Hello to ALL Shameless Writers and Readers!!

I have very recently learned that my e-book version for "PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale" from Outskirts Press is available for me to use however I see fit. I started thinking about how this could be used for promotion, exposure, etc, when it dawned on me. I would just simply love to have y'all read and review my book, but money, as we are all painfully aware, is tight all around (Dennis, my 401K balance actually made me cry!) and I don't want to take any more hard earned scratch from my Indie cohorts. And since some of my most favorite reviews on PILATE have been from this group (Lila Pinord, poetrylover and, of course, the great and powerful ellen!) what I propose is this: In exchange for a review on Amazon.com and B&N.com I would happily send, completely gratis, the e-book version of PILATE to anyone who wishes to read and review it. Now please note that this is EXACTLY the same version as the print edition, not a manuscript. It is really lovely and very easy on the ol' eyeballs! So as not to bunch up this thread, any and all can send a request for this e-book to:


and I will send PILATE back to you as an attachment.
Thanks to all in advance and please consider this your early Christmas present from your resident Dark Dude!

Much Love and Bloody Smooches,
Steven Rage