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Do you believe in ghosts? Is reincarnation real? What is it like to receive visions from God? How would you handle it, if you received dire premonitions about family members and friends? Are UFO's visiting earth? Have you ever had a premonition while awake or in a dream? Do some people actually have ESP? Do we all have angels and/or spirit guides? What is it like living in a haunted house?

All these questions and more are topics of discussion in my Glimpses of the Paranormal newsletter. To get a free subscription, just e-mail me at I am interested in any stories you might have to share as well.
Newsletter Dated: 1/9/2006 12:34:04 PM

Subject: Glimpses of the Paranormal


Hi Everyone!

Well, here we are in a new year - a time to dispense with the old things that aren't working for us, keeping what does and venturing into new territory. For me, that has meant some changes, as I'm sure it has for you. Whatever your plans this year, make sure you write down your goals and move forward step by step to accomplish them.

This months story is about an amazing woman from Charlotte, North Carolina by the name of Rikki Renshaw. Rikki is a 56-year-old ordained minister, healer guided by her angels and through guided meditation can introduce you to your angels. She also communicates with spirits, reunites them with loved ones and helps them pass over. As well, she can call up any spirit she wishes to speak to and has even been contacted by extra-terrestrials. Top all that off with a talent for playing and teaching the piano, and you can see that this is one amazing woman, but what makes Rikki particularly endearing to those she meets is her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor.

Protection of the Angels

Hurricane Hugo hit Charlotte, N. C. about 3 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 23, 1989. Earlier that day, Rikki Renshaw had received a call from a minister and channeler friend in Florida. Jack warned her about the hurricane, but she wasn’t worried. Charlotte was a good 200 miles inland and hurricanes in her area were extremely rare.
“Well, that’s what I get for thinking, instead of feeling what was coming at me!” she said.
Rikki and her housemate decided to take a few precautions anyway. They gathered up all of the plants and other items from the front porch and brought them inside. About midnight, she crawled into bed feeling confident that nothing out of the usual would happen - maybe just some stronger than usual winds and rain. About 2:30 a.m., she abruptly awoke to what sounded like a freight train rumbling through their living room.
“I sat up in bed and thought, ‘What’s that?’ We still had electricity, because I went into the living room and turned on the lamp.”
Then she noticed her housemate rambling down the hall from her bedroom.
“She asked me what was happening. I turned on the TV for some sort of storm warnings and they were saying Hurricane Hugo was moving through Charlotte!”
While chatting briefly about the storm, they noticed that the cats were getting very nervous. As they tried to figure out which one would be the first to go off the deep end and attack with claws blazing, Rikki’s housemate noted that she’d prefer to be asleep, if she was going to die that night.
“I just looked at her thinking, ‘not me sister! I’m gonna watch it all and see it coming.’”
However, after calming down one of the cats, she decided to head back to her room too. She would play a cassette tape and listen with her earphones to drown out the sounds of the howling winds and driving rain. Well, her plan didn’t turn out the way she’d hoped.
“The next thing I knew, the tape went off all by itself and it felt as if an actual hand was tapping my shoulder.”
Then she heard someone say, ‘Sit up and pay close attention to everything that happens.”
“What was that?” she said aloud, but got no answer.
Then she rolled out of bed to see what was wrong with the tape recorder. As she reached for the plug, it dawned on her that the electricity had probably gone out. A little unnerved by the dark closeness, she fumbled for her purse. She found her cigarette lighter and flicked it on. Finding some comfort in the light, she immediately searched for candles and a radio with a battery in it.
When she found a local station on the radio, she learned that the huge television station tower had been struck by lightening. Feeling concerned and restless, Rikki decided to relax on the couch with Tiger the cat. However, the more she thought about this unexpected storm, the more she felt isolated from the rest of the world. There was no way she could communicate with anyone, other than her housemate. Then she remembered that sudden tap on her shoulder.
“So now I’m thinking, ‘Hey, where’d you go? Tell me what to do.’” At that moment, Rikki heard a faint chuckle and the voice returned. “Stay put on the couch in the living room,” it said.
“Okay, I shall obey,” she said thinking it was probably one of her loving angels who came to her often.
However, after a few moments Rikki heard what sounded like gunshots and the incessant barking of the neighbor’s dog. When all went suddenly quiet, she could not dampen the urge to get up and peek outside into the darkness.
“I approached the back door of the porch deciding that was the best way. As I opened the door, there was quite a bit of pressure, so I had to hang on tight. It was absolutely pitch black outside. I could not see anything. ‘Drats!’ I thought.”
Rikki continued to hang onto the door, but the rain was coming down sideways and getting inside, so she decided to close it. Back to the couch she went, with Tiger in tow. She still could not believe that a hurricane had reached so far inland and struck Charlotte. She wondered what damage it had done, but there was nothing she could do for two more hours – till daylight would finally arrive.
At the first sign of light, she bolted from the couch. It was 6 a.m. Despite warnings from her housemate that the eye of the storm may have passed, but more was yet to come, Rikki decided to head outside to survey the damage. What she saw was devastating. At least a dozen pine trees had been snapped in half, which accounted for what sounded like gunshots.
“In every yard, I could see at least three trees snapped all over the place around us. This was all new to me. I had never experienced anything like this.”
Then she thought about her elderly neighbors and wondered if they needed help. Though her housemate was reluctant to venture out, they finally decided to go.
“I walked toward the driveway and that same tap on the shoulder turned me toward the side of the house. The first thing I saw was a large limb exactly two inches in front of my housemate’s car bumper! It just looked to me like it had been precisely placed there. We both drew a big sigh of relief that her car had not been damaged.”
Rikki turned and noticed that all the power and phone lines had been snatched off the house. Then she saw something that amazed her. A 35 to 40-foot pine tree was swinging and barely holding on above the house, right over the living room where she’d sat with Tiger from 3:30 a.m. on!
“This huge tree, maybe 14 inches in diameter was all tangled up in the power lines wrapped around and around and around it keeping the tree off the house. Those wires were steadying the tree and keeping it from crashing through the house on Tiger and me! It was parked on the neighbor’s cyclone fence as if it had been placed there. I was just speechless.”
But this was no miracle compared to what happened next.
“Then the hands appeared. Yes, that’s right. The best way I can describe it is that there were huge angelic (etheric) hands that I could see with my eyes, like they were made out of clouds forming huge hands. They were holding that tree off the house! Again, I was speechless.”
Rikki later learned that despite the damage, no one in the neighborhood had been hurt – just badly shaken by the hurricane’s wrath. Her mini-van, which was parked at the curb was completely untouched. For that, she was thankful.
Rikki has not shared this story with very many people out of fear of ridicule, but things like this happen to her all the time. Since the age of nine, she has seen and heard countless amazing things.
“My mother and I had left Michigan to travel to North Carolina to visit her family there. (Her father stayed at home.) My aunt and uncle were very dedicated Baptists. There was a revival that week at their church. It was a nightly gathering usually for seven days straight. They were attending mostly every night. On Wednesday of that week, my aunt found out that there had been an accident that killed a 10-year-old boy who belonged to the church. The funeral home was open for visitors on Thursday night. Being nine, I had never been to a funeral home or even seen a dead body for that matter.”
Rickki recalled what happened when she walked into the funeral home.
“Every time I looked into the casket, I saw my father lying there. This was very puzzling to my nine-year-old mind, of course. I said nothing at that time. When we got back to my aunt and uncle’s house, I told my mother about what I had encountered.”
“Oh, you are just missing your daddy,” her mother said.
Friday evening was a big night at the church. Along with her aunt, uncle and cousin, Rikki attend the service. Her mother and oldest cousin stayed at home.
“Not too long after the service started, my older cousin appeared and tapped my uncle on the shoulder. He left us in the church for a moment and then just as quickly came back to motion to my aunt and whisper that we had to leave.”
When they arrived at the house, Rikki saw her aunt at the door crying.
“I immediately knew that my father was dead. I looked at her and said, ‘My father’s dead, right?’ She, of course, was startled, hesitated for a moment and then asked, ‘How could you know that?’ I didn’t answer her. I just asked, ‘Where is my mother?’ She said she was in the back bedroom. Apparently, when they told her she fainted. My cousin had picked her up and carried her to the guest room.”
That was Rikki’s very first vision.
“That’s where it all started. My first vision was of my father in the casket. Needless to say, at 9, I was NOT eager to have any more visions for many years!


What A Year It's Been In The Paranormal World

It's been another year of strange events and unknown entities. Anyone who doubts the existence of the paranormal or at least the idea that there’s more to life on this planet than meets the eye, isn’t paying attention. Every year, fringe and mainstream news sources alike report on the many strange things that take place in this world with surprising regularity. There are so many events that go unexplained and cause us to wonder. The past year was another banner year for the unknown. Here are 10 of the top paranormal events.
1. Animals’ Sixth Sense
After the devastating tsunami struck the coastlines of the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004, reports began to filter in that although many human bodies were recovered, virtually no animal carcasses were found. Why? Did the animals sense the impending disaster? A full hour before the waves struck, it was reported, elephants became agitated and began to wail.
As the disaster neared, many broke their chains and headed for higher ground. Flamingos left their breeding grounds and flew to the safety of the forests. Leopards, tigers, wild boar, deer, water buffalo, monkeys and smaller mammals and reptiles all escaped unharmed. All this suggested that animals might possess a “sixth sense” or “sense of doom” – a heightened instinct – that saved their lives. French zoologists, seeking a scientific explanation, suggested that it was a more advanced acoustic system that allowed the animals to hear the approaching giant surges of water.
a.. As further evidence that dogs, at least, have remarkably keen senses, CBS News reported on certain canines that have the uncanny ability to sniff out cancer in people.
2. Paranormal TV
The abundance of television shows with paranormal themes in the 2005-06 season was itself news. The public, it seems, is craving entertainment with overtones of the unknown. Series such as Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, Invasion and Night Stalker all made their debut, with Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted returning for loyal viewers. The breakaway hit, however, was the well-written and acted Medium, based on the real-life psychic medium Allison Dubois. The show’s popularity helped turn the media spotlight on other mediums and psychics, such as Janna Excell and Jo'Ann Ruhl , Nancy Myer and Mary Ann Winkowski, who is said to have inspired Ghost Whisperer.
a.. Kelsey Grammer, former star of Frasier and current producer of Medium, claims to have his own contact with the dead, including a 2,000-year-old ghost he knows as Alex. And he’s not the only one in Hollywood to admit that ability in 2005. Pop singer Olivia Newton-John says she received signs from her deceased mother, and in February Keanu Reeves told reporters he has seen ghosts on at least two occasions.
3. Technology and the Paranormal
Believing in ghosts, the afterlife and other things unseen is one thing, proving their existence is quite another. While ghost investigators around the world continued to experiment with electronic voice phenomena (EVP) – alleged voices of the dead – inventors were busy creating gadgets that they claimed could detect or even contact the dearly departed.
In January, a German inventor unveiled his Phone Angel, a cell phone device he said would allow the mourning to contact the recently deceased. Meanwhile, Japanese manufacturer SolidAlliance presented GhostRadar, which they said blinked its lights and beeped its tones in the presence of the unseen. And in December, mechanical engineer Steve Watson announced his spirit sensor that similarly flashes and chimes when ghosts are near, he says.
But the top story, in a more serious vein perhaps, was that mainstream scientists continued to experiment with how the mind alone can affect machines – essentially proving that psi exists. In July, a new article reported on the 26-year-old project at the Princeton Engineering
Anomalies Research (PEAR) program, which has measured the effects of human consciousness on random number generators. And a black box in the basement of Edinburgh University in Scotland, as well as other locations around the world, are part of the Global Consciousness Project, a network of machines that has shown how human consciousness has reacted to such events as the Sept. 11 attack. (Also see “The Consciousness of the World”.)
Other scientists were proving that blind people can “see” with a sixth sense, that people can subconsciously sense trouble, and that certain stimuli to the brain can trigger (or mimic) what some people have reported as supernatural religious experiences and out-of-body experiences.
4. Chupacabra Sightings
The fearsome “goat sucker,” so-named because it drains its victims of blood, made the news several times in 2005. In February, KOBTV reported the discovery of a strange corpse on Albuquerque’s West Mesa. Although the creature did not really resemble the eyewitness reports of chupacabra, reporters hung the label on it anyway. In June, residents in South Texas wondered if they caught a chupacabra sighting on videotape. Most researchers believe, however, it was merely another case of a coyote with mange, as in the Elmendorf case of 2004.
In August, a Texas farmer actually caught and killed one. The top story was in December, when the real thing might have struck in Uruguay. Researcher Scott Corrales reported strange deaths of deer in a hunting preserve; they were mutilated and their genitalia and reproductive organs were removed.
5. Exorcisms on the Rise
With the screening of the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, based on the true experiences of 19-year-old Anneliese Michel, came a new wave of interest in demonic possession and exorcism. The Vatican, it was revealed, now provides a course for priests on conducting exorcisms and casting out demonic spirits. Bob Larson, a controversial American preacher, took his “deliverances” to Australia, where he said Melbourne's demons are “the most vicious in the world” because its society is in a religious vacuum. And people continued to be possessed, including a 43-year-old mother in Arizona, who claimed to have been possessed by as many as 10 demons over the last 23 years. The popularizing of such rituals became so offensive that in February a British television station came under public attack for planning to broadcast a live exorcism.
The top story in this category is quite different, however. Understandably, the scientific and medical community spoke out against exorcism practices, saying that they can do more harm than good, as in the case of Anneliese Michel. Whatever afflicts these people should be treated by psychiatrists. Misguided exorcisms can go horribly wrong, as in the case reported in June when a Romanian Orthadox priest faced murder charges after crucifying a young nun that he believed was possessed by the devil. There are other similar cases.
6. Bigfoot Sightings
Despite the claims of recent years that many Bigfoot sightings and footprint evidence were hoaxed, the large, smelly biped made several appearances in 2005, and new expeditions were launched to find good proof. William Dranginis investigated Virginia sightings, Jason Valenti and John Andrews searched Washington State, the beast was sighted in LeFlore County, Oklahoma, and Floridians hunted for Bigfoot’s cousin, the Skunk Ape.
Some tantalizing new evidence came to light. Ferry operator Bobby Clarke thought he might have videotaped a Bigfoot in Northern Manitoba, Canada back in April. Unfortunately, the creature was too far away and the image too blurry for any definitive conclusion. Then in July, a hair sample was recovered in the Yukon after a claimed Bigfoot sighting. DNA analysis, however, proved that the hair was from a bison. More controversial video footage came out of New York State, where those who taped it say it could show a baby Bigfoot clambering up a tree.
The top Bigfoot story consists of two new photos. In November, a backpacker snapped photos of a hulking creature on a ridge on Silver Star Mountain in Washington, where other sightings of Bigfoot have been claimed in the past. And in early December in West Virginia, a motion-triggered camera captured the image of an unidentified bipedal creature dubbed the Braxton Beast.
7. Ghosts
Ghost were hunted and sighted in 2005, of course, and sometimes even photographed. A family in Kingston, New Hampshire was tormented by levitating objects, disembodied voices and apparitions, seemingly brought about by digging on the property. The staff and customers of a lighting shop in Lincolnshire, England reported mysterious footsteps, slamming doors and shades thrown about. Soldiers in guard towers in Afganistan reported the haunting of a little girl.
The Andrew Bayne Memorial Library in Bellevue, Pennsylvania is haunted by a presence that turns lights and fans off and on, fools with the computers and makes shadows in the hallways; an apparition in Victorian dress has also been seen. A former lunatic asylum in Chester, England is home to a mysterious “woman in black.” In Des Moines, Iowa, a security guard was fired because he reported seeing a ghost. And ghosts were exorcised from Hamlet’s castle in Denmark.
Good evidence was collected also. A closed-circuit security camera in a store in Gloucester, England recorded video of what may be an apparition knocking over a stack of boxes. The shop was built on the grounds or an old theatre that had a reputation for being haunted.
The top story took place in March when steeplejacks were commissioned to investigate the nesting of some lovebirds in the spire of Halifax’s Square Church in Halifax, England. Using a long zoom lens, they attempted to photograph the nest, but what they captured was most unexpected: the ghostly image of a woman in a maroon cloak.
8. Sea and Lake Monsters
Loch Ness seemed to be quiet in 2005, but water monsters appeared elsewhere around the world. Jan-Ove Sundberg, who had been hunting the monster in Norway's Lake Seljord for years, reported in August that he had seen “two large objects on sonar; they were four to five meters (13-16.5 feet) long, and this was no fish.” At Lake Massawippi in Quebec, an innkeeper snapped a photo of what he believes in that lake’s legendary monster, Whippy. And in some extraordinary photos, Japanese scientists captured the very first images of a living giant squid.
Champ, the monster of Lake Champlain, was the top story here, when it may have been videographed in August. Dick Affolter, Pete Bodette and Affolter's stepson were fishing for salmon on the New York side of the lake when they noticed something unusual and large on the surface of the water, moving in a serpentine manner. Bodette got video of the creature, and as they got closer to it, it slowly submerged.
9. Atlantis Found – Yet Again
Every year brings new theories and “evidence” for the true location of Atlantis, and 2005 was no exception. First of all, 2004’s tsunami gave scientists plausibility for the sinking of a large land mass – possibly even an entire island. In fact, a sunken island lies 60 meters beneath the surface in the Gulf of Cadiz, right "in front of the Pillars of Hercules," (the Straits of Gibraltar), as stated by Plato. Researchers say a large earthquake and tsunami hit the island about 12,000 years ago, roughly the time indicated in the Greek philosopher's writings for the destruction of the city. But another researcher proposes that South America could be the lost continent. Jim Allen says the continent, with its magnificent pyramids and other structures, could be evidence of the advanced Atlantean civilization.
Cyprus has long been suggested as the site of the great Atlantis, and is again the top story here. In May, Robert Sarmast, head of the Cyprus/Atlantis Expedition, presented new evidence in the form of new sonar scans that show manmade structures one mile below the water’s surface off the southeast coast of Cyprus.
10. Popes and Prophecy
The death of Pope John Paul II caused many to mourn and others to wonder about the prophecies regarding the papacy… and possibly the end times. In 1139, St. Malachy O’Morgair, Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland had a vision in which he gave specific clues about the identities of every Pope from his time to the end of time.
John Paul II, for example, he named De labore Solis, or “from the labor of the sun.” John Paul II was born during a partial solar eclipse (May 18, 1920), and there was also a rare "hybrid" eclipse on the day of his funeral. There are only two Popes named by St. Malachy after John Paul II. The first he names Gloria olivae or "The Glory of the Olive."

1) Over the past three years, I have primarily spent my time writing and my fourth book, "Playing With The Devil" is at the publishers right now. It should be due for release some time in February. This book tells the sordid and truly heartwrenching true story of the abuse of a family of 12 children in Newfoundland, Canada, in the 1950's. You'll need a strong stomach for this one!
2) As I mentioned earlier, there are some big changes coming my way this year. Beginning in February, I will be presenting four tele-classes a week for Drazen Premate of CTP Energy. ( Below I have listed the first three that I am doing, as well as those being presented by Drazen. I am still waiting for info on the fourth one that I will be presenting. CTP Energy is the energy behind all things in both the physical and spirit world. These courses aim to teach you pretty much all there is to know about everything. What more could you ask for!


The New Science of our Spiritual Existence –

Over centuries we have believed in and used our spiritual body and prayers to better our lives and to live spiritual life as well. However until now we really did not understand the exact science of it. Most of those who practice using spiritual energy benefit from it but still do not know exactly how it works. This course explains in great detail the exact science per CTP Energy Science of our Spiritual Existence, how our spiritual or C-body operates, how it leaves physical body, what it does in spiritual or C-domain, how we can improve our memories from such visits to C-domain, how we can apply knowledge gained via our Spiritual body to our Physical life and much more.

CTP Course Code – NSOOSE
Instructor: Martha Jette
Duration: 6 weeks – 1 hr per week
Start Date: February 7, 2006
Teleconference Day: Tuesday
Conference Call Time: 7:30 pm EST / 4:30 pm PST
Tuition: $150 USD CTP Club Members: $130 USD

The New Science of our Dreams –

We have a physical or P-body and spiritual or C-body. When we sleep and dream our C-body enters its natural domain or C-domain every time. Learn CTP Energy Science details about your sleep and dreams you have never known before. Learn about REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of your sleep when your C-body is always out of your physical body, what it means. Learn how to remember more of your direct experiences in C-domain without Ego Mind translations of such in terms of symbols of physical life up return. Learn how in our dreams we constantly review conditions of events yet to happen in our lives, understand Déjà vu experiences, recognize in your dreams when you are out of your physical body, learn how to tune into any concept and see its conditions and possible realities and how to bring them into your physical domain. After this course you will be excited to go to sleep and dream – each time you will pick up more knowledge and more awareness what is truly going on. We will even teach you how to meet someone you know at a particular location as defined by that location’s GCF – Group C-energy Frequency - in C-domain and to actually have the Ego Mind memory of the same!!! Course Outline

CTP Course Code – NSOODR
Instructor: Martha Jette
Duration: 6 weeks – 1 hr per week
Start Date: February 6, 2006
Teleconference Day: Monday
Conference Call Time: 7:30 pm EST / 4:30 pm PST
Tuition: $150 USD CTP Club Members: $130 USD

The New Science of Paranormal –

The very word Paranormal suggests there is no current science explanation for these phenomena many have observed or have capacity for. CTP Energy Science can explain all of them. Take this course and learn first about the Domains of Our Existence, about our Ego and Higher Mind and Thoughts, Creation via C-energy Units before plunging into detailed and amazing CTP Energy Science explanations about ESP, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Out of Body Experiences, Premonitions, Near Death Experiences, Ghosts, Gods, Astrology, UFOs, Pyramids, Spiritual Healings, Telekinesis, Yoga & Meditation, and other fascinating topics considered Paranormal Phenomena today. Each one has its own CTP Energy Science explanation and thus you will understand them scientifically after taking this CTP Course and thus each will become normal to you. Course Outline

CTP Course Code – NSOPAR
Instructor: Martha Jette
Duration: 6 weeks – 1 hr per week
Start Date: February 9, 2006
Teleconference Day: Thursday
Conference Call Time: 7:30 pm EST / 4:30 pm PST
Tuition: $150 USD CTP Club Members: $130 USD

Copyright © 2005 by CTP Energy Corporation, Drazen Premate and Martha Jette
All Rights Reserved.

3) I will also be presenting a tele-class through The TeleConnection likely in February called:

So You Want To Be A Published Author

You can check that out or any one of a wide variety of courses available at:



MY NEW FORUMS: (I have passed the reigns of Mystics and Merrymakers on Ryze Business Networking to Rachel Crance. Please stop by and welcome her.)


If you haven't heard my Global Talk Radio interview yet, you will find it here:


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The Why Files:

That's it for this month everyone. If you're in the northern hemisphere, keep safe and warm. If you're in a warm, sunny climate, WISH I WERE THERE!

All the Best,

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