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Do you believe in ghosts? Is reincarnation real? What is it like to receive visions from God? How would you handle it, if you received dire premonitions about family members and friends? Are UFO's visiting earth? Have you ever had a premonition while awake or in a dream? Do some people actually have ESP? Do we all have angels and/or spirit guides? What is it like living in a haunted house?

All these questions and more are topics of discussion in my Glimpses of the Paranormal newsletter. To get a free subscription, just e-mail me at I am interested in any stories you might have to share as well.
Newsletter Dated: 6/2/2007 8:39:54 AM

Subject: Glimpses of the Paranormal

Vol.: IV
Issue: VIII

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I sure know that I am! Although I seem to spend a lot of my time at my computer, I do try to get out with my little Shi Tzu, Angel to relish the warmer weather.

This week, I have a story of a different kind for you. Every week, I write an article on “Dreams” for a newsletter entitle StoryTime Tapestry, which is run by my Internet friend, Carol Roach of Montreal, Quebec. Recently, I received an email from a StoryTime Tapestry reader responding to my article about predictive dreams or dreams that foretell the future.

Family members find dreams predict their future

Surinder Jandu and her family seem to have predictive dreams happen to them quite frequently.

When her first-born son became ill, Surinder said no one told her that he had cancer.

”I saw in my dream that an ambulance stopped in front of my house and my son lay on the footpath. When they picked him up to put him in the ambulance, I saw his spirit leaving the body and looking back at me. I cried his name loudly and woke up. Then I realized that my son was leaving me. I left my job and stayed with him around the clock until he was snatched from me by God.”

She also foresaw both her parents’ pending deaths in dreams.

“In 1977 on Tuesday night I had a dream that I was in India and walking out of my village with my mum. It was evening time and we ended up in the village graveyard feeling very sad. I saw up toward the white clouds forming to shapes and three angels with wings came down. They filled my mum’s scarf with dry fruit and mine with fresh fruits telling us to eat them.

The next morning, I traveled to visit my sister in Leicester and told her my dream saying, ‘I saw angels and it may be a message that I was going to die.’ My sister told me she had a similar dream seeing my mum and crying. She was told in the dream that this Tuesday was going to make her cry a lot more. We both thought of our mum, that she came in both our dreams. We later received a letter from India that our mum died on Tuesday night. We did not have telephone facility in those days.

I also saw my dad being carried in a coffin and my mum (already dead) refusing to follow him to the graveyard. This was the day he died as later confirmed.”

One of Surinder’s surviving sons used the information he received in a dream to ace a chemistry project.

”My son Sominder, during his exams many years ago, dreamt that he used sulfuric acid instead of another acid in the lab. He got up and told me immediately. He said, ‘Mum, we are not supposed to use sulfuric acid in this particular chemistry combination, but I vividly remember using it in my dream. I cannot even ask anybody as the exam is going to start this morning.’ I could not help him much, although I studied chemistry myself. I advised him to do as his heart and mind said was right.

He went ahead and used sulfuric acid as in his dream and guess what? He was right. He passed with flying colors when other students got it wrong. This happened to him many times throughout his studying and career. Whenever he is most worried about something and searching for answers, his dreams give him the solutions. Sominder is now an MBA and doing a very satisfying job.”

While in India with her sister, her sister had a dream that one of their relatives in England had died under mysterious circumstance. She awoke very frightened, called her husband in England and was told the woman was still alive. However, it didn’t end there.

“A week later, that lady really died in the same circumstances. My sister was given this news by her husband by phone. My sister used to have these sort of frightening dreams, which came true.”

I guess you could say precognitive or predictive dreams seem to follow Surinder’s family line, going at least back to her mother.

“My mum used to dream about lost items, where she should look to find them and which medicine would cure an ailment.

However, not to be left out, even her husband had a precognitive dream.

”My husband dreamt that we were separated and lived separate lives most of our life, and then reunited at the end of our lives. We were just starting to build our family then. Things slowly got worse and we could not control our fate. We got separated and are now living apart.

I still hope we are re-united one day.”

That wouldn’t surprise me at all. Surinder also had a dream about her husband and the impending separation. In July 1991, Surinder, who had just separated from her husband moved into her current home with her three sons. She was pregnant with another child, but was trying to get their lives together.

”On 12 October at 5 a.m. (My eldest son was born on 15 October at 5 a.m.), I had a dream. I saw my husband sitting with another woman waiting for something. Then I saw three men with black turbans and black sunglasses sort of gliding toward them. Then those three men turned to five and stopped in front of my husband.

I then saw my husband asking those men if he would have a son with that other lady. The men got angry and said, 'NO' loudly and continued to say that he would have leprosy and that someone would have cancer. Then they said to my husband that his wife and son would help him to recover. I saw my husband's face turned pale with horror and he told me to get lost. I moved toward the men to ask something for my sons and myself but felt I had to use the toilet and woke up.”

Surinder said she recorded the dream at the time and tried to make some sense out of it. Four years later, she finally knew what it meant.

”My son was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in March 1995. I still sometimes visualize those five men and get scared. My husband became an alcoholic and suffers from ill health, and I have a heart disease.”

It is quite evident that Surinder and her family can truly rely on their dreams – good or bad – to predict their future.

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Some of you may know that I also write articles on, a very active site for writers of all kinds. Often, I write on paranormal topics and other members drop over to read my articles and leave comments. One such person, Grace Monet, was kind enough to share a short story of her own.

I wear binaural hearing aids (one in each ear.) One year, my husband and I traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia on vacation. During that vacation, one of my hearing aids was "in the shop," so I only wore one on that trip.

On the last full day of vacation, I had worn coveralls that were shorts and had lots of pockets. The night before we left Williamsburg for home, we stayed at a Super 8 Motel. That night while preparing for bed, I put the one hearing aid in the drawer of the nightstand, next to me. The drawer was otherwise empty. The next morning, we got dressed, packed the car and started the trip home.

Once on the freeway, I discovered that I wasn't wearing my hearing aid and it was nowhere to be found! This was a problem, because it was the aid for my weaker ear and it wasn't insured for loss. I went into a bit of a panic, because I looked everywhere in the car, in my purse, etc. and couldn't find it. When we got home, I repeatedly checked all the pockets to all the clothes, all the luggage, combed the car and called the motel. No trace of it. The motel checked the room, but my little piece of electronic magic was not there either. After looking for a week with frustrating results, I finally had to give up the hearing aid for lost.

Weeks went by and I fumbled along without that hearing aid. I was a secretary and the loss of the hearing aid made things more difficult for myself and everyone around me.

At the time, we had a small storage cabinet in the bathroom with one drawer and two towel shelves on the bottom. The drawer was a catch-all for bathroom things. Of course, I'd looked through that drawer when the hearing aid was lost, even though it couldn't have been there. It was lost and left behind in Virginia.

One day a few months later, I was in the bathroom and the drawer was partially open. As I was drying my hands, I caught a glimpse of my hearing aid! I did a double take and went back to look. There it was, right where I could see it, with the battery door swung open waiting to be used. This was most incredible! I knew for a fact that the hearing aid had not previously been there even the week before.

I called my hubby in to look, because he too had helped me look for the hearing aid and was affected by its loss. All we could do was marvel and say, "thank you" to whomever brought it back to me.

The hearing aid could have lain on its side. It could have been covered by something else or pushed back in the drawer. The battery door is usually closed and it takes effort to open it. (I don't remember whether I'd left it open or closed that night in Williamsburg.) It was precisely where it would be noticed, was whole and did work!

I have a few loved ones in spirit who could have been responsible for the apport. Whoever it was, I've been grateful ever since and definitely believe it's possible.



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I’ve been fortunate to have the assistance of screenwriter, Stan Tjaden of the United States, who is particularly brilliant at coming up with characters and story lines. The book is not ready yet, but I have acquired the services of an agent who will work with us to improve on it more and then attempt to sell it to a mainstream publisher. It is not that I don’t appreciate the publisher I have gone with in the past, but their firm is quite small.

As well, once the book is published Stan will write a script for the book and will see what we can do about getting it made into a movie!

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A very strange UFO

'Coast to Coast' (radio show/web site) recently received information about a UFO recorded back in April by a fellow named Chad. He said the effects of just seeing it were causing concern for himself and his pregnant wife.

Chad said he was out walking one day and spotted the strange craft. He told Coast to Coast: "Last month (April 2007), my wife and I were on a walk when we noticed a very large, very strange craft in the sky. My wife took a picture with her cell phone camera. A few days later, a friend (and neighbor) lent me his camera and came with me to take photos of this craft. We found it and took a number of very clear photos.”

Chad described it as looking and moving “like an insect” making “electrical crackling” sound.

"Since it first appeared, I have probably seen this thing maybe 8 different times since the first appearance. My friend and I went out the next day after I first saw it to get the photos, but it was not there. Then we tried again the next day, and we found it within like 30 minutes and followed it for a while. Most of the time I see it out of windows in my house, in the distance. But I would say almost half of the hikes I have gone on in my area, I have seen it very close. It is very easy to photograph and... many neighbors aside from my friend have also seen it.

It is almost totally silent but not quite. It makes kind of ‘crackling’ noises. It's hard to describe them but they are only intermittent and not very loud, but you can notice them. Sometimes there is a very slight hum that sounds kind of mechanical, almost like when you are near very large power lines. But it is nothing loud like a jet engine; it is very quiet for the most part.

It moves almost like an insect. If you have ever seen a bug on a pond, it is kind of like that. It is VERY smooth and slow most of the time, but then every now and then it will rotate very quickly and go VERY fast into another direction, then stop and repeat the process all over again. There is just something very unnatural about the way it moves.

More than anything, I simply want to understand what this is and why it is here?”

There is much controversy over whether or not the photographs are legitimate or possibly computer generated. See the original photographs at Strange Craft.

A few days later, photographs were taken of either the same or identical object over Lake Tahoe, CA. These photographs were submitted through the MUFON open submissions page.

You can see the images at the Coast-to-Coast or MUFON website.


I welcome your thoughts, input and suggestions on the contents of this newsletter. Feel free to contact me at any time. If you have a paranormal story to tell, I'd love to know about that too. Maybe, it will be featured in an upcoming issue!

If you’d like to advertise in “Glimpses of the Paranormal,” the cost is only $3. Please contact me for more details. I will also consider advertising exchanges with other newsletter owners.


Space Intelligences: Above Top Secret

Paranormal News: A New Age Community

All About Various Native Prophecies

Supernatural Paranormal Research: Demonology


That’s it for this month, folks. Hope you enjoyed this newsletter. See you in July. Until then, remember: “Life is a gift; enjoy the present!”
All the Best,
Martha Jette, Author/Editor


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