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Newsletter Dated: 2/1/2003 9:42:06 PM

Subject: Take Charge Success Strategies

Volume 3, Number 1 February 1, 2003
Publisher: GoalMinds, Inc.
Copyright 2003 Jo Condrill All rights reserved
God bless our Astronauts, their families, and all involved in the worldwide space program. God bless the U.S.A.
Welcome to the new subscribers who have joined us since the last edition! Thanks to our faithful subscribers who continue to find value in our newsletter.

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1. Are You a Serious Goal Setter?
2. That Perception Thing! By Dawn Brown, Carlton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
3. That or Which---Which is Correct? By Dawn Josephson, Cameo Publications
4. Book Recommendation--Why the Weight? Dare to be Great! By Jean Krueger
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PRIVACY STATEMENT: We will not distribute your address to anyone. Period.

If a speaker is indeed wise, she does not bid you enter the house of her wisdom--but rather leads you to the threshold of your own. Kahlil Gibran

1. Are You a Serious Goal Setter?
The New Year is slipping away! One-twelfth is already gone--never to return. Have you made New Year's resolutions, those promises we make to ourselves, and then feel free to break whenever other things encroach on our time and attention? Have you gone a step farther, set goals and written them down? Ah, that puts you on a better course. Now you have taken a major step to bring to fruition that which you say you want. It's easy to dream, to wish, and then to give up and move on to something else. It's more difficult to decide what you want, set goals with milestones and write them down, take the first step, then persevere day after day. It is also much more rewarding.

Taking action to achieve goals gives us a feeling of accomplishment--a success, no matter how small, on which we can build. Life should be filled with day-by-day successes that we can string together like an expensive necklace. We need to stop and take note of these successes, no matter how busy we are. A notation in a day planner or a scrap of paper filed away serve as excellent reminders. I've kept such notes for years in files marked "Kudos" for specific achievements and "Notes that make me feel good" for more general compliments. Sure, there are disappointments, but if we look at our "necklace" from time to time, it will ease those disappointments and encourage us to move forward.

With milestones or a time line, you can measure your progress. A Millennium Primer: Take Charge of Your Life recommends that you establish a baseline--where you are now--and a goal line--where you want to be. Then plot milestones, where you anticipate progress will take you. Then as you actually move from one point to another, you can see where you need to make adjustments so that you stay on course.

The most comprehensive guide to goal tracking that I've seen is This is an interactive software goal-setting, success management program. It allows you to enter your goals and then follow-through to measure your progress over time. There is a 30-day free trial offer at

Don't forget to reward yourself along the way. Select a specific reward to give yourself when you accomplish a certain goal. If it's of major significance, you should designate a greater reward. For instance, if your goal is to get a degree and you've set milestones, you might give yourself a small reward for each course completed on time, perhaps tickets to the theater. You might designate a larger reward for completion of a grade level, such as moving from first year to second year, perhaps a weekend get away. Then, the greatest reward could be reserved for completion of coursework and graduation, perhaps a cruise.

If you have not set goals for the coming year, now is a great time to do it. You may be surprised to find that you can achieve far more than you originally envision when you develop the habit of using written goals.

In 1997 I set some goals with Bennie Bough while we were writing a book, 101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly. The results have exceeded anything we could have foreseen at that time. An article drawing on material in that book, "10 Pointers for Powerful Communications," will be published in the April edition of the Manager's Intelligence Report, which is distributed nationwide. Several other magazines have requested a copy of the article. It was published in the October 2002 issue of this EZINE. If you missed it, please go to and click on newsletter. You may, of course, print out a copy for your own use or send us an email request and we'll see that you get a copy.

The Editor of the Florida Department of Revenue Newsletter called several weeks ago and said she had purchased a copy of 101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore. The Director, she said, is very interested in improving communication skills. She requested permission to quote from the book. Then she called to interview me for a Revenue magazine with a larger circulation than the newsletter.

Recently a publisher in Mexico, Selector, S.A. de C.V., purchased the right to translate and publish this book in Spanish. They will distribute it in Mexico, South and Central America as well as in the US. A Spanish audiotape version of the book is available in bookstores across the country. You may ask for it by ISBN: 09661414-0-7.

2. That Perception Thing! By Dawn Brown
I exited the shopping centre, lost in thoughts heavier than the grocery cart I was pushing. After I had packed the groceries into my car, I realized that the only cart-return area was at the entrance to the store ... 10 miles away. Sighing, I reflected that here was yet another thing I had to do.

Sometimes we’re in a frame of mind in which everything seems difficult. As I turned to make the long trek to return the cart, a young man passing by offered to return it for me. I thanked him so profusely (a little desperate perhaps?) that he gave me a big smile. Before I knew it, I had a huge grin on my face.

My inner critic cautioned me that he probably needed the cart for his own groceries. It also reminded me that his taking the cart wasn’t a big deal. No matter. I couldn’t stop smiling as I stepped into my car. I had such a feeling of gratitude. It was as if this one act had removed a huge chunk of the load I had been carrying. And I marveled at how such a small act as a stranger returning my cart could transform my mood.

Actually, the power of little things isn’t all that surprising. For example, a few weeks ago I gave a talk. A man came up to me afterwards to say that it wasn’t the big things that happened in his life that got him down. He felt that he could marshal his strength to deal with the major traumas, but he said that he had a hard time with the day-to-day challenges that seemed to chip away at his strength and to wear him down.

If the little things can wear us down, then the little things can also build us up—give us the strength to keep on going. Random acts of kindness occur around us all the time. We do them for others, and others do them for us. Unfortunately, we often overlook them as being too small to be of consequence. As a result, we don’t benefit from the gifts that they offer.

That young man in the parking lot will never know the gift he gave me: how he helped me to shift my perception from what wasn’t working in my life to a sense of appreciation for what was working. Such power in a twelve-second connection with another person!

Dawn Brown, Author, That Perception Thing!
Director, Student Life Services at Carlton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(613) 520-6603 or
Dawn Brown's website:


"Things may come to those who wait,
but only the things left by those who hustle."
--Abraham Lincoln

3. That or Which . . .Which is Correct?
This is the rule that people break most often.
This is the rule which people break most often.

Whenever you have a restrictive clause, that is the correct word to use. In the example above, the clause “that people break most often” is restrictive. It identifies the word “rule” and is necessary to the sentence’s meaning.

This is the correct rule, which many people overlook.
This is the correct rule, that many people overlook.

With non-restrictive clauses, which is the correct word to use. Non-restrictive clauses add information to the sentence, but the content is not essential to the sentence’s meaning. In the example above, the clause “which many people overlook” is non-restrictive; therefore, which is the correct choice.

Many people break this rule because they think which sounds more elegant and literary. Such people were likely raised on the British classical authors, who made no distinction between that and which. To Dickens and the Bronte sisters, that was a word for the meager class.

Alas, the grammar rules for American English preach that we should use that for restrictive clauses and which for non-restrictive ones. Remember, it’s the house “that Jack built,” not “which Jack built.”

If you can’t tell whether a clause is restrictive or non-restrictive, use the comma as your guide. When a comma seems appropriate before the clause, it’s probably non-restrictive. Use which. When the comma seems intrusive, it’s most likely restrictive. Use that.
This is one rule that you can live by.

Dawn Josephson, Cameo Publications, 1 843 785-3770

4. Book Recommendation--Why the Weight? Dare to be Great!
"Expect outrageous results with this Body, Mind and Spirit approach to weight loss. Release weight on hips, heart and shoulders. Shrink your body - grow your soul." This is a delightful book by a very courageous woman. Reading her stories causes me to catch my breath. Jean shed 60 pounds and found a great new life. She shares her method with readers and causes us to laugh and cry, to believe we can follow in her footsteps. In one passage she tells her readers:

'Set a goal. The difference between your daydream and your goal is a DEADLINE. When will you lose ten percent? (usually in nine to twelve weeks.) When will you drop your next five pounds? Where will you be in your journey a month from now? Six months from now? A Year? These are your goals. Without deadlines, you will continue to say: 'Someday, I'm going to get skinny.' . . . And someday never arrives."

Even if you're not overweight, you'll enjoy this book. Ask for it at your local library or bookstore or contact Jean Krueger, Email orders

I have been completely drawn into the shuttle disaster today for many reasons. I stood under the shuttle as it flew from the runway in Palmdale, CA atop the 747 after it's last overhaul; I have relatives who worked in the space program and my son, Thomas, and his wife, Patti, live in Dallas. One thing that stands out in all the reporting today is the family aspect of the program. I like to think of you as my extended family. Even though we may never have met, I sense that you are an achiever, a person interested in being your best. I salute you and wish you continuing success.

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