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Cornelia Amiri

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Blogs by Cornelia Amiri

Celtic Romance
7/7/2008 4:57:29 AM    [ Flag as Inappropriate ]


Cornelia Amiri’s Surf the Net Newsletter

Hi Surfers,

I hope everyone had a great Summer Solstice and all in the U.S, had a great 4th of July. The theme of this month's Surf the Net is e-books, explore the possibilities with these eight fun and informative videos. Ihope you enjoy it . . . but first the contest announcements. Who is the lucky winner for June and what am I giving away this month? Read below to find out. Also check out the latest reviews for my fifth Celtic/Romance novel, Druid Quest, which will be released August 1st. And the article, Lughnassah, celebrated July 31st or August 1st.

Thank you,
Cornelia Amiri

"The great thing about revision is that it's your opportunity to fake being brilliant." - Will Shetterly

Let's give a big hand to Marilynbre2000, June's winner. She won a round, Celtic knot brooch, gold cast over pewter. Congratulations!

Everyone subscribed to my yahoo Surf the Net list is automatically entered. For July I'm giving away a six inch long, silver, Celtic cross candle snuffer. It's gorgeous. Drawing will be held July 31, 2008. To enter the contest, subscribe to my yahoo newsletter at


1. "DRUID QUEST is a fantastic look into the life of the Ancient Celts.Cornelia Amiri has definitely done her research before she ever put fingers to keyboard on this one, and it shows. If you enjoy reading about the Celts, don't miss this story. You'll be sorry you did."Reviewed by Chere Gruber with ParaNormalRomance

2. "So as far as fantasy books with a Celtic twist go I recommend reading Druid Quest as you will find yourself falling in love with Cornelia Amiri and her books." Reviewed by Cheryl at Cheryl's Booknook

thank you, thank you, thank you


Here's a blurb and excerpt:

In first century AD Britannia, after burning the oaken groves and the druid priest, the cold, cruel Romans move to crush Queen Boudica's revolt. The future of the mist covered isle and its brave people rest in the hands of two druids whose views are as different as fire and ice. Yet they find love together. Arch Druid Rhys is a master of the sacred mysteries but a novice in the ways of the heart. Sulwen, a sacred druidess, discovers Rhys, the shape shifter, has evoked a basic, feral desire in her, only to find the goddess may soon exact the unfathomable price of taking him from her. Though their love is as potent as their magic, is it strong enough to survive their desperate quest?


"The earth was soaked scarlet. Huts, temples, even the forest was set aflame. Goddess Andraste saved me and sent me to you, Boudica, to bid you to continue the fight for freedom, to not waver and to keep moving." Sulwen felt a little shaky inside with all eyes on her. She sat down, holding the small goatskin bodhran in her lap.

Boudica stood. The gold torc around her graceful neck gleamed in the firelight. The Iceni queen raised her hands in the air, drawing the attention of all who gathered around the fire. "Men and women of the Celt, we burned Verulamium for the Iceni, we put fire to Camulodunum for the Trinovantes, and on the morrow, when we set Londinium ablaze, we shall do so for the druids of Ynys Mon."

Boudica shook her arms high as the warriors around her roared, "Hurrah!"

Rhys couldn't stop gazing at Sulwen's blazing green eyes and beckoning lips, lush and moist. She was a hot summer sun bearing down on him, though it was a cool spring eve. His heart beat to the tempo of a galloping horse. His arousal tightened and grew erect. He throbbed. If he could not have her now, he would have to change into his stag form and rut with some doe in the woods.

Sulwen turned, standing face to face with him. Her eyes were green sparks, cinders which flew at him, feeding the fire within. Their gazes latched together.

His throat tightened. Rhys rasped, "Come with me."

Sulwen set the goatskin drum down and placed her small hand in his. He laced his fingers through her delicate ones. Her skin was so soft, so warm.

No woman could compare to Sulwen. The moment he had taken her on Holly head, he knew they had mated for life. He felt a sharp pain as he thought of leaving her. How could he even tell her? Nay, he could not. Tears would fall from her eyes and he could not watch that. He would tell her sometime, but not now. This eve he would put the gods aside. Tonight was for Sulwen and him alone.

His body soaked up magnetic energy as he led her away from the campfire and into the field where they were alone. How he burned. How he wanted to fling her to the ground and take her there.

But he restrained himself, and tenderly traced the line of her cheekbone with his fingers as he gazed into those soulful eyes. "I have seen your image everywhere, in the blue, bubbling creek, in the white clouds of the heavens. I've heard you call out to me on the wind, and in the chirping of wrens. I knew you were coming. Yet I can hardly believe you are here. I bless the gods that they kept you safe."


View E-books With These Videos

By Cornelia Amiri

Trees are Sacred, read and E-book you'll save a tree, save the earth from the toxic chemicals of paper making, save the earth from all the land fills of old books, save the earth from transportation pollution associated with shipping books across the world. View e-books and e-book readers with these nine videos.

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2. What Are E-books

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3. E-book application for I-Phone

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4. Middle Ages Tech Support

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7. Rocket E-book reader

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8. Bookeen 1st Demo: is it better than the kindle?

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By Cornelia Amiri

Lughnassadh, pronounced LOO-nahs-ah, is the Celtic Harvest festival, celebrated July 31 or August 1. Named after the sun god Lugh, a tall, muscular warrior with sky blue eyes and a hallo of golden light which blazed around his thick flaxen hair. He was also known as Lugh of the long arm because of his magic spear, which never missed its mark. The earth goddess of Lughnassadh is Tailtiu in Ireland and Blodeuwedd in Wales.The difference between the two is shown in the Welsh and Irish versions of the tale of Lugh or Llew.

The Irish version begins with forbidden love between Cian, a Tuatha De Dannan and Eithne, a Fomorian. Eithne's father locked her in a high tower. With the help of a druidess, Cian flew on a cloud to the tower and climbed in Eithne's window. Nine months later they had twin boys. Eithne's father threw the babies into the sea to waylay the chief-druid's prophecy that his grandson would defeat him in battle. Though one baby drowned, the other swam away. The sea god, Mannanann MacLir, found the babe and gave him to a warrior woman, Tailtiu, pronounced tell-shuh.

After Tailtiu taught him everything she knew, the boy, Lugh, went to Tara, the hillfort of the Tuatha De Dannan. The porter asked him what skills he had to offer. When Lugh answered he was a warrior, the gatekeeper told him they already had warriors. Lugh continued, saying he was a healer, then a smith, and so on. Each time, the porter said they already had someone with that skill. Finally, Lugh told him if they already had one person who could do all those things, he would leave. The gatekeeper let him in and Lugh became King of Tara for a year and a day.

Leading the Tuatha De Dannan in battle against the Fomorians, Lugh struck the Fomorians' evil eye with his slingshot. When the rock hit the evil eye, it looked at Lugh's grandfather, Balor. As the evil eye killed all within its sight, Baylor died instantly. Thus the Fomorians were defeated. But Lugh's foster mother, Tailtiu, who was a royal lady of the Fir Bolog, had to clear a vast forest to plant grain for her people. She died from the strain and exhaustion. Lugh ordered a fair, with feasting and funeral games, be held in her honor each first harvest, the Lughnassadh.

In the Welsh version, the high-druid, Math the Ancient, brother of Don, needed to appoint a new virgin to sit by Don's throne so he could place his feet in her lap to keep them warm. The god Gwydion suggested Arianrod, keeper of the circling Silver Wheel of Stars. Math preformed a magical test to see if Arianrod was indeed chaste. When he touched her belly with his wand, the goddess cried out with labor pains. Then and there, she gave birth to two sons, proving she wasn't a maiden.

One was a sea creature. Math named him Dylan and threw him into the sea. The other baby was a large unformed lump. Gwydion took him and put him in a dark, dry chest. There he grew into a beautiful boy. Arianrhod gave that baby three geases: she would not give him a name, nor a weapon, and he could not have a human wife. No one else could give him these three things men need.

When it was time for the boy to have a name, Gwydion disguised the boy and himself as cobblers. As the boy mended Arianrhod's shoe, a bird flew overhead. With his slingshot, the boy shot the wren with a single stone. Impressed, Arainrhod exclaimed, Llew Llaw Gyffes, which means "the little one has many skills". As Gwydion took off his disguise, he told Arianrhod she had named the boy.

Then her hill fort fell under sudden attack and she gave Llew weapons so he could help her fight. Arianrhod told Gwydion though she had been tricked into naming and giving arms to Llew, she would never give her son a wife. Math and Gwydion conjured Llew a wife out of flowers. Her name was Blodeuwedd, pronounced Blod-Eye-With. The festival of Lughnassadh celebrates the wedding of the Earth Goddess to the Sun God, the wedding of Llew to Blodeuwedd.

But Bloddeuwedd fell in love with another man. Gwydion had put a gease on Llew so he could only die if he was standing with one foot on land, one foot in water, and killed with his own spear. Blodeuwedd tricked Llew into standing with one foot in the bath and one foot on the floor while her lover stabbed him in the heart with his own spear. Llew shapeshifted into an eagle and flew away. Gwydion found Llew and changed him back. Then Gwydion changed Bloddeuwedd into an owl so she would only show her face at night.

During the Bronze Age, Lughnassadh included choosing a god king, a king for a year and a day. At the end of that time, the god king would be sacrificed in honor of the Earth Goddess. Thousands of years ago, sacrifices were replaced with other traditions.

As Lughnassadh celebrates the marriage of the earth to the sky, hand fasting marriages were celebrated at this time. Single men lined up on one side and unmarried women on the other. They paired off and married for a year and a day. The couple had to return to the same place the following year to make their marriage permanent. They could also divorce the following year at the festival by simply standing back to back, facing north and south, and walking out. Going their separate ways - single once more.

An important part of Lughnassadh was the harvest of corn, wheat, oats, and barley, as well as fruits like berries and grapes. A loaf of bread made from the new corn was dedicated to the goddess. The tribe's druid may have taken loaves of fresh baked bread, broke off pieces, and handed them to each member of the tribe as they walked sun wise around a large bonfire.

Fruit gathering was also part of Lughnassadh. Young men and women paired off to pick bilberries and didn't return until nightfall. The boys thread berries into bracelets for the girls. Before going home, the girls took off their bracelets and left them on the hillside. After climbing back down the hill, the young men participated in games such as horse racing. The White Stead is a common companion of Lugh. The horse is the embodiment of the Goddess of Sovereignty who delivered spirits to the otherworld. In the coastal lands, people drove horses down to the beach and into the sea on Lughnassadh.

To celebrate Lughnassadh at your home, make a centerpiece of dried wheat sheaves, whole grain breads, acorns, hazel nuts, and grapes. Get the whole family involved in baking homemade bread. Say a prayer, thanking god for the harvest or the bounty of food you have year round. Share your Celtic heritage with others at the table by telling them the story of Lugh or Llew.

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