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Sage Sweetwater

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Night of the Foal: The New Riders of the Purple Sage

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The Buckskin Skirt Oar Traveler

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Blue Corn Woman

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Stone Creek Woman

Blogs by Sage Sweetwater

Sage Sweetwater Compiles Authors Den Member Reviews She's Placed
12/10/2007 12:47:13 PM
From the desk of Sage Sweetwater, today, proudly announces she is compiling an exclusive list of reviews she has placed with upper tier authors on Authors Den. Sage Sweetwater's Reviews she has placed on behalf of Authors Den authors serve a dual purpose. These reviews are also a course of study for many different worldly subjects.

Many professional authors have used Sage Sweetwater's reviews for their work for professional marketing of their work at other online venues showcasing writings of the authors to include also that of Authors Den authors. Please visit these authors.


Author: Jude ForÉse
Poem: Detritus
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 11/08/05

Forensic entomology uses flies and other insects to determine how, where, and when you died. There is a specific pattern in the decomposition of your body.
One insect comes to feed on you soon after your death, then another comes when your body decomposes a little bit, and so on. By looking at which insects are feeding on your corpse, investigators pinpoint the time of your death by what developmental stage the insects are in.

When your flesh has been eaten and the insects are gone, your exoskeleton they leave behind reveals the season of your death. The investigators conclude that you have been dead about 279 hours, the maximum time it takes a pupa to reach this stage.

Detritus: material washed or worn off from a solid substance: mass of disintegrated material.


Author: Jude ForÉse
Poem: the Warrior and the Dreamer
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 7/24/06

Famous, End of the Trail artwork comes to mind here where the Indian is slumped on his horse with his lance, the warrior fighting 'til the end of the journey. The Dreamer asked the Warrior, "is this turkey gonna fly?" I say this poem is gonna fly long-term, as did sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, who helped chisel the faces of four presidents on Mount Rushmore. The warrior uses pen and quill as well as dynamite and jackhammer, the warrior and the Dreamer, and our lead poet always with work in progress.

Author: Jude ForÉse
Poem: Breaking Ground
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 12/7/05

The spiritual core of your existence. The realms of meanings and connections in your poetry lie beneath the tangible realities of the world, linking all things.

Breaking ground is analogous to the nine months you spent in your mother's womb, both being intelligent expressions of creation, freeing themselves of all addictions, except for the ritual smoke of Mayan copal incense or a puff of sacramental tobacco/herb.

As an island (man) unto yourself, your spiritual work is imbued with higher significance and every feature of your special world reflects as a teacher and mirrors the whole. Whatever it is that you are about to become, your work maintains cosmic balance in intelligent design with the primordial creator. Reading your work, Jude is the nine-layered universe of cosmology, and the Den is the nine-tiered temple where we all gather to hear your human thoughts and try to grasp your deep meanings.

Author:Jude ForÉse
Poem: the Dreams and Windmills of Their Own Making
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 1/25/06

The drive of wisdom and earthly knowledge is irresistable to the person who loves. This is the person who loves sunsets, oceanviews, coyotes, picnics, companionship, creative dreams, and windmills which are guaranteed not to wreck in any storm. Such an overpowering instinct often is denied by the rational mind or transformed, sublimated into some other activity, such as art or religion, and expressed through a code of symbols. Those individuals who do not fathom an existence other than their own, ferociously attack and displace our images that are personally intense to us, why we damn well create them. That person's failure to indulge his or her own mind furnishings can cause anguish and misery and try to become the focus of the center of attention when they possess little to offer. These are ones with tiny minds with no intention of expanding. They, like the grass will soon wither, their dreams will burn in Hell and their windmills will pump mud. This deceitful poet who penned "Creative Drivel" is certainly not one of the limestone poets of my poem 'We Built This City.' Absolutely not! I would not want my Walls touched by his weak hands. Below is Jude's review of my poem 'We Built This City.' The windmill on my upcoming novel cover stands for my creative dream. It represents the height of my dreams and my goals were met for that particular novel. If I feel like spitting some creative spit off that 20-foot wooden tower, I will climb up with my strap-on shooter and spit good spit for the collective good of AD poets, the glue of creative spit that binds all of our poetic dreams together as ONE!

Reviewed by robert Jude forese 12/19/2005

the city is the center of poetic adventure

the collective dawn of motion

the calm at the end of commotion

the wall that is invisible to dreamers
for they can see through its design

Author: Carolyn G. McGovern-Bowen
Poem: Hail to Our Chief?
Review Given By Sage Sweetwater on 3/11/07

Of course, this (stupidity) is what really riles feminist scholars. The conflict goes beyond war, President Bush's snide and arrogant pleasure in the process. A thorny issue of understanding our history lingers in the recorded Christian history. The alchemy is evident in the work of Marija Gimbutas. In the mid-70s, Gimbutas began using pots and figurines to construct a tale of an Old European matriarchal partnership society that worshipped the Goddess and lived in peace until around 6000 years ago, when marauding Conans and their macho sky gods came thundering in from the east on their excellent horses. It is such disgust with civilization, that we must reach back into the Stone Age for the good life...we need to recover the Goddess from the dust of pre-history...

Author: Carolyn G. McGovern-Bowen
Poem: Sidereal Mind
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 8/11/06

Cosmic! Ganymede had a convulsive period that lasted perhaps several hundred million years, to rework part of its surface. The mind, like Ganymede, broken into fragments and when we piece it of a mosaic, this is creative thinking. Ganymede is completely saturated with craters. That means its surface is very old. So is creative thinking. We should moon hop and think creatively, reach for the stars! What awesome things, stars, Galilean moons, and the creative mind!
Mosaic, Carolyn!

Author: Carolyn G. McGovern-Bowen
Poem: He Lied To Me
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 9/10/2006

President Bush has used the state of power to commit genocide, destroying entire groups of people on the basis of their presumed race or ethnicity. This war, like the Holocaust, is an abberation of present time and will be in history. Is it possible that this president is using his hatred to gain control of society? Is he not using the machinery of the state to attempt to destroy groups that he hates, including his own? When you ask yourself these questions, think about the fact that Germany had the most educated citizens in the world, with more Ph.D's per square mile than any place on the face of the earth. Germany was also a world leader in the arts, the sciences, technology, and theology. President Bush has perpetrated and boasted the most colossal, damaging piece of social dirty work the world has ever known, standing next to Hitler. How many Negro Americans died to the hands of lynching mobs? How many more died in history and are dying now from unnecessary disease and lack of food or knowledge of nutrition? How many nationalities die from bringing about the collectivization of the land? Who is to blame for the starving millions while wheat molds in the fields of other parts? How did dirty government rise to such a high level?

Genocide is a crime under international law, another crime President Bush has committed--->

Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.

Essential write with elements of the dirty work done, Carolyn...thanks for your degree of knowledge...

Author: Kate Burnside
Poem: San Mistico or Monkey Man
Review Given By Sage Sweetwater on 11/03/06

Do you think though it has to do with reincarnation? I live in the Middle Ages and 18th Century more than in today. With those walls and structures in mind when I wrote We Built This City, I had the de ja vu thingie. I was referring to Machu Picchu bringing the limestone poets and sandstone novelists together in collective unconscious. I could actually hear the conversations and smell the sweat of those perspiring bronzed people, especially of our "lead poet." To build a poem as you and I from raw material is strenuous labor in an "impossible place to build a city" is sheer talent. One stairstep at a time, the fabled city of the Children of the Sun, the lost city of the Incas, a retreat for holy women of the Incas. And the flock of green parrots as raucous as you and I Kate!

"Air, vision, sound, attention;
colour, time, thought and speech:
all are swallowed in the deep throat
of your appearing –"

Absolutely breathtaking spin-off from my poem, We Built This City! Whatever it is, Kate, it is important stone/poet work....Thunder peals in the mountains around me--->parrots swirl in the skies, but the condors are gone. With sigh ... ah ... I bid you adieu, Kate. Take care of mum.

Author: Kate Burnside
Poem: Proteas
Review By Sage Sweetwater on 12/21/05

This takes various shape/form through siren/mermaid/water sprite seducing man away from land and his horsetank momentarily, indulging in taking a dip with siren/mermaid/water sprite. Perhaps man's lost divinity/virginity lies in the tales of the mermaids, or in reviving the soul of the drowned man?

Story: Astonishing Tale of the Goddess and the Skylark: Part 1 through 4
Review By Sage Sweetwater on 10/6/06, 10/7/06, 10/11/06, 10/19/06

Part 1: Created with a picture symbol, ASTONISHING TALE OF THE GODDESS AND THE SKYLARK is deliberate in the way of directing and guiding energy to those who give of themselves without being purely selfish to that of someone they wish to be accomplished because they know this person is worthy of every bit of recognition. I've met a few of these turds giving themselves a big brown swirlie. Living prosperously is living life as an art form. All it takes is the attention of getting the most out (elimination) in a loving, giving way and the turds who are about to take the sewer journey into the bowels of Hell are damn lucky that someone such as Lariliana reverses the turd's water quickly, she can pull his ass outta misery. Perhaps Lily Ann Cloud's softness became to be known as White Cloud...a wonderful tale, Aberjhani...

Part 2: The last paragraph is prosperity law number 5: There is a price for everything and we always pay.

What we continue to receive from the universe, it is also true that there is no free lunch. There is tax that comes with it. We pay for everything we receive. Power hungry individuals are rich in ego, but broke in family and friendships because of their greed. Be careful of what you ask for, you might get it. The price may be too high. When one realizes the cost of their selfish choices, one identifies with the price they have to pay. One has to ask themselves if they truly want their selfish goals enough to pay the tax, and pay they will---loss of family, friends, loss of time, peace of mind, the cancerous effect it has on the insides, paying for it the most in the gut. Material gain does not benefit this person with an attitude of 'grab all you can while the grabbing is good,'no matter who gets hurt. I have a feeling the addictive thrill of increasing power in this character's life won't be mismanaged very long. looking forward to the next part, Aberjhani...

Part 3: Roscoe belittled, abandoned, ignored, and brutalized his family. Sage Sweetwater thinks his success came before his self-image was ready for it. From the get-go first part, Roscoe had a fear of failure, paralyzed from working in the dung profession. In this part 3, Roscoe had a fear of success. Fear of success is a barrier to the development of prosperity consciousness when it keeps one from developing their full potential. These people separate themselves from the successful. Those who dare to risk and achieve are painfully reminded what they are not doing. To avoid this pain, they condemn with envy and jealousy. It separates them from others. We reap what we sow. Whatever we put into our minds comes out in our lives. Roscoe put an overabundance of chemical substances and sexual pleasure in his body and mind and he got exactly out of it what he rightfully deserved, death, doesn't bother me, the world is less one more vile citizen. Six feet under, now Roscoe's family has a chance to contribute something positive to society, they are rid of the mismanagement of his wasted life he pissed and dunged away. Perhaps with the dung broadcast, the daisies will grow abundantly around his gravesite to remind one unselfishly that family comes first. The moral here in part 3 is to define the parameters around which you are willing to be successful, sustaining family values, love, and respect, and most important, have love and a positive self-image for yourself. The "Chief" Willie Mae, your mother, Aberjhani, smiles down from heaven on this day, nodding her head in acceptance of her poet boy...

Part 4: Sweet music to our ears indeed when a poet of color, and any poet for that matter, can immortalize a tale with a moral to the very fragrant end where it started out as referencing dung, then flushed, and then swirled for a Grand AB'J finale as a fragrant petal in the ASTONISHING TALE OF THE GODDESS AND THE SKYLARK. This was a most valuable story in sections and everchanging events and this Skylark and Goddess energy is supernatural. Aberjhani gives some transcending boundaries that demands justice at every turn. And now for congratulating Aberjhani, the Skylark, Nordette, the Goddess, and Rahkyt as we all know is our beloved and very talented AD music man Mark Rockeymoore, well-done project and a clever marketing strategy told through ASTONISHING TALE OF THE GODDESS AND THE SKYLARK. You three are rare birds indeed and you have it going on! Each day is a delight to be in your company flight pattern. This trio has used their present moments for maximizing marketable creativety and if there's anyway I can help maximize the marketing of this CD further, I will do it. It's a delightful idea, Aberjhani, Nordette, and Mark. Freedom and Peace...

Sage Sweetwater, firebrand lesbian novelist

Author: Robin Ouzman-Hislop
Poem: Quarantine
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 12/09/07

To be segregated from one another I suppose can have its benefits and rewards. It is the reason why we are quarantined that is disturbing to me...I describe it like this, a passage in my novel THE BUCKSKIN SKIRT OAR TRAVELER. I am perhaps making a remedy from nature to Quarantine nature until it can safely be put back into place respectfully...this is actually referring to the West Nile virus bird flu and this poem reminds us of the mean-spirited and contagious, poisoned condition and religious war destruction also of that of the humankind that are imprisoned due to spite, hatred, demanding religious obedience, jealousy, and overall prejudice. Here is the metaphor in my excerpt:

"The royal female bird is chock-full of confidence--not overconfident, but the kind of confidence that blinds the predator with looming disaster--that of the West Nile virus and all other curses laid down to alter their environment, contributing to their early extinction.

"The royal female bird is the mascot to the Loireag, the water sprites who are helpful to women and weavers. The sylphs use a fogger to sanitize the air when it is all settled. Then the spirits of the Ancient Order of Druidesses begin repairing the damaged tree cavities where the *FalconettiBrisu have been nesting. They put in artificial plastic cavities camouflaged to fit into the forest, and they put in Plaster of Paris imitation nest to protect the birds' nest from the predators, removing bird eggs to be put in an incubator, then returning the fledglings to the original nests when it is all settled."

*The FalconettiBrisu are predator birds that do not exist yet but only in the land of the fays. They will pull out humans' fingernails and gouge their eyes. They are falcon mastered by they Fachan, the horrible monster who tortures everyone unfortunate enough to meet him."

Poetry Life & Times Cover Interview December 2007 Issue with Sage Sweetwater & Finnur Bjarki
PL&T Editor Robin Ouzman-Hislop
Co-Editor Amparo Arrospide

Author: Robin Ouzman-Hislop
Poem: The Poet's Curse
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 3/07/06

The greatest discrepancy between modern poets and Gaia's early planetary terms is the very high cost that poets have to pay to rise ink on new papyrus and change our poetic environment back to a balanced co-existence. The power of the word has faded, and lost connection, detached from the natural world. Today's music penned by poison poets do not acknowledge that Gaia is a self-regulating, living organism, which reacts to threats posed to her in such a way as to maximize her chances for survival. Gaia Returns in that living things and the environment evolve together in a complementary way. The balance between atmospheric carbon dioxide and oxygen maintains conditions in which life thrives, including the life of the poet who is under the charge of Gaia who in eternal return has both benevolent and harsh aspects, making the world and the poet comfortable for those who follow the rules of nature, but punishing transgressors ruthlessly. So, in essence, The Poet's Curse, the Earth does not belong to the poet, the poet belongs to Earth...the poet did not weave the web of life, the poet is merely a strand it it. Whatever the poet does to the web, the poet does to themself. Nice holistic poem, Robin. Expansion of our minds ride the winds of the butterfly, free and elusive.

Author: Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor
Poem: Sacred Grove
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 3/7/07

Sacred Grove is one of the most fertile poems I have ever read, Elizabeth. In essence, this is a story of Gaia in all of her grandness, a realm of grandeur, to free her offspring, an analogy of the workings of the planet earth and beyond, ascending to zenith, upward to the heavens. Gaia leaps into a new state of balance here. This poem ensures your vitality and earth's vitality in a pristine Light. What a spiritual treadmill true test of time you have passed, healthy, wise, and profoundly uplifting...Blessed Be.

Author: Nicky Goodman
Poem: White Birds
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 8/4/07

If we can only remember one thing about this poem - it is that we stand on life's terrace daily, sometimes bowing our heads to the droppings on the fragmented interlocking brickettes, coming to terms with it all. We have to face some of the toughest questions. Those answers always come in the birds' habitat, wherever the birds live, we have to live there in our hearts and minds. There is no better place to live than out on an olive branch limb - peace - and sometimes a solo spirit practicing temporary oneness lets us appreciate a mate - such a balance of chorus, Nicky...White Birds is the purity of emotions - cathartic well. Blessed Be.

Author: Nicky Goodman
Poem: A Disturbance of Shen
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 3/03/07

Reads like a reincarnation of a soul which to an extreme needs to regenerate and shapeshift into another form for catharsis...A Disturbance of Shen also has an environmental message...cut open, it is a raw, surgical view, a personal and global wound, tainted, screaming in agony from salt in the wound. Healthy Spirit lives in a blue, throat analyze this poem is cathartic within itself, edit, to change its form would be to change the intention...this poem stands the way it is written...

Author: Nicky Goodman
Poem: to the warm charcoals of the soil
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 9/28/06

The battle scars of what I call an apocalyptic poem, Nicky. The ceasless dance between life and the warm charcoals of the soil is the revival efforts to an annihilated world and the people natural disasters and war has buried...Aztec myth of the Five Suns (Worlds), the second sun ended when its presiding deity, Quetzacoatl, was carried off by a hurricane. The present fifth, Sun arose after the fourth was annihilated by a flood and the people turned into fish. Years ago, I would have said this to be a futuristic view of the poet, but it is so much of what is going on in present day, you gave the poem life with the hydrangeas...great revival imagery...

Author: E T Waldron
Poem: Anguish of Temptation
Reviewed by Sage Sweetwater 8/31/07

Medieval religion was seasoned with prurience - carried over into this modern-day - neither picture is very faithful in the Anguish of Tempation - the views of medieval churchmen on the sexual act - well no one ever asserted the act was intrinsically sinful - on the other hand - all were agreed that some evil was present in every sex act since the Fall. Those hard-core Christians who think the sex act, carnal desire is morally evil with wicked impulses - I recommend watching the movie Elmer Gantry which Anguish of Temptation outlines in your poem, Eileen, what the results of "all choices have a price to pay."

Sinclair Lewis, a religious sort of Nostradamus Jesus storyteller of who would predict Christian fraud which ultimately made headlines in the 1980s-90s with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's Ministry.

Then, in 1927, it sounded like a far-fetched Bible drama. Sinclair Lewis, a religious sort of Nostradamus Jesus storyteller of who would predict Christian fraud which ultimately made headlines in the 1980s-90s with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's Ministry and stands behind the pulpit today in rampant abuse of Christianity. Religious fraud is everywhere...

Gantry's story portrays an obnoxious, womanizing college athlete who realizes the power and prestige that being a preacher can bring, he pursues his "religious" ambitions, which bring downfall and even death to important people around him. He continues to womanize and is often exposed as a fraud, but he is never fully discredited, although he frequently has a complete downfall. He emerges triumphantly and is never wholly discredited to reach greater heights of social status. The novel ends as the Reverend Gantry prays for the USA to be a moral nation all the while lustfully admiring the legs of a new choir singer.

Elmer Gantry is a novel which represents the religion of America in evangelistic circles and Godly attitudes of the 1920s.

On publication in 1927, Elmer Gantry created a public furor. The book was banned in Boston and other cities and denounced from pulpits across the USA. One cleric suggested that Lewis should be imprisoned for five years, and there were also threats of physical violence against the author. (Well, Sage Sweetwater knows very well it goes with the territory when there is controversy involved...but a controversial author will always prevail because of TRUTH) The famous evangelist Billy Sunday called Lewis "Satan’s cohort."

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