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Patrick Joesph Schnerch

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The Invisible Society / Excerpt
10/6/2009 1:53:22 AM    [ Flag as Spam or Inappropriate ]

The second year of the housing and support plan is in effect. Unfortunately, four more homeless people died last week. There was no mention of this in the media, and the people continue with their own lives oblivious of these tragedies on Victory streets.
There are currently a lot of mixed feelings about the B.C. Supreme Court decision to allow the homeless to erect shelters on city property. Some believe that the government should be ashamed of themselves for not taking care of their own which led to the slap in the face by the B.C. Supreme Courtís decision.
The needle exchange is running into trouble for they took the vans off the street. People are finally expressing their thoughts and views about the homeless situation. Surprisingly, many are in favour of tent cities since the governments failed to provide affordable housing and supports.
Doctors and nurses are speaking out with their views challenging the reported numbers and statistics. Some downplay the affects of these conditions; however, in the same breath they express the chaos downtown.
The city paper has been bombarded with comments and complaints, but that is all the public does is complain. Very few have taken the initiative to do something about it. Again, ignorance and neglect are leading factors harming our progress in providing solutions to eradicate these conditions.
Many blame the governments for all the social problems, but fail to realize that they too have contributed to the present situation. It is too easy to blame someone else for the social unrest on Victoria streets. Unfortunately, we fail to realize that we also share a responsibility to our communities.
The record low turnouts at election polls are solid evidence of the communityís lack of participation and interest in their own neighbourhoods. It is those whose complaints have no validity. They have not earned the right to complain.
Even though our society is crumbling under social stresses, no one has the guts to stand up and fight. People are scared to take on responsibility. Most of them canít even get off the chesterfield to go and vote; this is truly shameful.
Society has again turned a blind eye towards people with mental illness, addiction and homelessness. The city and local government still believe that the barbaric tactics of punishing people with medical conditions is the way to cure addiction. This has proven time and time again to fail. The only way to treat mental illness and addiction is through medical treatment. More guns and batons is a waste of time and money.
Even some doctors believe that jail is appropriate treatment for addiction. 92% of our prison population has a mental illness; half of them have addiction problems. This prehistoric treatment of medical conditions obviously does not work.
Out of sight, out of mind is the main concept behind treating these conditions while the underlined problems are being overlooked. As long as we do not see the problem, we believe there isnít any. Ignorance, neglect and stigma are the basis behind societyís actions.
The governments do this and so does the public. The real problems are overlooked and covered with band-aids. It seems that society is either scared or naive when faced with mental illness, addiction and homelessness. This marginalized population has been discriminated against and had their constitutional rights violated by not being properly treated for their conditions.
We donít like seeing the homeless sleeping in our parks, so we hide them in emergency shelters. The problem has not been rectified; this is only a quick fix. We still have a severe shortage of affordable housing in the city, but we cheer when we do not see the tents in our parks.
I only cheer when permanent affordable housing is made available for our most vulnerable. Combined with support and provided with the basics of life is the only solution. Mayor Dean Fortin and the Honourable Ted Hughes understand this and are working feverishly to implement a solution.
Unfortunately, they do not have the support from the governments or the people. No one could see beyond the blinders. We ignore and dismiss the fact that this invisible society exists and is a major part of Greater Victoria. Like it or not, it is here to stay if we do not address these issues.
Emergency shelters, prisons and mental institutions act as warehouses for our unwanted citizens. Life is a bed of roses as long as we donít see them. When we do, we react with fear, discrimination and unwarranted speculation.
We do not take the time to educate ourselves about the facts and truths behind these conditions. We act on our emotions rather than using our heads. I donít want to see them on my streets, but refuse to do anything to help. This is the basic consensus of our society. No one will openly admit it, but this is obvious through their inaction.
This marginalized population has been neglected and discriminated against for centuries. It seems too much to ask to change our ways now. We are not much further ahead than when they used to burn the mentally ill to the stake for witchcraft. Now we just sweep the dirt under the carpet.
The underlined problems seem to be too complex for our society to deal with them properly. We donít kill them anymore, but we do ignore them. We pretend not to see them when we pass them on the street. We look the other way or walk around them to avoid any contact or relocate them to an area where they are not visible to the public including prisons, institutions and emergency shelters. With the Winter Olympic Games looming over heads the governments are scrambling to hide these people from camera range.
We are spending multi-billions on the Olympic Games. We spent $40 million dollars on the Fast Cat fiasco, and the government covered that bill without going in the red. There is $250 million in the bank slotted for housing in this province, but the interest has been used to fund a burn unit. It is not to say that this is not important too, but housing has been totally neglected. The money is available, but there isnít the will.
Our aboriginal communities are a perfect example of neglect and ignorance by our society. These once proud people have been stripped down to the bare bones since colonization and continue today. This is proof of what neglect and ignorance does to a society. This rot is now in the Victoria Downtown core. We believe it is just a fad and the problem will go away by itself. This is the results of an uneducated and naÔve society not taking the responsibility to help our neighbours.
Laziness is another contributing factor to our demise. We are too soft and could not be bothered with the well-being of others in their community. Society is afraid of commitment and hard work. There must be some validity to those remarks for only a few have taken the responsibility to do something about it.
Perhaps society are questioning about their abilities, the only way to know for sure is to test them. In the meantime, we are sitting on our backsides doing nothing.
Our inactivity has allowed these conditions to flourish in our downtown core and spread to other communities. All we do is gripe. The mentally ill, addicted and homeless have little to no support making integration back into society near impossible. The situation has no chance for improvement and will only get worse.
The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Society was established to eradicate these conditions and has failed to be recognized as an authoritative power by governments and the people. Society is not working together with the coalition thus putting the whole project on hold.
It is Victoriaís most vulnerable that get the short end of the stick. Compassion has flown out the window in this city. We can blame the economic unrest for our inaction, but that is not a feasible excuse. Even before that, the support was not there. The only real reason for our social decay is due to our neglect.
Anger, annoyance and frustration towards this marginalized population are unwarranted. We will see how many people will lose their homes due to the current economic strains and join the ranks of the homeless. Only after you experience it yourselves will your attitude change.
Itís the game of hard knocks that will open your eyes. It is basically the same concept as being scared straight being that you will respect all human life no matter who they are. The economic plight that we are in came to a surprise to many; there are a lot of people who are only one paycheque away from being homeless themselves.
The economic factor was not considered when the mayorís housing plan went into effect. Instead of a 30% annual increase of homelessness in the city, we can expect this number to sharply multiply.
It is unfortunate, but this slap in the face is exactly what Victoria needs to see beyond the blinders. We will realize that no one is immune from becoming homeless. It could be a loss of job, divorce or economic strains that force you to the streets. It can happen to anyone.
With this hands-on brutal education, we will learn that we are no different than anybody else. A few times to the soup kitchen will teach you that you are not any better than the person who has been on the streets for ten years. We are all the same.
Hopefully, this will not happen to you. Perhaps after reading this you will realize how fragile the material world is. As a society, we must educate ourselves about mental illness, addiction and homelessness so that we donít fall victim to hard times as well. We must understand the mechanics behind these conditions if we are to avoid this from happening to us.
Take a close look downtown and see the deterioration for yourself. Is this what you want to happen to your family or friends? Maybe, you will then understand that we cannot neglect this situation anymore. Donít use ignorance as an excuse, you must educate yourself and become aware of the invisible society. You too can be forgotten.
Victoria was shaken up with ĎCity of Gardens: The Other Side of the Fenceí. Now that I have your attention, our most vulnerable will take centre stage in this book. They have been given an opportunity to finally be heard and seen. After decades of neglect, ignorance and discrimination, it is their time to stand up and be counted.
This book is being used to help eliminate segregation and bring these two societies together mending the bridges that separate us. The past year was a difficult birth of the cityís plan to house and support 1,550 people in five years. It has been a very hot topic for some time. It is the right time to put meat onto the bones and that is the voice of the invisible society.
We couldnít spare a moment to look a homeless person in the eyes and respect them for who they really are. Maybe by reading their words, you will receive a better understanding that they are people with real feelings, heart and tears. It is the hope that their words will trigger some of your own emotions and make you realize that they are real human beings.
The idea is to tear down those barriers and open our eyes to the real world away from the protection of our glass houses. This is the very least we can do and that is listen to them. If you are too cowardly to talk to them on the street, maybe once you hear them you will come to understand that your misconceptions were totally unwarranted.
All we hear can hear now from our most vulnerable is a gentle whisper. Now, those words shout out for their rights, freedoms and the respect that they deserve. After all these decades of silence, we will finally hear the truth about life on the streets. This should be common knowledge of the average Victoria citizen, but it isnít. This five book series will showcase life from the other side of the fence.
Homelessness is our enemy. We must know our enemy if we plan to fight it. It only makes sense to listen to the people who are directly affected. If you want to know the truth, you have to go to the source. To learn about the streets, you have to go there. A bureaucrat or politician does not have the slightest clue as to what is really going on. So why do we go to them for answers when you can get it on Douglas Street?
They may not have the figures, statistics and reports to rely on for their information, but their experience and pain puts a face to those numbers. Each face has a story, each face breathes and each face bleeds. Who would you believe? A highly inaccurate figure or an actual human being standing in front of you is what you have to base youíre your ideals from. The majority will rather put their bets on numbers because they donít have the guts to look a homeless person in the eyes.
The Homeless Count Survey conducted by the Victoria Cool Aid Society only had 815 respond to the survey out of the 1,242 estimated homeless people in Victoria. How can you base critical decisions on such a wide margin of error right off the top? My research may cost me a cup of coffee and a cigarette, but is far more accurate than a formatted question sheet.
I believe in what I see, not what a report tells me to believe. Figures, statistics and reports show only a shadow of the truth. It seems that people always believe that taxpayer funded number crunching is the absolute truth and is final. The only thing that is really final is when another homeless person loses their life to the streets. Now, that is final.
What makes you believe, a million dollar study or an unmarked grave? This book series only acts as a provocation of thought. My truth may not be particularly your truth, but I got you thinking and that is my job done. It is up to you as and individual to educate yourself about the world you live in.
Narrow that down to a few city blocks of Downtown Victoria and see for yourself. I would gratefully declare my error if you took the time to prove me wrong. Demonstrations, rallies and sit-ins do serve an important purpose, but in many cases have low attendance except for some dedicated soldiers.
Rallies come and go, but a book is forever. It will either be beneficial to the reader or serve as a constant reminder of our past. Either way, it is always there. The voices from the street will be cemented within these pages well after we are gone. Their silence will finally be broken and will live on till the end of time.
Computers will crash, documents will fail and disks will be damaged or lost, but their voices will live on. We cannot afford not to listen; we tried everything else and failed miserably. We have to go grassroots. Eye contact, radar ears and respect is all you need to find the truth out for yourself.
Use the gifts you were born with and learn. You canít get anymore grassroots than that. You see it almost everyday, yet never gave it a second glance. Today may be the first day of your life.
There is a whole world to see, but remember that every rose has its thorns. Donít just focus on the beauty of the flower, you will get hurt. This is the same for the city of gardens, Victoria, BC. Donít be fooled by the picturesque scenery, quaint shops and flower baskets, we have a serious problem underneath that cheery exterior.
We have the circle of friends who advocate for tent city. They breathe, bleed and feel pain just like you do. They may not be pretty to look at, but they are real. What we see without looking is disrespect, big egos or problems. Look deeper and you will see a heart, spirit and love. The all earned their respect in this country and it is our job to honour it. Look before you leap.
I have my heroes too and I only named a few. Rose Henry is a champion of champions, but mainstream society has no idea who she is. We know people like Alan Lowe, Mayor Dean Fortin and Jill Clements, but what about the people who live, breathe and feel pain everyday on the cold streets of Victoria?
We make rude remarks, tell them what to do or simply ignore them in which none of these are any better than the other. Who are we to judge? Certainly not you, that position has already been taken.
We are all heroes in one way or another; we must respect that and accept it. Donít put all your faith in surveys, reports or studies. Take a reality tour at 10:00 pm in the downtown core and tell me where your faith lies.
There is an ugly side to this as well in which many can not handle the facts. Rather than doing this, we ignore it and hope it goes away by itself. A lot of people cannot see beyond the outer shell. Behind the disrespect, hate and anger is a real person. We have to take the time and effort to find that person. We canít do this by locking them up in jails, mental institutions or hiding them in emergency shelters.
This is why it is so critical that you learn the truth. Disparity is just that no matter which angle you look at it. Victoria has a huge skid mark in its underpants; itís time for a change.
There is so much work to do and we are just waiting for the paint to dry. My friends on the street do not have the luxury of this on their side. The coalition is working very hard, but cannot do it alone. The people of Greater Victoria are the backbone of this city. Without you, governments, institutions and community leaders are powerless.
This is why this book series is directed at the people, for the people. It is not my goal you dazzle you with my brilliance or make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, I will tell you the way it is. The cityís most vulnerable have an important message for our society, it is so simple that you do not need an university degree to understand it.
This is a show of hearts. It is real and poignant. They are not running for election, protecting a career or being manipulated by the system. They are who they are. These people have no reason to lie to you, they have nothing to lose. Everything was taken away from them years ago.
There are a lot of people who only have a negative judgment on these people and refuse to listen to reason. How would you feel if you were extradited and hated by society? This is all the more reason why we should try to understand it. No one will admit to feeling it, but there is a lot of hate among society.
There is no other reason viable why we treat our less fortunate the way we do. Societyís stone heart has turned to hatred. All the stories you hear about the mentally ill, addicted or homeless are all negative. This particular book will demonstrate the repercussions of our emotions against them. It is of no wonder why they act the way they do, they were forced into the corner. This book series allows them to fight back. There are no winners, just losers.
This is a normal reaction to ill treatment. We deserve what we get. Until we realize this, it will only get worse. There is no shame when admitting when you were wrong. Pretending that you are right is something that you will take to your grave. Do you want this on your conscience for an eternity?
We have to wake up. This is not a nightmare, but it is reality. Activist and mayoral candidate with no fixed address is real. While you are sleeping in your comfortable bed, she is there. Without the reporters, cameras, and the fanfare, she is still there. There are hundreds more just like her and we turn a blind eye.
In fact, you probably donít even know who I am talking about. The Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Society is really hurting for support from all three levels of government, business community and the public. They donít have the resources to reach out to the public for support. It wouldnít matter anyway; this is not a priority within the mainstream.
This book series has the intentions of drawing attention to these issues and support the Coalition in their fight to end homelessness. The city will use political correctness, tactful politics and ear to ear smiles. I donít have to do that and I wonít. This is one to one. It is me against you. We are both taxpayers, we both contribute to the community, and we both care for our childrenís future. So, what is the problem?
We love our city. Wouldnít you like to pass this on to your children? Isnít Victoria worth fighting for and to protect? The public wants the mess cleaned-up, but are not taking any responsibility to do so. In other words, 39,000 people donít care what happens on the streets of Victoria. Death comes by exposure, disease or overdose of our homeless of which you believe is of no concern of yours.
With an expected growth of 450 people will be added to the homeless count this year. Will it be your son or daughter? Perhaps, it will be you. Only then will you care. This book series is designed to put fear into your hearts about the inevitable rot of Greater Victoria. To make it worse, I will prove that you are part of the cause. Guilt, shame and regret are the three common personal effects it will have on you because of your ignorance. Then there is death.
I will kick you in the groin and make you squeal like a pig. The mayor cannot say things like that or neither can the Coalition and partners, but I can and I will. The Mr. Nice Guy approach does not work. I have to use the same technique with you as I would to teach my puppy not to make a mess on the carpet. I will rub your face it.
The nice thing about this book series is that it has the capacity to tell the whole world of how the citizens of Victoria treat their most vulnerable. That is my ďface in the mess techniqueĒ. It is unforgivable of what we are doing. In 2010, the world visitors to the Olympics will take the boat ride to Victoria. This may be the most shameful Olympics in all of its history and we have only ourselves to blame. We will live with this label till the end of time, ďshameĒ.
We have no shame, just greed. We put ten days of supposed glory over the lives of thousands in this country. Just the cost of security for the Games is enough to house every man, woman and child in BC.
This is a losing situation for British Columbia and Canada as a whole. We are literarily throwing away human lives for a cost of a ticket for the Opening Ceremony. Of course there is opposition to the Games. They see through the smoke and mirrors. They are not doing anything illegal, just expressing their freedom of speech. How many lives are we trading for each gold medal?
Now we are facing a Federal Election. There are some initiatives in place to help the mentally ill, addicted and homeless. If the power changes hands, there may be cutbacks in certain programs which would greatly affect our most vulnerable. Certain social issues are not of much concern to some of the candidates.
Attention to this situation can boost the economy by creating jobs and build affordable housing at the same time. Some of the candidates do not have much of a plan for the West. Attention to social issues is being put on the backburner. Again, neglect and ignorance is the driving force of our demise. We are not just talking about the people anymore; this is the nationís leaders who are neglecting the needs of the most vulnerable and those at high risk of becoming homeless.
Some of the candidates donít have any plans for the provinces West of Quebec. With the Olympics just around the corner, we will se what are the true priorities of these politicians really are.
Places like Vancouver and Victoria will continue to go through harder times than what we have ever experienced before. Vancouver Eastside is already Canadaís poorest postal code and Victoria directly feels the repercussions of what happens across the pond. Victoria has very poor grades compared to many of the larger cities. Per capita, we have one of the largest concentrations of hepatitis c than any other city in the nation. This is also true for the number of injection drug users.
For a small city, we are experiencing severe big city problems. The cooperation and unity of the system, citizens and the street community does not exist. There is no possible way of successively reducing the harmful affects of these conditions without everybodyís participation.
Many of the drug related issues are related to the NIMBY syndrome. People complain about this issue, but firmly oppose any initiative if such facilities is proposed for their neighbourhood. There is no other way to reverse the drug problem if we do not allow related services to exist throughout the city.
The system has no other choice but to watch more people get ill or die due to the NIMBY syndrome. People are scared of having the mentally ill, addicted or homeless in their neighbourhood. They public like to squawk about the people they see but still neglect the safety of their own children innocently playing in the park and risk getting stabbed with a hepatitis c infected needle.
Society overlooks the facts that disease control comes in the form of harm reduction. The safety of your own child must be of highest priority. Discarded needles are far more dangerous than a panhandler on the corner of Douglas and Yates. Yet, we are more concerned with what we see on our streets rather than the risk of your childís liver rotting from the inside out.
Misconceptions of our most vulnerable promote hasty and clouded decisions without the backing of a factual base or truth. Our neglect and inaction to ease the effects of mental illness, addiction and homelessness will be handed down to the next generation who will have to work extremely hard to fix our mistakes.
We live in a very selfish society as well as being too soft. Some people in your neighbourhood would likely die in the first month of being on the streets. If not dead, they will certainly have an addiction problem. Then, who is left to mourn for them?
If your children were in that situation, what would you do? Would you ignore them the same way you do about everybody else? What makes your child any better than the other? If you feel this way about your neighbourhood, donít expect any sympathy from anyone else if it happened to you. You will soon realize that no one cares if you live or die. Basically, there will just be another apartment available for rent.
2009 did have some successes in relation to these issues. Construction for the new emergency shelter is under way on Ellice Street. Day programs were established for out patient care. There are more detox beds. The ACCESS Medical Health Centre opened in September. On the National level, The Mental Health Commission of Canada was formed. Provincially, BC Housing has invested very heavily into obtaining hundreds of units throughout the province to help those in need. Everyone benefits. Our aboriginal communities were finally recognized as a very important factor to the rest of Canada. Housing was severely needed. Seniors, families and low income did see some progress this year, but is nowhere near being enough to make any substantial difference.
This book is the second publishing of a group of seven about how mental illness, addiction and homelessness have affected Victoria, BC, Canada. The series also documents the cityís successes and failures trying to house and support 1,550 homeless people in five years.
The City of Gardens Collection is a case study of Victoria using its plan as an example for other cities and countries to review and examine what would or would not work in their communities.
These books are unique for they were written from the perspective of the street community. There have been thousands of books written by doctors, politicians and community leaders, but very few have originated from the other side of the fence. This series acts as a platform for the silenced to be heard. This is their opportunity to voice their concerns and be finally recognized as being human.
The civilized world make think of these books as being a little rough around the edges or downright harsh. The fact is that most other methods of addressing society have failed miserably in the past. Most voices have fallen on deaf ears. People do not hear whispers and that is why we pumped up the volume in this book series. The messages are loud and clear. There is no mistake in what the message is.
The style of writing is at a street level. The language is civil, but direct. This is not college or university material nor is it supposed to be. To feel the heat, we have to turn on the furnace. My friends on the streets are a close knit family. They have established an unbreakable bond with each other based heavily on trust. After being outcaste into the cracks of society, it is commonsense why they are reluctant to trust us.
We possess stigma, discrimination and unwarranted fears of our most vulnerable. I fear lawyers more than I do a heroine addict. That same heroine addict is probably more afraid of you rather than you being scared of him. In many cases this is true because paranoia is quite common of those inflicted.
My friends on the streets have been silenced, neglected and forgotten for a very long time. Between them and me, we will rock your world! You may not like what is being said, but after careful examination you will fully understand. You do not have to agree with everything, but at least you are thinking about it and that is a step in the right direction.
Behind the message, there is a mission and that is to unite the Capital Region District together and converse with each other in hopes of establishing a permanent solution to these issues. The city is broken into little groups all doing their own thing rather than working together and sharing their resources for the good of the project. Without this unity and cooperation, we will certainly fail. Cities like Calgary have a similar plan that is doing exceptionally well because of the great efforts of the business community and the provincial government.
New York City has made a 360 degree turn and has made remarkable advancements within their social system. Toronto is also on the right track. In fact, Victoria is feeling the affects of these issues worse than other cities like Vancouver and Toronto. As per Capita, we are really screwed up and nobody has the guts to stand up and fix it.
The people cry wolf all the time, soon the government will stop coming to your rescue. This is the situation now. We have to prove to these governments that the people have a stake in our city and that we are willing to do something about it. If we continue to sit on our hands and do nothing, the help will never come. It is the case of not what the government can do for us but what we can do for it. First, we need to grow a backbone.
Most other cities also had a great deal of problems provoking the peoplesí participation in their own city. We are either directly or indirectly involved by these conditions, it is our responsibility to our communities that we act to save it. If not, donít you ever utter a complaint ever again? You have not earned that right. If you fight, then you got the right.
The previous book to this series quoted facts and figures to reinforce the magnitude of this problem in a measurable form. The results were very poor. That book did not have a happy ending either. At the end of this seven book series, we will be able to compare notes and see what worked and what didnít.
The systems in place are doing the best they can, but without our support and commitment we are dead in the water. The people must get involved in their own community. If you want to keep it, you have to fight for it. My book series is like a seven year pep rally. Perhaps my friends and I can help to understand what is happen in our city and provide some input of what we can do to fix it.
A heroine addict just canít get up in the morning and say that they will stop using starting today. If you knew anything about that particular drug, you would know that this is impossible to achieve. Crystal meth and crack cocaine are the main demons on the block today. We wanted to show the different opinions and observations from several very different people in the community. This proves without a doubt that these issues do affect everyone, no one is exempt. We all pay taxes and therefore we are involved like it or not.
My friends are willing to play ball, it is up to the citizens of Victoria if they want to play or not. As for now, the score is in favour of the street community. Victoria was at one time the best city in Canada. It is obvious that we donít care anymore like we used to.

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• Victoria Human Exchange Society (VHES) - Wednesday, February 11, 2009
• Schnerch / March 1st, 2009 - Friday, February 06, 2009
• City of Gardens on the Fast Track - Saturday, January 31, 2009
• City of Gardens is Generating a Lot of Interest in Greater Victoria. - Tuesday, January 27, 2009
• All or Nothing! - Thursday, January 15, 2009
• City of Gardens / VHES / The Facts - Sunday, January 11, 2009
• January / February 500 Book Drive - Friday, January 02, 2009
• Mental illness, Addiction and Homelessness. - Monday, December 29, 2008
• Communtity Support / Local and Beyond - Tuesday, December 23, 2008
• B-POTSC 2009-2014 - Thursday, December 18, 2008
• Welcome Readers and Authors - Wednesday, December 17, 2008
• Book Series Designed for Charity - Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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