Author: Carl David

Publisher: Nightengale Press

ISBN: 978-1-933449-66-1

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This memoir begins with a phone call and the words “it’s all over.” Carl’s world came crashing down early that morning and he feared for his mother - could she ever get over what had happened?

Carl could only repeat “oh my god” over and over again. Was this true?

 Julius and Pop were good friends spending many days and nights together “living the world of art.” Art was after all a big part of Carl’s family whose history was a fourth generation art-business.

Now fate had intervened with a cruel twist . Would Mom ever recover? Would Carl?

The journey to Mom’s flat seemed to take forever, the elevator ride seemed like hours. Mom sobbed again and again. Her life was over. She had nothing left to live for.

It seems there really can be such a thing as a soul mate in this life. Two people who are so close they can read each other’s minds without a single word passing their lips. Death now separated them.

Even with all the money in the world, a magnificent multi-room apartment and a loving family Mom just kept saying “life has no meaning”.

Pop loved to fly but knew if his health deteriorated anymore or if doctors told him he was too ill he could lose his licence. Sad as it was, he knew his days were counting down and that he might have to give up his business and hand it over. There was no point in denying it any longer, Pop had big problems.

Carl was asked to view Pop that morning but he declined - he did not want to look upon Pop’s lifeless shell but preferred to remember the laughter and the energetic spirit that had been his hero. 

That day it was clear Pop had touched a lot of people and the crowds swelled into the street. A plane swooped across the sky reminding Carl what Pop loved so much. He would treasure those memories but look back in horror at others. Flying headfirst down through the sky did not leave a good lasting impression in Carl’s mind!

This is the story of the love shared between a father and son and how even in death dreams can still live on.  It also explores the history of small planes. The book is named Bader Field in recognition of the oldest airfield in the nation.

An easy-to-follow memoir which is refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.

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