understood and then revealed. What waits at the end of miracle tunnels for you can only be found by investigating the plan that was designed specifically for you.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit

Web Site: One Wholeness Now

Reader Reviews for "Love is Content and Not Form"

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Reviewed by H Cruz 7/15/2007
A wonderfull essay here! A bit wordy but I enjoyed the depth of your insight Reverend, and agree with a great deal of it. Yes the bible is antiquated and possibly a part of the DNA theory, perhaps religion and spirituality have become seperated by our conscious need for something more. And I think that schools these days just prepare us for a job and little more. I can't say if fear is a primal DNA constituant yet the fight or flight response does give this some credibility. I have always thought of fear not as an opposite of love as many would believe, but rather a perversion of love, for as you know all things are derived from such and we have a tendency to fear the loss of anything we love from lack of higher understanding. I agree that our beliefs do form the nucleus of our delema and a better education early on is essential. However the body is not so seperate from mind when we consider its storage capability as well as its capability to manifest enough energy to access that higher mind, required when in the murky material realms. The body is a wonderus vehical when used in harmony.
Thanx 4 the words, they were stimulating!
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