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Newsletter Dated: 9/29/2003 3:34:53 AM

Subject: Silent Screaming: Annette Gisby newsletter

Silent Screaming Newsletter
October 2003

In this issue:
Book Reviews
Column: Ask Annette
Featured Books/Sites


Hello, everyone, and a warm welcome to our new subscribers this month!
Hope you will enjoy your first issue.

Did you catch the interview with me at the UK webzine, Eternal Night?
It's an excellent speculative and horror fiction site, that also
offers lots of free promotional opportunities for writers, including
interviews, book reviews etc.

My interview can be found here:

I have written a guide on amazon about books that may be useful to
people with post traumatic stress or are a childhood survivor of
abuse. It can be read here:

I've also written a new story at authorsden, "Invasion of the Fluffy
Penguins from Mars". It's meant to be funny, although this is my
first attempt at anything remotely humourous!

I've just received another wonderful review for Drowning Rapunzel,
which I've added below. If you haven't decided to buy yet, maybe
a good review will help? :-)


Book Reviews


Black Rosebud: Have no Mercy II
by Bobby and Kam Ruble
Global Authors Publications

Reviewed by Annette Gisby, author of Drowning Rapunzel
and Silent Screams

Farm Girl grew up on various farms, working as a farm hand with her
mother, who shields Farm Girl from the world. If their employers got
to nosy or hinted that Farm Girl might be better off at school, Mama
and Farm Girl moved on to the next place. Mama did not want any questions
on how she chose to raise her daughter, or about who Farm Girl's father

Jefferson Welk is an elderly black gentleman living alone on his farm
ever since a past tragedy cost him his family, and he is surprised to
find Mama and Farm Girl on his doorstep one day looking for work. He is
glad to give it, even though Mama insists that they will only sleep in
the barn and not the house. They stay longer at the Welk farm than
they have anywhere else, but if they hadn't maybe things would have
turned out differently.

Darin Righter is a young man mad at the world, feeling that growing up
on a farm in rural Nebraska is not for him. He has bigger ambitions
in life, women, fast cars and drinking, he wants to be surrounded by
luxury. Getting a job as an accountant at the bank, he overhears
various conversations that set him on the road to ruin and he doesn't
care about the innocent victims he takes with him.

What a fantastic book! You just want to read more to find out what's
going to happen next. There is a sense of suspense all the way through
and you just know that something terrible is going to happen. But to
who? And why?

Black Rosebud is an epic sweep of a novel, it's a long book that
gives the characters room to grow, which may not have been possible
in a shorter tome.

Themes in the book include intolerance, envy, greed, regret and what
might have been. The baddies are bad, the goodies come in shades of
grey and you have to wonder at everyone's motives. Every time Darin
appeared on the page, I wanted to boo and hiss like they used to do
at the villain twirling his black moustache in silent movies, he was
so well written.

An excellent thriller that focuses more on the characters, and the whys
of the crimes, rather than the who.


Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer Among the Indians
A sequel to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn begun by
Mark Twin in 1885, finished by Lee Nelson
By Mark Twain and Lee Nelson
Council Press, 2003
ISBN: 1555176801
Contact reviewer:
Rating 5 of 5

Those Who Love Mark Twain Shouldn't Miss This

Author of Western Adventures
Uses Skills To Do Right by Huck

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, award-winning author of
This is The Place and Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered

This is the year that Mark Twain is back in the news. The University
of California Press has just published an amazing--for lack of a word
that suits it better--"study" of Huckleberry Finn and several groups
have formed a consortium and issued a CD-ROM that also examines the
process that went into the writing of this novel. With all this fuss
about Huck, it seems a shame that the LA Times and others have pretty
much ignored another effort that helps make this the "Year of Huck

Those who love Mark Twain also know that he started another novel
called Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer Among the Indians told in Huck's voice
and that he stopped dead in the middle of a sentence somewhere along
about the middle. I remember reading this fragment in Life Magazine
in 1968, just as a fellow author from Utah did. The difference between
our two experiences is that Lee Nelson decided to do something about
it; he obtained the rights to use this fragment so he could finished
Twain's second book about one of our nation's most well-known

Amazingly enough, Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer Among the Indians told by
both Twain and Nelson was issued this year along with these other
scholarly tracts on Huck. My part in this story is merely to try to
get his book more recognition in the face of all this competition.

Given that the first part of this novel is only Twain's rough draft
and that the reason he didn't finish it may be that he didn't think
enough of it, Lee Nelson has done an admirable job of making it a darn
good piece. Actually the second "half" is better than the first.

Now, before anyone thinks I've just committed blasphemy, I refer you
to the disclaimer above. It is believed that Twain's part of the book
is a first and rough draft. I found it poorly motivated and very
nearly a snooze. Somewhere, though, it became a page-turner and that
happened about where Nelson's story took over. Nelson had a couple of

1. He had a chance to polish his part of the book. He couldn't do so
with Twain's part; it is obviously too sacred to touch.
2. The book is at least in part about the "defilement" of a young
woman and that was a touchier subject back in the 1800s than it is
now. Nelson treats it delicately as possible he has a certain
advantage because of changed attitudes.

That this book was released at a time when the treatment of women
after their reputations have been sullied (at no fault of their own)
is regularly in the news makes this book as relevant as if it has been
thought of only yesterday. Huck observes that the "stuff" that comes
from books isn't the same as the "stuff" that happens in the real
world; basically he's saying that idealizing any subject may lead to
intolerance. He applies his theories of acceptance to the debasement of his dear Peggy's reputation as well as to many other situations he meets along the way to adventure in the West. It is interesting to note that Nelson's Huck is just as sage without nary a shred of book larnin' even when he's assessing a subject as serious as this. He's just as droll and witty, too.

That Nelson did a darn good job of remaining faithful to an unfinished
Twain original should certainly qualify his book for inclusion in the
hefty publicity these other books on Twain are getting. I wonder if
any of the big review journals-or the LA Times for that matter-are

(Carolyn Howard-Johnson's first novel, This is the Place, has won
eight awards. Her newly released Harkening has won three.
Both books, like Lee Nelson's, include something of Utah's fascinating
history. Learn more at:


Drowning Rapunzel
by Annette Gisby
Global Authors Publications

Reviewed by Professor Alan Cammbeira, author
of "Azucar! The Story of Sugar". Five star review on

It was by accident (fortunate for me, however) that I came across
Annette Gisby's SILENT SCREAMS, a truly well-crafted thriller. The
story of Jessica and her traumatizing secrets is cleaver and
captivating to the very end. I admit that I was secretly waiting for
the appearance of Ms. Gisby's DROWNING RAPUNZEL.

Without question, this one is indeed masterful. The character Beth
reminds me of the earlier traumatized victim (my own perspective)
Jessica. But here the author has seemingly penetrated more deeply into
the psyche of her characters, of course most particularly with Beth
Gregory. Not only has the author given her protagonist "a gift", but
Ms. Gisby possesses an outstanding gift of her own for writing exciting
thrillers. I highly recommend this novel.

Blood and Fog
Nancy Holder
Horror/Buffy the vampire Slayer

There's a new killer demon on the rampage in Sunnydale, or should
that be old? For the evil known as the "First" has been around quite
a while, and Spike has come in contact with him before in Victorian
London, when the deaths were attributed to someone known as Jack the

Is "Jack" the First? Are there two killers or one? Buffy needs her
wits about her to figure out this one, along with coping with a
teenage sister and worrying whether her friend Willow can stay of the
magicks, or is she going to fall off the wagon? Add to the mix a vial
of the strongest magick going, who's going to find it and what will
they use it for? And you have the scene set for adventures galore.

I did loved this book, but maybe that's because I'm a Buffy fan, would
someone who had never watched Buffy enjoy it as an adventure on its
own? I think it does stand up to that, the characters are well drawn
for a television tie-in book. The scenes taking place in the past
are well researched too.

We get to delve a little deeper into the characters, especially of
Spike and his feelings for Buffy, and his past uneasy alliance with
the Victorain Slayer, Elizabeth.

All in all a very good read.


Column: Ask Annette


Dear Annette, I am getting my book published by a POD publisher and
I'm looking for a really good cover. None of the templates the publisher
has look right for it, but I can't afford to spend thousands on a cover
designer. What other options are there? I can probably stretch to
about $200 - $300, but I would prefer less.

That is quite a good budget for a POD cover, and there are various
options available to you. For $295, you can get a professional cover
template done at Templates Express. Depending on which cover you
choose, you also have the option of adding your own photo or artwork.
They will take your order, you supply the artwork (if needed), author
photo, description for the cover etc., and they will make up your front,
back and spine to your specifications. They also inlcude a free bar
code on the back if you supply them with your ISBN. For more details
and samples of their covers, please go here:

Covers are also available from, by Cathi
Stevenson. A flat rate is charged for the work, to request the rate
list, please send an email to
To see samples of their covers, click below:

At Bookskins,
they specialise in book covers for self-publising and small press
authors. Sample covers are on the site, but no prices. The artist
can be contacted at

Challenger Books have a few options including an Economy and
Standard Printing Packages. The Economy package includes a simple
design using fonts and ONE stock image.

You provide the title, subtitle, author name, back cover copy,
ISBN number, and barcode, together with a brief synopsis of the book.
They provide a finished cover design for your Printed Book. Economy
package costs $199 with $100 charged when you order your design.

The Standard design includes a more complex cover design, including
multiple stock images. They will alter and blend foreground and
background images to make them work best for your cover. Standard
package costs $299, with $150 charged when you order.

To see samples and more details, their website is below:

Word Wrangler Publishing also accepts orders for book cover design
even if you are not published by them. The charge is $85 for an
e-book cover and $300 for a POD cover. They also have banners of your
book at $15 for print, or e-book and banner package for $95. To see
samples, please go here:

Another option would be to approach an art college in your area,
perhaps an art student would be interested in designing your cover
for a small fee? Or maybe you could hold a cover design contest, and
the winning entrant will get a prize, as well as use your book cover
in their portfolio.

Readers reply, any other suggestions for low cost cover design? Please
send them to

(Prices were all current as of September 2003)


Special offers/Contests

The Art of One Act
Anthology looking for one act plays
Previously unpublished
Deadline: 31 January 2004
more details and guidelines on website below:


Raymond Carver Short Story Award
Carve Magazine
Deadline: 1 february 2004
Prizes: $2,000; $1,000, $3,000. Seven finalists: $100.
Entry fee: $15 for one story, $25 for two, $30 for three.
Electronic submissions preferred. More guidelines at website:


Lofi Press Novella Award
Winning manuscript awarded book contract.
Fee: $20
Send manuscript, fee, and cover letter to
Lofi Press,
P.O. Box 21930,
Brooklyn, NY 11202-1930.

Full details at

Offers on Silent Screams and Drowning Rapunzel,
either free books or free shipping, your choice. :-) Please go here for
more details:


Roxanne Rustand has a contest each month on her website, ending on the
last day of the month. She also has bookmarks, flyers, and other items available,
so drop her a note to get yours. And don't forget to get a copy of her
cookbook. Visit Roxanne's website to enter her contests.


Not long for this one, winner will be drawn on October 4th
Win a signed copy of "A Moment in Time" by Deb Stover:


lots of contests on this website, see the site for more
details on what's on offer, mostly romance books.


Buy Shadows of the Rose by Annette Gisby at for only
$4.49, a 10% saving:


Wright Tight
Short Story Contest

All entrants will receive a line edit and critique of their short
story. The winner will receive an additional free critique of up to
40,000 words.

Fee: $15 per entry
Deadline: 31 December 2003. More details and guidelines on website:


Buy Silent Screams by Annette Gisby at with a 15% discount,
you only pay $5.91:


Featured Books/Sites


Gone Before Dawn
T.C McMullen

A secret lurks in Egesa Springs, a secret beyond Cierra Lancing's
wildest nightmares. With the help of an 1827 murder victim, Cierra
must discover the mystery to save her children from a creature created
150 years before.


Devil Glass
C. Robert Cales

From a review on amazon -
Devil Glass is a thrilling book. I couldn't stop reading it. I was
almost late for work several times because I couldn't put it down.
Cales wrote the descriptions of everything so well it put you inside
the pages. I was the characters I was reading about. "A love story
laced with horror" is right on.


Robin McKinley

They took her clothes and sneakers. They dressed her in a long red
gown. And they shackled her to the wall of an abandoned mansion-within
easy reach of a figure stirring in the moonlight.

She knows that it is a vampire.


The Policy
Bentley Little

The Policy deals with our need for insurance - plain and simple. It's
something we all have. It's just *there*. Think nothing of it. Life,
home owners', health, car and even renters' insurance.

But, what if your insurance company went wrong? Terribly, sinisterly


That's it for now, take care till next time


Don't forget, if you would like your book featured, please send
a short 1-2 sentence blurb, the title, author and URL to

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