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Mike Yousif

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Satan meets with his lieutenants to destroy the world
7/6/2010 7:28:07 PM    [ Flag as Inappropriate ]

While Zebub was reporting to his lieutenant regarding his defeat
with John, the lieutenant himself was called in for a meeting with
the big guy himself.
Get Behind Me Satan
When the lieutenant arrived at the meeting place, an uninhabited
desert island, he hovered above and saw Satan and the other lieutenants
were already assembled. Satan had called in all his main agents
from all the corners of the world to give a report. Satan, the devil
himself, was standing in the middle, bigger in size than the lieutenants
and his wings were multicolored like the colors of precious
stones, but the colors had faded away. He walked with a proud look,
nose in the air and chest puffed up. He was leading the meeting
surrounded by his ten lieutenants, the unholy Mafia, who represented
their territories.
Beelzebub, the ruler of demons started the meeting by saying,
“Welcome to the state of my kingdom for this century. This is my
world. Adam gave me the keys of the kingdom when he sinned and
now I own the kingdoms of the world. He dropped the ball; I got it
and am running with it, and soon will score a touchdown.”
All the lieutenants said, “Hail, Lucifer.”
He continued, “We hold this meeting once in a while as you know,
and I appreciate you all coming. I myself just came from the presence
of God on His throne where I accused the saints; those whose names
you gave me last time we met. After this meeting is over, make sure
you give me a new list of saints so that I can go back to God and
accuse them, and make sure that you provide me with evidence of
their sins. They don’t call me the ultimate critic for nothing.
“I know that you are all very busy and I appreciate your coming.
We’ve been busy from the beginning of time, except for the time of
the flood. There was no one for us to test except those eight people
on the ark, but they were sealed unfortunately. We had no one around
to deceive; that year was our longest vacation.”
Satan Continued, “I didn’t mind fellowshipping with you guys
at the time of the flood, but the real thrill is to mislead these mortals
using their vulnerable emotions and deceive them all the way to hell.
If the Creator loves these miserable and insignificant creatures, then
let’s inflict pain on them and then destroyed them.”
One of the lieutenants said, “I’m surprised we haven’t wiped
them out yet. They seem to be multiplying at a fast pace.”
Satan replied, “I tried to thwart God’s plan by influencing Cain
to kill Abel to destroy the righteous seed, but God raised up Seth and
Get Behind Me Satan
the seed continued. Then we witnessed the birth of the Jewish nation,
the mother of the Christ, which I hate with a passion because they
gave the world the Messiah. God also promised to leave a remnant
of them at the end of time, but I don’t want to see that happen, and
that’s why I’ve been trying to annihilate them. God promised Jacob-
Israel that on the fourth generation, a deliverer would be born of
the Jews to save His people. So we marked our calendar, and at the
appointed time, we had a pharaoh kill the babies born to eliminate
Moses, but that didn’t work. When Gabriel told Mary about the birth
of Jesus, we marked our calendar and used King Herod to kill the
babies of Jesus’ generation to destroy the savior, and amazingly, that
didn’t work either. We don’t know the future, but we can spy on the
humans and angels to thwart God’s plan.
“I then attacked Jesus’ ministry; I tried to kill Him first by
pushing Him off a cliff, and then tried to drown Him in a boat at
the Sea of Galilee. I tried to have Him stoned at the temple mount
in Jerusalem but Jesus always managed to escape. When I couldn’t
defeat the leader, I got inside His ministry and was successful with
Judas Iscariot. I was surprised when Jesus gave me a green light to
indwell this man and use him to deliver Jesus to the enemy. Before
Jesus went to the cross, I realized the error in judgment I made and
used His disciple Peter to get Jesus to change His mind about going
to the cross and get crucified. I did that to counteract what the Holy
Spirit revealed to Peter that Jesus was the Son of God. I couldn’t
fool Jesus; He saw me through Peter and told me to get behind Him.
I sent the Pharisees to get Him off the cross by double daring Him ‘if
you’re the Son of God, save yourself! Come down from the cross’
and that didn’t work either.
“So while we had to worry about the Jews the first couple of
thousands of years, now we have to worry about a new bread, the
gentile Christians, too, and we have a church to deal with. We tried
to use persecution, martyrdom, and poverty and couldn’t defeat the
early church. I tried to forge letters with Paul’s signature to throw
a curve at the early church. Then we crept into it, started divisions,
and had people teach false doctrines and ideas with the help
of seducing spirits that entered the church and brought in sorcery,
occult, and counterfeits. What persecution didn’t accomplish, the
Get Behind Me Satan
church marriage to the world did. Remember, a cancer cell is a bad
cell that tells other cells to follow it and destroy the whole body.
“So, anyway, our mission for the last two thousand years was to
destroy the works of Jesus Christ and His church. We’ve had some
success and good results in the last century: two world wars, a holocaust,
and an evolution concept that is widely spread. However, and
most importantly, most of the Jews of the world are in one place,
which makes it an excellent opportunity to annihilate them once and
for all. But it is a race against time for if we don’t move in fast, then
the Creator,” looking up into the sky he continued loudly, “would
win and we cannot allow that.”
Satan furiously said, “As for these Christians I have been
destroying them since Jesus left earth. Anyone that didn’t worship me,
I threw some to the lions, burned some at the stake, dipped some in
oil, cut them in half, and hung them. I don’t mind the false Christians,
but the ones that built their house on a rock we need to destroy.
“With that, let’s start with your reports,” directing his attention
towards the Jewish Lieutenant, he said, “Tell us about the center of the
earth, Israel.” The devil then looked at the map of the world, pointed at
a dot and said, “If it wasn’t for Calvary, I would have had the world.”
The Israeli lieutenant said, “We don’t have to do too much in that
area. The Jews have been blinded for the last two thousand years.
God knows their pain, and I’m trying to blind them from the fact
that He is full of compassion and rich in mercy to prevent them from
calling upon Him. The Jews misunderstood the Lord Jesus and saw
Him as a radical teacher, a misfit, and a fanatic.
“Israel is a secular humanistic nation. They are no different from
the old Israel, who, throughout the ages, kept straying from God’s
commandments into lawlessness. The Zionist Jews are committed
to their country and are mostly atheists and agnostics; they are not
the Jews of the Bible. They don’t have prophets that bring fire from
the sky like old times. I’m talking about that day our prophets took a
bull and called on the name of Baal from morning until noon, but no
one answered. And they limped about the altar they had made.”
Satan interrupted with frustration, “You don’t have to tell me. I
was there all day watching and I hated to disappoint our followers,
but my hands were tied.”
Get Behind Me Satan
One lieutenant said, “We’d like to hear the rest of the story,
boss.” Satan nodded for the lieutenant to continue.
“At noon Elijah mocked us, saying, cry aloud, for he is a god;
deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and
must be awakened. And our slaves cried aloud and cut themselves
after their custom with knives until the blood gushed out upon them.
Midday passed; there was no voice and no one paid attention. Then
Elijah took twelve stones, and built an altar in the name of his Lord.
He put the wood in order, laid the bull on the wood and said, ‘Fill
four jars with water and pour it on the burnt offering and the wood’.
And he said, ‘Do it a second time and a third time’. The water ran
around about the altar, and he filled the trench he made about the
altar also with water. At the time of the evening sacrifice, Elijah
prayed, then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice,
the wood, the stones, the dust, and also licked up the water that
was in the trench. And Elijah slew our prophets of Baal, all four
hundred and fifty of them.”
The Middle East lieutenant laughed and mocked him, but the
Jewish lieutenant said, “I wouldn’t laugh if I were you; it’s easy to criticize,
but I heard what Moses did with his rod to Pharaoh’s magicians.
He turned his stick to a snake and it ate the magicians’ snakes.”
Then, as the lieutenants started blaming each other for failures,
Satan screamed, “Enough. Don’t argue between yourselves. The
church is divided, not my kingdom. Let the enemy have their fun,
when the Antichrist comes, he will bring fire from heaven very soon.
We will dazzle them and the tables will be turned around that time.”
Then he looked at the Jewish lieutenant and asked, “Anything else?”
“These Jews don’t sacrifice today; therefore, they have no atonement.
And even if they did sacrifice, it wouldn’t do them any good.
The old covenant has been replaced by the new covenant through
Jesus’ shed blood. They say that they will bring their promised
messiah with a gun, a tank, or bullets, reacting to the tragedy of
the holocaust. They boast in their nukes and not God, unlike King
David who took five stones and faced the giant of life, Goliath,
totally depending on God. I’m trying to bring back the Anti-semantic
attacks on them and drive them into the sea. I know you hate them
Get Behind Me Satan
because they wrote the Bible and the Son of God is one of their
“I’ve been able to present tombs that were excavated in Israel
with the name Jesus written on the outside and some bones on the
inside, to discredit the faith and introduce doubt to the fact that Jesus
was resurrected. Doubt worked with Adam and Eve and I know that
it works today, too. I hid those tombs centuries ago and I knew that
I would need them in a day like this.”
Satan said, “Didn’t the Agnostics lieutenant try the devious idea
of Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene and bringing a child? It didn’t
work, did it?”
The Agnostics lieutenant said, “No, master, it didn’t. But you
taught us if we don’t succeed we should try and try again.”
“Ok then. What about the Middle East lieutenant!”
He answered, “Yes, lord, we’re doing good. Islam is the new
giant of the world using the spirits of deception. The creator made
a mistake blessing Ishmael, Isaac’s half brother. They have discovered
oil under their feet and have become wealthy, and now they
have become bolder than ever before and will control the world. The
Muslim world thinks that Jesus was simply another prophet who
was a great teacher and a good man. Yet, we’re losing a thousand
Muslims a day to the Christian faith due to the success of Christian
TV, Internet, and satellite propaganda to propagate the gospel and
fulfill the great commission.”
The devil said, “Well, we’ll have to destroy these tools!”
“But we can’t, because we’re using these tools ourselves to
spread porn, sex, and lies. But our white enemies are using it to
spread Christ’s message, too.”
One lieutenant asked the Arabs lieutenant, “How come you
didn’t push evolution in your territory?”
“I didn’t have to; their religion tells them that the Jews are
descendants of monkeys. A reverse evolution, if you will. Moreover,
the Muslims think that they will make the Jews into monkeys.”
“How do they turn into monkeys?”
“I don’t know, but they hate the Jews with a vengeance and call
Israel the small Satan. The word of Allah teaches Muslims to kill
Get Behind Me Satan
non-believers and that believers of any other religion must become
second class citizens.”
The European Union lieutenant said, “Darwin never had a clue
where his theory would lead to in America and Europe. If we were
to bring him back to the present time, he would be amazed at the
consequences of teaching his theory in the last century. It caused a
decay of their society by abandoning God and His teachings in the
Bible, and by abandoning creation and believing in evolution.”
“Ok, ok. What about the giant red dragon? Let’s hear from the
Buddha and Confucius lieutenant?”
The Chinese lieutenant said, “The majority has superstitious
beliefs and thinks that Christianity is an import from the western
world. They have no idea what repentance is; it’s a revolutionary
idea to them. There is a decline of morality and personal values,
but materialism is high. The more pressure I put on the church, the
more they resist. We’re killing the Christians and the missionaries
by slicing and dicing them and still they grow stronger in faith;
their faith comes with a price. The Creator must be giving them the
strength to survive. They hold secret meetings despite the persecution
by the Red Guard and the militia and we put them in jails.
“The communist government controls the church. Christians
are on the wanted list and the persecuted church is a way of life.
We have decreased the chapels, but the Christians are increasing.
They conduct house churches, meet in caves, orchards, and barns
and even cornfields. The Apostle Paul used the horse and donkey to
spread the gospel; they are using bikes between cities, and preach
bare footed in the mud, traveling on boats. It’s a good thing that the
western world has not awakened to the atrocities committed against
those Christians.”
The EU lieutenant said, “They’re so busy making money that
they forget about the spiritual battle and the countless souls in our
Satan said to the Buddha lieutenant, “Just make sure that they
don’t come up with the two hundred million troops that they will use
at Armageddon.”
Then he said, “Good, now let’s hear from the Hindu lieutenant?”
Get Behind Me Satan
The Indian lieutenant said, “I have created millions of gods in my
territory. The Hindus, those who heard of Jesus, think that He was a
good teacher, a good man, and just another divine being to add to their
list of gods. They think that Christianity is a poor man’s religion, a
foreign religion and a colonial imposition. Christians comprise only
three percent. We prevent Christian literature distribution, but they
walk for days to obtain and distribute Bibles. Several provinces have
passed anti-conversion laws, making it a crime to publicly become
a Christian. Converts lose citizenship, become second-class citizens
and are ostracized from their families. Anyone who confesses Christ
is considered to be a stability threat, so they are hunted down all
over the country and face the death penalty. Hindu extremists are
burning or demolishing Churches and Christians have gone underground
and refuse to give up meeting. Pastors and church leaders are
being forced to renounce their faith or get martyred during torture.
And their wives and daughters are harassed and raped. As for our
followers, they enslave children at age five by the millions.
“In our fanatical neighboring Pakistan, we made the apostasy act
into a law, under which any man who leaves Islam for another religion
would be killed and women would be imprisoned for life. The
two rivals have their nuclear warhead pointed at each other, a total
annihilation waiting to happen, when the time is right.”
Then Satan looked at the American lieutenant and said, “Everyone,
welcome the new American lieutenant. I demoted the other one
because he lost two world wars. Even though it wasn’t his fault, the
Creator intervened, but still. This devil here has a good resume. He was
responsible for breaking the back of the Roman Empire by breaking
down the family unit. How is the giant of giants doing, brother?”
The lieutenant replied, “Your Lordship, three words - going to
The devil said, “Just a minute, son, hold that thought!”
The devil started to clear his throat and sang a very beautiful
melody while spreading his wings, after which all the ten lieutenants
fluffed their wings and said, “Hail Lucifer.”
His voice wasn’t up to par, so he said, “Excuse me, I’ve been out
of practice for about six thousand years. These lousy creatures have
taken over my position in heaven. I hate them.”
Get Behind Me Satan
One of the lieutenants said, “Your voice is still good, boss.”
Then Satan said, “I just made myself happy. I think after the
meeting I’ll take a quick spin around the world and deceive at least a
million souls to worship me through the worship of animals, nature,
idols, or money, just to tick off the Creator.” He looked up at the
heavens and continued, “I cannot get to you right now, and so I’m
going to hurt those you love and break your heart.”
The American lieutenant was encouraged and continued, “

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