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Marek A Benjamite

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Member Since: Sep, 2010

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010  4:00:00 AM

by Marek A Benjamite

IT IS HERE I DISCUSS on going items of Prophecy.- for 2010 particularly

8th Dec' 2012


TODAY- as I came to PRAY-  Isew the Gold Cross of OUR Lord Jesus- for Blessing as Prayer- Spirit lead Prayer even as Baptism by Water prayer- in His Blessing; It went to my right palm- and ther it went back to the Inner Throne Room of Our LORD JESUS- then to my waiting palm- THE GOOD BOOK- the Bible. IN It I read The Word.

It became hence forth as a great "Bouchet" of Red Roses- more as more red roses- and "some"_ though mroe will come- "Whtie Roses"- till the White - in number equal the "red";

THE RED are Fe-Male "Daughters" of the Christ-Hood- GOD's Redeemed- BLood Brethren. The Cross represents Receiving His Mercy- for praying as speaking in tongues - by the "Cross"- where "Reading through the Cross in The Blood" is Made Ardently Possible...

Thereafter- receiving spiritual off-spring- IN THE LOR DJESHUA- via the Cross- and thorugh Heart Felrt prayer- where the Blood of the Cross were.


THE WHITE ROSES are SPiritual Off-spring- "Men"- to marry the Wo-Men- the Daughter's of Holy Man;- SUCH were the prophecy in them!

Hail the KING JESUS!

WE the redeemed be BLESSED!



USE me as a Perfect "Santa"- to bring them in- even after S.t Nicholas's Manner! GOD BLESS he in HEaven! AMEN!


Late Oct' '011

IN recent times the LORD has told me to write of this;

THAT EZEKIEL 37-39 is in direct translation concerning the events in and around Israel- leading shortly (in today;s propehtic context) up to the ref-founding of "Israel"- from the BAse of MOunt Zion to 'elsewhere'- as a Prophetic Voice- as a Roman Catholic or Protestant person in the Land- Jews 'of every nation'- even as Ezekiel propehsied- - fter approximatley 2 EOns of 'wandering' they would- FOR the time of the incoming of the JEws- now the time of the Gentile Church, since 1969/70 have been over- were at hand..

THUS- when Ezekiel prophesied of the Breath of LIfe entering the bones and sineews and muscles- and body- of what had at frist been a dead army- he prophesied "new life"- yea- EVEN faith filled life... Christian 'Life'.

AND more is said- I SEW how the many nations depited in Ezekiel 38 coming agaisnt Israel were those of Muslim bent- such as Saudi Arabia- such as "Persia"- such as "ROssa" or "Russia" (Gog as Magog) - that beset Israel for today- were the same nations that were their (ISrael's) natural realm enemy back in the day...

AND here- at the propehsied time- but about 8  of the 70 year of terror and plight remain on they-- AND I SEE the 7 year tribulation period- mentioend in Ezaekiel 39- also in Revelations 12-13, were at the END of the 70 years of desolation- spiritual awakening will save them-

AND SO little time- SO little time- till Christ Comes. THE TIME IS INDEED SHORT.

IT is as if we are at Ezekiel 39:9- now that the Chruch is becoming one that is purely spiritual- and that which is institutional is gradually falling into irreversibel surrender...

AND in Ezekiel- the procedure of Men- professioanl Men- who lay flags wehre body parts were- and fro some months noen cane enter th land- and of 'fire from heafven' - and the LORD showed me 2018 - and nuclear fall out on a GOg (Persian) Magog (Russian) alliance tha landed in the region of Jazreel, NW Israel.. AND also of waqrheads fallin back in the region of Tehran- and one near Jerusalem- shielded form her by the mountains.. (Judea- ' when you see the abomination that causes desolation- the reader wil understand- flee fro the hils- fetch not your cloak from the field- or bed form the top of your roof- flee- those that live inthe area of Judea'- SAY the LORD).

2018- the final year of the 7 year period-

where the bowls of GOD's Wrath pouring out were...

This I SEW- and I KNOW that things happenign this very 2010 are pivotal- and were pivotal- to what were there prophesied by Ezekiel.


THE ANTI-CHRIST Gives way to the enemy of he- Marek- who be me- in supernatural combat in the 'heavenly' realm- TO give 'light'- that is FALSE LIGHT to his 'adversery'- YES_ strange though it may be- GOD Created they in originality- and ALIEN RACE of VAST COMPLEXITY fo thought- MEANT to SERVE we- as ALL NATURE to SERVE we- BUT for the FAll..

AND he use they- to gainsay- the voice of the ENemy- to control the Illuminati- UP untill recently- wher ehe lost they- due to supernatural conflict between they and MArek the Gift Giver- this writer...

SO it were- and the Illuminait were able to hold a place of their form of 'rest'- takign a 'break' from the pressure of the Almighty- that ought repent of all their ill doigns they- BUT then a FRESH FORCE of GOD fell upon many of they...

AND some of they will fall away- and join YET the ranks fo GOD ALMIGHTY.

THIS may seem a small affari- till you know who they will/are- as I do- relatives of I infact- of the Illuminati.

Prepared the Mark of the Beast in Brussells already have they (the 'Digital Angel Technology' - whith its 'curse' of Death).

BUT if you knew IF you really knew- how they orchestrate the 'governments' of every country- including the drug delaerships- the prostitution- the human trafficking- the promulgation of laws as intents as governmetn mainstream media (esp. the 'BBC') to bring on soical amorality that THEY MAY PURPOSEFULLY control the 'Craven' by the Spirit of Satan- which is the 'Beast' of Revelation- to get the votings they want for each and every part that found they- such as Labour and Tory which each be Fabian controleld as RUN-

TO see how they control EVERY world bank- and THE WORLD MILITARY INDUSTO complex- HOW THEY PLAN social propoganda to bring sexual amorality, lieing, thievery, amorality of every distinguishable (and due to the increasing obstinacy of the People(s) under full to partial influence of the spirits of evil that harbour in their soul they) and other fell thigns such as Infant Sacrifice (targetting those babys unborn with the Light of Heaven [JESUS] sensed in them in particular- GOD SAVE AS PROTECT THEY AND SAVE THE tempted parentage of the unborn- LORD have MErcy) so as to raise the Standard of the ENemy int eh HEart as Mind of the People- that they make they ABle to Accept  Unitarinity- indeed 'UNITARIANISM' - the religion of the 7-headed dragon of Revelation- so as to there form MOVE on to full blooded SATANISM- yes- enev that fell thing- FOR that- and worse sins that plan in soical 'ORDER' as they- as ELite Globalists- Luciferianic Men as WO-Men- plan it...

IF YOU SEW that- as by GOD these past few years- SINCE He TAUGHT me of the coming Financial Global Metldown- truly GOD's Judgment on the Babylon System of Trade- as the Walls fo Mystical 'Jericho' of 'Babylon- come crashign down- FIRST here in the EU as UK s planned by the Illuminati- I HAVE- YOU'd see HOW IMPERATIVE that some of the Fabians- ex-skulls to be- would come away form the Free Masons- formt he Illuminati who run the 'Free Mason' society- that woudl come awya formt eh 'office'  of Imperial Governmetn that SATAN have run through they- darkly- discreetly- using missdirection to poitn awya form the real 'prophets' of terror behind them...

AND they will- SOME Of they have already obtained- illegal- copies of my writings- AND they have them- for I have- as a Saint- as a Prophet- as ALL SAVED MEn and WO-Men as Eternally in Salvific Glory (PRAISE YOU JESUS)- YES- A BRAVE but Biblical SAINT- so precious as are his ALL- have not kept GOD back form this- by incessant prayer- NO-!_ I say- use my work- where evre it will lead to a Salvation- USE IT!

AND the LORD put even to the Illuminati it- via their stealing it- from my publisher who have it (NOT THIS PUBLISHER- 'Author's DEN'-- but by GOD's Grace to allow it- another). The fool they!

It will redeem some of the number of they- even as they seek Christian Propehcy- to Mock we with false prophecy in parallel amongst they of pagan bent-

TO bring destruciton on we- !HUH!

NO- for on the EVe of the Great Tribulation- they that HAVE FAITH - as WLAK IN FAITH (AND FAITH - IS JESUS IN the heart of I- as 'Faith'- the SUBSTANCE of GOD's SPIRIT THAT IS OF THINGS HOPED FOR- JESUS) will TRANSLATE.

WE will not face- as written at the end of Rev 13- the Sword or Captivity-

BUT many who have not Obeyed FAITH -not walked in FAITH- like many peers of believing sort to ENoch in his day pre-the First as Great FLOOD (now the next FLLOD to which JESUS Himself doth GIVE PROPHESY is a SPiritual Cleansing FLOOD- a things of SUpernatural Power- but not NATURAL- it's nto a NATURAL FLOOD...) WILL FACE MARTYRDOM.

THE STATE will first hand they over to every MUSLIM person- for after the terrrorist (including Nuclear) attacks on Gt. Britian as America- (I SEE LA AND SAN FRANCISCOM and NYC on fire- and BRISTOL UK- some kinda bomb - only the NYC one withotu a mushroom shape smoke or cloud- plus something in N. London) People- driven byt eh 'Beats' - the spirit of FEAR- attack the Christian people- NOT the MUSLIM people who come amidst they- for they fear they- but NOT the Christian pewople for the Christian People are yet seen - in TRUTH as a Christian- that is GOOD people- such is the reporre that have developed they with the people- AND INSTEAD of attack as revolt agaisnt ISLAM- the NATIOSN accuse the EASIER to assault- THE CHRISITAN.

OH GOD - have MERCY.

SAVE the IRon as Bronze claws of teh Dragon- then 7-heade Tiger (the One WOrld governmetn System) that I SEW- for the metal is my people- who have yet to become my people- BUT byt eh testimony of the Blood Martyr- as teh prayer of crier - YOU will avenge my people- YOU will stain they with the blood of the victims of they- till they either repent- or DIE int the blood bath of the pagan army of the godless- havign taken theMark- fallign oen upon the other- as in their horror- the Legions of Hell themselves graqple for power- battlign one after antoher for the 'Crown'- for their Master - whoever of the kings of Hell be that Master- ... a batle that spills out in the natural- with the 'Bowls ofGOD's Wrat'- for GOD's Protection- withdrawn where it will- or in soem cases already be- rejected- WILL enable SATAN's ill lot to bring destruction upon they under the flag of an 'E/enemy' legion- thus GOD did nto plan these viruses- plagues- end time destrucitons- BUT forewarn- for to SMITE- is to withdraw His (rejected) Protection...

It's spiritual- NOT natural.

SO we are here in 2010- and this is what I SEE for 2010;


THE MASK- but joint remains- before it comes tearing off...

MORE MEN- as WO-MEN- 'SAVED'- than in any singualr - previous year- HAVE as of this Octoebr- for 2010- been delivered.

BUT NOW, of the remainder of 2010- as the Hebrew YEAr of 2011 have BEGUN- I SEE;

WhirlWINDS- MANY MANY WHIRLWINDS_ of rejected protection- in and about the lands of Great Britain-

I SEE 'ECONOMIC' as 'FINANCIAL' turmoil- of BABYLON system bound to fail...

OF GOETHERMAL- yes- the Earth be linked to the earth of Men's hearts....- of earthquakes but increasing- in divers place-s OF a srot that leads fo continents 'shrinking' - more sea water- more FLOODING...

I SEE great ecnomic upheaval- in the UK- as the USA deos away withe UK in its financial plannign system- as the Illuminati have plans to first HUMBLE the UK- to SET UPTHEIR MAIN BASE or HEAD QUARTERS - at this time in Brussells- in the UK.

Babylon Iraq will be a HQ- but every WOrld Embassy a HQ.LONDON will be - for a time- their mani base- they have a great Synogogue of Evl there- a Muslim 'nation' of terror planted there- and similar- they have great Gold deposits there. AND an evil nation- full of revile agaisnt the thigns of GOD in them- there- BUT not all Christian have been by SATAN stripepd bare- MANY YET HOLD THE FORT THERE. MANY little children honour GOD in their heart there. MANY ADULT MEN as WO-MEN worship GOD- in JESUS- with ALL their heart there.

Christ SAYS;

'THIS 2010/11- KNOW this- that in ALL the PERSECUTION- the huge as utterly UNWARANTED HUMAN as CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION- persecution of the baby with Christ in their heart- unbeknownst to the adult who persecute they- BUT I knw the devices of the ENemy- the Unwaranted as EVIL persecutoin of Every Chrisitian- especiall as of May/July 011' - thenthe place of absolute Isolation- due to the terror of the Muslim Nation - in Oct' 01' to end o' Jan '012'- IN EVERY FORMER OR CURRENT CHRISITAN NATION- through ALL- I am with they who seek as Have in Obedience mY ALL.


IF STAND UP - ON the WORD in PSALM 91- they..'


from online BibleGateWay;


Psalm 91 (New International Version)


Psalm 91

 1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
       will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [a]

 2 I will say [b] of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
       my God, in whom I trust."

 3 Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare
       and from the deadly pestilence.

 4 He will cover you with his feathers,
       and under his wings you will find refuge;
       his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

 5 You will not fear the terror of night,
       nor the arrow that flies by day,

 6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
       nor the plague that destroys at midday.

 7 A thousand may fall at your side,
       ten thousand at your right hand,
       but it will not come near you.

 8 You will only observe with your eyes
       and see the punishment of the wicked.

 9 If you make the Most High your dwelling—
       even the LORD, who is my refuge-

 10 then no harm will befall you,
       no disaster will come near your tent.

 11 For he will command his angels concerning you
       to guard you in all your ways;

 12 they will lift you up in their hands,
       so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

 13 You will tread upon the lion and the cobra;
       you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

 14 "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him;
       I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

 15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him;
       I will be with him in trouble,
       I will deliver him and honor him.

 16 With long life will I satisfy him
       and show him my salvation."


  1. Psalm 91:1 Hebrew Shaddai
  2. Psalm 91:2 Or He says "


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