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Marek A Benjamite

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Member Since: Sep, 2010

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Recent Development- As a Hinge of the Mask remains
Thursday, November 11, 2010  1:05:00 PM

by Marek A Benjamite

Literary Criticism
The report here is with regards to Pre-Tribulation decline in social morality, toward Anti-GOD extremeism in local media in all Man''s Sphere with regards it''s portrayal of the "Black" and "white" divide between "rich" as "poor"; that is spiritually rich as poor. YES! We saints are "poor" according to they- BUT CHRIST Emptied Himself out that we may be "RICH"! Halleleujah!





+12-01-2011 Report

From Isaiah, 9:17 “… Therefore the LORD will take no pleasure in the young men, nor will he pity the fatherless and widows, for everyone is ungodly and wicked, every mouth speaks vileness..”

YEA! Says the LORD: If you will turn from you SIN- TURN NOW! REPENT! Whilst still may you! For the End Time be about to “Swamp” you!

FOR the “Faithful”- though are of Christ JESUS are in heart as Spirit Full- for HE is “Faith”- FUL- they- the Elect- who do not fall, who do Trust in He till they are full and there Mouth be Satisfied with Good “things” (meaning- “Words”) but have no ear itching to “Hear” evil- but are not lead- or guided- by “they” who do lead this “people”- but like the most simple- the child most simple- turn as The Good Disciple to JESUS who is The Head of US ALL- It is this Simple; “TRUST IN HE.”

Put your (Right) Hand UP- SAY- “JESUS – LET YOU CARRY ME- FROM A to B- for you know what be ahead of me- the End Time travesty- as they who sowe iniquity- as every grass root be- be swept away by the end time plague, as “Fire!” ahead…

JESUS SAID [of 2011]; “Great “Fire!”- GREAT “FIRE”! Yea- EVEN- as oft see M/me through the EYE of the Closest Disciple of I- HELL FIRE! For on “Earth!”_ I SEE “HELL FIRE”! YEA- a Nuclear “HELL FIRE!” For Ahmadinejad prophecy against ye- and the Anti-Christ who be his brother- behind he- so it will fall –on thee- Marek Lie not- America- USA- particularly- for the Enemy doth SO despise yea!

BUT UK- UK- you will not escape “Hell Fire!” SO easily- HOW MY END TIME CHASTISEMENTS be lined up- racked up –for YOU!

HE- Marek- the Goodly Gift Giver- refute the Enemy- in the SuperNatural- but if you will not plead the cause of the innocent- and that by Me- not humanistic humanity gone “Wrong!” without I- I F You will “Speak” but LIE as Iniquity- in the Pro-Islamisation of your country- set about so as to WEAKEN ye- WHAT WILL DO THEE? – Without the Protection of The Almighty?


AND IF YOU REMAIN WHERE HE BE- HOPE in HE- for in no other be “Hope” as HE call IT- which IS “HOPE” – for HIS VERY SPIRIT BE TRUE SPIRITUAL, SUPERNATRUAL “HOPE”- HOPE IN HIS “RETURN” IS SUCH “HOPE”- then YOU will be Saved- as Delivered- LET HE CARYR YOU- the rest of the “Way”- till the End Time Tribulation ahead of YOU!”


IN 2011- this is what I SEE;

Nuclear fallout.


China began to drew its Bond (with America) away…

N. Korea- a large “Bomb” going off there- N. Korea then falls under the blackest black- as be every other “country” of the World – TO FALL UDNER THE “SPELL” OF THE ILLUMINATI...

That’s 2011- it’s NOT permanently… FOR One in the Spirit on Jeshua- as ForeWrite in the Manifest Glory of the Almighty, in Isaiah 9:6-8, the final South King- King of Gt. Britain- who be as Christ in his position- as One OF THE SON- though I SAY NOT THE SON- will come Forth- and Take His GOVERNMENTAL POSOITION- NOT in 2011- BUT in 2015, at the end of the first 42 months of the Great Tribulation…


Turn to GOD- He Alone can rescue you- when “FAMINE” come to you- Multiplicity of “provision” he have for you- IF “tithe” as “offer” YOU!

+ See the prophecy of Alec Wendy- know the Smooth Highway await you- IF GOD YOU LET CARRY- through 2011- YOU- and OBEY HE – do YOU- and Compromise NOT THE “WORD” of “HOPE” in YOU- HOPE IN HE- that HAVE YOU- IF ETERNAL SALVATION HAS HE PUT IN THE SOUL ALREADY OF YOU- and Obedience to the Almighty be in YOU- ASK- ASK TO OBEY- if you have a heart to…

THE Smoot road- as plain- THE “FIRST HEAVEN”- after He- like He did to Enoch as many like he- TAKE AWAY YOU- even as the Well of Hell Open up under the FEET of the godless about YOU!







11-11-2010 Report



A couple of days ago, as I prayed- seeing the way the godless are- I called on the Name of the LORD, saying- LET THERE stone hearts be revealed- let they see the “truth”- and know their sin- and have no recourse but to know...”

AND they knew-“spiritual blindness” flew back- but as I prayed for GOD to step in and witness- - as I sew the SCALE of the “little” Awakening- I sew also that few as few can be would Remain awoken- simply because their were no pedestal- or placement- for “Faith” in them- We live in the “end” where things are at their worst- in their rejection of the Blessing- great devastation will come up on the mass majority of people- for the majority are- it would appear- made up of the “stock” of they who boldly proclaim the lie of the Enemy—and have no rightful heir to put above or below they concerning the “Earth” –either that they claim to be off- or that about them which they are most certainly not from...

IN JAN of 2012, put at the end fo the 18th, the eve of the Trib, will the "Hinge"- that is to say the final hinge- in the EU.UK, come off the "Mask"- Light as 'Dakr' will be uin utter seperation- devoid of each other;s "Mark".


+++FURTHER BREAKING "NEWS"- Stories from the days of "me"- a Prophet in Christ;


14th November 2010 (2011 on the non-Gregorian)
On the Saturday (the 13th) I awoke after much Sight in the Realm of the Seer- I SEW how a person’s spirit’s heart- their very “spirit” as “soul” (tented by supernatural “flesh”) were visible- if one using sensing technology for detecting the “flesh” membrane between natural realm “flesh” as well as spirit [like the x-rays that say where a person’s “arm” or “foot” or some such which is cut of foot- even the movement in it they feel- as for dwarves- that they have about 6’2” if wo-man, about 7’2” if man- right there on the x-ray..- the supernatural membrance between their natural body as spirit is therefore a “cross-over” element- and quite detectable- naturally!], all around as it re-entered a person’s body- it were a person that “needed” in the worldly view CPR- and electrical equipment had been applied (no effect) plus compressions- etc – but then on an Act of the Spirit- that man- the CPR compression gift giver- were given the “Rhema” knowledge to cats himself in prayer force for a full minute if necessary upon the corpse- to bring back, “raise” the man...
AND I sew the recordings, of the being’s spirit as soul return... and a mighty flash.
I SPOKE with the LORD, as I awoke- at that time, speaking freely about the manner of the dream- as to that it meant.
He- the LORD- Adnai Ardnai- TOLD me: “Many who pray for a person to be raised this way- in this as every other “Christian” (as in, chiefly, formerly “Christian” so to speak) “Land”- have this from within- THAT I – GOD- ADNAI ARDNAI- the Every Present El Shaddai(!) “raise” their person- that they “feel” for- or the loss- though temporal as the case may be- FOR then I will “raise” they- for I am Merciful- and desire the death of not a single “soul”- I will rescue they- if they will plead at the Right Hand Side of I EVEN in the FUTURE half of the SOUL of their soul...”
“BUT KNOW this”- Said HE- the LORD- JESUS- “IF you will have “mercy”- also have Wise Speech in such Prayer Moment- for I TELL thee INCREASINGLY the “dead” are not “raised”_ but rather the anatomy animated by that which result in mere “pagan”- albeit “atheist- “Mormon” or Pagan or Neo-Pagan or “Witch” or even Sorcerous “Necromancy” ; for a “demon” fill the corpse of they- and return no the soul as spirit to the “body”;- so they have but a “day” to cast off the demon, and recall the body- else to dust and lice go the body, when they (the demons) vacate this horrid testimony of their “Power”- which be in “truth” no “Power” but mere darkness and revelery in “self-sufficiency”; I tell THEE-each and every “CPR” without Me Intervening as RAISING- by the Power of Me on the Anointing of YE the Anointed- OR SOME OTHER WAY such as Prayer Power in Me in Eternity- BE MERE FABLE “raising the dead” technology- for there is no such “dead raising power” that have thee- merely “NECROMANCY”.
{Speaking on the night of the 14th- as I write}
THEREFORE- IF I SENT YE LAST NIGHT to fight with the “Future” Demons of Hell- that ravish the spirit as soul of some that will- in “Future” TIME BE My Disciple- worry not that I do so send thee- FOR EVEN from the “future” soul- Men have “Grace” enough- indeed- it be BY ME – in the Future as Present Half of the soul of they- that they at first come to “Hear” Me- from the Future where at The General Resurrection I have they in My Palm! BUT first- I say this- you went in spirit- declaring the fall over “Babylon” of “demon possessed” Man- as well as “cadaver” of “Man” (really demon infested “CORPSE”- such as Three of the Brothers of The Antichrist (of the Original 9) be already- having been “slayn” in combat with the US Army- only 1 of the being saved but betrayed to US Intelligence(in Iran) by the same brothers that helped be a Jihadist); THEE THREW BACK into “HELL” very many- already corpse after corpse line the street in Haiti- as well as each and every other “Black magic” “city”;- IN BRISTOL U.K., I SEW many (7) fall as “rot”- but in the land of Iran, over a hundred and twenty- in Iran’s neighbor, “Israel”- “GAZA”- fifty- and other places where the “Muslim” of Jihad intent be- for SATANIC be each and every violent wing of they- and run by the HAMAS wing of the Illumium, from Iran, many of them (intentionally or “Unknowingly”)..
AS thee slept- thee went into “future battle”- thee slew many an evil- but thee brought to an end great evil- SAVING brothers sisters of thee- awake as in the spirit thee overcame the prodigal in the “book market” as an Open Heaven Channel- even as a SUPER-CHANNEL- and in the global Media- as a “Voice”_ a SUPER-POWER voice a Voice that reached out into the very end of the Created Realms of Matter as Space- Super-matter as super-fare , releasing many from bondage to the gimmickry as lie of Satanry.. AND they said- that is not enough- will you not save her- as he!
AND twice tee went to thy blood brother to be- Scon who “Siri” will be- as to the “wife” Juuli Daa who “JoYI” will be! You went to the Future Halves of they- as through out your day- AND no power had they- but they Belief protect thee- as the House of thee from the Pagan Assault of Demonic Channeling that attempted against they House they!
AND ye went-that same night- to the sons as daughter of Me! IN so many, very many of a WAY! BUT YE went to one in particular- after the “knife” by which all unsaved "flesh” be treated as the “clay” it be- to be turned back to the “wheel” but after its reduced to “clay” dust as “ashes”- and ye thus brought “Judgment” upon very , very many evil children of Men- from the supernatural- that I require not a fuller judgment upon they- or the erstwhile ungenerated horrible “seed” of yea- even that “creature”- The Beast- the “owl” so oft they betray in Secular Media recently... A visage of the Anti-Christ- in “His” spirit- the Evil One’s spirit.
BUT to the last of they- for who ye sew the “Sol” Credit run as ye saved he- YE thus saved the future half of the soul of the “wife” of he- brother of Cool “Ethan”_ a “Slopak” said ye he be- for he- seeing this “glory”- wanted of thy “Glory”- as YE explained- Christ NEED he- he accepted- it In his inner most “soul”- that is to say the “Future Half of the SOUL”- and SAVED- in January of 2012- in the “Natural”- shall be in his all- he represent a Wo-Man dominated “Church”- of the right “Body”- not the “Left”- the side that ought to be of the Wo-Man in Chief in He- the LORD who Made He- as the Vein carry both MALE and FE-MALE BLOOD in the body- that is to say- the DNA of each and every “Man” have blood of Man as Wo-Man- His “Wife” as HE- and at eh Resurrection- where form Eternity “HE”- as “SAVED MALE” be- His Eternal Blood- God’s Blood- be Made Purer than “White”-Shinier than Blue Sea under a Calm Sea SKY- AS with Me- pure as simple- “Seen through” with the “Mark of Me” if ever as A SIGN (i.e. “Stigmata to prove they in the “hereafters” of forever) ye bare they- for you “Blood” become “Infinitely Eternal”_ being no longer “mortal”... SO “She”- being the “Wo-Man”- receive fo the New Birth- in ME- through the “Male”- who at the “first” being Made in the Image fo ME receive His |Re-Birth quite before his “Natural”_ thus His Rib be taken- first to Make her he chose in the Natural- (though His Re-Birth- from the “Future”- is BEFROE the natural)- then His Crystal or Pure- White- or Silver- or Gold- as he be in the natural- “rib”- to make the “Re-Birth” (RESURRECTED) form of her- including all “Revelatory” and “Informatory” and so forth revelation as BLESSING as Cleansing Anointing... THUS – a faithful “wife” MUST save the husband for in her future she se his faith and receive his faith- that he be “Saved” by her! [Yet Tokens- or “Gifts”- I GIFT GIVE_ but VIA- as with ALL the Husband- to Gift to her].
Hallelujah! - Marek the Gift Giver- truly YOU are a Great Giver!
Relax- take a break with her!
You will write more later- including “cleansing” or tidying up this note taking!”
+++13:38 hrs- the 15th of November- after grammar/ spell check to the above ‘work’
I Sew that, as I walked into a Bristol Cathedral (there are at least 2- this appeared Anglican) last night that the place were FULL of Unitarinity- the Religion that at the end of History be the unatoned for, blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, Religion of the dragon-the 7-headed dragon that is to say... AND it were in the art- and they denied the Cross-saying that Christ still suffer not the Cross- NOT Approx. 2 Eons past (actually within 3 days fo the previous forever, not denying His entering Hell, after first going to preach tot he Saints at the Bosom of Abraham His-Self- the Word)- BUT that He IS NOW suffering was their word- and they presented a burnt cross from a humanistic mission- where they blamed not the persons, or demons, responsible- but treated as merely a “human” affair. This is their tragedy;
Where AS A BOY I WALKED into or PAST a ‘Church; and SEW as FELT the ANOINITING amongst they- now- but for a Consecrated Church relic, or tapestry, etc- here or there which is not in itself a heresy- or the Eucharist (if present) there is little- I felt no- but I do not SAY NO- Manifest Presence of His Anointing- BUT- as it were- UP IN THE SKY- where the LORD told me to “Sign” to (as in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)- not His Loyal Presence IN a Regular ‘State’ Anglican or else Methodist or even Popular evangelical or any other ;’Church’- I SAY not that the Church on the ground is without consecration... BUT that where before it were a Spiritual ‘SOLACE’-now it is a mere ‘Institution’- the ‘Solace’ will yet-with consecration due deconsecration- be REMOVED on the 1st Feb 2012- mid Trib being there after mid the 1,200 mornings as evenings that will follow where the sanctuary be removed...
SO it will be-
YET- due tot he increase in paganism- in neo-paganistic worship- in SATANIC activity in Church- at all order of HEIRACHY- as well as the ongoing pagan Prophet denial, as well as hunt of the ‘Prophet’- the Satanic regime of Unitarianistic Human –Demon pleasure in ‘pleasing’ each other have lead to the abandonment of the ‘Church’ on the ground by GOD the Father, as Son- but for the Holy Spirit’s witness in each and every saved believer that happen to pass there- or in there inner most heart there... TEH CHURCH is no longer “safe” not a spiritual solace- forever-... IT is to a spiritual ‘Church; we no turn to- for even in the days hereafter- when the great Tribulation, in 2018, comes to be over- where on the 1st Feb 2018 we WILL have our Churches ‘back’ as far as there is anything left to have back- the SOLACE will return from ABOVE the earthly Church- to the floor space JUST above the EARTH- as a PORTAL AWAITS they of the ‘Earth’.. FOR HIS NEW JERU-SALEM is swift coming...
Great spiritual warfare occurred as I went to save a ‘pagan’ ‘brother’ – one the LORD Taught me to SEE as a brother- looking to he ‘Future’ in much Hope- by Faith- for this brother- for I permitted- I believe in error- he to step into “My CHRUCH”- my “Bastion”- the earth of my “House”- AND but for a moment disbelieved Abba the Father in- through Christ His Son- HIS SAYING- He will NOT enter- FOR he – the man that is yet to be delivered of his pagan way- WILL NEVER ENTER- NO- NOT HE- forever... BUT he that will replace he- in the “Re-Birth”- HE will...
AND I did what I will- I went to Save he... BUT a fierce battle enraged- for he- a big in “dominion” (perfectly apart from the space immediately beneath his fee- an illicit dominion- but still to be a fought over dominion- TAKEN by Supernatural VIOLENCE- as it have since the beginning) had vent of a host of powerful demon- one of the greatest “kings” in Hell had made a “bastion” of he...
A Buddhist- his wife a witch- together they covertly walk together- but they know me- I they- how they work to bring in heresy- to steal people’s life blood away- and bring iniquity...
BUT for all their “demon venting”- and I mean legion after cruel legion Venting- I slew they- and today- have FULL triumph- as EVER- over the kings as ‘Queens” of Satan’s’ repulsive horde!





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