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Robert Amoroso

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A series of newspaper articles
Sunday, August 22, 2004  10:10:00 AM

by Robert Amoroso

I was recently asked to write a series of articles by several “on-line” magazines. The articles will appear at various times. I will be commenting on social issues, and current events, topics that I believe affect us all. Your comments are always welcome.

Viewing Michael Moore’s 9/11 In L.A.

By Robert Amoroso Aug 15, 2004

I was recently in LA on a mini promotion tour, at the same time Michael Moore’s controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11 made its debut. Being a native New Yorker, and knowing the controversy surrounding this film, and witnessing first hand the carnage of that fateful September morning. I felt compelled to view this film first hand. Of course viewing it in LA had the added ingredient of suspense. The audience was comprised of mainly young political activists, and fringe elements of the far left, the type of folks that shout obscenities at the screen. The film itself is not a documentary but rather propaganda with the sole purpose of discrediting this administration and rewriting history of one of the most horrific events in modern America History. If this film were merely commentary and satire on our current leaders, I myself would be amused, but this film goes far beyond the bonds of decency. Interesting enough Mr. Moore has valid questions pertaining to our involvement in the Middle East, and our current role there. However rather then asking pointed questions, he chooses to either omit facts or draws convoluted conclusions in order to make a political statement, leaving his young audience with a skewed view of history and thus our current involvement. As I sat in this darken theater, hearing shouts of obscenities around me, I was reminded of my own youth, and of my own rebellious nature, marching against unjust wars. Youth has a way of painting everything black and white, with little if any room for the shades of gray that time seems to add, as we go through life. Michael Moore understands his audience well and shades the facts in either black or white, with little thought if any, to the facts. What troubles me mostly about this film, is that he treats the events of 9/11 as a footnote a sidebar if you will. As if the 3,000 plus innocent lives that were brutally murdered, did not warrant our attention or our focus. He does this by masterfully by going “black” on the screen, not one visual of the actual attack, but rather a voice over on a blacken screen. I could certainly understand if this was his thinking that the entire two plus hours should be void of graphic violence or carnage, but that’s not the case. He graphically shows the aftermath of American bombs hitting villages, and the carnage that follows, he gets extremely graphic in depicting those events. He chooses carefully what his young audience should or should not view, mindful of the fact of what emotion he wants from them. I sat in stunned silence watching the blacken screen, but I had an advantage over my young and rebellious audience, for I had witnessed first hand the carnage of that day. I watched in horror as the second plane hit The World Trade Center, not a video, not a movie. I wonder were Mr. Moore was on that infamous day or for that matter that night. I know where I was, I was walking the streets of lower Manhattan, watching brave young men and woman rushing to the eerie glow of floodlights and the smoldering debris that was once “The World Trade Center”. A footnote Mr. Moore? Tell that to this New Yorker. -------

-----About the author Robert Amoroso: I'm a published author with my first novel entitled JOURNEY currently available in the marketplace. Email: Tell a friend about this site! © Copyright 2002-2004. All rights reserved-----------

Politics, Ethics and Society

By Robert Amoroso Aug 23, 2004

As I pen this I’m reminded of my own childhood and the values instilled in me, and perhaps that’s why I’m somewhat perplexed at what seems to be the trend in our society. It seems that our value system has changed, shifting to suit our own political agenda. We now excuse and worse yet, accept almost any behavior from our elected officials. I’m well aware that scandal and politics go hand and hand, and I can (as you) recite a history of misdeeds, throughout the years from both political parties. However what I speak of is a moral and ethic decay within our society, an acceptance if you will by the populace, the people themselves. It wasn’t that long ago that we would demand the resignation of officials that failed to uphold those values. Now it seems we’ve become so conditioned to this that we now accept it as a way of life. When we as a society begin to accept this behavior from our elected officials, can the demise of civilization be far behind? If anything history should have taught us, that if left unchecked great societies fall from within. The moral tone our leaders set eventually filters into our own everyday lives. Corruption is nothing new to politics, one can even argue that indeed it seems to be weaved into the very fabric of American society, and again if history is any type of gauge, then there is an element truth to this. The old adage that “power corrupts” should be a constant reminder to us all. What troubles me is not so much the corruption that seems to be part of the political landscape, but our willingness to accept it. When Watergate became a national scandal, President Nixon had the good sense to resign, rather then be impeached. He realized that for the good of the nation he needed to step down, and was “shamed” into resigning. Fast forward to the Clinton Administration and one can see a shift, a realignment in values, where almost any behavior can be excused. That same behavior that we’ve come accept in our elected officials, we would never accept in our own personal life. The question then is why? Why have we allowed this to occur? Is it because we now interpret what misconduct we deem acceptable? Is it perhaps we’ve become so aligned philosophically with the views of our elected officials that we fail to accept their misdeeds, and thus excuse them from responsibility? We currently face yet again another political scandal, this time in my home state of New Jersey. The Govoner of the state Jim McGreevey held a press conference recently admitting to being gay, cheating on his wife and having an affair with his male aide. Obviously the issue isn’t McGreevey’s sexual orientation, but rather the hiring of his lover (an Israeli Citizen), as Director of Homeland Security. Worst yet, other then a brief military career, this person had no experience or expertise within this environment. Thankfully, after a brief background check by the FBI, it was determined that indeed this person wasn’t qualified. It’s worth repeating again, the issue isn’t the Governors sexual orientation, or even the hiring of his lover, the issue is simply that the Chief Executive of the state of New Jersey, in the aftermath of 9/11, potentially put at risk the safety of the people of his state. Yet there seems to be no outcry by the populace the people themselves, for his immediate resignation. He will resign at the time of “his choosing”. Incredibly, a day after the press conference it was reported that the Governor actually enjoyed a bump in the polls, and that almost 40% of the people felt that he should stay in office for the immediate future. So the question again needs to be asked…why?

------------About the author Robert Amoroso: I'm a published author with my first novel entitled JOURNEY currently available in the marketplace. Email: Tell a friend about this site! © Copyright 2002-2004. All rights reserved.

Posted On September 13, 2004 . 08:43 AM EST Reprint Citizen Journal Magazine

New York is Again Faced With Another Challenge

By Bob Amoroso

Last week the Big Apple was again the focus of worldwide attention, as it hosted the Republican National Convention and delegates from around the country descended on the "city that never sleeps." Yet within all this excitement, there seemed to be uneasiness, an undercurrent of uncertainty. At first glance it would appear to be the thousands of demonstrators and protesters who made their displeasure with this Administration heard. Yet protests and demonstrating are nothing new; it's a vital part of the New York scene. What this city feels is apprehension, that unsettled feeling that comes from a fear of the unknown. To the casual observer we still seem brash, always in a rush and perhaps even a bit rude. Yet if one looks closely enough into the shadows, lurking between the monuments and landmarks, hidden from view is a stealth force at the ready, faceless, hooded figures dressed in black rally venturing into the sunlight. They've become our guardian angels in black, lethal, deadly and like the Cobra ready to strike. And if the unthinkable should occur once again, these angels will move as swiftly as the wind, they’re our firewall, our last defense, to the mindless terror that now grips our thoughts. Yes we're New Yorkers; we go about our daily business, rushing, pushing, and jaywalking through life, never paying attention to the daily perils we face.That’s the price we pay for the privilege of being called “New Yorkers.”Everyday we rush through this town sidestepping food carts, dodging cabs, stepping over sleeping bodies, walking around meandering tourists. And while we're mindful of the evil deeds that took place on that September Morn, I can't help but feel confident that we've become stronger, we've been tested, we've been bloodied, and that while our knees may have buckled, we never fell. Our monuments and landmarks may crumble, for they’re only made of stone, granite and marble, but the heart and soul of this town, its people, are alive and well. This past weekend we marked another anniversary of that fateful day, as we once again became the focus of worldwide attention and paid tribute to our fallen heroes and reminded ourselves again of the anguish and fear we felt on that day. In less then two months we'll fulfill once again the American Dream, that of free elections. To our enemies abroad and perhaps here at home, this process that we as Americans take for granted is the true enemy, to be attacked, to strike fear, to murder and maim. We've felt the dagger of the beast, as it pierced into the symbols of our freedoms, and we witnessed first hand as our neighborhoods were turned into bloody battlefields over night. Make no mistake – we still rush around this town, we still eat to fast, and we're still quick to give you our opinions, whether asked for it or not. We're still edgy and brash, with an irreverent view of life. Yet if one looks deep enough into the heart of this city, one would see a wound that will never quite heal.You see it as our stride suddenly slows down as we pass Ground Zero on our way to work. You see it as we whisper to one another and bow our heads in silent tribute, then just as quickly we return to our daily chores, always mindful of the unknown that life can change in the blink of an eye. ___

About the author: Bob Amoroso (Amo) is a published author, and columnist. For additional information on his critically acclaimed novel, JOURNEY, or to view his written political commentaries, please log on to: To contact Mr. Amoroso directly simply email him at:   

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