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dan Rosenhagen

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Blogs by dan Rosenhagen

6/3/2012 5:45:46 AM

In a nut shell


When looking at the life we see around us at this moment, what we

see is like a natural motion picture filmed in real time, now showing on

the cinema screen of time’s dimension, everywhere. In this story there

is a past and an uncertain future. We may even venture to say that this

present moment writes the script of future. Everything in this movie is

part of the entire movie living under the title of; well in this case it may

be appropriate to call it “Eternal Life”. We could of course have the

notion to say that it has a cast of everything because each time we view it

we see something else, something more, and this goes on forever. It is

never boring because in each milli-second everything in the movie

changes except for the title.


Time and the physical dimension are interesting concepts here. The

essence of life, God, the Light, Love or what ever you choose to call it,

like the title of our movie, it still remains the same. We might believe

that “God,” tends to surround the physical dimension of time thus

surrounding us, and is not physical. But it really does not surround the

physical dimension of time because it is all the same thing. We tend to

think of ourselves as being here on the spot where we stand, and God

is there in the place where God dwells. It’s like thinking of a wave as

being different than the ocean, or separating the view of a wing from

the view of the tail feathers from that which is the entire bird. The

dimension of time and the physical dimension are like left and right

wings, as one works with the other and are in many ways like

appendages to the total organism. They have a position that they

occupy as being part of the whole bird. This position is relative in

perspective to the entire bird, just as time and the physical dimension

are in a position relative to the purest point or the essence of life.


It is difficult to proceed with this explanation if every time I speak

of the Essence of Life or the Light or God or love, I have to call it all of

these names, so I will take the first letter from each of them and make

a word. Realize that I have only chosen these words to exemplify our

creator, and God is meant to stand for all of the God names in all of the

religions across the globe throughout time. I have used the “Essence of

Life” for the more natural minded liberal thinker. “The Light” is used

as a median seen in religions and newer age philosophies. This leaves

“Love,” not a new concept but one that I feel in its totality, is Light or

God or the Essence of Life. We as human beings spend our lives here

trying to understand love from a fragment of it, which are our

undeveloped emotions, love in its infancy if you will. And we are more

in touch with the infinite whole through our emotions than anything

else because it is something we feel directly and can always be in touch

with in every moment. So then the name we get and will use that

includes the first letter of all of these names is GEoLLL!

It is the practice of comparisons that helps us understand the

similarities in things when we sometimes assume them to be different

because of their appearance.


When we look at a river we see its media or water flowing in a direction

and the water nourishes the plant lifealong its banks, as the plants could

not live without this occurrence. This is very similar to the function of

our blood as it travels in our veins supplying food to tissue and

providing oxygen to the brain sustaining life. Upon a close view of the

 structure of a leaf we see veins imbedded in its foliage feeding the entire

leaf. Without the foliage the tree could not survive and without the tree

 there would be no leaves. All living systems that we can think of have

 an organized structured pattern built inside of them that feeds that which

 is directly relative to it. So then life appears to be similar in its patterns

 of structure seen in living things that may look different but

fundamentally are the same in their function. You wouldn’t say; “my arms

are not part of me” or “my brain is more complicated than my toe so it is

separate from the rest of my body.” Just as a wave is to an ocean or

 wings are to a bird, they are part of the entire organism.


Time and the physical dimension occupy a place that is less perfect than

life’s center. This is why we are here in the garden of life, to grow and

 ascend toward life’s center. As all living things grow toward the sun,

 our soul’s plight is to grow toward the center of life, because our soul is

 a living thing. The place we occupy is at a distance from the purity of

 life’s center to which there are imperfections, but it is unique in that

it allows time and physicalness to exist and affords opportunity for

mankind to develop spiritually from what we learn as we interact with

time and shapes.


For those of us who draw comparisons between living things, then

we may understand that GEoLLL functions in the same manner as does

the entire dimension of life. When observing the functions of life an

important aspect to all of this is GEoLLL and everything else are the

same thing, only everything else has different relative perspectives

from GEoLLL’s center. That is to say, in comparison to our bodies,

different parts of our body occupy different positions in relationship to

the brain. There is no separation and no difference: all of the individual

parts are what makes the body complete. When adding time and

 physicalness to the equation we get what appears to be separation

because shape then creates distance. To view two separate things for

instance a mountain and a valley, the physical dimension allows us to

realize that they are apart from each other. The space between the two

objects becomes the place where time is involved if we move from one

of the objects to the other. In the time it takes to do this we then learn

what ever it is we learn that is relative to that journey. Without shape and

time we would not be able to grow from knowledge gathered along the



When we look at a fractal we see that when looking close to its

edges, there are more fractals. And when we look closely at the edges

of those fractals, we see even more fractals. We can repeat this process

an infinite amount of times. The only difference to each reiteration is

that the farther you get from the source or original view, slight subtle

distortions can be observed compared to the previous iteration. So then

the position of time and the physical dimension serve their purpose to

the whole organism of life from the position they occupy in relation to

the center. We have to wonder about the purity of thought we maintain

throughout our everyday lives. Many great thinkers use the practice of

meditation to become closer to thoughts that are said to be in the

deepest parts of our souls. This implies that the closer you get to

something and the more you dwell on it that you start to absorb its

qualities. If this is true then the more we ascend towards life’s center

from our current position the more we become like the center. On one

hand we are looking at our perspective from our position relative to the

essence of life, and on the other hand we are looking at our perspective

from our position relative to the center of ourselves. Are they not both

the same thing?


In the spiritual realm there is no shape nor is there distance that can

be discerned in absence of the physical dimension of time. The

naturally occurring perspective of our souls to the center of life,

demands time and shape to ascend at a rate of growth suitable for

reproduction of life’s center; a place that we cannot go to unless we

become like the center itself. Our limited ability to perceive the totality

of life places us at a distance to the center of divine truth. During our

change into the spiritual realm we will then share an affinity with souls

or energy of the same accumulative understanding.


A comparison of this can be made when we study the stratification of the

earth’s soils. Layers are formed as each type of soil lies within its own

likeness: grains of sand amongst more grains of sand, silt amongst silt,

clay amongst clay, showing us what we will do spiritually in the order of

eternal law. We can also see this stratification in our atmosphere. Each

layer, the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and

the Exosphere, are a part of the atmosphere but are different within

their individual characteristics. This whole idea of comparisons also

can be applied to social groups being formed because people like to be

with other people with the same interests.


But like salmon that relentlessly swim up the stream of their origin, in

time we will navigate toward the essence of life through understanding

and acceptance of what we see and what we feel from our living

experience in the physical dimension of time. For the center is a place

that sees all, feels all, understands all, accepts all, and loves all. We

have no concept whatsoever what “all” even consists of. Through our

living process step by step we may eventually find ourselves at the

threshold of purity.


Religions throughout time have made the claim that if you are “good”

then you may go to heaven, but how could we even imagine ourselves

to be ready to dwell in a place of divinity at this time of our soul’s

evolution without understanding it.?


Just as a star emanates from its center, the pattern of this event can

be seen in all living things. Not all of “GEoLLL is the center, just as not

all of our body is the brain. In the center of “GEoLLL” there is no need

for time or the physical dimension as this place is so pure we can only

compare it to what we perceive as pure. It may be like a love that has no

boundaries, wishes, hopes, desires, only the magnificent passion of

what it is, reflecting perpetually back to itself in explosions of life. And

somewhere along a beam of its light, away from its source, the

dimensions of physicalness and time occupy a position in relation to

the center, existing as a part of the whole.


To explain the reproduction of GEoLLL we can use some constants.

The constant that stands out to me the most is that GEoLLL is

everything. This does not mean that GEoLLL does anything it wants,

but instead follows the laws of physics it has created which in turn, and

at the same time created it, like two things making up the whole of it.

We see it everywhere, light/ dark, positive/negative, good/bad,

mountain peak and valley; the tree’s canopy, the tree’s roots and on and

on and on it goes, the contrast making up the totality of the object, as

one could never be complete without the other.


We can look at the endless ways that life births itself reproducing

the different elements of itself. Dying in nature only means change. As

a tree falls back onto the ground from where it came, its seeds bear its

heritage of hardiness and beauty, and will become more than the tree

before it, in strength and bounty. As humans grow their evolution is

seen through shapes of the body and concepts of the mind. As our souls

evolve and progress towards the center of life, their growth is a function

of living things nurtured through the cultivation of our emotions.

The closer we get to the essence of life the more we can see

ourselves, and we do this through our understanding of it from

embracing change. This liberates us from the past and enlightens us in

our realization, as we ascend toward the center.


When we are born our minds’ energy or our emotions are like seeds

in a garden that grow through experiences. The hardship of living in

view of separation and the time it takes to understand ourselves is like

being in the garden of GEoLLL. At any time after we are born we would

have ascended or gained energy through our living experience, and

GEoLLL then would have reproduced. Only in this place, in this

position it seems, GEoLLL could reproduce itself.

That may be why we are here.


As we become more than we were from our beginning, GEoLLL

then becomes more as we are harvested. And from our living experience

we will continue to ascend/descend/evolve/de-evolve, until we finally

realize that we are all that there ever was.

Just as a "seed is the tree before it realizes itself to be."

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