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Nickolaus A. Pacione

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Dirty Black Winter is available
4/7/2011 7:51:16 AM    [ Flag as Inappropriate ]

I speak briefly about Dirty Black Winter's controversial nature and the submission details for the magazine.

Those who might have noticed on the horror section, I do have a new book out and it's the biggest solo effort I've done.  I also have Issue 10 and Issue 6 rebooted and redone. I condensed the page count on the 10th Issue and the rebooted Issue 6 has a story of mine from 2006 called Lake Fossil 3. I wrote this story around Christmas of 2005, it's the longest of the Lake Fossil series.  
Dirty Black Winter was conceived for one purpose, to have a home for the novella When Angels Wept Blood.  But when I was close to done I thought of new material too and that would be within the pages of the book too.  The excerpt of the book is part of the story Dreams In Bupropion and this would be a cousin of Among Shadows in Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape.  
     The opening story is one of my most notorious and it was expanded in parts the characters I developed a little more in there.  The story is now 3500 words from the version on my website or the version that appeared on here first then it was taken down because someone screamed that it was too offensive because of a character I originally created.  Some of the stories in the book were previously published elsewhere in print but the rights have reverted to me. The preview story on the site is a story called Chronic Disease which eventually became the story called The Pattern of Diagnosis because I couldn't find Chronic Disease on the hard drive at the old computer in the Joliet area.
     I have my former room mate Shawn Borri to thank for saving these stories.  I even found SHITSTORM and a story I was working on in 2008 at the time too. The other one I was working on that I had to put down is one that was too much even for me because it was a ghost story where one scene had a car going end over end into a church and crashing in the chapel,. It was invoked buy a drunk driver. It's concepts were based on the Wandering Christian or Wandering Jew stories,  I was borrowing from folklore on that one then I did an urban legend story in 2005 that is part of the second collection.  There were stories from the first book sessions and the second book sessions. Some stories are unchanged since they were first written A Cemetery Dream and FUCKBEATER call to mind here. 
    144,000 in the book is one of the expanded ones,  then House of Cards got it's proper edit because I was in rush of getting the issue out there.  The one story, the second one in the book will be part of Issue 13 of the magazine.  The story will be illustrated in the issue. It was about my trip to Baltimore and I was trying to get in touch with Diane to let her know I was in town for a little more than a week.  I was trying to find the location of where The Blair Witch Project was filmed at. 
     There are three stories that have the Lovecraftian horror traits,  The Midnight Diner will be in Issue 12 but the artwork is reversed on the book.  The stories are paired with a good number of my photographs and illustrations over the years too.  It was dedicated to April Derleth because of the memory I have of her that is going to stick with me, I kept this a long standing secret of who coined me the hybrid of August Derleth and H.P. Lovecraft, with her just passing away -- when she made this revelation to me it was just as I was getting Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape published.
     When I redid Issue 6 I included a photograph just after before The Editor's Lounge section and that is the new version of it telling of what had happened since the issue was first published.  April sent me Other Worlds Than Ours by Nelson Bond around the time when I was getting ready to write The Storms of Armageddon.  I am going to want to read that book now because I've been do busy writing.  I read a book though that had her dad's work in there, and I want to get this anthology in the hands of her brother because I was actually discussing this anthology with her.     
    The Dark Boy taught me how to write dialog too.  I took the atmospherics and supernatural delivery of Lovecraft,  the dialog ability of August Derleth, the educated delivery of Richard Matheson, and the real life language that Stephen King uses (King was the first horror writer to use hard profanity in his work.)
     I.O.W.A. is unleashed both in the book and in Issue 11.  Lloyd Phillip Campbell has a story out called Horror Target and in Issue 6 will be his debut in the magazine called The Thing In The Truck Stop.  I noticed someone on here who impersonated him trying to say he wrote some kind of male cocksucker poetry, but the real Lloyd Phillip Campbell writes a darker style of horror where some stories will have some biting funny trash talking on some. Then others there will be some very intense brawl style fight scenes. He's got a very dark and hardcore delivery.The first story he did he brought back an old style of excution. Death by hanging.
     He wrote such one in Horror Target and that one mirrored the events of the AZ shootings but the outcome of the congressmen character is much different -- the congressmen in the story beats the crap out of the shooter. The youngest vicitim in the story was 20 years of age.  Dirty Black Winter is garunteed to be the most controversial of the books I've written. This one I live up to why I am coined The Renegade Horror Writer by Fred Wiehe -- I took the ball and ran with it with this one. Put it like this, imagine someone doing a one and one basketball game the other guy gets dunked on. Dirty Black Winter dunked on The Turtle Boy. 
     But all in all the horror museum is available on too now, That would be Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors.  I took advantage of the thing that was on Wikipedia about the copyright controversy about H.P. Lovecraft's work,  they cleared it up saying the stories before 1924 the copyrights expired on them.  When I published Ray Nelson in Issue 12 I was looking for a good supporting cast.  I was originally talking to Nick Popio about what does he suggest for public domain horror stories in the reboot of the namesake, he told me to go to Project Gutenburg.  
     When he told me that I found out about a story that was written by Charles Beaumont that was available and up for grabs, the copyright just expired on it as I was just editing the issue.  So I ended up grabbing up that story for the issue along with Larry M. Harris.  If anyone is in touch with Richard Matheson, I want someone to send him a copy of Issue 12 because I wanted to bring his friend to a new generation. I saw why Rod Serling got him, so I feel a little bit like Rod Serling when he worked with Charles Beaumont for the first time. 
     I also have that kinship with Hugh Heffner now too because he was the first to publish Charles Beaumont in Playboy Magazine with a story called The Crooked Man. I want to read this story because I feel like the character who gets chastized for being a straight man in a homosexual society.  The Fandom Writer in the book doubled as a homage to Charles Beaumont.  I heard people call this story my The Horror At Red Hook because when H.P. Lovecraft wrote that story people were coining him a racist.  The thing that pisses people off about me is I am very politically incorrect. 
     This was the book I needed to do a parent advisory page before getting into the book as I did with Issue 11 of the magazine.  I.O.W.A. will have the August Derleth delivery because it's got the Christian slant too as Derleth did -- the story is going to be the first of it's kind.  I am the first writer in the horror genre to address the issue of abotion and give a supernatural undercurrent of the ghosts of the unborn.  Coming from having a teen mom myself, this was an issue that was the one closest to my heart.  I was born in the height of Row Vs Wade being I am a bicentinnial baby.  
      I could very easy been in the same classes as Kealan Patrick Burke or Mary Sangiovanni in high school or in middle school, could very easy been in their homeroom.  I am very criticial of this age bracket because it's too clique-ish meaning they divide up into their groups, just like they did in high school.  The reason there is a mutual hatred that Mary Sangiovanni and I have for each other it stemmed from when we were both moderators of The Carnival Of Wicked Writers, I left the board on my own accord but not before saying I was going to do an anthology that gave the self-published, web-published and underpublished first pickings for slots in the anthology.  The whole thing that stemmed from it came from when one of her friend's posted every link to every story in the anthology before the book came out.
     They actually spread the lie about how I got access to the address and phone numbers of writers about this HWA directory,  I will clear the air on this -- I didn't even know abou this directory.  I didn't stalk writers from the HWA either as some of them claimed.  I just told one of them off because they were trying to get me yanked from a publisher they were on. When the publisher wouldn't bend for them I decided that I was going to submit stories to every place she got published at. This was the one who wanted my blood for writing The Fandom Writer, so I targeted her when I wrote FUCKBEATER along with a few others who tried to stifle me.  
     Joseph Locke I actually challenged to a fist fight because he threatened me by saying he was going to harass my family into locking me into a boobie hatch. Someone like that doesn't really have the balls to say something like that to their face.  Some in the business say I am the way I am because of jealousy, no, it's flat out hatred.  Poppy Z. Brite and I have a mutual hatred for each other.  Poppy hates that I answer her heterosexual writer questin with authority.  
      I used my whole career to answer this question, and I will continue to answere this question in a huge way.  My short novel GAME OVER is an answer story to The Picture Of Dorian Gray because I was too repulsed by the novel. That novel corrupts the youth. I will say that my collection Dirty Black Winter is not for the under 16 set with some stories, namely because of A Cemetery Dream where I have the infamous upside down crucifixiton and the crucified dead had had his dick cut off.  I read of what they would do with male human sacrifices, and got the idea from a show I remembered seeing at the age of 16. The crime scene was of a man who was murdered and found with his own severed dick in his mouth.
     After writing something like that -- I knew that was going to be too controversial back then.  It will be eleven years in September since I wrote that one too. Some stories I didn't include in the book becasue they were too evil even for me.  One person who read The Fandom Writer for the fitst time, I told him I was going to try to sell that story -- he goes, "You're evil."  That one is in the borderline evil territory for me  FUCKBEATER is one of those that is even more evil but it was one of my most transgressive. I was not influenced by Bret Easton Ellis or Fight Club, but borrowed those traits to write this. Some stories in the collection are transgressive.  
     The Midnight Diner's opening scene about the original propietor of why he had to sell the diner is because of the supernatural dark things happening around the diner. He found his watress on the floor dead, naked with her breasts cut off. That story is something I haven't done since writing A Cemetery Dream.  The newer works have the faith based angle in terms of horror fiction, but it combines my hardcore horror hallmarks.  SPECTRAL EXILE is in this too.  I didn't include Supernatural Broadcasts is because I really wasn't done with the story SHITSTORM ended in a way that works but originally it was much longer. JESUS FREAK or Media Darling didn't appear because they got accepted for anthologies.
     Now for those looking for the magazine's submission guidelines -- I am going to throw them up over
here.  I will open it up to a new attachment format too and that will be .sdw (this is the Open Office program for Mac.)  I always had problems with Mac based word processors when it came to submissions so I suggest this program for users of Macs.  I operate on Vista. I started the magazine using Windows XP.

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