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Maria Cristina Azcona

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Newsletter Dated: 1/31/2004 12:50:57 PM

Subject: Poema-article-biography-poema-new poetry

Amor a la Paz

Va y se mece
cual estela de blancor
ante el dolor
que se reclina ante
el milagro de la vida,
por un estruendo de misiles
que produce miedo.

(Vuela su perfumado aroma, es numen
de energía misteriosa.
Es un colibrí sobre una campanilla
de la Virgen).

Va en busca e infiere
obscura y tierna vida
en avenidas anegadas por rocío
de ojos dulces por amor
a tanta inutilidad que hiere.

Paz es la palabra henchida
de vital la vida, vida
en este mundo en que ser
vida es ser humano al fin.

María Cristina Azcona


Human Rights in the New Millennium

by Maria Cristina Azcona


Postmodern times are already installed in our lives. Automation is here, with its universe of light blue and yellow wires surrounding us like satellites. Internet constructs fantastic buildings of free and quick communications between anybody elsewhere, surrounding the world. New scientific methods, beyond the most psychotic imagination are capable nowadays of incredible effects like massive transplant of organs. Let us think about cloning, plastic surgery and other astonishing possibilities.
Science has definitely had a tremendous progress towards an annoying technical perfection.
But, where is the rule, the limit to all these novelties?
Who cares on the substantial victims of this advances?
Human life is not considered today as a principal theme compared to the sight of a beautiful shinny surface of a space shuttle initiating its new adventure towards the ending of times.
An ill humanity is one to whom life is not sufficiently important to stop pollution, because is produced by substances that we need for commercial purposes.
We work, love and play in a sick civilization where values are only words, but blood is spread every minute and in every country like tomato sauce.
Can we perceive any difference between the shocks on TV images? Sometimes we are not able to say if they are real or fictitious.
Furthermore, we are so accustomed to the daily news that war seems not substantially gruesome when it takes place involving foreign nations.
If the conflagration is at home, or connected to it, and generates a dreadful crisis everywhere we go, then we react with a sort of paradoxical
There is a lack of compromise in reference to the victims of social injustice, anywhere. We are not learned or prepared to make any movement that could possibly change an infinitesimal part of those torments. The lack of response is born from a consensus on a widespread idea:

There must exist a reasonable cause for it.
Is impossible to help all the people.
Things have been always the same, through history.
Life continues.
This is progress. We cannot stop its advance.

Naturally, there are international forums where debates take place among
specialists, and they should have the power to decide and solve all this
overwhelming disasters.

International organizations for the defense of Human Rights, are not owners of the decisions. For the moment, they enunciate and make considerations and admonitions, other than use a power that nobody on earth is enough interested or motivated to give them.
Is there a necessary renovation of conventions about human rights in this Third Millennium?
Yes, these organizations make annual or biannual meetings and declarations are proclaimed, but, in general, the interests of each nation, sheltered on their self-governing systems do not listen very carefully to their advice.
There are different rhythms, different timings if we compare the process of those honorable assemblies and the burning urgencies of political matters.
Time is a tyrant, we say, but nobody worries on the time we are loosing while humanity goes faster and faster towards its own devastation.
All the countries must use their eyes and see what is happening to this blue illusion, to this green, green valley, our universal home.
If we consider Earth as our home and Humanity as our family, we will be able to consider the panorama of the worldwide situation.
There are two aspects to be thought about.
To be or not to be Shakespeare taught us.
Ought to be done or ought not to be done is the second aspect to be considered.
There are two kinds of discourses. One is made in the first level, the BE level. The other is made in the second level, the OUGHT TO BE level.
Morality is in general left to one side. Nevertheless, is named and renamed. How many crimes there have been in the name of Goodness!


-Women who, in a huge lack of knowledge, use industrial silicone instead of the good one, to insert in their breasts, because is cheaper. And then, they
realize there is no cure for the consequences.

-Body –piercing and Tattoo followers who are too young to have conscience of what kind of damages they are creating to their bodies.

-Babies of the Poverty, born from single teen-age mothers, who are sexually aroused sooner and sooner, thanks to a Media invaded by pornography.

-Women executed to death only because they have been unfaithful to their husbands, in the name of the Law.
-Victims of Terrorism. It seems that life has not the same significance to
different ideologies.

-Children starving to death because the governments of their countries have dilapidated the common richness in their own benefit.

Refugees who die trying to escape from inferno, looking for horizons of freedom.

Millions that are born and grow and get old, and die, without a miserable opportunity of a dignified job in countries where destiny is written by human hands.

People who are discriminated by the color of the skin, or because of their religious believe or even by their IQ measurement.

The list is interminable.

Paradoxically, globalization is a great progress, in the sense of technique but progress is not global, in the sense of equal opportunities.
Mass media progress allows us to take notice of people suffering in other places. And their beseeching eyes deeply excavate in our sensitiveness. . Their right to study, to be well fed or to be protected from brutality is truthfully denied to them. There are children growing with envy of other children. They also see in their TV screens, because of progress, how others can enjoy life, while they are submerged into the hollow of times. They claim for justice but no one answers...and without any future at sight, they conceal their dissatisfaction under the mask of unbelievable philosophies full of Evil. Of course, they don’t have the right to transform their frustration into violence, but it has occurred in front of our eyes.
There is an entire generation that hate progress because they guilt it on their unhappiness. Ignorance is mother of Brutality and Frustration is mother of Hate. So, how can we be secure if violence is globalized?
There must be a way out of this situation.
The renovation of educational system in order to established, recognized values like Goodness, Justice, Honesty, Integrity, Truth, Honor and Heroism.
Overhauled laws, updated ideas, and a new concept of social justice could be studied. Human Rights are enough forgotten during this era of selfishness and acquisitiveness.
Since pre-historical times our priority has been peace. A lovely fire and the old ones joined around the flames, with the children making familiar noises. Future went through, the years passed and children grew. Then, again and again up today. Nevertheless, nowadays thought confers to our young people damage upon submerging them in a fashionable self -centered style of living. No more families around the fire or noisy kids owning the neighbourhood. Everyone is occupied in his own desperation. Panic attack is the modern name to the Nausea of Sartre’s Existentialism.
I have the right to be happy says a man, and goes far away from his wife and five children. Then, when these children grow full of hate and finish their travel in the drug paradise, their father will say: What happened? I am surprised!
Individualism is the most direct route to depression.
Consuming passion is no other thing than eating the bread of someone else before he notices. Teresa de Calcutta once said: Do not invite me to dinner...with one hundred dollars I can feed a person for a month.
Tragic times are these, and they are, in a roundabout way, the result of human rights depreciation.
These circumstances are somehow connected with heartless superficiality of the generation of the Third Millennium. They are not producers of the phenomenon but surely they are not helping to solve the dilemma.


a. - Starvation:

In this era, we are arriving to an awful suspicion: food and water will not be enough to maintain an exploding population. In front of our eyes, starvation is killing hundreds and even thousands. Their right to live begins in their right to eat.
Corruption is installed in the government of their countries. The population sometimes do not hear or see anything. Citizens walk at their side without a
single word.
The lattice of inconsiderateness hurts more than the knife of hunger.
Shamelessly, there are not many corporations taking the compromise to effectively save a particular starving child

b. -Post-modern Family:

Certainly, nobody is enough concerned in these days about children right to live with both parents. In opposition, everybody cares about their own right to do whatever they want. Postmodern family is a new model of family constructed as a juxtaposition of kids from there and there. Is a very amusing way of living, but…what happens inside the brain and heart of these boys and girls?
Family is the basic cell of society. So, what will happen to a society where
More than the half does not live into a familiar group? Nobody knows yet.
More than a half of the children are born extra-family.
We learned to respect values into a traditional model of family, where each person had a different role and a specific responsibility. Nowadays everything has changed, and not for good. There is a profound crisis around these topics. New models are installed in our minds when we say Family. However, we can’t take notice of the cost for future generations.

c. -Child abuse:

Children are the seed of the future, but we are destroying their growth
since the very moment we denied to accept their lack of opportunities as our own fault. All of us, earth habitants, have a compromise with them.
We are the silenced witnesses of abuse.
Exploitation is not only made while a child is used in a pornographic film.
Abuse is also made when a child is working in the streets under our eyes,
and we do not dare to help him. His eyes from TV screen accuse every adult who is not giving him the opportunity to grow.
Humanity is responsible of child maltreatment because is leaving time pass not including this situation in the first place.
Let us see him condemned to be a slave of the Third Millennium, because of his acquired idiocy.


Society is worried on material matters, based in economical patterns and this attitude produces continuous violations against humanity, in the name of the highest principles.
Invasion of other nations is endlessly justified saying that in those countries is not preserved the right of individuals. But, in the other side
the unique question is: Does this invasion promote the defence of integrity of the citizens and their homes? Does this situation preserve the protection of each individual? Or is the expression of the brutal force once again and again, used instead of dialogue and pacific terms of consolidation in the relationship between different cultures, as it ought to be?
There is a necessity to study the importance of human rights, based in the effective application in every case. There are outstandingly well done declarations that are only seen as proper statements isolated from legal and practical matters. Governs are occupied in eternal quarrels about territories where human rights are continuously devastated and even ignored.
It seems that humankind is not able to make a reasonable synthesis where
authenticity of the moral judgments inserted in declarations of principles
could reach the force of a commandment.
It is a flagrant opposition between laws of the particular nations and the
international agreements on ethical purposes. Then, it is impossible to
apply the decrees that are already consented, in a real-time term.
We live in a cruel world where ignominious decisions are transformed, in short periods of time, in drastic actions against human life, without the minimum consideration on its importance.
Day by day, month by month, we reach terrible levels of anguish seeing
Photos of babies starved to death and mothers submitted to the most pitiless indignity while men and women self-considered owners of the Right decide on their destinies and mark in the map the red signal of their ruin.
Machiavellians of our times are ready to execute babies in the name of law.
Do not they see God in the face of every person?
Are they able to use their cleverness to solve international conflicts in a benign form?

Every so often, dreams are the threshold to the best solution

a. -In general:

. -To start an international well-done planning on decrees and commandments based in moral values, of equal meaning for everyone on earth.

. -To study the way to succeed in the equanimity in the future distribution of resources.

. -An unambiguous punishment must be applied to the criminals against human rights.

. -Education principles must be re-analysed to offer a better answer to these problems.

. -Science would possibly consider its own purposes, without laying at one side the ethical meanings related to human dignity.

. -Corruption in the government must be considered an attack to human rights, if its consequence is starvation and death.

. -Terrorism must be considered worst of all crimes against humanity.

b. – A feminine solution:
Cherchez le femme

Women of all religions, races and are going nowadays through a crucial statement of enhanced protagonism.
Everywhere, young girls are studying strategies to survive or to make their future be possible. But they are not sincerely satisfied with these achievements. They need something more, related to more profound meanings. They need to be better informed, in order to construct a new philosophical thought capable to sustain a reasonable value scale.
Women are the key to solve Third Millennium troubles. Because they have a feminine eye that allows their vision to be more specific, more humanistic, more organized in projects involving a liveable future.
This feminine eye could possibly take position in government and organizations. Like a wave of sweet velvet over a rough skin, women can transmute anguish into pleasure, agony into gratification, distress into fulfilment.
Men through all its spiteful history have managed the world.
Perhaps the moment has arrived, the instant of womanly wisdom and cleverness.
But intelligence is born from thoughts, and thoughts from reading.
To read is the only way to have our brain well fed and ready to start this other war… Education is, far from any doubt, the most direct route to peace. And women, those beautiful geniuses are, perchance, made to be natural educators.
Remember when someone talked about Women power?
Perhaps this is the moment to use it in the better way: making to be possible…a global world of love.
Women have their own way of doing all kind of things. The characteristic features of her wisdom are:

Maybe humanity needs a little of our poetic capability of dialogue and reconciliation. Of our sweetness and care for the weaker. Human rights
Are, first and foremost, children rights.
Let us remember when the world talked about Women Power.
Perhaps this is the moment to use it in the better way: making to be possible a global love. Love and care for every child no matter what colour his skin could be.

C-The Lesson of Creation:
The ants

Each one in his own job, each person in his own role, each grain in its own place, and the mountain could be transported from one place to another.
When I was a little girl, I used to study the movements of the ants. I lived in a house with a beautiful garden. There were red, white and black ants. They were bigger or smaller, but their different species lived in some
kind of harmony. They had separated territories and dissimilar needs. So they did not fight to each other, only if extremely necessary. Their sense of teamwork and cooperation was incredibly knowledgeable.
We have learned that human beings are the most perfect expression
Of Creation…Then, possibly a little ant must be thinking: How nice it would be to live in a world governed by human beings.


Maria Cristina Azcona

Maria Cristina Azcona is an argentine novelist and poetess. She is also writer and editor. She has received two university degrees in: Psycho -pedagogy and Family Counselling, one in Argentina and the other in Spain. Since then, she works as a Psychotherapist in Buenos Aires.
In 1998 she won First Prize in poetry at one of the most important contests of her country, organized by the Argentine Centre for Development of New Authors, (C.A.D.D.A.N.). Since that moment she wrote four books in Spanish,
(two of poetry, a novel and an essay) and has participated in many international anthologies around the world, especially at USA, India and Spain.
“Centro de Estudios Poéticos” (MADRID-SPAIN) has published her poetry four times in their international anthologies in Spanish.
Nowadays, she writes articles to printed publications like:
“Spirit, a magazine designed for the diverse woman”,” The Taj Mahal Review”(an international literary journal), Biffs Quarterly, and others around India and USA.
She is also Editorial Advisor to the printed publications: “The Taj Mahal Review” and to the following anthologies of poetry: “The Golden Wings”, “Voyages”, “The Still Horizon” and many other published by
She is Editor and Editorial Advisor to “Niche Anthology Series” and has edited the anthologies: “Mundo Hueco”, “Música del Alma” (Latin American authors) and “Dark Street and Other poems” by Nikesh Murali. To whom she has also translated the book “Mist” to Spanish.
Her poems specially “Family Abuse” and “Peaceful Agony” have been finalists in innumerable contests around the world.
Recently invited by ROWE PUBLISHING (London, UK) to be EDITOR to Authors Incorporated (A resource for authors).-------------

Amor a la Paz

Va y se mece
cual estela de blancor
ante el dolor
que se reclina ante
el milagro de la vida,
por un estruendo de misiles
que produce miedo.

(Vuela su perfumado aroma, es numen
de energía misteriosa.
Es un colibrí sobre una campanilla
de la Virgen).

Va en busca e infiere
obscura y tierna vida
en avenidas anegadas por rocío
de ojos dulces por amor
a tanta inutilidad que hiere.

Paz es la palabra henchida
de vital la vida, vida
en este mundo en que ser
vida es ser humano al fin.

María Cristina Azcona

Cotton like Universe

Truly alive, my heart waits to reach the night
While my fairy wings try to command my flight.

Floating over pink clouds and yellow trees,
My surroundings seem too small to me.

War seems little and without reason to fight
Compared to high values which are right.

Hatred seems to be the mask of
While love appears to be the route to charity.

Human souls float like myself
In a cotton like universe.

Come and visit me in this tent
Where the money is inexistent.

Only a crystal palace made of dreams
Wait to be felt and seen for you.

The way to reach this place is in your own heart.
Close your eyes and think in anybody else apart
than you.

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