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Cheril L Goodrich

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Blogs by Cheril L Goodrich

Making Miracles Happen
3/25/2004 4:31:50 AM    [ Flag as Inappropriate ]

The miracle process is seldom understood and because of this we do not know that this gift has been offered to mankind to help him/her reach beyond what is known physically to the Spirit. Understanding the miracle process is how we learn to link directly to Eternity, and thus learn of our reality.

Lesson One

Making miracles is an opportunity for mankind to share in the establishing of the Kingdom of God on earth. Miracles are the gifts that Heaven is sharing with mankind to help him/her remember their Eternal Nature. In order to share in this wonderful opportunity, we must be willing to move beyond what is understood by mankind as being real, or being possible and into a new realm of possibility that far exceeds anything that is known or understood at this time by mankind. Learning about miracles is how we step out of what we think we know into what is truly known by the rest of creation, but has been forgotten by us because of our humnan experience.
In order to become a part of making miracles, we must first address the mistakes that have been learned while having a physical or human experience. This is the correction process that helps us understand how we learned how to be depressed, unhappy, diseased, and how we keep getting all of the things we do not want in our lives. You see, being unhappy is not a function we were created with, it was learned. If we learned that 2+2=5, then we would have to relearn the basic math skills to understand that this was incorrect. When we learn that it is possible to be unhappy, then we must make corrections by finding in the past where we learned a formula for life that led us to unhappiness. This is how the miracle comes in.
The miracle is a link that has the ability to re-establish our connection to our Eternal Nature, or our Spirit. This is done with, first a desire to change something that brings us great pain, be it emotional or physical. Once we make this decision, we invite into our thought process a whole new way of learning. This way of learning takes time. Just like it takes time for a baby to grow into adulthood, it takes time for our life to change directions from unhappiness to happiness.
Are you ready to relearn of your reality? Are you ready to take a step in a direction that is not commonly understood by mankind? Are you ready to undo the past that has shown you how to live in complete opposition to the truth of who you are? This is not an easy journey, and because everyone has a Team of Advisors in the Eternal Realm that knows the Plan for each individual, we must not confuse our role with Theirs so we become willing participants in the journey. This means we learn how to be a part of a group rather than trying to do all of the work alone.
If it is time to make the commitment to change your life, then we can get started. If not, then your Team of Advisors will wait until you are ready. With that said, let us move to the first lesson of Making Miracles.
The first lesson to learn is this; we did not move into the physical realm understanding the laws of time. We had to learn how to live by the laws of time through a learning process that took time for us to understand how to do this.
Babies are not born understanding the laws of time, so they live by different Laws. The Laws they live by are Eternal Laws and as they become more indoctrinated into the laws of time, they begin to respond to what is important here in the physical realm. Babies are born whole and complete. They have a fully functional and operative mind that begins to immediately process information so they can make sense out of this different place called time. In the Eternal Realm, there is spirit. Here there is form. The response to form is different then the response to spirit, and so the baby begins to make adjustments. Because children want to please, they try to conform to what they think will make their parents happy. They do not understand the difference between their own happiness and their parents happiness, so when the parent is upset the baby may associate itself with the parents unhappiness. This is a time born thought that creates an out of harmony pattern that is not in line with Eternity. A time born thought becomes a part of the baby's reality that remains with this one throughout their life unless a change occurs. The change that needs to occur in order to put the child's mind back in harmony with Eternity is a miracle.
At the exact moment a false association to the physical world enters the child's mind, a shift occurs. This shift is how the child learns how to be a human being. The child also begins to believe, as time goes on, that it is actually the experience it is having. Another shift must occur that will bring the mind back in line with the Eternal Nature. This shift is the miracle.
The miracle does not actually do anything except take the individual back to the point an error occurred and restore the correct perception. Where the shift to time began, the shift back to the Eternal Nature brings the mind back into line with reality. This shift opens up new possibilities that were not evident before the shift occurs.
There have been many mistakes that have been made that have shown us that we are not Spiritual Beings, but instead a physical being. This is not true, and until we realize that we are just having an experience, we will continue to try to "be" the experience we are having. The next lesson will examine the part of us that still remains attached to our Eternal Nature.

Lesson Two


We do not understand the Eternal Realm, so we do not understand exactly how it works.  We also do not understand our connection to it.  We believe that when our prayers are not being answered it is because God is telling us no.  That is not exactly the way it is.  The truth is that God never tells us no, and herein lies our dilemma.  We were created to create.  When we are not creating constructively, we are creating destructively.  The feeling that we are not creating constructively is when we want something to change in our lives but we do not know how to change it.  It is the feeling that something is wrong and a correction is necessary, so we pray and ask for change.  When the change does not occur, we believe that God is either telling us no, which is a way we explain an Eternal answer to ourselves, or we believe that God does not hear us.  We can put in our own reasoning here, but none of this is true.  When we give God the reasoning of our physical intellect, we leave out all of Heaven.  God is not physical; He is Spirit so He does not reason with physical understanding.  He has His Own understanding and in order for our prayers to be answered we must align our own thinking with His.  If He tried to enter into incorrect thinking then He would become a part of the problem.  He is the solution, so it is our assumption that needs correction.  He wants to give us everything, but first we must align ourselves with Him and His understanding.

There is an answer, but we do not understand how we work.  In truth we hold within our grasp the most creative force in the universe, but we do not understand it so we use it to our own demise.  This is where depression arises from.  We know something is wrong but we do not know how to make the correction so we may look to a physical solution, which may be a drug to alleviate how we feel.  The truth is that our feelings belong to God.  Depression is a sign that we are not in alignment with the feelings we were created with.  This means that our joy has been somehow exchanged for depression.  Lack of joy brings within our being a feeling that we must make a correction.  This is where a miracle is needed to exchange depression for joy.  This is extremely simple in these terms, but because we are dealing with the most creative force in the universe, which is the mind, we must first understand how the mind works.

There is an accepted belief in time that the brain is where all reasoning occurs.  It is what we look to for our thinking ability.  But the brain is not Eternal, because it dies with the body, so we have to look beyond the physical explanation to another source.  We have to look to the invisible, because spirit is invisible.  First, examine the idea of thought.  Our thought process is not visible.  It becomes visible when we make form, as in an invention.  But the origin of the form was invisible because it sprung from an invisible idea.  The brain, we believe, is capable of thinking.  We believe this because science has told us this is the function of the brain.  We are free to believe as we wish, but to believe that a thinking process that is so complex that it can out perform the greatest computer ever made is generated by a physical form that can be destroyed or die is almost absurd.  Just as the power of the wind is generated by an invisible force, our brain is also generated by an invisible force.  The brain is used by this invisible force to propel the body.  This invisible force uses the brain to explain a physical reality to itself.  This invisible force is the mind.  It is the mind that is all encompassing of the body, and it is the mind that is in constant evaluation of what is going on in the body.  The mind is the invisible hand that operates the body, and as the mind begins to understand its physical reality, it begins to believe that the body is its source and stops looking to God as Source.  This is how depression begins.

This is the violation that has occurred upon the mind that has brought us to the point that we need miracles.  The mind never forgets mistakes that have been made in time.  Mistakes begin as thoughts about a particular physical experience that is out of accord with its spirit identity.  Once the mind learns a mistake, it believes it is forced to use the mistake to continue on in the physical experience.  This mistake is out of accord with the Laws of God, and when we pray about the mistake, God cannot hear us because He does not understand mistakes.  So we must learn how to reach out of time, or reach beyond the mistakes that we have learned in time to another reality that is understood by our mind, but has been forgotten because we have been looking at our physical experience as being our reality.  Reality is of God, not a physical experience.  Our mind must align with the reality of God in order to be heard by Him.  Otherwise we will be frustrated by our belief in Him.  We will believe that He does not care about us because He does not answer our prayers.

We have been in a holding pattern for a long time about God and His Laws.  We have been trying to bring Him into the physical experience and make Him a part of our physical reality.  But God is not physical; He is Spirit, just as our true reality is.  So we are being asked to step up, or as the Bible says; to come up out of Babylon the Great.  Only the mind has the ability to reach out of time and touch reality.  We cannot continue to look to what has been understood in the physical realm to understand the spirit.  We are being asked to address the false learning that a physical experience has taught us that are in violation to the Laws of God.  What else could do this except a miracle?

In order to do this, we must be willing to move out of the box, or our own understanding of how the universe works.  We have to let go of the false associations that we have made that keep us in turmoil.  The next lesson will examine the mind, its creative ability and how our thinking keeps us in hell.


Lesson 3

When we enter the physical realm, we understand naturally that we are a part of something that is much larger than we are.  We include everything inside this wholeness and are usuing Laws that accomodate us.  The mind, or the eternal part us, was created under these Laws.  Contrary to popular belief, the brain is a part of the mind, not the other way around.  The mind uses the brain to explain a physical experience to itself.  The brain is where the mind stores information about how to be physical.  In the eternal realm it is not known how to use the mind inappropriately.  In the physical realm it is quite different.  A child will begin to learn how to have a physical experience based on the incorrect assumptions of the parents that were in turn learned from their parents when they were children.  Without the interruption process of the miracle, these false assumptions abound and because everyone's physical learning is different, we are all learning how to use the most creative process in the universe in a different way.  This adds to the confusion that goes on in the world.  Once the mind believes it understands something, it continues on in this understanding even if it is incorrect.  This leads to one of the Laws under which the mind was created.  What the mind understands, it loves, what it loves it wants more of, so it finds ways to increase what it understands.  This explains why we keep getting more of what we do not want.

The Laws of mind cannot be changed, but they can be violated.  The Law of Understanding has been violated in the physical realm.  In the Eternal Realm the Law of Understanding is only subjected to joy.  So the more joy that is understood, the greater that joy is.  In time, this Law is tragic when an experience has taught us that it is not safe to be joyful.  Once the mind has learned something outside of the realm of joy, it continues to seek for experiences that prove the existence of this lack luster experience.  Because of the creative potential of the mind, we do not have to work at trying to attract an experience that does not show us joy, it just shows up.  This leads to depression and unhappiness.  This would have to be obvious if we were not seeking joy, we would have to seek something else.  Even if the opportunity to change the false belief is presented, many times people do not take it.  Not because they like depression or unhappiness, but because to do so would mean that the belief that the mind holds is wrong, and the mind shelters our false beliefs believing that they are real.  The only thing that has the ability to change the mind about its false belief is a miracle.  Until the miracle occurs, the mind will continue on in its false assumptions. 

Miracles happen all of the time, and sometimes our mind is elevated and the problem is released.  We understand that something has happened, but we are not sure what.  It is time for us to understand the principles and the Laws under which our mind was created so the violations that are occurring can be exchanged for the miracle.  The miracle is the gift and we are the recipients of this gift.  Just because we do not understand the gift, it does not mean that we are not recipients.  Sometimes we think that something occurs in our physical experience, and we suddenly understand.  The truth is that this experience has been arranged for us.  If we are not aware that this can occur, then we will be amiss to understand what is happening.  Miracles are not defined by the physical realm, they are a spiritual gift and are defined by Heaven or the Gift Giver.

In order to experience a miracle, it must be recognized that there is a problem, or a violation of mind has occurred.  We can recognize this by how we feel.  If we are not feeling peaceful, then we need a miracle so our mind can be straightened out.  Because problems cannot be solved at the level of which they are occurring, we must take them to another level for correction.  This could be explained from a physical level as this:  If there is an oil spill in ocean, the planning of the clean up cannot occur at the place the error occurred.  It must be planned elsewhere and then the actual clean takes place.  The actual clean up is only a part of the process.  In the miracle process, our part in the process is to first recognize that there is a problem.  Next we ask for Help by petitioning the Guide that has been provided for us.  This Guide is known as the Holy Spirit  This process is how we re-establish the truth in our mind that was lost when the innocent nature was violated through the physical experience.  This is how we reach out of time and touch the Wholeness of God.  Only a miracle has the ability to do this, and so we are being asked to understand the miracle process and then use it. 

Opportunities to experience a miracle are everywhere.  As the lessons of the miracle unfolds, it will become evident that there is an Avisory Team that has been assigned to each individual.  They are awaiting our decision to turn to them for a miracle instead of trying to resolve a conflict within a conflict.  It is only our decision that can bring Heaven into our thought process.  The process is not ours, but has been devised for us.  Nothing happens without our consent. 


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