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D. Scott Arant

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Cale's Heart Connection
by D. Scott Arant   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, March 07, 2008
Posted: Friday, March 07, 2008

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Scott recieves divine message for his son who in turn has a meditation and a divine connection with God that he will never forget. This has two parts to it...Pearl's of Wisdom for Cale, and part II with Cale's meditation and Connection to his heart and to God.

"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details." Albert Einstein

Cale is my son and is 29 years of age. Recently he started meditation and connected with his Guardian Angel. I was so excited when I thought about it...I felt inspired to write something to him from God. I am including it for your perusal so that you can see the whole picture. So, first is my inspired writing to him and then his meditation afterwards. I hope you are inspired and blessed as both Cale and Myself were...

Pearls of Wisdom for Cale Arant

Cale, this is your higher voice, the voice of God speaking to your individual Spirit…the Spirit I created even before the foundations of the earth were prepared and created. You are mine, and I am yours…we are inseparable and we are eternal.

I wanted to communicate these words to you to encourage your heart and to lift your Spirit…for this is my nature to do so, and it is your nature to do so to others too. Cale there is no way humanly speaking to express how I feel about you. All I can say is that it is infinite love in motion. It never stops and it never really begins…it always is. This is my nature as pure Spirit and it is yours too. You just have a harder time seeing what I see and feeling what I feel.

It is all within you though. It is hidden in this earthen vessel. It is a treasure beyond all treasures and you are just beginning in this lifetime to tap into it. It is immeasurable just like I cannot be measured. It is unfathomable, just as I am unfathomable, and just as your are too. Your human mind would wrestle with this idea because obviously it is limited in human nature just as I planned it that way.

You ask yourself…Why am I here? What is my purpose? Is there a real purpose and intent for my life here on earth? And I say…YES, YES, YES to all of these questions that are in your mind. I tell you go to a deeper place within your heart and you will find everything you have been seeking for so long. Your heart longs for home and it is home here in your heart. Ask me for this experience of the heart for it is the only place that I dwell in totality with you as human beings.

I am not found in the mind. Although helpful for you upon this earthly plane it is only a fraction of who you really are. It is not even the tip of the iceberg of who you are. It cannot ever reach me although it is incessantly trying to do so at every moment. It is a fruitless endeavor though…because I can only be found in the sanctuary of your being, and what you call your heart. I am always there and I can be found only there. The mind was meant to help you upon the earthly plane of existence, but it was never designed by your creator to be the end all be all as you are, and have been taught in your classrooms.

Man, all of you seem to be seeking for God in this human knowledge, but it cannot be for I am not there. I dwell in the heart, or what you would call the soul of man. Here is where you will find me, although I have never been away from you. I am permanent and have permanent residency in the space of the heart. Go there, and if you are having a hard time accessing your heart, your being, and the sanctuary of where I dwell…ask me for divine assistance to get there.

This is the land of Oz that you all have been seeking…it is the heaven that you and I dwell in. Your mind will tell you otherwise as it is firmly planted on the earth…and so should it. Don’t confuse though the two places. Mind and Spirit are as far away as the East is from the West. They will never meet or make sense to each other. That is why the practice of meditation where you quiet purposely the mind and go into your heart can then connect you with me and who you really are…at your core being…at the soul-level. So many seek in the wrong places and they wonder why they never find the treasure within. It is hidden in your being and it is not really hidden, but it seems that way. When you find this eternal paradise that you seek all of a sudden it seems like the inner-light is ignited within your being and you realize that your human self, although important for this life, is really just a fiction of who your really are at your core.

Some will spend a whole life-time and never find this buried treasure…only to wake up after death to really find it. They want to experience this fantastic inner life while on earth but it seems to elude them. They become so caught up in the physical they deny the spiritual beings that they really are.

When I created you Cale, I created you in my image and likeness. You saw yourself as mere flesh and bone. You heard your thoughts that came from within and identified with them instead of with Spirit. Just realize there seems to be a battle going on. It is the battle that all humans face. It is the battle of identity. Who am I? What am I? What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? I hear these prayers coming up to me constantly and I with the still-small voice within say I am here…within you. Can’t you see me? Don’t you realize that I love you like no other could ever love you? Don’t you realize I have always been here in your hearts?

But, Cale the voice of the human being is different than my inner voice…the still-small voice of Spirit. It is a soft voice, a gentle, loving voice that I call to you with. It is not a shout it is very unsuspecting in its approach almost as if it is waiting for you to answer and say…Speak for I hear you. It is found in the gentle nudge of Spirit, a quiet stirring. It is always compassionate and kind and it is always laced with love. Not conditional love, the love that humans express…but an unconditional love where you are accepted totally by God…just as you are.

You don’t have to improve yourself because you are already perfect in nature. Your outward man will see differently to the inward man, or how the heart sees. The outward sees it's flaws faults and failures that are in your humanness. Your inward heart sees and experiences God. It feels peace at all times and is the happiest part of your duality as a human being. Go to the heart therefore oh wise man that you are Cale. There you will always find me because I have never moved from there. I become your reality in this part of you. Frequent it often and you and I will connect…we will break bread and have fellowship together, for this is what your heart truly desires.

This is the heaven on earth experience you will be able to experience as you go to this hidden place of ultimate reality. When you see the true reality of your eternal existence you will then realize that you are not just human…but humanly-divine. I don’t make junk Cale, and neither is your life here on this earthly plane to be determined as worthless and vanity as some have said. I desire that you have life…life of Spirit…and life of humanness encapsulated as one life. It is not to be seen as two separate lives…your life as a human being…but as an integrated, whole life. This is the real life your soul desires to experience. So, experience it, but go to your inner sanctuary to find the real life of Spirit, and then take that life that I breathe into you and go out into your human existence and let your light shine. Let them see your love, let them be awakened as you are now awakened. Love them as I love them and you will end this present life with joy unspeakable and full of glory. You will never be empty again Cale if you know this. The only way to really know it is mot in the venue of the mind…but the venue of the heart.

You are loved beyond description. Enjoy this journey as it is yours to be enjoyed. Even in utmost sorrow you will find this joy…just make sure you are looking in the right place for it…your heart my friend…in your heart.

Cale's Heart Connection Meditation...

March 6, 2008
By: Cale Arant
Part I
:::: Ordinary Day ::::
It was a morning just like any other lately. I woke up, my wife and daughter were off to work and day-care, leaving me at home alone. I was expecting a call from a job that I had interviewed with a few days before and it was weighing heavy on my mind. I looked at my phone first thing to see if anyone had called, and I noticed that my father had left me a message while I was sleeping. I found that he had written me an email, and he really wanted me to check it out. “I received a message from God this morning and I wrote it down and sent it to you” he said. So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer and started going through the emails that were sent to me. I came across the one my dad had sent earlier. It was an inspirational message given to him about how much God loved me and that if I needed to find him, I could look to my heart and open up to him. I knew this deep down already to be true , but something felt different today. I hadn’t been working for a while so in my free time I was meditating and trying to get in touch with my true desires and needs, and also address some issues I had been dealing with. I had a few new breakthroughs lately, but the pieces weren’t quite in place for me to make much sense of them yet. As I read on, this message was really striking a nerve that I needed to ask God to show me something. After I finished, I decided that I would try a quick meditation session to start my day off right and feel refreshed. But I tried something a little different. I had been using some “guided meditation” CDs that my father had mailed to me, but today, I wanted to just let my mind relax and let my meditation take me wherever it wanted. Before, I would lie in bed and relax, but today I sat in my front room on a big comfy recliner chair, tossed a blanket over my feet, and put on some nice calming and relaxing music. Instead of going right in to my breathing I first asked God, “Father, I really want you to speak to my heart today”. “Open my heart, clear my mind and help me listen”. After a short prayer I began my meditation.
I started off the same as always, deep breathing, closing my eyes and picturing myself lying on a large white cloud. This cloud supports me and helps me feel perfectly comfortable. Soon I was envisioning my colors starting off with a deep, rich, bright red fading to orange, yellow, green, blue, lavender and lastly a deep purple that fades into a bright white that surrounds me.

Part II
:::: Into Darkness ::::
Before me is my special staircase that leads to my secret place. I was very excited! I practically galloped down the stairs to see a large door waiting for me. The door is covered in a dark stained wood, old looking and very ornamental with large vines growing over and around it. I retrieved a key from my pocket, and opened my door………
Inside the door was nothing but pitch black darkness. I hesitated for a moment because normally, I see a large green pasture, with rolling hills, a quiet bubbling stream and a peaceful little farmhouse. This farmhouse is where I met my guardian angel for the first time. It took me a second to realize that it was all missing. It was nothing, just black space. I wondered, “What will happen if I go through”? “I am not very seasoned in this whole meditation process”. “What if I’m doing something dangerous and I don’t know it”? But, I gathered up the courage, and just jumped! I found myself floating in a dark open space, much like if I was in outer space orbit. But I was soon gathering speed and started shooting upward. In the distance I could see a large formation of gas clouds in vibrant colors. I was flying into them and through them but it was very fascinating. I was soon shooting through space, stars, different colored planets some with rings and moons, all going by very, very fast. I didn’t know where I was headed but by this time, I was having such a blast I didn’t really care. I could have flown around forever and been perfectly fine. Then suddenly, I noticed I was in a small room. This room was about 15 feet square and had a dirt floor, was made of large mortar bricks and there was a small fireplace burning in the corner. I found myself sitting in chair, and in front of me was a large wooden table with another empty chair at the end of it. I wondered, “Who is supposed to be sitting there”? Then from nowhere, came a soft comforting voice that said “I am”. I looked across from me and sitting down at the table was God. I felt a presence of perfect harmony and love. All my worries were instantly gone and I felt like I had been there many times. God asked me “what would you like to talk about today”? “I have no idea” I replied. “I just felt the need to find you, but I’m not sure why”. “I was reading a message my father sent to me today, and it really inspired me” I said. “That’s because I have something to tell you” he said softly. “But first let us enjoy each other’s company”. I was so filled with joy and peace that nothing could have made me feel more complete. I asked “Well, are you hungry”? “Maybe we can eat”. God laughed, and said “I do not need to eat your food, but if you would like I will sit with you”. Before my eyes was a great deal of food. Everything from fresh bread, salads, fruit and even a steak! I’m thinking to myself “wow, I wasn’t this hungry but ok”! God watched me eat a few bites and sat and smiled. I asked jokingly, “This is a really good steak God, Did you cook this”? We laughed out loud for a while and it seemed like the happiest day of my life. Soon I was finished, and asked God if he would like to go on a walk with me. We left the small room and outside, was a dirt path surrounded by large trees on each side. It was very beautiful and pristine. The trees and brush were a lush vibrant green and the sky was a deep blue. As we walked I noticed some flowers on the side of the path that caught my eye. I knelt down to get a closer look, Wow! They looked so pretty, each flower was perfectly shaped with green leaves shooting out from each side. I said, “God, these plants are so beautiful”. God replied, “Cale, Everything to me is beautiful, even these little ants crawling along the ground”. I thought to myself these ants are so small and seem so insignificant, it must take a lot of effort to care for so much. Even though I didn’t say it aloud, God replied, “I care for everything the same, for I have nothing but ultimate love”. Soon we walked again and God asked me if I was getting tired. He then offered to carry me on his shoulders. Like if I was a small child. “Sure”. I said “that would be fun”! So he picked me up and placed me on top his shoulders and we continued along the path. As we walked along I noticed the path becoming increasingly steep and the scenery was growing more mountainous. We came to the top of the path. I could see a rocky outcropping that looked over the most marvelous view of the sky and surrounding mountains. It was absolutely breathtaking. The sun was growing dimmer in the late afternoon sky and God sat me down. We looked out over the mountains and he asked me. “Cale, do you know why I am really here with you today”? “Well father”, I said, “I figured you wanted to share something with me”. “That’s right” God replied. “I wanted to share with you how much I actually love you”. He picked me up by the underarms and spun me around. He smiled and we laughed and he gave me a huge hug. Now, this hug wasn’t your average hug. I have never felt love like this before. It was so pure, so unselfish and so perfect. It was like a blanket that completely surrounded me, but was light, warm and seemed to take every care, worry, fear or negative thought away. Pure bliss! He said, “Cale, I want you to feel this love because I know that you have had a very difficult time so far, showing and receiving love”. “And this is what I want you to learn today”. He then held my hand and we instantly were back at my grade school in Colorado. We were watching me talk to a young girl. Christy Obrigawich was her name. And man, did I have a crush on her! She also happened to live a few houses down from me so I got the double whammy, at school and at the house I would see her. I also remembered that I totally had my heart broken by her when I was young because she was really into my friend and not me. God asked me, “Do you remember what it felt like to have your heart broken”? “I do father, just like it was yesterday”. He then began to show me numerous circumstances like the one before where I always felt heartbroken, alone, and unloved. (I must tell you all that I have had many times in my life where it has been unbearable, and at one time I tried to end my life.) It was all of those times that God made me re-visit, with each one becoming progressively more traumatic. After each memory asking, “Do you remember what you felt like”? “Yes father, I said sobbing I remember all of them”. God said with a warm smile, “Cale, I was calling for you during all of those times in your life”. “I wanted to show you what my unconditional love was like and tell you how perfect you are to me. I’ve known about the feelings of low self worth that you have had, and have wanted nothing more than for you to experience my love” “It has been available to you in your heart all this time”. “I also know that it is exactly what you needed”. “But you wouldn’t listen for me”. So, I have had to give you progressively stronger and stronger situations in order to get your attention”. “And finally you have listened”! “What a joy it is to know you found me” he said. “My child, you are a perfect being, created just as I imagined”. You may see things on you as flaws, but every freckle on your body is how I wanted it and I love you just the way you are. “You too can feel this love from me whenever you want”, he said. “And this is the lesson I give to you to remember”. “Cale, you must learn, you are fully deserving in every way of receiving love”. “Whether from me, or anyone else on this earth”. “You must learn to not only receive love, but to love yourself as much as I love you “. “I created you, and know all about you, not just in this life but all of you”. “You are part of me”. And I am all that is”. “These things that I tell you Cale will grow inside of you, and now that you have found me, they will only grow stronger and help you along your path”. As a last word, God brought me back to the top of the mountain and said. “Go now my son, and feel loved”. With another hug, I then jumped from the top of the mountain down into a dark blackness.
Part III
:::: My thoughts ::::
I sat up in my chair beaming with joy! I have never experienced anything like that before and certainly hope it’s not the last time. But if anyone can ever experience god’s love like I did, know it’s a true blessing. It is the most wonderful feeling and will be remembered forever! I have this special mannerism that has been surrounding me for two days now. It is still so fresh in my memory. Well, not even a memory, more like a feeling. I can’t quite describe what it feels like but it feels like I can sense Gods presence all around me. You have probably heard this analogy before, but it is like someone pulled a blanket off my head and I am looking out at the world for the first time, except, I knew that it was there all along. I’m no bible thumper, and I have even struggled with my beliefs as an adult. But this experience, whatever you may call it has really help me to see good things in all of us. We may not think that we are worthy, or may have doubts about who we are and what we are doing here on Earth, but no matter what I believe in souls and that we have them. I think that I was able to connect on a very spiritual level, and it gave me a perspective about myself, that I would have never realized on my own. God loves us! He loves us so much he can hardly contain it. He wants us to experience his love and trust me, YOU WANT TO! After you realize how much love he has to give and that it is the same for EVERYONE, it helps you to see people, plants, animals everything, in a new way. Almost like, “how could I not love these things” it’s impossible. The bible always told us to love your neighbors and all that jazz. But after experiencing what God really means it’s not that hard. Sure, we all have faults, don’t always do the right thing, or have negative thoughts about someone. But that’s because we are human beings. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. He wants us to learn. He wants us to taste, feel, see, smell and hear all of his creations and witness what it is like to be part of him. We are made of god. He’s everything how could we not be? So anytime you would like to experience him just ask. He can hardly wait to see you! And I’m certain; he wants you there even more than you do. Ask him to show you his love and to help you understand. He will be there, you just have to listen.

Cale R. Arant

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