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What is My Message Board?

The Message Board is designed to provide secure communication between "registered" readers and authors. Messages sent to you using the "Contact Author" link on your home page will appear on your Message Board.


  • You can quickly reply to received messages by pressing the 'reply' button next to the message in question.

  • Note that your reply will also appear in your message board showing the entire conversation. The system was designed to include your outgoing message precisely to show the entire conversation (incoming & outgoing).

  • The sender of the original message will be notified in their email box that you have replied to their message. They then can provide additional comments should they desire.

Sending Messages:

  • In order to send a message to an author you should visit that author's AD Homepage and use the "Contact Author" link.

  • If this author has previously sent messages to you then you may use the reply feature to continue on the same conversation as indicated above.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Your message board will appear once someone has sent you a message via your AuthorsDen home page. If you would like to get the ball rolling, you can create your own “Welcome” message by going to your public AuthorsDen home page: and clicking on the contact author link in the upper left-hand section of your page.

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