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D. Scott Arant

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Be Still and Know
By D. Scott Arant   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, November 23, 2007
Posted: Friday, November 23, 2007

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God has a dialogue with Scott about Thanksgivning and other insights.

Be Still and Know…

Scott, how was your holiday dinner with your family yesterday? (Thanksgiving) Interesting God. How and why was it interesting? Well, it is always good to get together with your family members. It is nice to reminisce on the past and how as kids you used to laugh and play with each other. It was nice to see my mother and father yesterday at the Thanksgiving get-together for just the fact that they are still alive. How many children have the benefit of mom and dad still around at this stage in life? Not many right? No, not many, God.

So, it is nice to be with your family? Yes, and also no. Why the no? Well, for some reason when I get around all my family as nice as it is to connect again with them all…it seems all too superficial for me. What do you mean superficial? Well, on the surface we talk, we laugh, we eat together but there doesn’t seem to be this deep connection my soul longs for. It stays superficial. How does that make you feel my child? Not very good. Why? Well, because I guess I want more out of a relationship than just the outward superficial stuff.

I hear about this football team or about our president and how he is, or is not performing. I hear about what others are doing for the holidays and their life stuff, and their kids, and they ask me the same about my kids that were not there…and it all seems so much emptiness to me. Why does it seem empty to you my son? Well, it just does. I feel there is more to life than the dog, the new car, the new job promotion, the Broncos and the president.

Why do you feel you cannot connect with them on a deeper level…a soul level? Because I feel that they are so wrapped up in the “illusion” of this life that they have forgotten the true inner life of Spirit. Beautiful my child. So, you see something deeper that maybe they do not see? Well, yes, but I don’t want to be considered necessarily deeper in my relationship than them. I am not here to compare. I just feel there are so many deeper things we could have talked about and considered. I also know there is a time and a place for all things as Solomon said in scripture. Yes.

If you could have had this deeper connection and conversation with your family and loved ones what would you have said to them…from your heart level? That is a good question. I know it is. I would have told them that I am tired of the superficial talk and want to connect on a deeper soul level. And how do you think they would have taken this my child. I don’t know…I don’t think it would go over very well. Why not? Because I don’t think they really want to talk about the deeper things most of the time?

What makes you feel this way my child? I could be wrong and I hope I am wrong. But, there is something within me that says they would not like it. Is that your imagination or do you think they just don’t want to have a deeper connection with you? I don’t think they want to talk deep…but I believe there is a hidden part of them that does. If there is a “hidden” part of them that does, what part of them is that? Their spirit, the eternal part of them. Yes, you are right.

Why do you believe that they don’t want to expose that part of themselves to you Scott? Because, maybe they are not really in touch with that part of themselves God? Yes, that could be true , what else? Maybe they don’t think that they are really worthy of the inner life of Spirit? What do you mean by this my child? All I can do is relate to myself I guess on this one God? What do you mean my child?

Well, there was a time in my life where I felt separated from you. Yes and when was this? Most of my life I think? Was there anytime in your earthly life that you felt connected to me? Yes, when I was younger. About what age? About age 9 or 10…and before that too. When I was younger I connected to the beauty of nature, the flowers, the trees, the clouds, the sky and the stars. What did you see in them my child? I saw my conception of God in them all. What do you mean by conception?

Well, when you are young, you might hear your parents talk of God. You might experience and look up into the heavenlies at night and notice the stars. You might point to them and your parents might have said something like… “You know, God lives beyond those Stars”? As a little child you really don’t know what God is like. You get this mental picture of who God or Jesus is by drawings or books you might have read in church or Sunday school. So, you picture someone out there who is bigger than you. You picture them as a loving being who watches over its creation.

Then about age 9 my parents joined the Catholic Church. Yes and how was that for you? It was neat in a way because this little boy had more of a visual of God so to speak. What do you mean by visual my child? Well, the visual was the catholic mass that I had to go to everyday and the catholic nuns and priest would teach us about God and normal things like math too. How did your concept of God change for you there? He (emphasis on the male God) became more ominous to me. How did God become more ominous to this child? I don’t know but it was like God was way out there somewhere and I was just one of many he had to take care of. Yes.

God seemed to be mysterious to me too. In what way? Well, I heard about the miracles of Lourdes and about the saints who so selflessly sacrificed their earthly lives to promote God that it was quite amazing. The way I internalized it all was that God was way out there somewhere and there was little me…a speck of dust in relationship to the rest of the universe and his creation. Did you feel God loved you? Yes, I felt it through God the son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross so that I could some day be reunited with God in heaven. I certainly didn’t want to go to the other place the nuns and the priests taught me about…the place of separation called hell.

What was your conception of heaven my child at this time in your life? My conception of heaven was this place above the clouds, or if I was looking up into the night sky I would see the stars and know that there was a place beyond them where God and his angels dwelled. Yes. Did heaven seem like a place you wanted to definitely go to my child? Oh yes, I envisioned heaven as a beautiful place where God, his angels, and all the saints would live.

What about hell my child? What kind of a place did you envision there? A place where God was not, a place of separation and torment. Why torment? I was taught this is where Satan and his followers would go and it would be total destruction and annihilation. And how did that feel to you? Not very good. Why? Because I certainly decided I wouldn’t want to go there or be there. Were you afraid of hell my child? Oh yes, very afraid of hell and damnation. How did this fear serve you my child? Well, looking back to where I am today…not very well. What about as a child? No, I don’t think it served me at this impressionable age either? Why not?

Because I made me feel like I had to perform for God or he would not like me. Yes, does this remind you of something my child? Yes, it reminds me of feeling I had to perform for God like I had to perform for my father. Your father? Yes, my earthly father…my dad. Okay, why did you relate your dad to God, or visa versa? I don’t know I just sort of did. I think it is what impressionable kids do? But why? They look up to their moms and dads as if they are gods! And were they gods? To me they were. Why? Because I loved them and wanted to so please them.

What happened when you embraced this thought or belief? I found out they were human and fallible and had problems of their own. And how did this make you feel? Insecure. Insecure…Why? I don’t know but I guess I felt that if they had problems of their own, and they were my parents, that what is it going to be like for me someday? Why were you thinking of a someday my child? I don’t know. Did you feel this same insecurity with God? Yes, I think I did. Why?

Because on one hand I was taught about how loving God was, about Jesus and how he loved everyone, and then on the other hand was taught that if I committed a certain type of sin I would be sent to hell or purgatory to suffer for the rest of my sins until I was holy enough? How did that thought or belief serve you my child? Not very well again. Why? Because I felt this insecurity again. Yes.

So, how do you feel about God now? I have changed my mind on God now. What do you mean you changed your mind on God? I have chosen to believe in a God who is not interested in punishing me or banishing me to eternal judgment and damnation. Why did you do this my child…why did you change your mind about me? Because, after 56 years of living this way I was miserable. So you conveniently changed your mind and what happened? I began to believe in a God who really loved me, not for what I could do for God, performance wise, but who loved me just because I was part of its creation.

This took a pretty big step on your part to change your mind and belief about God did it not? Yes, a scary step. Why was it scary to you? Because if I chose to believe what had been passed down from the church about God and sin I would still be trapped in this mindset that I could not please God. After all, who wants to go to hell God? No one I am sure. Why do you think you were able to change your thoughts and beliefs about God when they were so engrained within your psyche?

Again, I got dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction is sure coming up a lot? Yes, it is. I took a deeper look inside and realized that there must be a better way? I did the Journey® process I spoke of earlier. Yes, and did that seem to help you? Yes, it did. Why again do you think this process helped you? It clarified things for me. What do you mean by clarified my child? It made things that I carried with me in life for so many years, seem to be diminished, is all I can relate to you. Diminish, what do you mean by diminish? Get smaller. How did they get smaller?

After the Journey® process I felt a release of old things. Resentments, hurts and unforgiveness towards those who I felt hurt me. So, would you say that this process facilitated more forgiveness for you? Oh yes, very much so. What is your concept or belief on forgiveness now? I see it as such an integral part of my devotion to God. Why do you see it this way my child? Because, somehow I know now that if I come to compete forgiveness of others who seemed to hurt me, I can also forgive myself for hurting others. I see forgiveness now as a way to release people from my hold.

Your hold? How were you holding on to these that hurt you? I don’t know why I did hold onto these things, these hurts, but I did. I realized that by holding onto the hurts and resentments they became part of me. How did these hurts and resentments become part of you? They became part of my personality or ego. So, are you not an ego? Yes, I am an ego, but more importantly I am eternal spirit. Yes, do you now differentiate yourself from your ego? Yes, but I used to think my ego was me. And how did you come to find out you were not merely an ego?

Again, through the Journey® process. This Journey® process has really done a number on you hasn’t it? Yes, in more ways than one. I realized for the first time in my life at age 56 that I was not an ego…I was divine sprit in a human body. That sounds quite radical Scott, since you were so indoctrinated otherwise. How did you change these beliefs that were so engrained within you? It was not an easy road God. Why was it not easy my child?

Because I was still full of fear God. What were you afraid of? I was afraid that what I was taught my well meaning people, religion, parents, and scripture could be right and I would be exiled to hell one day. How did you overcome this belief system my child?
I also went into a meditation practice. What got you interested in meditation my child? Some books I picked up at a bookstore I started to thumb though. Others were saying that if we could get still and silent and allow our thoughts to be diminished we would be connected to our higher-self and would help me connect with God.

And did it do this for you my child? Yes, most definitely it did. How? Instead of just praying like I used to do, I instead took time to just be still and quiet. How was this different than your past belief about prayer? How were the two different? Well, the only thing I can think of is that one came from me…was initiated by me…and the other seemed to be more you talking and communicating to me? Wonderful. And how was this instrumental in your spiritual growth my child? It was absolutely amazing God. I had no idea I was missing out on so much before. What do you mean my child, what were you missing out on before? A relationship. A relationship? What do you mean by this thing called a relationship? A relationship. Scott, what in your mind or thinking is a true relationship? That is another great question you ask me God. I know it is…so tell me from your heart what this relationship looks like? It is one of openness and truth. Okay. It is one where instead of me doing all the heavy work…as prayer can be; it is more effortless on my part. How is it more effortless my child? Because it is not all me doing it. My son can you offer up prayers to God and it still be effortless? Yes, of course, but before I saw our relationship as one-sided. Why did you see it as one-sided my son?

Because, I saw it as me reaching out to you…but not you reaching out to me? Why did you see it this way my child as one-sided? Because, again what I had been taught and embraced as a belief about you. What did you embrace that impeded this relationship my child? I embraced the teachings of sin, hell and eternal punishment and banishment from God. Why did you embrace these my child? Because that is what I was taught by the church, my parents and scripture. Even scripture huh? Yes, even scripture. What scriptures seemed to scare you?

The story of Adam and Eve being cast out of the garden and you banishing them from your presence. Other scriptures especially in the Old Testament that seemed to show you as a God who wasn’t too nice….in fact judgmental and wanting to hurt people. Things like the earth opening up and swallowing people alive. Things like you striking people with leprosy because they ‘crossed” your holy servants. How you hated idol worshippers and condemned them and many lost their lives over it. Things like Moses messing up and striking the rock when he was not supposed to and you keeping him from the Promised Land. The children of Israel complaining and you keeping them from their inheritance. All this stuff.

Okay, I see your point. But how is it that this new, vital relationship with me in prayer and meditation, coupled with your forgiveness process with the Journey® turn this around for you? It made all the difference in the world for me God. How? I saw and experienced a God who was in love with me. Not only was this God (you) in love with me, God seemed to have a personal interest in me. How did you know this my beloved?
I knew it because of how I felt in my meditation times especially. What would happen in your meditation times? A lot. Like what for instance? Well, for the first time I felt like I actually connected to my spiritual guides. Spiritual guides? Yes, spiritual guides. How did you connect with them or even know they existed? Through meditation. Did they make contact with you somehow? Yes, one in particular did.

Tell me how you connected to this non-physical personality. Well, I was listening to a CD that had a guided meditation on it and in this guided meditation we were in this beautiful paradise of God and there was a pathway to a special clearing where I was to meet a friend who wanted to meet and talk to me. Yes, then what happened? Well, I saw in my minds eye a lovely presence in a robe. When you say lovely, was it a female presence? Yes, it seemed to have that familiarity to me. And, what else happened at this time? She started to talk to me. Talk to you? In what way did she talk to you? Well, I really didn’t hear anything audibly, but I heard it coming into my brain, these thoughts or communication with her. Okay. She told me her name. She told you her name? What was it? At first I thought I heard the name Gwenovere. Gwenovere? Yes, that is what I thought I heard her say. How did this meeting with Gwenovere make you feel? Wonderful, amazing, alive. Yes. She was interested in me. Did she say anything specific to you? Yes, she did. What my child? She told me she had been with me for a “long time”, and that she loved me. She loved you. How did that make you feel? Awesome. How was her love made known to you? I just felt it, words cannot express my feelings, only that I wanted to speak with her as long as I could. Then it was time to go and she hugged me and told me that I was greatly loved by God and herself.

How did that make you feel my son? Unbelievably wonderful! I was stunned and amazed. I felt a little guilty too God. Why did you feel guilty my beloved? Because I was always taught that it was best to reach God direct. What do you mean by direct? Direct. Why mess with anything or anyone who was an intermediary to God was my thought. So, why did you feel guilty? Because this personality I met and who had a name of Genevere was taking your place in my mind? How did it take my place my child? Help me understand? Okay, well I was taught to pray to you or to your son Jesus and that this was praying direct to the source? Okay, and to talk to someone else in this realm felt like I was betraying you? That’s a pretty powerful word…betrayal isn’t it?

Yes, and that was some of the fear and guilt I was feeling about this new meeting with someone else other than you. I understand how you would feel this way. Was it again because of what you were taught or believed my child? Yes, it was due to my understanding of the teachings of others. And what have you found out about the teachings of others as you say? That they are not always what you have been communicating to me in my meditation times. Ah ha…Do they conflict with what I communicate with you in your meditation and prayer times? Yes, many times! What are you seeing different now my child? That you really do love all of us without any conditions or expectations but that you also have a divine soul plan for us. Soul plan?

Yes, that somehow we all agreed to come to this earthly plane after being with you in the heavens and our plan was to bring heaven to earth. I like the ring of that my beloved. Is that possible? Yes, I believe it is totally possible. Why would you think such a thing my child? Because, you have put it in my heart as a possibility God. I have? Yes, you have.
So, you have uncovered some of God’s purposes for mankind and yourself through this process of meditation? Yes, I believe I have God. Wonderful. This is a time for great celebration then? Yes, God I am celebrating in my heart even now. What does that feel like my sweet child? Wonderful beyond words God. Absolutely wonderful!

So, Scott knowing what you know now and learning what you have learned so far what would you personally say to all those that read your words…Or our words? I would say to them to question everything they have ever learned about life, God or anything else that is important. I would say follow your heart and not just what your pre-conceived ideas and beliefs are. To take the step to get to know God in personal relationship especially though the process of meditation, even more than prayer. And, to forgive your brotherhood for all their seeming faults and failures and shortcomings. That God has been given a “bad wrap” and God is not who you have been taught God is. God loves without condition and has never left us as orphans on this earth. That we can all have this relationship and that indeed heaven can come to earth.

I am so proud of you my child. This is monumental in nature. You are so courageous to believe in a God of love, friendship, and kindness…and yet…that is who I AM.

What else would you say my beloved? I would say question everything you have heard about God and find out for yourself and quit trying to relate God to your ego-self, because that is your un-authentic self. God does not have an ego. God is not mad at you. God only loves all its creation without conditions.

Wonderful, my son…you have learned a lot about me. There is so much more I want to share with you….keep going where you are going…I will lead you to me. Together we will make a great team. Together we can bring heaven to earth. Let all my sonship know that this is in my heart and is doable!

Blessings abound my child…they are all around you!



Web Site: Your Journey into Wholeness

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Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 11/23/2007
I love this dialogue between God and His child (you!). Excellent message (be still, and know that I am God). Indeed.

(((HUGS))) and love, Karla.
Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 11/23/2007
Wonderful write; loved the message in this! Very well penned; bravo!

(((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :D

"Be still and know that I am God". Yes, He does; He lets us know He's still in control, in charge; He's been blessing us both big time! :)

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