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Suleiman Sami Azar

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Member Since: Dec, 2007

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Blogs by Suleiman Sami Azar
5/14/2008 5:11:29 AM    [ Flag as Spam or Inappropriate ]

messages from heaven




HUMANITY-Hello * my name is Solomon Sami Azar-born on the 13th January-1965. I have combined the century old ideas of Tesla & Einstein to produce safe nuclear fusion of heavy water in order to end the energy crisis- When the scientific community has found this and understands -the energy crisis will be over along with talks of greenhouse gases-I have been guided to this discovery by the heavens- by a force in this universe we are all connected to in spirit and pray to in the name of god- I have put together many signs and connections to form the big picture-In conjunction of receiving messages of unity from our lord for ten years now( my proof is my semitica website i made 8 years ago-i have not touched it since as my mission took time to complete) I am a messenger of GOD- I have formally written the Sanhendrin of Israel to be examined-there seems to be an open position of jewish messiah/13th apostle/13th Imam/2nd COMING OF THE CHRIST/"play it again sam"/whatever-well I am the 13th- and I am willing to step up to the plate and perform my duties-I have been sent by heaven to declare An Age of Unity has begun- world war 2 was Armageddon signified by two atomic bombs-


Adolph Hitler was the JUDAS of the 20th century- TASKED with the duty to show mankind prejudism as one race is greater than another and send the chosen people back to the middle east for the final phase of this lesson upon earth- In my name of SOLOMON I bring Jesus-Moses-Mohamed- and all the worlds messengers for it is the will of the heavens TO BEGIN GLOBAL UNITY. i have given many stories here and my website of NOBLEFUSE for you to see that i have not self proclaimed myself anything-but rather- i have been given the authority by the powers that be and all those whom possess energy to seek the truth will see-IF WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN SOUNDS UNORTHODOX TO YOU- I AM WILLING TO STAND AGAINST SHOCK AND AWE AND THE STUPIDITY OF VIOLENCE- THE HOLY SPIRIT IS IN ME-_WHAT IS IN YOU-THE WEIGHT OF MY WORDS WILL BE FELT WHEN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY HAS UNDERSTOOD THE MIRACLE I HAVE UNCOVERED--TO NOT WALK ON WATER-BUT TO DELIVER IT FOR UNLIMITED AND CLEAN ENERGY--- TIME WILL TELL

12 months now( one whole year! ) upon the net and my experiment is still innocent and yet vindicated by society -twilight zone music cutting in:)

This video was made april 2007 after experiment and used to encourage the largest nuclear power company to investigate- i have relied on human beings in social forums to spread this message- to this date- I wait-I am completely alone in all my endevours and actions under the light of god --all of us believe we are some kind of character in this life- a part in the big picture- you play your part- i play mine- The heavens are the highest forms of love-logic-and discipline- I believe a time of discipline comes- it comes from love- as you would would aggressively grab hold of your child running blindly into the street and try your best to enlighten them on the consequence- the same comes now from love- we must accept the Armageddon that has occurred and unite in peace by our free will - The earth itself is one nation- all the inhabitants are brothers and sisters- the heavens above watch us during our test of growth in free will- If I have learned anything whatsoever from the heavens- it is this- To truly love your own child- you must love all children- for what will transpire is a generation of children will grow with love and respect for one another far greater than what exits today- thus ensuring a greater love and security for your own child as they enter the world you have contributed towards and YOU MOVE ON to the next life-- what will you do--a time has come- if I alone with junkyard parts can do this- what can a nuclear power plant and staff do with a spare reactor in their backyard? clean safe nuclear fusion right here- I dare you to prove me wrong- but it would be nice


Whenever you hear the THUNDER of a lightning bolt this spring- think of me- why- i solved the energy crisis by way of the lightning bolt-when the rain falls on your head- think of me here too- why- the fuel in my system is water- a special type- one in every 560 molecules is a special one with a neutron attached- its called heavy water- someday i will be proven correct- the energy crisis has been solved by lightning and water at the hands of a messenger of god- just remember that the next time lightning strikes and you hear the thunder-

everyone wants solutions but doesn't want to do anything to achieve them- thus- a new year begins as my only approach to have my experiments vindicated is by the faith in my fellowman to take it upon themselves and inform others.

if you think this is funny or immaterial- jump in line with many others for one complete year- when you are done- the fact remains- i solved the energy crisis under the light of god- it is my duty to place this statement amongst this incredible device connecting millions of human spirits and see what they do- -you want solutions to energy-cancer-food-shelter-then come together and do it- why- the energy crisis is everyones problem- the heavens are testing all of us- so far- soldiers still fight for energy and the planet dies- i tell you i solved it- you just dont care/walk on by/etc etc. THE ENERGY CRISIS WILL END when: all who view my words take action-let us see what this year brings- WHY DO I DO THIS - what good is any new technology if man continues in an atheistic fashion- Thus-words of unity and peace are given with this discovery- IT MUST BE THIS WAY-It is my conscious decision to accept this duty from heaven and offer my solution to the energy crisis this way- IT IS YOUR CONSCIOUS DECISION TO IGNORE IT


They say a man called jesus walked the earth with the holy spirit inside him-the son of god anointed by the heavens-sent to earth to teach us how to live- even to the great mighty Roman empire who came to its knees and pray to a descendant of a tribe of people so disrespected by the world- THIS is always how god works- The heavens will always test you to the highest forms if you are chosen to see something- Of all the spirits that have walked this earth- I LOVE THE SPIRIT OF JESUS- - as for Moses- Mohamed and all the worlds messengers- I ADMIRE THEM for standing for god and the heavens in order to bring truth to this world- together all of mankind shall shake off the dirt of several thousand long years as our ancestors toiled in blood sweat and tears and the grandeur and joy of life itself to create a stable and peaceful world for the love of their own children and humanity- In honor of our roots and to god- IT is this generation which shall ring the bell and declare an age of unity has begun upon the earth-

And so it comes again- communication from the heavens to initiate the final phases of utopia upon earth- as it was to the great roman empire of the past- so shall it occur to the new roman empire considered the west-In this age of enlightenment right before our eyes we shall all be shown the ways of heavens as brought forth by a messenger of god-To the great roman empire led by America- you will look upon me as the child of the arab-and you will not like me- even though I have a family history of Christians to the times of Jesus himself- and to the Arab Muslims - you will not like me because of my family Christian nature- though my history is mixed- what is yours?-and to the Jews themselves- you will not like me because of my lack of jewishness by family-and I will openly offer you my blood for dna analysis to see my roots- what is in you?-Therefore- I am absolutely perfect as a candidate for choice because all who view me will not like me and I have been aware of this since 1998- my time has come to uncover what I have been taught- you will understand my words when abundant clean energy comes to earth as uncovered by my life’s deeds- 300 hundred years it took for mighty Rome to obey the heavens- in this age of enlightenment- we shall see how long- for I believe- when my words are first found true by way of science deeds- and subsequently a time of world unification- it will take approximately 300 years-or 13 human generations before man has tamed man no different than the descendant of the wolf-the dog- and man will be mans best friend- then the kingdom of heaven comes upon earth- for there is no question whatsoever- for all who fancy thoughts of god-aliens of advanced nature- “something” –we will never see the power of the universe until man is one with it- and that time is not now nor after your next desired Armageddon- when thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven- then and only then shall our children see a world without faith- we will see it in spirit- it is our duty to unite the world now in spirit- that time has come-

There is no question the statements I make might seem too grand- however- everything I will ever state as by the heavens shall be put forth by a democratic vote of all peoples- we shall come together and freely elect our destiny- the choice to live together in unity and peace shall be given to us and we shall exercise our FREE WILL if we want it- We shall choose a life with god and global unity and love of all people- or life as the cousin of the monkey by way of Darwinism and may the strong survive-It is the desire of the heavens to inform man if they wish to continue in prejudism and conflict for another global meltdown of a second Armageddon of far greater proportions- it shall be democratically chosen by all the inhabitants of the earth- your choice for unity shall be given to you- your free will in this age of enlightenment shall be tested-the time has come

who am I- this is the link to my experiments


our ancestors live- the heavens wait for us to achieve global unity of all nations -Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven--

The END TIMES is the end of ignorance towards one another- we are all one in the eyes of god- as you as a parent to children which might fight to the death at times over stupidity of religion-politics-etc- the parents will love your children equally and know it is merely immaturity as children to fight- you may spend a lifetime as an adult acquiring knowledge in this world-you will always remain a child to the god of our universe-DO NOT draw a conclusion to be the pinnacle of evolution- it has occurred eons ago and this earth has been done many times throughout the universe- this is why prophesy can be true at times- like a scientific experiment- we grow and evolve as it has been so in this universe and it is our duty to embrace the words of peace and continue until our primary mission has completed- THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven- then and only then shall the power and the glory of god be shown upon this earth- our time is of faith as a test of growth- a grand test indeed- think about it- what test is there for you to see the big picture- nothing but faith is the highest form- those who know god in their heart know full well how powerful signs and connections may be in life- very few and far between- we are left alone as the eyes of our roots watch our progress- such a brief existence in this physical form upon the earth- do not squander your time as the BIG PICTURE is all around you- we shall embrace our faith in this age of enlightenment and create global peace by way of democratic vote-wars will come to an end- the major resources of the military industrial complex of all nations coupled with the disregarded human beings in our prison system shall be unified to build and strengthen a society to have universal heath care- shelter and food for all earths inhabitants- together we can fuel this union- together we will finance all our projects- if you are scared to initiate this process- remember yourself as you provoke your own little child timid to jump in water or ride a bike and you mutter the words- "dont worry- I am with you" it is god who says to you- Dont worry- I am with you always"-

On the money of all nations of the world is GOD- make the picture a little bit bigger to help your faith as we fuel a unified world together;)

one dollar




This is the great seal of the UNITED STATES adopted in 1782- 13 stars of the colonies form the greatest unified entity of all peoples of the earth ever in human civilization- Global Unity begins=> The mission of the 12 united tribes of the chosen people of Israel shall offer the olive branch to humanity- First-the symbolic 13th union is the ancient brother tied by blood to the son of Abraham- that Of Ishmael- Father of the Arabs-THIS IS GODS PLAN- Global unity for the earth begins in the middle east with AMERICA as a friend to both and an entire world to witness and encourage as they are next with their neighbors-Sons and daughters of Arab and Jew- mix completely and break the cycle of prejudice forever to demonstrate to the world global unity of all nations begins now- The time has come for our free will under the light of god to initiate utopia upon this earth- REJOICE_ embrace what is good in you and begin to act accordingly in the light that shines brightly always- if you let it


I strongly believe in a god- a symbolic entity of the highest form of evolution in this universe. I also believe in advanced entities many would call UFO's/ aliens. The two are one in the same.They are us in different forms and a possibility for our past spirits to continue in another vessel-I come with no details- only infinity- On earth we have separate levels of existence such as America and some tribe in the amazon jungle- do you think you are any different than any human alien on this planet. I believe man has truly disrespected the world of UFO's no different than atheism to god and many followers of god with such weak faith.WHEN man can love all human aliens on this planet and give full brotherhood to anyone the same level a warrior fights for his comrade-then MAN will be one with the universe and understand our human body is a wonderful vessel for our inner spirit- Thus- any vessel may be used for whatever purposes- YOU ARE THE MOST ENDOWED ENTITY ON THIS PLANET-. I believe when this comes- so does the universe of advanced entities come to earth. I believe this first meeting place shall occur within the walls of Jerusalem. Simple orders given to simple man in our course of growth to find ourselves. This level of awareness CAN ONLY HAPPEN after man has mastered the elements for his existence to such a state that many within the society can live with comfort and stability- for growth can only occur with stability and comfort to provide us the time to even ponder our existence.


All soldiers of all nations from the days man fought on earth have sacrificed with faith in god and country to secure peace for their own lives and children. As I look upon my life with "interesting coincidences" a symbolic 13 weeks bootcamp and 13 weeks infantry school of the marine corps in which I have been honored to have been a part of such a brotherhood in spirit- Many love a family movie of ebeneezer scrooge and his 3 time visit to be born again hard;)- i was never an ebeenezer in life- I have consciously accepted a life of personal sacrifice to labor and find something for all humanities benefit- If you believe me to be arrogant- I assure you- it is honor - love and faith I have for our ancestors and a great entity of this universe- and in some magical fashion in which i swear upon all holy- I too have been visited in some symbolic dream/vision by all humanities past and a formal ceremony of our warriors of the past-In some grid of light fashion I am with full conviction based upon a life of observation-I am a messenger- ALL WARS COME TO AN END- AN AGE OF UNITY BEGINS- I have been witness to this truth on may 13th 2007 in a place called warriors frozen in time by native peoples of southern utah/arizona- known as "valley of the gods" on usa map- I stand in honor for this mission-I bring a gift by my lifes labor in science- I bring along with it a truth bound by faith- we are far greater than what we see with our initial senses-Even upon my marine corps sword is the semitic star of solomon- the days of the sword end- all the armies of the earth must unite as one to secure global peace-ENGLISH IS THE UNIFYING LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD-The days of babel are to be reversed and a world shall come together and communicate in common must begin OFFICIALLY- America is the symbol of unity of all peoples and the victor of the war of armegeddon- english must be adopted officially in the spirit of all man- a time for what is on the wall shall be embraced by faith for what must be done for our future. Let all of the soldiers know of this earth- all warriors of times past stand for us in unity for man to initiate unity of nations WITHOUT the sword- for the first time in human civilization this opportunity comes to man in this so called age of enlightenment- The days of peace have come- embrace the god and ancestors of your own heart and let us stand in the light together-


Tun Tavern was a tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is traditionally regarded as the site where the United States Marine Corps held its first recruitment drive--In 1732, the first meetings of the St. John's No. 1 Lodge of the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Temple were held in the tavern. An American of note, Benjamin Franklin, was its third Grand Master. Even today the Masonic Temple of Philadelphia recognizes Tun Tavern as the birthplace of Masonic teachings in America.


American first president George Washington was a Freemason-Generally, to be a regular Freemason, a candidate must:[ * Be a man who comes of his own free will. * Believe in a Supreme Being. (The form of which is left to open interpretation by the candidate) * Be at least the minimum age (from 18–25 years old depending on the jurisdiction). * Be of good morals, and of good reputation. * Be of sound mind and body (Lodges had in the past denied membership to a man because of a physical disability, however, now, if a potential candidate says a disability will not cause problems, it will not be held against him). * Have character references, as well as one or two references from current Masons, depending on jurisdiction. The origin of Freemasonry has variously been attributed to: King Solomon and the construction of the Temple at Jerusalem or that it is a direct descendant of the "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem"


Although it has only recently been explored by archaeologists, the Temple of Azar Goshnasp was one of the oldest and most important fire temples in ancient Iran, Within the historical site of the ancient city of Azar Goshnasp lie the Atashkadeh, or Fire Temple, and the Temple of the Goddess Anahita, the Goddess of water and fertility. These are two of the biggest and most impressive Zoroastrian religious temples in Iran. The new discovery of symbolic seals within both temples and the glazed ceramic gas pipeline leading to the center of the Fire Temple shows that these two structures may be older than was previously thought. The site of Azar Goshnasp is divided into two parts: 1. Zendan-e- Soleiman (Prison of Solomon) 2. Takht-e-Soleiman (Throne of Solomon)
It is also called the “Holy City of Warriors and the Royal Family”

The Valley of the Gods- or in native tongue-Warriors frozen in time-"not any longer" An entire spirit world-grid of light- of our ancestors have gathered from the universe to witness and give strength to the inhabitants of this earth for the next major evolution of our civilization-Listen to your inner voice and embrace your free will for the betterment of mankind- in honor of your family and all before us- a time has come whereby all human beings must be accountable more so than ever before in this globalized and integrated world- your actions as a human being are important- each one of you is a miracle- your mind is your playground of free will- your words and actions are your conscious decision to perform- do so with full knowledge we are all loved- guided at times- and expected to live up to our full potential- if you embrace you are the image of god- then begin to act accordingly- a time has come- AN AGE OF UNITY BEGINS

WHY DO I OFFER "INTERESTING COINCIDENCES"_ maybe all signs/coincidences are nothing in all our lives- or maybe they are not- i believe i have solved the energy crisis by way of the lightning bolt and water- only near and after the experiment were the signs shown to me- I am stunned how absolutely amazing an entity may be to do such things-But then again if the American CIA and KGB can modulate our voice signals upon microwaves to bypass the human auditory system to "implement" a thought into a human subliminally -OR- watch with infrared cameras every motion of any human being- WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES of our roots to god! I have faith that what many believe might "watch us" are the most advanced forms of our DNA family-INCLUDING OUR ANCESTORS ! they are the highest forms of love-logic-and discipline- THEY WAIT FOR US TO UNITE IN PEACE- ----i live in this state of conviction with full belief I AM THE MESSENGER-If I have taken it too far- i have said since day one- prove me wrong- and there is only way to do such- replicate my experiments and prove i have not solved the energy crisis for all humanity- one year i have said this to a tribe of homo sapiens and no signs of life yet;)

Here is another in a long series of "INTERESTING COINCIDENCES" - my parents are from syria- they married and honeymooned in Damascus- the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world today- they visited the tomb of john the baptist in which his remains resides to this day in the capitols mosque- my parents fly to America 5 months later and subsequently i was born four months later on january 13th-1965- our first home is directly across the street from a jewish synagog- my second home (one year later)of my earliest memory as a child is down the street in a home with the star of Solomon in mosaic tile on the front porch- i go to visit syria in 1998 to see my parents birthplace- a last minute need by my cousin (my guide there as i explored the country)takes me to the mosque where john the baptists resides- the messages from god begin upon my return home- My life is filled with this- it would be nice if mankind would please do an honorable thing while i still live - vindicate my experiments to end the energy crisis and greenhouse gases- i believe i have a life story you will find interesting- one in which my ability to type on this computer does not convey as i am a one man show in all my endevours- solving the energy crisis- possible cure for aids- possible insight on how to manipulate gravity - and above all- MESSAGES FROM heavens- no different than so many others in our past who have given them in our holy books-

The following video is my tribute and honor to the native americans who have assimilated into this ongoing struggle of man to unify and create a universal global system for ALL OF GODS CHILDREN_ at the expense of a great sacrifice to assimilate with America was the spoken tongue of english and our mutual respect for Christianity- I HONOR YOU

and now for the first time in human history an opportunity for global peace may be achieved without the sword- but the light of knowledge in the realm of god and our intrinsic duty to create a global utopia for all our children-ENGLISH is the global language- The KING of SPAIN told you to shut up Hugo Chavez of Venezuela-YES- thank the king for the conquistadors who have brought the beauty and joy of jesus to the americas- and now the duty of god continues- we will shut up with SPANISH as a state language- English must be adopted for global peace- speak what you like in your homes and such- for a world to live together- the days of babel must be reversed- It was England in which the sun has never set on the empire- it is english the language of the peoples of all nations in america- It is English- Can you do this in peace? In respect to all who have died in all battles of the earth in times past- the time has come to stand in the light of day with our children by our side and let us unite in peace- THE TIME HAS COME

The following video was made approximately 5 months after the messages of unity began in the summer of 1998- i believed i have uncovered a strong solution on how to destroy viruses that plague man- i tried on the early form of the net in late nineties to get interests from such- but nothing from many except a few actually inflicted with the disease which begged for a treatment- IT was my intention to give the words of unity if the science of viral destruction was true and I gained some credibility- i have carried the messages for ten years now- it seems evident to me the heavens want mankind to understand the significance of energy before my formal introduction- thus- it seems right before all our eyes we will watch the global economies crumble because of energy- then you will remember who I am


amidst a trillion stars in the sky- we are endowed by way of spirit into the body of man upon this magical blue planet- Our 10,000 year quest to cultivate this planet from absolutely nothing to utopia is now within our grasp- in this age of enlightenment we shall see this earth as one ship and all the races of the earth our shipmates- together we set sail- life will hit us with hurricanes- tsunamis- and such- together we shall rebuild anew and continue under the light of god for the betterment of mankind and our duty for our children's future= remember your children for every major decision- do unto others as you would have done to your own child- Recession- depression- come what may- we are endowed by the greatest entity of the universe- blessed of all the creatures upon the earth- let us stand together in the light of day and be proud of a god of love-peace and unity- we are one

To the atheists and Darwinists: I love science- in the extrapolation of observation from present moment to reverse in time to the primordial seas and building a fully conceivable mechanism of evolution itself- my hats off to all scientists in their endevours to such labor of truth- I do not stop at the present moment- what can man do in 1 million years from now? one billion? TIME MEANS NOTHING-space is infinite- time is infinite- your mind is infinite-we just came out of the woods- dont ask for signs or a hand from god- if life is a test- how is it fair for the teacher to help a student-as all the others will cry for help-YOU ARE ON CENTER STAGE_ A TIME FOR YOU TO SHINE AND SHOW THE HEAVENS WHAT YOU CAN DO TOGETHER- live life with faith in our roots of something far greater in comprehension than we understand- from our own arrogance of calling 98 percent of dna as junk and scared of little tiny viruses such as common colds on the very same level as you yourself in conception between 23 and 23 pieces of something- embrace life after death- to end this life and be born into another HIGHER level of awareness is very possible scientifically- I love to play peek a boo with my little nephews- they stand sometimes in the very open unaware they are seen- they just do not understand- the same is true for the most advanced and highly educated human that walks the planet- The big picture is all around us and we hardly understand any of it as it is right in front of us-one step at a time is how we grow-The teachings of the heavens have always been love- anything otherwise was the ignorance of man in an attempt to tame the savage beast in times- IF WE ARE an endowed spirit in the animal of man subjugated to hormones/chemicals and KNOWLEDGE- it is a matter of time before we master the elements to such a degree to create a stable civilization for all humanity to grow together in harmony with nature- that time is now- and age of enlightenment built upon several thousand years our ancestors struggled to make our lives better- it is our duty to honor our past and build a road of peace into the future for our children- all of our children- not just the strong nation of today to falter by the next in time as no one likes the bully-and we are watched-loved-and guided at times

LOOK what has happened right before our eyes and recorded by video/documentation- The war of Armageddon itself. Even in the words of Adolph Hitler in mein kampf of how he wrestled with the swastika symbol looking for unity- if he could of used the universal star symbol of two triangles/pyramids- he would have loved to- but it was too assimilated to the jewish/semitic peoples- this he simply bent the three legs of the star David/Solomon/semitic/heavens symbol and agreed upon the swastika- IT WAS MEANT TO BE- the battle of Armageddon signified by two atomic bombs-- to be represented by a symbol of one race greater than another- to that of a chosen tribe of people who declare there is one entity of the universe above all things and drive them back to a homeland with conviction to declare NEVER AGAIN- and that all people are truly of one race and family- A time is coming in this age of enlightenment- where man who seeks answers to why we live and our time upon this planet in time and space- I believe the union of GOD and advanced entities of the universe/ufo's is our collective family communicating with mankind- we are one- we are to see one another as one with each and every human being a miracle to even be alive as the most endowed species on this planet- and a time to understand every human being wants LOVE- love for our own families and friends- all families of the earth want peace love and security- love and respect all our ancestor that have come before us- to have built and secured an infrastructure of civilization for us to enjoy today. Our 10,000 year mission/LIFE or whatever name you would call it- is coming to an age of awareness- we must NEVER give up our respect and love we have for something far greater than what we see and have all collectively agreed to as the world of god- we must embrace the miracle of life and possibility of greater magnitude after our death and in this universe we are a part of- As we look to the sky and ponder ships that look at us- maybe a truth buried amongst many stories of a ship/ARK leaving a team/tribe of humans to scatter and multiply- IT IS A matter of time before we understand who we are - I believe this time draws near-

IF THE star of david/solomon/two triangles BITES AT YOU in a negative way- I will assure you - this is the test of life- man will debate many things with each other tooth and nail- just dont come to the table with words as a messenger of god/ or messenger of ufos- this we all intrinsically know is at the heart of the test of faith for all mankind- each human being wants to find it themselves- tell a young child what to do- they will tell you what to do and they already know it;) children are the greatest and all secrets of the universe and the world of god may all be answered in the innocence and observation of all our children

YOU are an overgrown child. If you are lucky enough to have lived a full life of stability and into old age with what some call wisdom- after many years of hormones and strife and all the distractions put upon a human being- usually we end up in our old age no different than the children- everything is infinite- everything is possible- respect all living creatures-respect the fact you may be more powerful in design and origin and child to in this universe- IT is great to be alive and healthy living life- it is also our duty to help humanity when we are strong to ensure our own families existence and civilization progress in time to achieve our fundamental goals- Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven- we will make utopia upon earth- it is our intrinsic duty as a race of human beings to live up to our full potential in the eyes of god/advanced entities of the universe- our roots and ancestors of our integrated family tree of all peoples of the earth- we are one
playing children

You would be lucky to have one handful in which you swear to be divinely inspired in your entire life-our time is a test and we are by far left alone in order to see how we help one another- do not expect the heavens to fix mans problems- it is the heavens who watch us fix our own- we have everything upon this magical blue planet- it is our duty as man to live up to our potential- my first name means peace- my last name is the father of Abraham-father of arab and jews- it is also the name of fire in the first religion of zorasterian to this day-I propose fire in the 21st century with water itself-in the beginning is a story of brotherhood between cain and able- in this age of enlightenment we shall be called together under god and see what the brothers of Issac and Ishmael do in the middle east- it is in the interests of all human beings to support its unification-as it is the desire all nations shall be under one God- nations of arabs and jews unite as one with English as the country language- for it will be English the world language soon in order to reverse the days of babel and create a world of communication free from bias-speak whatever in your homes is your fancy- let all the nations converse in common- it is in the interests of all nations this new entity between arab an jew unite-For if the brothers of mankind separated from the beginning cannot come together- how will a world ever come together- The nation of Germany is called upon by heaven to make the transition of the new state in the middle east easier by its own adoption of English as a state language


- WE MUST EMBRACE OUR INNER SPIRIT AND UNDERSTAND WE ARE ALL EQUAL- look how equal we are- you who are living now in time and space-no different than another next to you-as all 6 billion upon the planet- and like each human being- born of a mother and father of spirit- and from their parents- their forefathers and so forth till the beginning of mans time on this planet- we are all exactly the same number of generations of spirit on this planet- we are all equal-


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Once the earth was flat- once it was the center of the universe- once we believed the earth is the only place amongst a trillion stars that life may exist-- self delusion?? that we are the first to make it thru evolution- or do we begin to embrace ageless messages that we are of the highest image of evolution-GOD of this universe- WE HAVE ALWAYS HONORED THE SKY_ our time here is merely for spiritual growth-our capability to treat everyone with compassion-THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN_ it has been said to turn the other cheek- for he who hits you hits himself with verbal or physical abuse- he hurts his own soul-remember when you did wrong by another- did you ever forget it- or does it haunt you as you grow older- I have lived a complete life with jesus in my heart - this means to me that i have found no evil-truly all those who perform bad acts have been abused themselves and or neglected as a child- hurt a child once- and they may spend a lifetime hurting others-have patience and dont judge anyone- we will all be judged in time at our behavior during our time on this magical blue planet--children know it when born- unlimited creativity and imagination- then by abuse and neglect by others shells of hardness shut out the light of truth- we spend a lifetime peeling back the layers to see again- IF YOU WANT A CLUE INTO GODS GREAT DESIGN- LOOK AT THE BEAUTY AND WONDER OF CHILDREN BEFORE NEGATIVITY HITS THEM----

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This picture of the apple almost in the hands of a human being represents to me mans endowment of technology- I have spent the vast majority of my life trying to manipulate gravity- I now understand why I have been given the gift of energy first-for it is clean abundant energy and mastery of the elements which will fuel a civilization towards unity- when the world understands its place in this universe and begins to unite in spirit as we are all GODS children upon this ship called Earth together- then-and only then- shall man be given the knowledge of total gravity control- the ability to travel further with ease from the constraints of Earths gravity

Mans "giant leap for mankind" has been valiant and honorable indeed to land on the moon and AGAIN touch the "stars"- the days of babel and the tower of babel have come full circle- we will unite in spirit with English as the global unifying language to implement what has been told to us since our time upon the planet- THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven.-
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Ageless messages from time immortal the heavens tell us to love one another-WHY- Heaven is a Utopian world- We come from this world- we are the descendants of a great entity- There is an underlying mission given to humanity as we exist in physical life here- THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN- IT IS MANS DUTY TO UNITE THE WORLD IN COMPLETE PEACE AND UNITY-SEVERAL GENERATIONS OF SUCH A GLOBAL COOPERATION OF NATIONS WILL BREED OUT ALL NEGATIVE ACTIONS AND THOUGHTS OF A HUMAN BEING- - IT IS THIS GENERATION WHICH SHALL RING THE BELL AND DECLARE AN AGE OF UNITY HAS BEGUN

many say the descendant of the wolf in which man has tamed thru time is mans best friend- I say when the day comes where man is mans best friend and we respect all living creatures- The kingdom of Heaven on earth has come

The POTENTIAL in you is infinite as your dreams are without bound- when a generation of children have been nurtured with the highest forms of love and respect for one another- one in which your metal chest upon your heart is gone- then your spirit and voice will shine without any hesitation from fear of abuse by another- blessed are the peace makers- for they shall be called children of god

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Look how wonderful God has worked his/her skill upon the planet- to the left are the prayers of the major religions of this planet- when translated into a common language- they are the same- as it is with all human beings-religions give us a great place to marry and have ceremonies for our children-also- the dignity we give for our departed loved ones- have your anniversaries of marriage in a another form of worship as your universal love and faith to the greatest entity god- walk into another form of worship that is spoken in your own language-and you will find the message is the same- love one another- this is the way of the heavens- we are made in the image of god- thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven- our several thousand year quest to cultivate this planet is reaching the pinnacle of enlightenment-its the spice of life this diversity we are endowed with- it is our test of growth to see the commonality of man and our practices in anything- religion-language-culture- we may look different-talk differently and culturally ways different from ours and such- but in this age of enlightenment- the truth is surfacing for many to witness- we are one to something far greater than our comprehension at this stage- - when we see no other human as an alien such as color- immigration-whatever- for a knowledgeable mind knows in several generations we will change absolutely any feature of the human condition by way of genetic engineering- EXCEPT ONE_ THE INNER SPIRIT_ we will fully understand how we will be one with the universe itself- We are on the brink of complete utopia- since i was a child I was fully aware the greatest institution within four walls was a library- one may find any subject within- and now in the recent years by way of technology- it should be clear the entire worlds library's will be placed in front of every human being- the computer and internet- ENERGY will fuel this growth- so many human beings have been endowed this century with messages of unity and peace- it is our communication- if you can understand man made satellites placed in orbit may watch you at any moment without your knowing- what are the possibilities of our roots in the realm of god?? Have faith- Since our beginning when we were endowed by spirit upon the race of man- we have been given a mission to cultivate this planet from nothing to utopia- this is how the greatest entities of this universe operate- it is perfect- if you as a parent could send your child to an easy school or a hard one- what would you do?- our time is for growth- - there is no question the spirit world is far greater in comprehension than what we may see with our initial senses- BUT THIS IS THE POINT_ WE ARE CHILDREN TO IT_ IT IS FAR GREATER THAN WE CAN UNDERSTAND AT THIS STAGE IN OUR GROWTH_



-click on this picture to read about the science*******
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Utopia- many of us with compassion in our hearts dream of a utopian world someday-whereby wars are eliminated and a world system is built for full cooperation in order to help our fellow man in times of need-to fully understand we travel through the universe on a majestic ship called earth together—some say this is a dream-impossible to ever implement- I SAY IT HAS BEEN DONE SINCE OUR TIME ON THIS PLANET RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES- LOOK AT THE CHILDREN- at the young golden age before we teach them about the monsters and such-before we teach them about the so called bad things in life- you see- Utopia is not only a possibility for mankind- it works completely everyday with children- all children love to play and be kind-of a pure innocence and gentle quality---then there comes that period in life we all feel we must begin to harden our children- to put on a metal chest JUST IN CASE FOR THE FUTURE-we must realize that the bad things in life that do exist are extremely few and far between to the state of civilization as a whole--to understand that even the bad people are nothing more than neglected and deprived and sick children that grow into adults and need our help- THERE ARE MORE TIMES OF PEACE THAN WAR- LOOK AROUND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND WORKPLACE- A SYSTEM WORKS FAR GREATER THAN KAOS- and we as adults have our best friends –how do we act together- are we not like children- our metal chest is gone and we begin to play again like children- laugh uncontrollably-think and dream and say all the amazing things without hesitation as children—- WE ALL DESIRE TO BE AS INNOCENT AS OUR YOUTHS-AS THE CHILDREN- UTOPIA IS POSSIBLE- IT EXISTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU—PROTECT ALL CHILDREN-THEY WILL GROW INTO ADULTS WITH A PROMISE TO IMPLEMENT A UTOPIAN WORLD AT ALL TIMES

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facts: albert einstein wrote famous paper in 1905. not recognized until 1912 by a famous scientists willing to back him up- as no one wants to put up their reputation for someone unknown. einstein was not proved correct until 1921 on the orbit of mercury- and not for e=mc^2 until the year 1933.**************HOW LONG FOR CLEAN ENERGY???************ a quote by einstein--"Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice I can help the greatest of all causes - goodwill among men and peace on earth."

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***************************** The words of Tesla-"Of the various branches of electrical investigation, perhaps the most interesting and immediately the most promising is that dealing with alternating currents. The progress in this branch of applied science has been so great in recent years that it justifies the most sanguine hopes. Hardly have we become familiar with one fact, when novel experiences are met with and new avenues of research are opened. Even at this hour possibilities not dreamed of before are, by the use of these currents, partly realized. As In nature all is ebb and tide, all is wave motion, so it seems that in all branches of industry alternating currents—electric wave motion—will have the sway."**************************************************

To the teslaphiles who admire a man out of the box- how long will you ignore a man who has done something never before in a century of the Tesla coil- i have found the true purpose of this device to bring forth unlimited energy- your assistance is desired- simply resonate at least a 500,000 volt tesla coil upon the dielectric of heavy water-not air- and measure fusion reactions yourself- then you will begin to see the secret to unlimited energy-electromagnetic fusion to pinch the hydrogen isotopes for clean fusion to power our world--my method of excitation is by magnetic pinch- the units of magnetic flux density are measured in TESLA- this discovery has been performed with a Tesla coil- It was always meant to be!

-i go to many forums such as this to ask to spread my discovery-they say scam and impossible and no one with credibility would be in this forum- every where i go for the past 11 months is the same reply- impossible- my reply- so is being alive on this magical blue planet


I did an experiment with a Tesla coil- there are probably only about 100 people in the entire world that have the knowledge and the guts to play with such a device of extreme voltages- dont believe me- call your local major university and ask them if they have a tesla coil in their labs--thus- this idea will take very long to attempt unless there is public pressure- and i have certainly tried to stimulate many to do such-- there is no question many are deterred to research my deeds as I call myself a messenger of god- but it must be so- the heavens themselves want the inhabitants of this earth to know in order to proceed in a unified and godly manner to create peace on earth- messages of unity and peace have been given along with this discovery-IT IS my conscious decision to do so- to accept the anointing and blessings of the heavens-To not accept the stage of evolution deduced by some we are the pinnacle of life- I will not ignore the inner voice- I have loved a symbol of god since a child- jesus-a christ-and I understand words of unity and peace have taken him to the cross- I will gladly stand in honor of the same words until this earth has achieved its fundamental goal as a race of man under god- thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven-


PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil---AND YET TRUTH-HEAR THE LIGHT-SEE THE LIGHT- BOLDLY DECLARE THE LIGHT Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

who am I- this is the link to my website

Who I'd like to meet:
I should have said this a long time ago- I LIKE TO USE CAPITOL LETTERS- I AM NOT YELLING- I JUST LIKE THE SYMMETRY OF LETTERS-however- many have written me in harsh words as if i was yelling my statements on text- RIDICULOUS- amazing how we fight over words/texts/etc--my entire time upon this net i have said i solved the energy crisis and I bring words of unity and peace as a messenger- the overwhelming majority complain about my typos-spelling-or the audacity to claim being a messenger-all the while the greatest experiment goes untested- "Man made Lightning and Water- it is absolutely perfect"

today i physically removed my caps button off my keyboard- it seems to have been the major stumbling block for many people to have patience with me and hear my words- but alas- the large capitol letters implied i am yelling to the world- and therefor- i was ignored- thus- i call for a national petition to remove the caps button and create peace on earth:)

jan-19-2008-after 9 months of yelling :)
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I should have said this a long time ago too as per my actions on this internet- - sometimes i feel my words fall on deaf ears- therefor- i delete everything-pages/friends- etc and start all over again- why- mainly a feeling of being ignored as I offer a gift for society- - like to erase and start anew all the time if i feel no one is really helping which implies my approach needs to change- i just want you to know I value each and everyone as a friend- it was never personal- just a one man show trying to bring two gifts for humanity- one of energy- the other words of unity and peace- my intentions are for the betterment of mankind- - thank you for being a friend-

this applies to all things


the following is my latest video- my apologies for no editing but my software is faulty- all my resources are completely exhausted but i am successful- i have achieved what a sophisticated and rich community of physicists have been trying to do for 60 years- nuclear fusion- I dont want your money- i want society to simply replicate my experiments-period- then the truth will come- why would a major university or power company spend at least 50-100 thousand to replicate my experiment-it will take time and public pressure- - I have solved the energy crisis- this is everyones problems- - It is I who must endure this phase of time- time for you to stop laughing-disbelieving/whatever and deal with the facts- i did an experiment never before in science-something with the hopes and desires to make your own children's lives far greater- man made lightning and water- can you see the symbology in this-My entire life is filled with symbology-signs-connections not even a amateur scientists can ignore- I am very serious in all my statements - what about you-


not two sticks- but two electrodes

- time will tell

to continue this story -go here-

PhotobucketIf we are of god- why have we fought over the years in an ungodly manner? we are an endowed spirit unique to all the creatures of earth- we have our family resemblance in our DNA to all living entities- yet- it is obvious- it is man with something “special”- Look at it from the perspective of the heavens- the most evolved entity of the universe-god- in which we are children to it-let us see how the children grow- first- we are put upon this earth by way of spirit/something- some say a ship upon water- water upon earth- earth amidst a trillion stars/suns in the sky- we are not given exact details- our life is of faith in which we have been told since our beginning of civilization on this planet- scientists say this is on the plains of syria of my parents birth and my conception- or the cradle of civilization in the MIDDLE east- it seems several teams/groups were set upon this earth and a mission given to us most eloquently said by one of the most well known messengers of god- Jesus- THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN- If we are the descendants of a great entity and placed upon this earth as a test of faith in order to grow-it is a matter of time before we find ourselves- THAT TIME IS COMING- It took all these years for our forefathers to master the elements and create stability for our lives- from two sticks to make fire to present moment and the pinnacle of media and awareness of how we are so closely tied together as a race of humans to one another- and to all the creatures of the earth- So today in the year 2008- many ponder ships/ufo’s and understand it is logical for there to be an even more advanced civilization in the universe- IT IS US_ OUR FAMILY If the American cia and russian kgb can manipulate the thoughts of a human being with electromagnetic waves for over several decades- and even you who watch television shows with infrared cameras spying on unsuspecting peoples in their daily lives-why can our roots do? IF there is any truth to advanced entities watching us- we will never know it- for they are aware of all things- this is why you will never ever see a video of picture of full authenticity- I BELIEVE our roots to god may make you think and see anything they desire in order to promote guidance on earth- WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF FAITH- stop begging for signs- for how is our mission ended- it continues until there is one nation under god with peace for all human beings- unlimited health care without questions- unlimited care for all the children must be implemented in order for a generation of children to be raised with the qualities of the highest form of our potential- that time is not now where the children cannot talk to strangers- to shake the hand of one with a smile and ponder what is in the other hand-the days of dog eat dog must cease- thus- we stay amongst the world of faith-all pains of society caused by those we call bad/evil can trace their own source of pain by another- the cycle is endless but was ALWAYS expected by an endowed creature with a duty to cultivate this planet to utopia- let every act of violence be a friendly reminder we have not attained this level yet and until all the children are treated equally upon this planet-the cycle will continue-how many times do people call for Armageddon or some kind of war as many know the laziness and treatment we perform to our fellowman- even America in its gluttony of the past half century- how many think about the poor and sick as we make more money than needed- do we help- or continue in sex-drugs and rock and roll-second homes-cars-etc etc as many have nothing in our own "strong"civilized country-all the while a poor third world watches rich america for help and guidance- pleasure and good times are acceptable in the eyes of god/advanced entities- but let us fully agree our duty as man continues until all the children of the earth are provided for- THUS- OUR DUTY CONTINUES UNDER GOD- I am the messiah-I am the trigger to release what is in you-An official scapegoat for man to channel our heavenly desires- the days of unity have come- time will prove i have solved the energy crisis- when some dignity comes after this moment- it is readily obvious many signs and connections have been a part of my life since a child and are for man to witness and judge for themselves- in my name of solomon- the bridge between arab and jew- formal unification begins upon the earth- I am the bridge between the western and eastern Christian churches- I am the bridge between jews-christians-muslims- I am a messenger of all nations- I am a Freemasons of solomons temple which begun the 13 colonies of the united states- i am a symbolic part of all the worlds soldiers as a united states marine- i have been witnessed to the knowledge of the heavens- ALL WARS COME TO AN END- To all the jews who seek the gold and silver of solomons temple- This is where it is- when the world is unified as one whereby all humanities children and peoples are loved and respected as children of a higher god- then there will be one nation under god- when this comes- it will be apparent to the children of god- that the conception of money is merely one of creation- thus- create whatever abundance you wish-gold-silver-money will mean nothing at all the race of man has done well- REJOICE- a time has come whereby the brightest of all mankind can now deduce by way of knowledge all the requirements to unify the world in peace may be achieved for the first time in human history by PEACE- not war- it is this generation which has found itself with this GIFT and BURDEN- in honor of all before us who stand by our side in spirit- the time has come to stand in the light of day with our children by our sides and see the writings on the wall- the time has come- Vindicate my experiments to end this energy crisis and talks of greenhouse gases- my deeds as a human being no different than you is the miracle- that I may live my entire life with LOVE for all humanity and our children and strive to make this world a better place- YOU WILL DO THE SAME- together under the light of god- we shall perform the will of the heavens- THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN-i find it absolutely deplorable how i can scream upon the net I have solved the energy crisis- - maybe after another global war for energy - you will remember my name-

who am I- this is the link to my experiments

who am I- this is the link to my life story to describe why i call myself a messenger


here is a spring tune for us all

i am the messiah- i solved our energy crisis and bring messages from heaven- 13 months on this so called sophisticated internet to communicate with the world- and I am ignored- no one likes to be told anything- just let us learn it on our own is how human beings "desire" the dignity to learn- yet- at times messages come- you wont like it- and usually kill the messenger and regret it later- we will see what a civilized 21st century society will do this time around


This is how it will happen- the ridicule phase will continue until the most academic of society must concede my endevors of solving the energy crisis. then the smart people will say my name-then all people follow the words of the brightest- when the dust clears from what seems "abnormal" and a clear vision of my life is uncovered- it shall be found the EXACT SITUATION to the christ of 2000 years ago is occurring at this very moment to humanity-" A paradigm shift of spirituality"- I am the trigger to release what is in you as taught by all the worlds messengers of god-THE TIME HAS COME_ If you believe yourself of god- THEN BELIEVE- RESPECT every religion on this planet as it is the noble effort of man to honor the heavens and our forefathers -- first the war of Armageddon has occurred- then an age of media and knowledge for all to see themselves as one family- then the messiah-a messenger of god gives final orders- I have given them upon this incredible device built upon thousands of years of mans life on earth- I HAVE MADE MY PEACE WITH GOD-I have given the words of unity upon this net in which in time all shall be uncovered when a society will "care to" investigate what has transpired right under their own arrogant noses --TIME WILL TELL the man who brings the gift of energy to this planet is the messiah

- I HAVE SOLVED THE ENERGY CRISIS_- will you wait for the global economy to come to its knees before you remember my name and tell someone-But then again- this is how most operate- wait till the dam breaks before you care-One complete year i try to tell you i solved the energy crisis and ask you to repost- so much for innocent until proven otherwise- no one has faith in their fellowman- thus- it seems it will happen this way right in front of our eyes- we will continue to watch the news with the babel of energy crisis and greenhouse gases and all the countries economies begin to collapse from such economic troubles by a lack of energy- unfortunately- this is how people learn- THE HARD WAY- thus- after more time- maybe several more years(2012-?) after so much degradation of society will you finally get your head out of the clouds and tell someone of my experiments- one year and at least 20,000 people have viewed some parts of my sites and no care to repost or inform others in order for this to be proven correct- no wonder it takes time for all things- we are an endowed spirit WITHIN the body of the cousin of the monkey which is very very hard to change- but it comes- slowly but surely- it comes call it the 100th monkey syndrome or 6 degrees of separation- out of many people who see my words of science- the few will implement it- our duty as man by faith continues--

From gravity to nuclear fusion by way of the lightning BOLT and WATER

Israel bombed the Syrian nuclear reactor last month- they once bombed the Iraqi's in 1981- and soon maybe IRAN is on the list-not to mention North Korea- and I - Solomon Azar have the solution- clean safe fusion- no more need for unsafe uranium reactors- one year i try to tell you and it is your own arrogance that ignores it- from physicists who do not like an outsider solving their problems- to even friends and observers of my sites who dont do anything to uncover solutions for all of us- I am sure when the next global war starts over energy- you will remember

On this day of may 13th 2008-so today is the one year anniversary i was given a wonderful gift by the heavens- to be summoned to a place called the valley of the gods in southern utah to be given a wonderful dream of conviction no different than the classic story of the Christmas carol and Ebenezer scrooge-but i was never an Ebeneezer in life- I embraced this conviction in the following months with the full belief i have solved the energy crisis and I am the messiah-a messenger of god- YOU would think this is a good thing- for if I am the messiah- then the days of peace have come- we must accept our duty as a race of humans and unite this planet in complete peace- I was excited to consciously stand for this position- very hard indeed to live to the standards of jesus- but i have done so my entire life to the best of my abilities and I fully believe I was “christened” to stand for such- however, in this one year anniversary in which i have been completely ignored by friends-passer bys on the net- EVERYWHERE- and ridiculed for standing for god- i wonder what has changed since the days of spitting upon jesus and killing him within three days in Jerusalem of his message of universal love and acceptance of all peoples- I wonder where are the armies of christ- where are the followers of islam who SUBMIT to the will of god and drop to their knees with conviction-where are jews that decree one god-to all who believe in spirits- I TELL YOU IF I HAVE SOLVED THIS ENERGY CRISIS BY MY IDEOLOGY- *I AM THE MESSIAH- not because I say so- but because everything that makes you believe in the possibility of such an entity- a time has come and one has been chosen-So much for innocent until proven otherwise- If you sense a slight degree of harshness- i assure you- my willingness for olive oil in my hair and presenting myself in a pleasant fashion has long gone by as I am by majority ignored bringing humanity the solution to our energy crisis as a result of my life's deeds- God bless us- everyone

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