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Do you believe in ghosts? Is reincarnation real? What is it like to receive visions from God? How would you handle it, if you received dire premonitions about family members and friends? Are UFO's visiting earth? Have you ever had a premonition while awake or in a dream? Do some people actually have ESP? Do we all have angels and/or spirit guides? What is it like living in a haunted house?

All these questions and more are topics of discussion in my Glimpses of the Paranormal newsletter. To get a free subscription, just e-mail me at I am interested in any stories you might have to share as well.
Newsletter Dated: 6/8/2006 12:01:10 PM

Subject: Glimpses of the Paranormal

VOL: 2

Hi Everyone!

I promised myself that I would NOT talk about the weather this time. (It’s beautiful!) What I’d like to tell you about is my new book, “Playing With The Devil.” Though it may sound paranormal, believe me, it is not even close. It is however, the retelling of a real life nightmare.
Playing With The Devil recounts the true story of the abuse of 12 children in a Newfoundland, Canada family during the ‘50s and ‘60s. When I say abuse, I mean every form of it – verbal, physical, mental, emotional, psychological and even sexual. Readers of this book will need a bit of a strong stomach, as it was impossible to relate the true events, without getting into the nitty-gritty of just what happened to these kids.
The really unfortunate aspect of child abuse is that it still occurs today. Often behind closed doors, little ones are forced to take part in despicable acts. I often walk in my neighborhood and every time I see a house where it is all closed up, lights are never on and people never seem to appear outside, I have to wonder what is really happening and I pray that if there are children inside, they are safe and loved. If you suspect that a child you know is being abused, please do not just pass by and forget about it. Take action and hopefully, that child will not grow up to be a terribly disturbed adult, which is the case with all the children in my book. The courts seem to think that child abuse has no lasting effect. They are dead wrong.
That said, let’s get on to this week’s true, paranormal story. Dawn Colclasure is a writer in her own right. I have listed several of her sites below, if you’d like to learn more. Let me tell you, she is one brave woman, who has taken her disabilities and run full steam ahead. She is not one to take them lying down, although when she does, a whole new world unfolds. Here is her story:

Dawn Finds True Love In Her Dreams

Some people never seem to find their one true love, but who would ever expect to find that person in dreams? It presents a strange situation where one could never hope to actually be with or hold the object of their desire in this lifetime. For Dawn Colclasure, it is an agonizing dilemma.
Dawn was just 15 when she first met Jonathan in her dreams. The young man appeared to her wearing all black - pants, shirt and sweater. Dawn dreamt that her family picked him up on a deserted road, because his van had broken down.
In that very first dream, he expressed his affection for her.
“In this dream, he and I fell in love with each other, but then something happened (in a subsequent dream) and he killed himself,” said Dawn.
In the dream, Dawn found him in a shack. He had left a note that read, ‘A fucking 49.’
“He was angry about something that had to do with the number 49,” she said. “I remember feeling so bad and saddened over this. I kept wishing I could go back to stop him from taking his life.”
However, Jonathan returned alive and well in her next dream about him.
“He was alive and we were together again. Then I had another dream and another, and another.”
It is important to note that Dawn, who lived in Cupertino, California at the time, is hearing impaired, but she had no problem hearing Jonathan in her dreams and in fact, they became quite intimate.
“To put it bluntly, there was a lot of sex in these dreams. A lot. I didn’t really look forward to them, mainly because as a Christian, this didn’t sit well with me, and it left me morally disturbed. But I had no control over what happened in these dreams.”
However, over time they grew closer in every way. Jonathan would even present her with love notes in her dreams that said things like ‘Dawn and Jonathan Forever.’
“One dream had me giving him a sweater I made for him and in a few dreams, he was wearing that sweater.”
Dawn became obsessed with these dream experiences and was convinced that Jonathan was a real person.
“I even saw a few guys who looked like him. The thing is though; he looks exactly like a popular person named Jonathan. (I won’t say who it is because if he reads this story, he might think I’m crazy.) But this man is a former celebrity and every time I see his picture, I feel a small pain and I can only just stare.”
Dawn often dreamt that Jonathan was taking part in strange ceremonies and in some cases, she was given historical information that she could check on and was able to confirm some of it.
“But I was never 100 per cent certain if this verified I was being visited by a ghost.”
Shadow Ghosts
Dawn said she was familiar with real ghosts, as they had visited her from time to time. In particular were the black figures she calls ‘shadow ghosts.’
“I first encountered the shadow ghosts when I was about 9 or 10 years old. They were in this house we moved into in St. Louis, Missouri. The house was haunted, with all the usual activity happening – ghost sightings, doors opening/closing, lights going on and off, a Jesus picture being turned backwards, getting locked in rooms, etc.”
When Jonathan arrived in her dreams, the ghosts in the house sure didn’t seem to like it.
“They would always try to take Jonathan away, but (he) always managed to escape them. And I would protect him from them too.”
Then she saw two other shadows in her room, “one of which I knew was Jonathan.” Other strange events occurred as well, making Dawn wonder if perhaps, she had lost her mind.
“A phone left off the hook played music… like a music box or carousel music.”
She also had an out-of-body experience.
“I was sharing bunk beds with one of my sisters. I was lying on the top bunk trying to go to sleep. I had my eyes closed and I heard a ticking in my head. Then I heard this loud ‘pop.’ I opened my eyes to see the ceiling right in front of me! I could feel myself weightless. Because of my position, I could not turn over to see beneath me. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t open my mouth, move my arms or anything. It was very frightening. I could hear myself screaming, but I couldn’t feel it. Then I shook and woke up my body lying on the bed.”
One True Love
Back to the dreams of Jonathan: Dawn said the dreams continued for 15 years and then tapered off to one dream every now and then. She is now 32 and says that even though she’s married, Jonathan is her one true love.
“Nothing will ever destroy our bond and nothing will come between it. I love him very much and I just wish we could be together in this lifetime.”
Despite her intense emotions in relation to Jonathan, Dawn has learned not to talk about the dreams with her friends. However, she did write a book entitled, “Loving Jonathan,” but has not been able to get it published.
“Anytime I told anyone about the experiences or let them read that book, they thought I was crazy or psycho. I lost some friends after they read that book… I guess they think I have the power to write my own dreams!”
Dawn affirms that all of this information is true, but confesses that she doesn’t understand why Jonathan has kept coming back to her.
“I researched every possible avenue: dream analysis, the occult, psychological phenomena, etc. Nothing gave me answers. My sister and I even once used an Ouija board to communicate with him. I have felt Jonathan touch me in real life – on my hands, my arms and my face. I have seen him, mostly as a shadow. I have heard him in my dreams. Who is Jonathan? Why did he come to me in my dreams? Why can’t I get information about him? Why do the shadow ghosts that have haunted me in real life want him? These are questions I grapple with every day.”
Dawn said she’s lost hope of ever finding the answers.
“I love him in my dreams; I love him in real life.”
Dawn has now moved to Oregon and it is likely that Jonathan will follow. However, there’s no doubt she’ll have to wait until she passes over to actually be with Jonathan again.

Footnote: This week, I receive an email from Dawn, who is still very much in love with Jonathan. He has continued to visit her and the more he does, the more she wonders why. Although she still loves him, she has come to realize that their dream relationship is no good for either of them. Here is her update:

The Farewell: Helping Jonathan Cross Over

Copyright © 2006 by Dawn Colclasure
No part may be reprinted without permission.

Lately, I have been thinking about my situation with Jonathan. He’s been on my mind a lot lately, especially since my recent dream with him, where he advised me on a situation I have been pondering. This is a situation I have told no one about and haven’t written about. Yet he appeared in my dream, commenting on it. This troubled me. All this time, I’d been trying to accept that Jonathan lived only in my dreams. That he was a ‘dream man’ and nothing more. So many people I have talked with have said he doesn’t exist.
But lately, I have been seeing this whole situation with Jonathan in a different light.
The dream frightened me, of course. I wanted to believe that he was only a dream man - that despite the fact that I saw him as a shadow ghost outside of my dreams, he didn’t really exist outside of them.
I had to consider the possibility that Jonathan was an actual spirit or to put it more bluntly, a ghost. Perhaps he was one of the ghosts I’d seen when I lived in that haunted house in St. Louis. Why it had been five years later before he contacted me again, long after I’d moved out of that house, was a mystery. Nevertheless, the concept of time does not apply in the afterlife. Five years in real time was like five minutes in the afterlife.
Yet, if this possibility were true, if Jonathan really was a ghost, if his soul was trapped in darkness (as it would seem to be given the content of our dreams together), then that meant one thing: he had not yet crossed over. I had recently read of how a spirit who has not crossed over into the light yet dwells in darkness and despair. Something is ‘keeping’ them tied to the earth plain. Something is pulling them back. As far as Jonathan is concerned, it was our love keeping him here.
When I told my story to Canadian author, Martha Jette, who spent years investigating true paranormal experiences, she concluded that Jonathan and I had once been together in real life, that our love was very strong. Martha’s comment that “he obviously still loves you very much” stayed with me. Perhaps it was this love, which is keeping him here now. Perhaps in some way, Jonathan had been wandering the earth and it was only a matter of time before we ‘found’ each other when I moved into that house. It made sense, because in some of the dreams I had, the other shadow ghosts were trying to ‘pull’ Jonathan away from me. They’d try to take him away, possibly back within their fold.
I’d learned that Jonathan had a friend in this group of shadow ghosts. His friend’s name is Jimmy. I once saw them together in my room that night I saw Jonathan as a shadow ghost. Thinking on that now, I could only wonder if he felt ‘bound’ to them or if he really wanted to be apart from them.
I don’t understand why it happened this way. And why, five years later, Jonathan was visiting my dreams. He was in my dreams more than he was visible to my eyes. Was there a chance he used my dreams to tell me his story? To this day, over 16 years later, I still remember that very first dream. I don’t think I will ever forget it.
Regardless of the why and how though, one fact remained: Jonathan’s spirit was in limbo. He was not on the other side. Unresolved feelings and issues kept him on the earth plain. And if I really loved him, if I really wanted him to be happy, I would have to help him enter the light. I would have to help him cross over.
The first time I tried to talk myself into this, I broke down crying. Letting him go meant never seeing him again. It meant he would never again be in my dreams or ‘with’ me in some way. He will have moved on. I just couldn’t do this. We’d been separated once. I couldn’t let death tear us apart again! I couldn’t! In the end, my selfishness won over that time.
The time would come, however, where something bigger and more powerful would give me the strength I needed to help Jonathan return home. In late summer of 2004, I joined the staff of the Shadowlands, a web site devoted to helping people learn about ghosts and hauntings, how and where to find help, and as a means of sharing their stories. Even though this would not be a paying gig, I wanted to be a part of some kind of media exploring the paranormal, because since I myself have lived in a haunted house and had many paranormal experiences since then, I wanted to understand them. Writing about ghosts and hauntings would help me understand them better. And since the big issues I had were what I went through in that haunted house, it was only natural that soon I would start writing articles about haunted houses. That series of articles soon became a book project, which finally culminated into a real book I was writing and still shopping around two years later.
As part of the writing of my latest non-fiction book (this one would be my fourth), I had to do research on haunted houses and investigating them. My research led me to writing up brief summaries of famous haunted houses, which then led me to reading every book I could get my hands on about them. One such book was THE MYRTLES PLANTATION by Frances Kermeen. Another was DON’T CALL THEM GHOSTS: The Spirit Children of Fontaine Manse by Kathleen McConnell.
It was Kathleen’s book, which helped me to open my eyes to what must be done. It was obvious she loved the children in her home, so much so that she helped them to finally cross over into Paradise. And another thing I saw from reading these books: both women had resolved their hauntings. Here I was 16 years later, with Jonathan still in my dreams. I had not resolved it. I have seen what trying to live in ‘our’ world and trying to live in my world could do to me. I lost friends. I had unkind things and opinions said to me. I had my family thinking I was going to go crazy.
Even I started thinking I was going to go crazy. At one point, I burst into tears as I sat at my desk, having broken up after I read one of my characters say, “I’ve had these dreams for nine years. I want to know why.” I sat there crying, wanting to know why I had my dreams for so long too. But more importantly, I was mumbling to myself, “This is going to drive me out of my mind!”
My strong love for Jonathan, who was not in this world with me, made me feel sad and despondent over my ability to live life without him. I was grateful for the fact that he was ‘here’ with me in some way, yet he and I were not truly together. This is what had pulled at my heart for so long. This is what has actually warped my view of reality and made me dwell over the dream world instead of the real world. Yes, I hit rock bottom with this. I went though a long period of sadness and despair over being kept apart from him. It just completely tore me down.
At some point, I was able to extricate myself from this dark pit. But even still, even now, I knew I had to find some way to resolve this issue. Reading those books gave me the push that I needed to find that resolve.
The same day I finished reading Kathleen’s book, I sat down and sent out a bulletin to the friends I have on MySpace. I was sure to find friends who were experienced in things involving the paranormal, because I knew I’d be sharing stories of ghostly happenings and discussing this topic in general. In the bulletin I sent out, I briefly touched on my situation and talked about how I would have to help this spirit cross over. I didn’t know how to do this, but I was willing to find out how and do this right now. I was ready to do this.
Fortunately, I got two replies to my bulletin. One person, who I have exchanged messages with previously, commented on how this reminded her of the book What Dreams May Come. One thing she said is something that stuck with me: “I still to this day get all emotional about one scene where the husband goes to all types of depths of hell to find his true love who committed suicide. When he finds her, she is so caught up with that lonely feeling that she doesn't even notice him there. He decides that he would ‘rather spend eternity with her in hell, than in heaven.’ After he makes that decision, she feels his love and is able to come out of the chaos of her darkness.”
Was this something I could use to help me find the strength to help Jonathan cross over? Did I really want Jonathan to spend his eternity trapped in his own ‘hell’ just so we could be ‘together’ in this world, rather than in Paradise where his soul would finally be at peace? Of course not! I wanted him to have that peace now. I wanted him to be in the light.
Another person on my friend list responded giving me instructions on how to help a spirit enter the light. One thing she said was, “Love the spirit. You must not be afraid of it, because it lives in darkness and if you give it fear, you are giving it more darkness. Give it light. Darkness cannot exist in light. So love it.” Well, I already loved Jonathan very much. It gave me peace knowing that my love had not added to his darkness. Perhaps that gave him happiness while he was in darkness. Perhaps it drew him just a little bit more out of his darkness.
She further instructed on things I could say to help Jonathan enter the light. “So you say, ‘you have died and it's time to pass over now into the light. The light is loving and you can trust it.’ And you can add a lot to that, but that's in general, the way to go. Just be friendly to it and let it go. If you are choosing to not let it go, I'm afraid it is potentially very dangerous for you. And not fair or kind to it, either.”
She wasn’t too far off in that last sentence. I was being unfair in ‘keeping’ Jonathan in this world. Keeping him with me. I was being selfish. I had to help him move on. No matter how much I loved him, I had to help my dream man enter the light and finally be home.
I was still unsure of how to go about doing this, though. I mean, given that I’m the person responsible for my child most of the time, how would I manage to find the chance to do this? If I asked her dad to watch her for me and he wanted to know where I was going, could I really say, “I’m going to go somewhere private to help a ghost cross over”? (He is a skeptic, so that would surely bring on his argument over the logic of trying to do such a thing.) Would I need a spirit guide or a psychic to help me with this? How would I know if it worked? How would I know when it would be the best time to do it?

My experiences with Jonathan compelled me to write a novel based on him. That novel is called November’s Child. As with everything involving Jonathan, I got the idea for my other characters and even the title in my dream. (Trying to figure out a way to explain the meaning behind the title was another matter.) I had rewritten this book, which I was hoping to someday publish. The revised version has the same title but new characters and a new plot. In one part of the story, the spirit of Jonathan’s mother, who was murdered by a Druid priest centuries ago, appears to him after he dies. The spirit is, of course, an angel, calling my character Jonathan home. How I wished that could happen in real life! If only an angel could appear to the Jonathan from my dreams and help him to enter the light! But I knew it wouldn’t be that easy. I knew it was up to me to help him find his way Home.
But how on earth was I going to do this??
One evening, I lied awake in my bed still pondering this. It was nearly 2 a.m. It wasn’t unusual for me to be awake so late; I’d recently been having insomnia due to stress. I turned onto my left side in the bed, feeling resigned.
“What am I going to do with myself?” I wondered aloud in the dark bedroom. “After I let Jonathan go....” Suddenly, I started crying. That familiar ache in my heart just drove me to tears. “I can’t let him go!” I whispered. “I can’t!”
Then a firm voice spoke in my mind: “You must let him go.”
At that point, I was on automatic. I felt myself moving and talking, but I didn’t feel like I was really ‘there.’ It was like ... something had come over me.
I knew it was time.
“Jonathan,” I whispered. “You must go into the light.” I started crying again. “I love you so much. I will always love you. You have my heart forever, but you must cross over, my love. You must enter the light. It is time to go home.”
I lied there weeping softly. My God, this was so hard, but I kept remembering the What Dreams May Come passage. I kept remembering how, if he didn’t enter the light, he would be in darkness. I couldn’t keep him there.
“Jonathan,” I quietly continued. “You are dead. You are no longer of this world. You have been dead for some time.”
I started remembering all the dreams we had. The dreams where we were together, the time I saw him in my bedroom so long ago, how the other shadow ghosts had tried to pull him back to them, how Martha had told me he still loved me very much. So many years had passed by. So many dreams had been dreamed. So many things had happened in all of that time, including one dream where Jonathan and I joined hands in union to solidify our bond.
“You are no longer among the living, my beloved,” I quietly continued. “And no matter how much I love you, you must move on. Jonathan, it’s okay. It’s okay to move on. I promise I’ll never stop loving you. I will love you, forever. I will still love you even after you move into the light and I know you will love me too, but the only way for us to be together again someday, when my time has come for me to cross over is if you go into the light right now. It is the only way for us to one day reunite. I don’t want to let you go.”
I felt I had to admit to as much. He knew this just as I did.
“But I must. I must let you go, Jonathan. It’s your time to move on. Please, my love. Please go towards the light. Please enter the light. Please enter the light ... and find peace.”
I was suddenly aware of myself again. I realized that the whole time I’d been speaking and crying, my hands were held out in a way I was holding someone else’s hands. Had he been right there in front of me the whole time? Had he been looking at me as I wept and told him to move on? There was a strong possibility that he was. My hands didn’t feel like they were just one on top of the other. I felt something holding my hands too. And after this feeling passed, I slowly withdrew my hands to hold the pillow under my head.
Then I remembered something else I had to do. This was something I had done for a sister’s friend after he committed suicide. I knew I had to do this now, to ensure that Jonathan would really enter the light. That he would safely enter the light.
I folded my hands together and started to pray. I prayed that God would help Jonathan find his way home. I prayed that God would protect him, that he would guide him every step of the way as he entered the light. I prayed that God would protect him from harm, that He would help Jonathan have a safe journey into His kingdom. I prayed that He would help Jonathan to find peace and happiness in His kingdom, that Jonathan would no longer carry with him the burdens that kept him in the darkness. That he would embrace the light. I even started talking to Jonathan in my prayer, reassuring him that it was okay to enter the light. That he would find peace and happiness in the light. That he would finally be home, if only he entered the light. It was a conversation both with God and with Jonathan. That has never happened in any of the prayers I have said, but in some way, I felt it was okay to do this. This was a special circumstance and God would understand.
I started talking to God again.
“Please keep him safe, Lord. Please help him to find his way into Your kingdom. Please help him to enter Your light. He is very special, Lord - very special. Please guide him and bring him home.”
After I finished my prayer, I lied on my side in my bed feeling so empty and ... drained. Had Jonathan crossed over? Was he on the other side now? Or was he stepping away toward the light this very minute? I had no way of knowing. I lied there softly whispering, “I love you. I love you.”
I suddenly felt something behind me. I felt something, like someone was lying in my bed right against my back. I knew this feeling. I’ve felt it so many times before. All the same, I had to know. I quickly sat up, looking and feeling behind me. Of course, no one was there. I lied down again, resuming my position on my left side and the feeling of pressure against the length of my back returned. This time, it was stronger - like somebody was holding me close. I started crying again.
“Jonathan, you must leave me.” The tears poured out at these words. “It is time for you to move on. You must, my beloved. You must move on. You have to go into the light. You have to. It is the only way for you to find peace. It is the only way we’ll be reunited again one day.”
I continued to cry. After this, I knew he would no longer be there again. He would not be with me as much as he has before. I wondered how he was lying here, spooning with me in my bed. Did he have his arms over mine or around my waist? Was he wearing the same clothes I’d always seen him in? What was he feeling?
“Jonathan, I’m so sorry,” I whispered. “I’m so sorry that this is the way it must be. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the things we talked about. I’m sorry I turned away from you.”
I quietly sobbed, remembering the many times Jonathan had told me to break things off with my boyfriend, who I later married upon becoming pregnant. There were many dreams where Jonathan expressed his disapproval of this man. In one dream, my boyfriend had interchangeably been himself and Jonathan. I don’t regret ignoring Jonathan’s requests, because I got out of that experience a beautiful daughter. Here I was now, divorcing this man. What had it done to my love with Jonathan? I had always wondered that. In many dreams, Jonathan had expressed jealousy over this arrangement and I’d always felt guilty about it. I was torn between a man in my dreams and a man in real life, but the fact that he still loved me even now, throughout everything, despite everything, told me not to feel that guilt anymore - to not let it burden me anymore.
As we lied there together strong warmth was all around me. I was dressed in black pajama pants and a dark blue, loose tank top, but at that point, I felt very warm. I knew it was his love that was enveloping me right then and there. The warmth of his love just completely surrounded me, so much so that I couldn’t even feel my own limbs anymore. It was a beautiful feeling. I soon stopped crying and just lied there, enjoying that feeling - basking in it. Basking in the warmth of his unconditional love. I think this was his way of telling me for the very last time, “I love you too.”
Then, something else happened. A new sensation washed over me. I gasped, flexing out my hand, and my eyes and mouth widening as I felt movement along my back. There was still movement on other parts of my body, I guess to let me know he was still there, but some other feeling was occurring within me. Some kind of ... vibrating sensation in my back. I could feel exactly where that sensation was - the very bone where it was. I’d been having serious back pain lately, in my lower back and now I felt this calming, massaging sensation right where my pain had been. It was like the whole part of that point in my back was covered with a healing sensation. I sighed, my eyes closing as I felt the pain just wash away from me. I started to softly smile. It felt wonderful! The pain was all gone! That had been the best back massage I’d had in ages, if not the most unusual one.
I turned over onto my back, smiling because, for once, it didn’t hurt to lie there on my back. I was actually quite comfortable. I still felt Jonathan lying next to me. He was right there; I could feel him. I could feel his arm against my head, as he must have been lying on his side. I put my hand on my chest, comforted by his presence. I felt his hand now holding mine as it rested on my chest, but there was a new problem now; I was having trouble breathing. I had to keep my mouth open as I tried to breathe, my chest going up and down, my mind racing to figure out the best way for me to regain control of my breathing. I had been having this problem in addition to my insomnia, all due to the stress. Sometimes I’d run out of air just trying to talk. It was very mild though, which I was grateful for since I wanted to focus my attention on being there with Jonathan. During the time I tried to breathe, I saw something in my mind. I saw Jonathan and I standing together, facing each other as we held hands. Our hands were held together at our chest as we stared into each other’s eyes. It went from seeing this to seeing us kissing. The scenes would change back and forth, but each time it went back to where we were holding hands something was different. Each time I saw us holding hands, our grip lessened just a little bit more. As I lied there struggling to breathe, I saw this playing out in my mind. One moment we are kissing, the next some unseen force is slowly, very slowly, pushing us apart. Our hands would not let go, but something pulling each of us apart was making our grip slowly loosen.
Finally, our hands no longer touched. Jonathan had been completely pulled away from me, disappearing from my view. The visions faded from my mind. I knew, I felt, that Jonathan had gone home now - that finally, he was free.
I didn’t feel sad anymore. By now, I was able to breathe okay again. I felt an enormous sense of peace and security wash over me. I smiled. I actually smiled, even after what I’d just seen. I smiled, because I knew Jonathan would never really leave me, even after he has crossed over and entered the light. I knew he would always be with me. He’d still be right there with me. I could take comfort in still having his love with me. His love would always be there, even after he is gone.
It was his love I still felt as I settled further into my bed, still smiling as I drifted off to sleep.
"The next day, I was feeling discomfort in my lower stomach. Thinking it might be an infection, because I’d been having this pain for a couple of days (and unable to get to a doctor at that time), I took some pain medicine and then went upstairs to lie down. I was unable to rest because the pain was so bad, so I tried to distract myself with reading. After a while, I started feeling sleepy. I put the book down and then looked at the mirror in front of me. There are two doors to my closet that are sliding mirror doors. I suddenly saw this beautiful light shining on the mirror door in front of me. (There is a large window on my wall on the other side of my bed.) I sat up, surprised to see it because outside it was so gray and cloudy - a really gloomy sky. All the same, sitting up on my bed, I turned around to look out the window. I wanted to see the light outside the window and not on the mirror, but it wasn’t there. Puzzled, I turned to look back, thinking the clouds covered up what part of the sun had managed to shine through, but when I looked at the mirror again, I was surprised to see the bright light still there in the exact same place.
I suddenly started to feel a light of my own - a light of happiness and comfort inside of me. I smiled, looking at the light. I knew it was Jonathan, checking in with me.
“Hello, my beloved,” I whispered.
The light remained for a few moments longer then it disappeared. I was able to nap after this, awakening with the pain gone, but that’s not the first thing I noticed. Upon awakening, I saw the apparition of a friar walking past me. He was either a friar or a monk. He wore a long dark brown/grayish robe, with the hood up. He was walking right past me as I lied on the bed, holding his hands up in prayer. I just saw him walk past me and disappear as he approached the wall.
I’ve seen many ghosts and apparitions, but I was still startled by this one. Why on earth was a monk in my bedroom? It didn’t make sense.
I have sort of an idea as why though, because whatever pain I had from whatever it was troubling me is now gone."
Dawn Colclasure -
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I have also created a mini-site at:

3. And on the lighter side, here is a site where I have documented a very special Mother’s Day gift. You will be very surprised!

4) It has gotten to the point that my regular sites are getting overloaded with information and I might have to do some reworking of them. They can be found at:

5) For those of you who haven’t heard, the place for writers to meet is a site called I have only been a member for a matter of weeks, but have already made 60-plus friends. You can post your own stories, including just everyday stuff, news and so on, plus read about others. Some of the writers on this site are so, so talented and some are just hilarious. I highly recommend this site to anyone who likes to write and interact on a daily basis with others. Just go here:

Other Sites of Interest:

1. See a distinct face captured on a television screen while the TV was off:
2. This is one really cool site that I have saved in my Favorites and have yet to explore:
3. Here is an MSN group that you might find interesting:
4. Internet marketers have formed a highly classified alliance, underground, and they are now giving it away as a gift. I was given permission by Aurelius Tjin (owner of Underground Giveaway) to give you free private access to the membership worth $4,197 and growing. This will not be free for long, so best to go there right now! Here's the special URL you need to go to for free access to the Underground Giveaway:
5. See and hear Dr. Stephen Greer of The Disclosure Project talk about the urgency of disclosure by governments of UFOs visiting earth:

Well, that’s it for this month everyone. Happy surfing and have a wonderful beginning to summer. Always remember that life is a GIFT, so enjoy the PRESENT!

All the Best,
Martha Jette


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