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Lance B White

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Blogs by Lance B White

What's Around the Bend
3/16/2008 5:00:25 PM    [ Flag as Inappropriate ]

I hear many asking, "where are we at right now? Where are the changes for the better? and what's around the bend?"

Sunday, March 16, 2008
Around the Bend

We've been through the Harmonic Convergence, survived the Y2K event, "Fired the Grid", resonated with Karen Bishop and her Energy Alerts, and done our homework on the Mayan Prophecies about 2012.

We've taken the esoteric aspects of traditional religions, and discovered that spirit resides within. Most have begun to connect their "heart chakras" with the left brain, and are nurturing our right brain Divine feminine side. Our angels work overtime, and guides guide us through our life's experiences, as we meditate. But what in the heck is happening "out there" in our shared reality, that we call "the world"? Some have done mind altering substances in the 60's, or recently traveled to South American countries to be with shamans to do Ayahuasca. Why do we continue to see so much corruption, greed, ignorance, fear and superficial human activity, and when will other people begin to "wake up"?

Behind the veil, much occurs that we are not privy to; nothing is as it seems. The most important aspect of this shared holographic reality, is the understanding that we are all God in our own Universe. There are no victims. We are each Creator Gods/Goddesses, merging with our Higher Selves. The reason why it seems as if the unfolding of world events is taking so much time is because we all agreed at the soul level to "wait a bit longer" for THE Shift to occur, so that the maximum number of souls could "get on board". We're in the shift right now, but THE shift approaches. We are like a salad dressing of oil, water and vinegar. Until now, we've been "shaken up" and so MIXED UP that we haven't been able to distinguish the unique flavors that make up this salad dressing.

This is now the "separation" process; the wheat and the chaff parable. Next, is purification by fire. The chaff is traditionally burned, and the wheat is stored or eaten. Fire represents an influx of Divine Ethereal energies, which Robert Cox refers to as "The Pillar of Celestial Fire", which is the name of his enlightening book, is worth reading. It's an esoteric "gold mine".

Today, the out breath of God has stopped. We are in the cosmic moment when the IN breath begins. It's similar to suspended animation. We wait. We go on, and we create, both our unique and our collective realities. But it's not "business as usual". Those of us who know this are no better or different; we simply agreed to assist our "other selves" who awaken, right up until the last nanosecond. It's a matter of being of service to others.

So, when feelings come up that we've DONE our "clearings" for decades, we've done all the "transformational movements", the rebirthing, the past life experience workshops, the OBEs, connected to our guides and angels, and wondered rightfully WHEN things will actually CHANGE, this is why. We're holding the note of consciousness as the shift literally transforms everything. As this intensifies, many will cling to old paradigms, to material realities, as spirit merges with this dimension. An analogy is that of a symphony, in which several higher harmonic notes have intentionally been withheld. At a certain moment, they will be added to the arrangement, and what was chaotic and meaningless is transformed into Celestial Music of the Spheres.

Higher dimensions are merging with 3D (this one). This is why it's said in all teachings that everything will be revealed. On the "other side" which is where we source this reality, everything already "is" without the density, subterfuge and distortions. Since there is no such thing as time, and the Mayan Calendar proclaims the "end of time", it's the end of the ILLUSION, or the end of Maya. This is why there is no calendar that continues after 2012. It's the end of what is not real. What can be so "bad" about that?

If one is aligned with one's soul, knowingly or not, if we are living authentically from our hearts, if we honor ALL life as One, then we are on the right track, and there is nothing "to do". We're the only animals that have convinced ourselves that we are "above" everything else. This has created feelings of separation, lack and fear. When we live from fear, we have to cling to something material as our lifeboat. When we don't believe that we are spirit manifesting through matter, then matter becomes "significant", and the accumulation of matter is our search for our Selves. Wrong place to discover eternity!

Spirituality is a deepening realization of Spirit. That's it. Once we penetrate the veil, our lives turn inside out and upside down.

Like a Pole Shift, we realize that everything we thought we knew was backwards. We had it wrong. Ego doesn't like to admit being wrong. That's what most fighting is about. It's a petty clinging to the concept of being right; being right leads to being righteous. Righteousness leads to judgment, hatred, intolerance, imprisonment, inquisitions and being burned at the stake. It establishes false gods or "hierarchies" which claim to have special connections to source, which we must discover for ourselves to be false. What we do to another we do to our Selves, so why would anyone want to hurt or exclude another? To be right, to control, to have power over. Dominion. Divide and conquer.

It's important to "let go" of the idea that the masses are going to awaken. It's not likely to happen that way. It only takes a small percentage, less than 2% of the population, to create a permanent shift, as suggested by the "100th Monkey Theory". Be happy to be in that percentage; develop compassion. Everyone is fine, and each soul has its own path to follow. Let go of the idea that others must be like you. We're not here to gain followers. It's painfully obvious what happens to sheep and cattle, and who can be certain they are leading others in the "right" direction?

We face major upheavals right now, so connecting with our own higher intuitive information is vital. Global financial collapse is around the corner. I've been following this for years; my father used to say, since childhood in the 1950's, that money is worthless. He would make vulgar displays by taking a paper bill and pretending to wipe his ass with it! It created a lasting impression. He also mentioned that "the Bilderbergs" own everything. Pretty astute observations. Today, the false belief in money as God is going South. It is about to collapse, and its "followers" will feel as if they have died, because they have nothing left to believe in.

During the Great Depression, many jumped out of windows to their death. Some will choose to depart by making a transition to spirit. Shocks motivate the maximum number of souls to go inward, wake up, and smell the burning coffee. Those of us involved with "new age" ideas, are going to begin seeing predictions coming true: the collapse of all things. Like dominos falling, in the movie "V for Vendetta", we have set up this global shift for our Selves, and we are writing the Final Script. Why would we write anything but a Glorious Happy Ending?

So, as things begin to "fall apart", do not fear. Fear is a lower vibration that comes about when we believe in the ILLusion. We are healing. Everything hidden and sick must surface to be healed and released. As we FINALLY let go of all that is not love-based, which has been sustained by fear, the new vibrations will manifest. What will that be like? Well, we'll know when we arrive. It hasn't been created yet. We're "here", at the tipping point, the point at which everything slides into the ocean; some things quite literally. It's not a good time to move to the coast!

There may be a pole shift soon, and from there it gets very interesting indeed. We have substantial help from the "invisibles". The other side, and higher density positive polarity groups are assisting us, and have been for decades. No, they are not going to "save us". We must make whatever choices we do. The dark side has to be permitted, allowed, to play out its intentions right up until the last microsecond.

It's a game of chess, where you give your "opponent" enough rope.

But we do not have time to worry about those who have, over many lifetimes, had their cake who expect to "have it all". It just isn't going to be a happening thing. What we personify as "evil" is actually a descending spiral, which comes about from continuing to reinforce (choose) unconscious behavior. Unconsciousness is darkness, or turning away from light (information), heart and one's conscience.

Consciousness represents an ascending spiral, of awareness, truth, beauty, love, harmony, peace, etc. These are "archetypes" which guide us when we align with our own soul/spirit. The downward spiral moves further away from Divine Archetypes, in a desire to replace truth with false archetypes, based upon illusion. This is where greed and power step in, and stealing everyone else's "stuff".

The "dark side" is an attempt to replace, or BE "God", in one's own universe. It's the ultimate "forgetting game". We are in a process of self-remembering. Since we already ARE God in our own universe, the desire to have everything has already been fulfilled. The "Everything" that the dark side desires, is manufactured out of fear and loathing of self. It cannot "win" or prevail. In any case, each of us is fully accountable and responsible for our own choices. They all come back to bite us in the ass; not later, but as John Lennon sang, "Instant Karma is gonna get you!"

The bad news is that things are about to appear to get darker. The good news is that the light wins in the last moments, like a James Bond movie. That's how close we are, and will be, to the "bad guys" taking over the world for their own selfish purposes. Megalomania is not a high vibration. The "bad guys" are going to lose in the end. It may have appeared they are winning, or will gain control through NAFTA, the perverted political process, bird flu, AIDS, SARS, water and food control, genocide, terror, wars, chemtrails, Endgames, the FED, the Bilderbergs, the Tri-Lateral Commission, Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, military-industrial complex, NWO, secret UFO technologies, big pharma, reptilians and grays, etc. Yet, in spite of all the "nefarious" plans, which have been operating long before we were born, they all come to naught. Zero.

Even the "escape plans" which the elite have, "just in case" are not going to work. One door after another will close, until suddenly, like a car accident, or a "Big Bang", all will be transformed. How that looks is anyone's guess. This is a time to choose wisely.

In the meantime, watch the astrological signs, keep your house in order, and love one another. Don't get caught up in the drama, and laugh a lot. If you really want to raise your vibration, wean yourself off of all media such as television, radio and newspapers.

Don't worry about the "news". You'll hear about anything that's really important. Besides, the REAL news is all inside. Until we begin to listen within, and to hear our own inner voice, our higher self, the intuitive "wise one" inside, all else is hypnosis and brainwashing; mainly, to get us to jump through hoops. Buy this, buy that, think this, think that. Read my lips. You can be fairly certain that everything a politician says is not truth, and is a manipulation or outright lie. If you begin reversing what our "leaders" say, you will arrive much closer to the truth.

We're born and we die. What we do in between is our responsibility, so why not choose to be happy and live fully? That happens when we begin to think, feel and live for ourselves; not as slaves to other's limited beliefs and outdated paradigms.

When in doubt, FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. Always follow your heart's desire!

Zany Mystic

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