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Mirri Rocks

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The multidimensional crystal heart
by Mirri Rocks   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, June 26, 2009
Posted: Friday, June 26, 2009

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What is ahead of us? What happens when we open our crystal multidimensional hearts? Magic!

As we become more and more multidimensional, the world as we know it changes 1000% Everything will be upside down, what once was the ground under our feet, will become the air, and we walk on clouds. I wrote down some of the things that are possible and that we will going to experience when we open up to ourselves. We live in a 5dimensional world, where there are entrances to other dimensions, worlds and reality’s everywhere. Did you ever consider that we humans are a vortex and portal ourselves?

“…Black holes are portals actually deep dark blue,
and it is so much fun to put things in that. Just like a kid
puts a block through a wooden toybox, and then forget where it stayed,
and at night in his dreams recognizes it from here,
 from home.”
From the poem Interdimensional babble by Ekkie

We live in a 5dimensional world, where there are entrances to other dimensions, worlds and reality’s everywhere. Did you ever consider that we humans are a vortex and portal ourselves? It is a coming and going of beings with different backgrounds. It is a constant integration, communication and letting go of different aspects of yourself. They life in other dimensions and make slightly different choices. Your aspects have their own life, but with the same soul as yours. That is why they aren’t so separated from you as you think. It is you in another shape!
Everything is 1. You can make contact with different aspects of yourself, with the you that lives in other dimensions of time and space, with other beings from worlds far far away(much closer as you think), angels, fairytales, aliens etc etc. The possibilities are endless.

That is so cool! Because you can make contact with yourself in every time in the first place. Everything is now. You can heal your past in the now by rewriting it, take insights with you and share it with your previous, future and parallel self. There is not such a thing as history and future any more. Everything is now.
This sharing also counts for you in another form. You live in different vibrations with different frequencies. Some aspects have really great insights and knowledge, new forms of living together, healing techniques and technology. You can discover an overload of creative ideas, new truths and visions by that. To communicate with yourself and other beings. And it is nice and cool, it’s a key to create the life you want! Most of it can be so abstract, so new that it can be difficult to share it with other humans that recreate a 3d reality in a 5d world. That doesn’t need to stop anyone to do it anyhow. We aren’t going to end at the stake anymore, maybe they look weird at us. But who cares about that? ;-)

What can you expect?
What is ahead of us? As we become more and more multidimensional, the world as we know it changes  1000% Everything will be upside down, what once was the ground under our feet, will become the air, and we walk on clouds. I wrote down some of the things that are possible and that we will going to experience when we open up to ourselves.

1. Creating Home
We can create home here on earth and in ourselves. We are already home, and in that comfort space we are on a trip in a bubble of biology. The illusion of separation makes that we don’t experience home always. But If you are prepared to take of your blindfold and open your heart you will experience that you are home already. That everything is available for you. Abundance is our natural state of being. Allow yourself to experience home while being in a human body.

2. Experiencing the wholeness of your soul
You can feel the grandness and completeness of your soul. When we become more multidimensional we feel healed with every breath.
 It can give you some clarity on some topics and reoccurring themes in your life right now. You can heal yourself. You only have to allow it, and ask it to yourself, an angel or another being that would love to assist you. Then you will get some insights on why patterns seem to come back again in your life.  See the  gift.  If you see the gift, you set the energy free, and there is no need any more to recreate the same drama over and over again.  See the gift and the energy served its purpose. You unraveled the mystery, and you putted the veil away from the illusion. The way is open and the world is free. You can give the assignment to yourself to rewrite your script, to let go of the energy stamp, to change your perspective. You can create rainbows and happiness instead.  You can be anything you want to be. You can heal yourself, get tools, ability’s and knowledge inside yourself which you thought you never had by becoming multidimensional.

3. The multisensory experience
Our senses are blending into one.  With our new sensitivity the world as we experienced it before is gone. Welcome in heaven where the music plays, where you breath bubbles from your mouth, that sing a lullaby each. Sound and smell are flowing into each other, it is one big sensation of being.  Of a connection with all that is. You experience the wholeness of the world in an integrated manner. Welcome in a world where shapes are dancing constantly on tones. Colors are numbers. Letters and words are music and colors. It would feel like being in a multimedia cinema 24/7. You can eat something, and the colors and music are adding to the taste. As our brains become one, and the left and right side of our brain are not so separate anymore everything is possible. Researchers are already discovering this blending of senses, they call it Synesthesia. It will become a common “condition”
It’s a world in where logic doesn’t count. Borders are erased. You can see the molecules of matter. You see how the core of everything is pure. How everything is melted into one. Your perception of space is new.  Dates, numbers and knowledge are so easy to remember cause you just have to think about the color, the sound or the place you stored it in your being. Imagine that you can walk into a library and look at the shells, and pick out the knowledge you want. Just tune in on the frequency and it comes flying of the shells. You are never lost objects  anymore. You just tune in on the vibration of the object and you get it effortless.
There are already methods that are developing this new kind of learning. Create the world of your dreams and place the things you want to remember there. Than visit the world and remember.
You can experience this not alone in the dream state, but with your eyes wide open when you are fully awake.  These experiences aren’t so far away from us as it may seem.
Look at the new children, at the forerunners, talk with them and they will tell you that they already perceive the world as this. They normally won’t talk about it, cause it’s their natural state of being. Only when they grow older they realize not everyone experiences the world this way. They can look you in the eyes and be so surprised you experience the world so boring… Why are you and they often so intelligent? Not because they know so much, it’s just that they remember things different. They connect the left and right part of the brain together.  It isn’t about the answer anymore, it’s the question that counts.

4. Traveling
You can be every moment where you want to be. It can be on the place where your physical body is, or at a beautiful waterfall, on a beach, at your grandma at the other side of the world. At a new universe? Where do you want to be? Want to check out what another aspect of you is doing? And there you are. You can travel in time, to the past, the potential future. There are no questions anymore. No separation. No problems.

5. There are no secrets.
There will be no secrets anymore. The human is transparent. You don’t have to wonder yourself anymore what others are thinking or feeling. You just know. You feel and just know what potentionally is going to happen, and you can anticipate on that by choosing again. The truth sets free. There will be no need for hiding or covering up anymore. The challenge will be that everyone has its own truth, and that they all are right. Only the highest, widest universal truth will stand.

How to become multidimensional?
You cannot become something that you already are. You are a multidimensional being. It’s not difficult. There is no step by step guide. There are some things I can point on where you can experiment with. It’s so much about playing and discovering! There are no limits to it. We all are multidimensional beings. We live in a 5d world. In there we recreate a 3d world.  We just need to trust ourselves, and gently release the limitations and believe systems we have of lack, judgment etc. Connect with the child inside yourself, and you will notice that you have it all naturally.

1. Welcome yourself in safe space
We can be afraid for the unknown. When you want to welcome yourself in  a safe space, create it. Sometimes you need to accept and let go some believe systems or release blockages for that. If you make the deal with yourself that you are safe for ever and always life gets a lot less scary. Trust yourself. You can ask other parts of you, angels ask for assistance in being aware of your multidimensionality. Listen to your crystal heart, and it will speak.
Create a space for yourself to discover and play. Allow yourself to open your eyes and perceive the world in a new way. There are no rules, there is only free playing. You can be who you want to be. You are what you think you are. It can feel like if you are making this all up. And you do! But that doesn’t make it less true , less real. The truth is in your imagination, and in your crystal heart.
We are so used to live from ratio and logic that it can be difficult to walk outside the borders. Dare to open the gate, jump out of the cage of your believe systems and walk into the play garden. There you will find the bubbles flying in the air, and there the air is filled with the smell of roses.

2. Intent
Intent is a valuable tool when you want to experience and travel multidimensional. You just have to wish it and allow it to happen. You can do this together with someone who takes you on a trip. You can also do this perfect alone by yourself. It can make it easier sometimes when you close your eyes and just have the intention to let it happen. You can decide where you want to go. It can be a feeling you want to explore deeper, or a vision you had, something you dreamed. You only have to allow yourself to swim on the wave. People often experience multidimensionality while they sleep. That is because than we go into another state, we let go of the thinking. It also has to do with our conditioning. In society it is accepted to dream during sleep, but to dream with your eyes wide open, is something that isn’t always accepted. We dream our lives, and we can wake up from it, be consciousness,  and write the next dream we want to live. How often teachers tell children to pay attention, while they are far away of to wonderland? As if sitting in a class is interesting while there are thousands of other reality’s waiting on us..  

What is the challenge?
It will be no surprise that as we explore our multidimensionality more, things change. We will meet ourselves and be confronted with unsolved issues, and stuck energy’s.  It can be an easy, flowing and loving experience. All the things that are covering our beautiful crystal heart will be shown to us. It’s not a heavy, dramatic happening if you choose.  Love will be the answer. Reach out to others that are experiencing the same, hold hands, and you will create magic.
Expect a new sensation! Your senses are melding together, and you will meet yourself in another form. There is no need to think that you are getting crazy. Trust yourself, and you will know that this is a transformation. Be aware of your dreams that seem to be more intense, know that you can choose for a smooth transition.

1. Welcome yourself on earth
Sometimes we fly far far away in exploring other realms. Than we can forget our body. Feed it well, give it water and give it what it asks for.  Our human body has to adjust to it. It is undergoing a gigantic rewiring. Maybe it needs more sleep, or you have so much energy that you can’t sleep.  Listen to it, nurture it and it will be your best buddy!
Grounding is very important. To be rooted here on earth, to choose for the human experience. Remember it is not about ascending of the earth, but being here. The grounding itself will only increase your multidimensional experience. Be here with all your attention, and the whole experience will be so much more fun! We honor the earth to be here. We can’t do her any more pleasure than to let our divine energy flow and manifest it here. Our body is our tool to let the universal love anchor on earth. That is the energy that carries the vibration of home. Home is on earth. Home is here, in our crystal hearts.  It speaks through the heart to us, and through our expressions we create home on earth. Than we integrate all dimensions into a super mega party in the now. Than we blend and unite humans and universes, than we live together on the new earth.

2. Meeting  yourself and other beings with a different level of vibration
Sometimes you contact parts of yourself that doesn’t seem to see you. You can perhaps feel fear. It can be parts that you can difficult reach and contact. This can be parts of you in a different level of vibration. It can be the case that they have some unsolved businesses. You exist in every form of vibration imaginable. Some parts aren’t open for you in the form where you in right now. Just realize it is you. You can ask yourself why you can’t seem to contact that aspect of yourself. Most of the time the part will represent a part of you that has a gift. An insight, a discovery that you planted there for yourself. It can look weird first to meet yourself but by integrating all your aspects you feel more with every breath.

When you open up to other dimensions there will be many interdimensional beings interested in you. The game of earth has a lot of attention from the entire universe, and they are waiting to contact us. We are like angels to some of them. We think they are the angels, but they perceive us as the angels. That we live here on earth is really a big big happening in the universe. To put on the veil is a wonderful rocking game that they can’t imagine doing. They are intrigued by the game of free choice. There are very much different beings. Some are earthbound, others are from galaxy’s far away, some from the future.
They are attracted by the light. And just as humans have different vibrations, beings have that also. Some are nice, some annoying, some sweet and some not so cool. The magic word in this is: No, go home. You can trust yourself and feel what the intent of the being is. If it doesn’t feel good, just open a portal and give it a one way ticket to home, to the light. The cool thing is that you are never alone anymore! By creating a sacred space and taking care of your house, you put a natural charm on it. There will not come 1 entity or creature that doesn’t support my highest potential, is a deal I made with my higher self. It sounds simple but it works for me.

3. Play like the stars in the sky
When we melt our ratio and our thinking and integrate it with our endless ability to feel, experience, to play, to be creative and to fantasize, than will the abstract experience of being multidimensional get shape here on earth through our crystal heart and hands. Be the kid that you are, feel the playfulness, the silliness. Feel how the jokes are popping up. Play! There is nothing to lose, only the gold under the rainbow to win!  Change will be the new state of being. What you thought yesterday is today already different. Only the most open universal truth will stand. It is a game of free choice where the rules change constantly. Let go of the control, play like a child that changes the rules of the self created game over and over again.

Citizens of the new earth
We all have the entrance to the new earth in our heart. It is the crystal heart that shines through our eyes, that is a beacon of light. Nurture it, take care of it.
The new children that are will be born on earth soon are interdimensional kids. There are already interdimensional children born but it isn’t possible yet for a human to be born with all the crystal energy yet. We thought that today’s kids are magic. Just watch what is coming. You have the keys that open up the portals for them to come here. Listen to your own heart. Let’s develop our own awareness and awake our own interdimensional beings, than we create an easy and flowing transition for them. Let’s discover and learn, so that they can benefit from the road we walk. Let’s learn from them about the new energy.
Open the portals and travel through the gates. Then you will know which road the new children take. Some will lose their keys once in a while and get lost or trapped in dimensions. Give them the choice by opening the portals. Honor the choice of the soul that lives in other dimensions. Most of the time they will show you the key that is around your neck. Teachers and parents can make this dimension interesting by becoming aware of other dimensions. Just combine the nicest things from all the worlds, and build a party here. No need any more to sit in a classroom. It will be  a grand party!
By making contact with them on a new way from their point of view we can offer them a choice. The space that we create by that is wonderful. We are offering ourselves, our own inner child and all our aspects a play garden where there is a great party going on. We experience a reunion of ourselves as soul. Not that we are less complete without the other parts. It’s a natural process that we are reunited with all that we are.

Than the biggest exchange ever seen in the universe will take place, the grandest reunion of souls ever seen. You can feel it in your body already, What a party!

The evolution
The new earth is here, and we are creating it already on an individual level. Step by step. Heart by Heart. It is just a matter of time until everybody will enter the new earth. Look at the sea, the jungle. To the birds in the sky, a piquing on Alaska, an elephant in the water, to a baby in his cradle. Than you feel that heaven is here, that one planet contains so many dimensions and worlds.
There is no other place I rather be than on earth. With her beautiful trees, flowers and clouds that are passing by. Home is in our hearts, and mother earth will be oke. There is no lack. There is no urgency for more fuel. We never had to burn it in the first place. Look at the sun, at the moon, at the water. We have all the energy and never ending resources available.  The ebtide en high water is as old as the earth itself, and it will exist forever. It’s all so simple.
War will end by itself, because a human that lives in joy and passion will not kill. It’s much more about awareness that about saving the earth. That is not what she asks. By living in passion ourselves, and let our divine energy flow we proof mother earth the highest honor. It is not about ascension, in putting lots of effort in becoming something, or reaching for  higher and higher. No, we already are multidimensional divine human angels, we just have to realize it as an collective.
The hunger in the world, the war can be solved in a second. It doesn’t need to be a long difficult process. The way humanity is walking is one from awareness of the heart.  There is only 1 thing that wants to be seen. And that is your crystal heart.
Your soul wants to come home to you. Feed yourself in abundance, than you will give permission to others to do the same. Don’t believe in lack, don’t put energy in changing others but be sweet to yourself. Hug yourself, buy something nice for you, feed your body with the nicest products. Live in the most beautiful house you can imagine, and if that is difficult, start giving. That will put the energy into motion.  Surround yourself with the sweetest people you know.

And in doing that, reach out a hand to the person next to you. With that  the person next to you can also come home by them self.
You are god also, You are complete and whole, and together we are one.

With love,

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