I've just found out that I have been listed as the top childrens author at ebookmall.com. I feel quite honored to be mentioned at ebookmall.com ahead of such distinguished writers as Sir James Barrie (Peter Pan) and C.S. Lewis (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Narnia).

I have 4 children's e-books at ebookmall in both Adobe Reader and Microsoft Reader formats:

1) Enchanta (1st book of trilogy)
2) Pot of Gold (2nd book of trilogy)
3) Space Bugs, Earth Invasion  (3rd book of trilogy)
4) The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House

Enchanta is listed as the top Children's Science Fiction Book at ebookmall


Here's Jay Dubya listed as the top children's author at ebookmall.com


Enchanta and all other of my 39 books are also in e-book format at Amazon.com (Kindle) and in Nook (Barnes and Noble) e-book formats.

Jay Dubya (author)
John Wiessner