Below is the Table of Contents for Shameless Shorts:

Headed For Home by ROBERT ISHAM AULER 3
The Sad Case of Cassandra by JOEL M. ANDRE 7
Big Little Teenie by ROBERT ISHAM AULER 12
Jewel's Friends by D. A. BLANKINSHIP 22
Justice for All by D. A. BLANKINSHIP 32
The Junk Man by BENJAMIN BLUE 48
The Odd Man by BENJAMIN BLUE 54
A Gift From Above by JOHN PAUL CARINCI 74
Autumn by ERIN COLLINS 90
Thirst by ELLEN GEORGE 91
The Price of Gas by DONALD GORMAN 103
The Story of Del by P. J. GRONDIN 109
The Uninvited Guest by SUSAN MCLEOD 118
Changing Times: by GRANT U. MOBIELLE 122
The Dive to Hell by MIKE MONAHAN 126
Day of the Clowns by LILA L. PINORD 136
"Blasphemy" by STEVEN RAGE 153
Third Rail by LORNA RAINEY 163
A Bite Out of Time by GARY VAL TENUTA 171
The Hero and the Fiend by GLENN G. THATER 185
Author Biographies 197