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Jerry J Pollock

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Gog and Magog Excerpt
5/24/2012 5:26:05 AM    [ Flag as Inappropriate ]

Excerpt from Gog and Magog: The Devil's Descendants by Jerry Pollock







     A muscular angel impatiently stomps his right foot on the marble floor of a courtroom that measures sixty feet in length by forty feet in width. The courtroom is lined with six stained-glass windows, three on each side.

A biblical scene of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt during the Exodus decorates the domed ceiling. A mahogany lectern stands in the center of the room. A sealed scroll made of papyrus rests on it.

The muscular angel angrily paces back and forth in the empty room, awaiting his fate. He is eight feet tall, and his muddy-gray body is sculpted to perfection with gargantuan bulging muscles. Not a scrap of hair adorns the angelís scalp. Instead ten black horns shaped like sperm whale teeth, each measuring four to six inches, jut out from his oversized head.

The angelís eyes are a crimson red, and vomit drools from the right side of his mouth. He has a ski-shaped nose that emits fire, and his protruding chin bears a deep indent at its center. Two snakes emerge and then retreat from his pointy ears. His forked tongue moves in and out between rusted iron teeth.

As the angel looks up to stare at the ornate fresco on the ceiling dome, his six wings flap in blazingly rapid rhythms, while his entire face contorts in twisted rage. Two wings extend on each side of his body, above and below his arms. And two wings, each three feet in length, flap behind his creaseless back in a motion resembling an engine-propelled moth. When the beating stops, black and yellow tarantulas appear on the angelís moth wings.

In a booming, echoing voice, the muscular angel speaks.

Satan: They dare keep Satan waitingÖwaitingÖwaiting.

A second angel flies into the room through the closed entrance door of the courtroom. Satan clenches his fists and expands his chest. This angel, too, is eight feet tall and wears a cloak of white transparent silk. As he lands beside Satan, they bump each otherís bodies and glare at one another with eyes that do not blink.

The second angelís body is sapphire blue. His face is like the appearance of lightning, his eyes are like flaming orange torches, and his arms are like the surface of burnished copper. He wears an orange skullcap on his smooth head to match the color of his eyes.

There is a white circular halo surrounding this fierce-looking angel, and he has wings, but only two, one on each side. His body is hairless, a perfect copper tone in color.

Satan: I thought it might be you, Gabriel. You dare be my accuser in this kangaroo court.

Gabriel: The time will come, Satan, when we shall face each other in mortal combat.

Satan: No angel can best me in battle. I do not fear God. He is a useless deity. The day will come when I shall kill you and conquer even Him.

Gabriel: The Ancient One employs scum when it suits His purpose. You have brought shame to Heaven and are a deplorable traitor to your fellow angels. You seek only to destroy the goodness of all that God stands for, and you do your utmost to thwart His plans for the Creation of a new world filled with human, animal, and plant species. There is only darkness within the confines of your abhorrent soul.

Satan: A curse on all of you God-fearing good angels. I prefer evil. The more demonic, the more I thrive.

Gabriel: Be careful what you wish for. I intend to see that you burn in hell.

A third angel flies into the room and stands opposite both Satan  and Gabriel. Like Gabriel he has two white wings. His platinum body sparkles with diamonds, and he stands six and a half feet tall.

His face is golden, and his soft, gentle, blue eyes match the hue of the heavenly sky, visible through the narrow windows of the courtroom. A purple crown, studded with rubies and yellow topaz, adorns his head, and a mauve cloak is wrapped around his platinum diamond body.

Satan: Michael, I knew that you would come. Are you to be my executioner?

Gabriel: Iím ready to proceed, Archangel Michael.

Michael: And you, Satan?

Satan: This tribunal has no jurisdiction over me. I am equal to you in stature. You are not my judge and jury.

Michael: I have my instructions from the Ancient One. He alone rules supreme. We are but His servants.

Archangel Michael proceeds to the lectern and unties the gold ribbon wrapped around the scroll. He waves the scroll in front of Satan.

Satan: I suppose God wrote my death sentence on that worthless piece of parchment that you are dangling in front of my eyes.

Michael: Unfortunately God has spared you.

Gabriel: But Satan has conspired against God. I come to this tribunal seeking justice and the death sentence for this unscrupulous evil angel.

Satan: Then youíll have to kill me yourself, Gabriel.

Michael: You are accountable, Satan.

Satan: To whom? Surely not to you or Gabriel.

Gabriel flies headfirst at Satan, and a three-minute kung fu martial arts battle ensues in midair in the courtroom. Michael, stunned, tries to stop the fight, but is unable to separate the eight-foot angels, who are pounding each other without mercy. As they trade blow for blow without resolution, each takes a deep breath and then readies himself to continue. At that precise moment, further combat is interrupted by a loud thunderous noise. The three angels freeze in place.

Godís voice fills the chamber. He is not seen.

GOD: You are accountable to me, Satan.

Michael and Gabriel: The Ancient One.

Satanís wings become coated with a honey-like gooey substance. He tries to fly, but his six wings become stuck together.

Satan: Damn You! I shall get even with You, deity.

GOD: But not as an angel. From this point forth, you are a Fallen Angel and are banished forever from Heaven.

     Henceforth, Satan, I deem you the Devil. In My mercy and kindness, because I created you and all the angels, I grant you human life until the time of Gog and Magog.

Satan: Do not let me live, deity, for the time will come when I shall wreak havoc on Heaven. Beware to all who dare oppose me.

GOD: Be gone, Devil. I expel you to Planet Earth.

Before Satan can respond, he is twisted into a ball and rolls through the courtroom cedar doors, which open onto ethereal space. Satan falls downward from Heaven to Planet Earth, screaming expletives as he descends.

God, unseen, addresses Gabriel and Michael.

GOD: Satan will serve as the evil inclination in my newly created humans.

Gabriel: But why create a human species if You already know that they are imperfect and will fill their Divine Souls with evil?

GOD: Because just like good and evil are two sides of the same coin, so are imperfection and perfection. Man will live for almost six thousand years as imperfect, and then I shall create perfection at the End of Days in the time of Gog and Magog.

Michael: Is Satan aware that he will be your instrument to bring the evil inclination into the human heart?

GOD: His ego will never allow such thoughts. He believes that he is the creator of all evil. Not I.

Gabriel: Perhaps you are yielding too much freedom to Satan, Ancient One. How will humans be able to handle the evil inclination within their Divine Souls? Only sparks of goodness spring forth from the Divine Soul.

GOD: I shall create a separate animal soul for evil and good within humans. This animal soul shall have free will to make good or bad moral choices. Sin shall accompany bad choices, but I shall allow ample opportunity for repentance during the human lifespan.

Michael: Shall Satan have an animal soul?

GOD: Yes! But there shall be only evil in Satanís animal soul. Without goodness in his animal soul, Satan shall not be able to activate the sparks of goodness in his Divine Soul to connect to the goodness in his animal soul. I know what you are thinking. Why should Satan have a Divine Soul? Because in My mercy and kindness, all humans shall have the opportunity for goodness. I welcome all sinners to repent at any time and return to Me. Humans shall be able to defeat their evil inclination, if they so choose. I shall grant men and women free will and lead them in the direction they wish to go. Come! Let us depart.

The angels, Michael and Gabriel, disappear into space.













        A man and woman, Adam and Eve, frolic about naked in a magnificent garden, the Garden of Eden. Both the man and the woman are in their early twenties and are beautiful to the eye.

The garden is a lawn of perfect green, with flowers of every color imaginable. Plants fill their shrubbery with sensuous vegetables, and there are multiple species of fruit trees, with multi-colored leaves that match the colors of the flowers.

Babbling brooks flow under small bridges. Birds chirp and rabbits and deer free from Lyme disease scamper about, while frogs croak and turtles peer out from logs in ponds filled with lily pads. Beautiful butterflies symphonic ally flap their wings and glide from flower to flower.

In the Gardenís center stand two large trees. One tree, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, has luscious fleshy figs the size of golf balls growing on it, and the other tree, the Tree of Life, has black seedlings the size of peppercorns hanging like clusters of grapes from the branches that rise toward Heaven.

All of a sudden, a gentle but assertive voice is heard.

GOD: My children! All your wants and needs are provided for in this Garden of Eden, but you must not eat the figs from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or the black seedlings from the Tree of Life.

Adam: But why not, my Lord?

GOD: Because, Adam, your Divine Soul and Eveís Divine Soul know only goodness. Eating the figs from the Tree of Knowledge will contaminate your soulís goodness with evil.

Eve: But isnít knowledge good?

GOD: Yes, but the wrong kind of knowledge can be harmful and lead you astray.

Adam: And what of the seedlings of the Tree of Life?

GOD: The black seedlings are called manna. The manna endows eternal life to those who eat the seedlings. You have not yet earned the right to eternal life. Only the angels, who have been with me since I created the universe fourteen billion years ago, have eternal life.

Eve: How can we earn the right to eternal life and to fly with the angels?

GOD: By following my instructions not to eat from either Tree. You must never eat from the Tree of Life until I have given you My permission.

Adam: Come, Eve. Itís time to go. We shall obey You, Lord of Hosts.

Adam grabs Eveís hand as they run merrily through the Garden, laughing in delight.

Just outside the Garden of Eden, Satan touches down on the ground in a clearing in a forest. He unravels himself from his cannonball position and stands up unscathed. He walks upright, stops by a pool of water, kneels to wash himself, and stares at his reflection. He reacts gleefully.

Satan: Iím no longer that dashing evil angel, Satan. Instead, Iím a handsome young man.

Just then, Satan hears voices. He walks to a black-coated iron gate and peers through. He sees Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He licks his chops as he takes in the beautiful full-bosomed Eve, but is totally perplexed when he sees Adam. Satan whispers to himself so that Adam and Eve cannot hear him.

Satan: I look exactly like this human creature. Iím even naked like him. God has surely played some kind of evil trick on me. A thousand curses on Him. I must draw closer to hear what they are saying.

Satan quietly opens the gate and moves closer to Adam and Eve, who are walking toward him. Adam and Eve approach the Eastern Gate leading out of the Garden into the forest. The Gate stands eight feet tall, and the entire Garden of Eden is enclosed by an eight-foot stone fence. Eve is about to open the gate, but Adam grabs her arm and pulls her back. Adam cautions Eve.

Adam: We dare not go any further. We are too close to the forest and will soon leave the protection of the Garden of Eden.

Eve: Donít be a sissy, Adam. Letís go through the Eastern Gate and explore the forest.

Adam: No, Eve. We are safe here where God provides for all our needs.

Eve: Iím bored, Adam. If you are not going to leave the Garden, then letís at least eat the figs from the Tree of Knowledge and maybe even the black seedlings from the Tree of Life. God doesnít have to know.

Adam: But He will. God knows everything. Come, letís leave.

Adam departs. Eve reluctantly follows. Satan mumbles to himself.

Satan: So this is Godís plan. The creation of spiritual human beings who have no evil. I shall forever be Godís foil and destroy His human race by creating evil and desire in his favorite creatures. Hmm! I wonder if God left me with any of my magical angelic powers.

Satan breathes deeply.

He becomes a Serpent, not realizing that God has transformed him. He appears as a black cobra with a red forked tongue that juts in and out and emits a loud hissing.

Serpent: I still have my evil powers. I shall approach Eve when she is alone.

The Serpent slithers along the ground, tracking Adam and Eveís movements. It notices that Adam and Eve split up, and it sees Eve, alone, picking flowers near the Tree of Knowledge. Eve reaches for a large yellow plum growing on one of the nearby smaller trees and bites into the fruit. The Serpent confronts Eve.

Serpent: Hello, Eve. Are you enjoying the plum?

Eve is unfazed and doesnít ask how the Serpent knows her name.

Eve: Oh, yes! The yellow plums in the Garden of Eden are as sweet as honey.

Serpent: But didnít God say: ďYou shall not eat of any tree in the Garden of EdenĒ?

Eve: Of the fruit of any tree of the Garden, we may eat. But of the fig tree, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, in the center of the Garden, God has said, ďYou shall neither eat of it, nor touch it, lest you die.Ē

Serpent: You shall not surely die, for God knows that on the day you eat of the Tree, your eyes will be like God, knowing bad and good.

Eve: Perhaps youíre right, that the fruit is good for eating. The figs are a delight to my eyes, and I shall indeed sample the fruit.

Eve picks a fig from the Tree of Knowledge, bites into it, and calls for Adam, who is nearby. Adam hears Eve and responds.

Adam: Eve, Iím coming.

Adam arrives at the Tree of Knowledge and glances at the Serpent, then sees Eve with a fig in her hand.

Adam: What have you done? You have disobeyed God.

Eve stares curiously at Adamís naked body. She smacks her lips and looks at him, up and down, from head to toe. She then speaks.

Eve: This talking Serpent must surely be sent by God. For it has convinced me to eat a fig from the Tree of Knowledge. Oh, Adam, the fig is an aphrodisiac. I want you. Come, let us lay together, my darling.

Adam ignores Eveís overtures. He sighs at what Eve has done.

Adam: It is forbidden. Now you will surely die. You have ruined everything.

Eve starts to cry.

Eve: The Serpent has told me that I shall not die. You donít love me.

Adam: Of course I do. Give me a bite of your fig.

Adam eats the remainder of the fig. Suddenly his eyes fix on Eveís breasts and curvaceous body. He clutches her.

Adam: Youíre beautiful, Eve.

Eve: I feel sexually aroused by you, Adam.

Adam examines himself.

Adam: I feel ashamed of myself. Iím embarrassed.

Eve: I was never aware of my nakedness until I ate the fig. This Serpent has deceived me. Oh, God!

The Serpent makes a laughing, hissing sound. Adam and Eve grab giant green leaves from a nearby tree and cover their nudity. Then they hear the Voice of God. They run away and try to hide. God, invisible, speaks in an angry assertive tone.

GOD: Adam, where are you?

Adam and Eve come out from their hiding places, wearing the giant leaves to cover their shame.

Adam: My Lord, I heard the angry sound of You in the Garden, and I was afraid because I am naked. So I hid.

GOD: Who told you that you are naked? Have you eaten of the Tree that I commanded you not to eat?

Adam looks over at a crying Eve and stutters in fear.

Adam: The woÖwoman you gaÖgave to me Ė she gaÖgave me the fruÖfruit of the Tree and I ate.

God turns to Eve.

GOD: Eve, whatís this you have done?

Eve: The Serpent tricked me, and I ate.

The Serpent tries to slither away, but is frozen in place.

GOD: Eve, this Serpent is the Devil, Satan. He is pure evil. If you associate with evil, you also become evil. It is too late to turn back. Evil is now within you and Adam.

God next addresses the Serpent.

GOD: Satan, you have acted cowardly by disguising yourself as a Serpent to entice Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Upon your belly shall you crawl from dusk to dawn, and be upright as a man during all the daylight hours.

The Serpent tries to hiss, but his speech is impaired. God continues to scold the Serpent.

GOD: I will put enmity between you, Satan, and the woman, and between her offspring and your offspring. At the End of Days, in the time of Gog and Magog, an offspring of Eve will pound the head of an offspring of yours. And in turn, Satan, your offspring will bite at the heel of Eveís offspring.

Adam and Eve stand with their heads down toward the earth.

GOD: Adam, because you listened to the voice of Eve and ate of the Tree, through suffering shall you eat of the barren ground all the days of your life. For dust you are and to dust shall you return. And you, young woman, your punishment shall be horribly difficult pregnancies that shall cause you great pain. Now be gone. I want you out of my sight. You too, Serpent.

Adam and Eve leave as the Serpent slithers away in the opposite direction toward the Eastern Gate of the Garden of Eden. The angels, Michael and Gabriel, appear. God speaks to them in a somber voice.

GOD: Behold! Man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil. Lest he eat manna from the Tree of Life and live forever, I must banish Adam and Eve from the Garden. Escort them out the Eastern Gate, and station your Cherub angels there. Have them place the flame of the ever-turning sword at the gate, to guard the way to the Tree of Life.

Two Cherub angels take up their positions on both sides of the Gate. A fiery four-foot sword spins around freely in the air. As Adam and Eve pass through the Eastern Gate into the forest, they look back with tears in their eyes. The Garden is but a blur, and all that is visible is a pink halo surrounding the Cherub angels.








      Adam and Eve are lying naked on a leaf-covered bamboo bed in their forest tent. They are making rapturous love under a sheepskin blanket. They finish their climactic intercourse, and Eve rests her head on Adamís shoulder. Adam gently wraps his arm around Eve and holds her close. After several moments of blissful silence, he looks into her quiet eyes and speaks lovingly.

Adam: I must go into the forest and hunt game for our dinner.

Eve: Return quickly, my love, for I thrive in the safety of your arms, with your warmth encircling me.

Adam: I promise to return before dusk.

Eve: We have failed God. We can never fail each other. I love your tenderness. You are so gentle and kind with me.

Adam: Yes, I, too, long for our magnificent days in the  Garden. Our life is difficult, but at least we are together.

Eve: I hope that this time I shall become pregnant. I want desperately to give you the child you so deserve.

Adam dresses in his loincloth. He takes his spear and as he exits the tent, he blows Eve a kiss and says good-bye. Outside in the forest, the Serpent is upright and watches Adam leave. It mumbles to itself.

Serpent: This is my chance. Itís the light of dawn, and I can transform myself into human form and seduce Eve.

The Serpent breathes deeply and appears as Adam, dressed exactly like him. Meanwhile, Eve has fallen asleep in her bed. Satan enters the tent and startles Eve.

Eve: Back so soon, my love. Did you forget something?

Satan alters his vocal chords, but he cannot quite match Adamís exact voice.

Satan: Iíve had an insatiable lust for you, ever since I first saw you in the Garden of Eden.

Eve: You donít sound like Adam. Who are you?

Satan: Why, Iím Adam, of course. I swear it by God.

Satan removes his clothes, gets under the blanket, and begins to rape Eve.

Eve: Youíre hurting me, Adam. Youíre not your gentle self. Stop!

Satan ignores Eve and pushes more forcefully, harder and harder. He climaxes, then abruptly gets up and leaves the tent without another word. Eve remains in bed trying desperately to comfort herself but cannot. Finally she gives out a shrieking primal scream.

Itís late afternoon, and Adam is whistling and briskly walking through the forest, holding two dead rabbits over his shoulder. He approaches home and hears whimpering coming from inside the tent. He pushes aside the opening and is surprised to see Eve still in bed. He sees tears in her eyes, kneels beside her, and then speaks.

Adam: Whatís wrong? Did something happen in my absence?

Eve: You raped me before you left this morning.

Adam: I did no such thing. I have just returned. I have rabbits for dinner.

Eve gasps. She holds her head between her hands and cries. Adam dries her tears. Eve speaks, but she is barely audible.

Eve: Oh, my God! It was Satan. He came into the tent after you left. He was your identical twin. He was dressed exactly like you, but he didnít sound like you.

Adam: He impregnated you with his sperm.

Eve: What shall we do?

A voice is heard within the tent, but no one is seen.

Adam: Itís God. Heís here.

GOD: You will bear twin sons in a difficult labor. One from Satan and the other from Adam. You will call the firstborn son Cain. He will be a farmer and will be evil from his youth, like his Devilish father. The other shall be a shepherd and will be all good, because he is the seed of Adam. You will call the good son Abel.

Adam: Will Satan come back?

GOD: No! Satan shall never bother you again. Within six thousand years, a demonic human being, an offspring from Satan through your son Cain, will arise. This modern-day Cain will plot with Satan and Cainís father to lead the world to Armageddon.

Eve: And what of my son, Abel?

GOD: Your son, Cain, will murder your son, Abel.

Eve: Oh, no! O my Lord, you shall have inflicted the harshest punishment upon me, for I shall be left childless.

          GOD: Whatís done cannot be undone. Cainís sin will be atoned for when the Third Temple is built at the End of Days. At that time you, Adam, and your dead son, Abel, will be resurrected to live again in the Messianic Age. I shall banish Cain from the forest, and you and Adam shall immediately have a third son, Seth. From Seth all humankind will descend. In the distant future, a good son will arise from Sethís lineage. His name will be Abel, like the biblical Abel, and he will also live in modern times, along with the modern-day Cain. Abel will fight this twentieth-century Cain in the End Times to decide the fate of humanity in the final battle between good and evil.


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