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Newsletter Dated: 1/21/2006 4:20:47 PM

Subject: January 2006 Enero



traducido por Maria Cristina Azcona

poema de Maria Cristina Azcona
poema de Marita Eloisa Ragozza de Mandrini
Comentario de M C Azcona sobre poemas de Francisco Gomes de Matos
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A review on Adam Donaldson Powell´s poetry
By Maria Cristina Azcona
Last edited: Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Posted: Monday, September 19, 2005

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A review on Adam Donaldson Powell´s poems
from his book Collected Poems and Stories

Collected Poems and Stories by Adam Donaldson Powell,, India, 2005 pp. 175, $15, 81-8253-028-8 For his Poetry Reading in Argentina (In Spanish by the author himself and translations mostly by Maria Cristina Azcona )

Powell is a multifaceted creator whose poems are enriched not only by his capability in Literary meanings, but also by his deep sensibility towards human problems, nowadays society illness, joined to his bright talent for visual arts. He has the privileged neuron that allows him to play with his own sense of aesthetics, as it was a children game. While reading his amusing poetry, we find ourselves observing reality from his point of view.

These poems, from his book “Collected Poems and Stories”, which he is presenting to Argentine public for first time, may be separated in two kinds or groups, to be analyzed and commented.

The First group is conformed by poems that are similar to a modern, abstract painting, Like he does in “Green” where a mystery hides under multiple images, colors and concepts. This mystery is revealed at the final verse.

The second group, which includes among others, The Devil, Before the death of my love, Imagine and The Prudent Cognoscente, presents us, at first sight, techniques coming from Short Story like the abrupt and unexpected ending full of an omnipresent irony.

In the second reading, both groups present always a philosophical content and customary social criticism which depth leads us to Philosophical thoughts about the meaning of existence

Powell’s work contains ironic humor, sharp criticism, the clear idea and the divertimento of a short story at the same time.

The poem manages, in its mischief, to capture grotesque of this Era, giving to our poetic palate a delicacy more than a simple esthetic pleasure.

The truth in an envelop of surprising originality: art, beauty that is not other thing that authentic poetry.

It remains me of Ezra Pound’s realistic style and, in Spain, Francisco de Quevedo´s conceptual poetry.

The most beautiful piece, to my understanding, is “The Devil” in which the poet speaks to us, readers, he orders us, he calls our attention, he prevents us of that devil that exists, that is so dangerous sand terrifying. The poet frightens us with the Devil playing “ To hide and to find” games, petrifying us with its threatening and unknown presence. Creates the climate of fear of a terror story.

In a magisterial synthesis, gives an impressive end when he finally finds that devil in ourselves, shocking us and forcing us to recognize the wickedness that lives and hides in our human heart. Here the poet creates a personage, the Devil, that no longer is the famous one but is a real, present phantom, humanized, possible and burning, like the fire of malice in daily life.

Originality is a constant in Powell’s poems, a surprising and multifaceted artist who amazes us with his music, his paintings, his poems, his humor and always with his genius .He communicates himself in so many ways and he revives in thousands of kaleidoscopic images, that finally he gives himself the final luxury to create a perfect and synthetic pearl of terror, humor, beauty, social critics, universality and creativity in pure state as he does magisterially in the DEVIL.

--Maria Cristina Azcona


A Foreword to the book FLAKES by Nikesh Murali
By Maria Cristina Azcona
Last edited: Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2002


Flakes by Nikesh Murali is an extraordinary work that combines beautiful images with philosophical aphorisms. He succeeds in drawing the attention of the readers to contemporary problems, which haunts us incessantly. Romance and its universal language are important ingredients in his literary works.

Culture grows on the shoulders of vanguards; its development is not a placid travel but an awesome awakening that endures millenniums. Murali dares to face the present and future of our planet without loosing the beauty of rhythm and its divine intent. The postmodern world is near that ‘Decadence’, which the poet describes in the last poem of this collection. The poet is in fact creating a mood to describe the fearless stance of the mind in the face of miseries and self-destruction, burning issues concerning human beings in the third millennium. What my own work (“Two Sizes less of Brain”, Caddan, 1999 and “Postmodern World”, Caddan 2001) sustains as ‘Social Poetry’ is nothing more than ‘Art’. Though critics have categorized this as ‘Critical Art’, they have failed to include its intention. Literature from this point of view has the sacred purpose of modifying the vile world. But how can we transform reality with the single weapon of our lyrics?

Murali’s poetry possesses the ability to of moving the heart and brain at the same time. Allegories, metaphors, choice of melodious words and constructions are used as literary edifices to seek refuge from the ugly characteristics of the age. Post-modernism has swallowed cultural meanings and covered literature with a cloudy gown of anti-aesthetic realism, but the poet refuses to shut his eyes to the poverty, hunger, violence and injustice surrounding him. He remains sensitive and profound, transporting our cognitive thoughts towards righteousness.

“Flakes” is organized in three parts: Life, Love and Loss.

The “Beggar Boy” appears in the first place of “Life” as a message (Poverty is a black hole in the heart of this age). Like a shark, biting our heart, with a valuable intention he writes:
“Can a pleasant scent erase.
This living portrait of disgrace”.

In “Godman (A devotee canvassing fervently!)” the author makes an overwhelming, admonitory announcement about the evil in this world.

“Flow free,
Join the spree.
The tormenting end
Is about to come”

Afterwards, the soft, tangible music of his poetry grows freshly in “The Window”, “Train Journey”, “In the Park” and other poems. The hypnotic rhythm of his poetry rocks us like babies. The surprising happiness of being alive, in the middle of “a valley of tears” gives the poetry of Murali a beautiful kind of spontaneity. Ideas float freely inside his river of thoughts, without fear.

In “Move Ahead” the poet encourages us to follow our lives
“Through paths that bend and unbend”.

In “Tales” he plays freely with words that reverberate and charms us with its splendor. We understand, at this very moment, what the author intends to convey through the title of the book. Words are little dwarfs in our minds; constructing and de-constructing every sentence, like snow flakes over a gray surface.

At the beginning of the second part we are powerless to escape from his passionate feelings and his lively power.

“Love” describes the sensuality and deepness of this young spirit who is in harmony with a universe inside our own souls. With a resplendent emphasis he enjoys life, love and the innocence of nature, in its all-enamoring purity.

“I detest the warm sun that caresses you”

But he never disappoints our critical view and he always includes a philosophical request.

“Where is the truth?
Where is the love?”

“Warrior and the Moon” is one of the best poems in the book. Here, the author uses an allegory. He describes two characters: the Warrior and the Moon, and their fantastic love story. There are two levels of interpretation: A literary message and a philosophical one. It is a major endeavor that showcases beautiful poetic language.

“Once again he boarded Santer.
But this once, in a fit of fury.
Reached atop in a flash,
His blind anger ready to slash”

The message underneath the poem is that violence never conducts us to happiness. Humanity is, just like the Warrior, in a continuous hurry, involved in a frenzied form of self-destruction. Abandoning this tendency will open its eyes to the value of life, love and spiritual ecstasy.

Far away from pessimism, we enter into the third part “Loss”. In an instant he introduces us to the fiercest monsters of mankind.

“Flying beasts that ate you all
Swallowed the peaceful globe”

A touch of dark humor is best shown in “The Fly that Dies”

When the poet writes “Decadence” he interprets this era from a peculiar point of view. It leaves the reader with a very visual and poignant feel of the state of the world and is ample evidence of the author’s impeccable control over the language.

“Another decade has passed,
Creating a blockade in millions of hearts
Its huge fins churning pools of blood,
The whale moves on its deadly quest”

Murali is definitely a brilliant poet, whose work stimulates our soul even as life nosedives uncontrollably, going faster and faster to embrace a cruel ending.
He is a courageous leader braving the abyss of postmodern times, just like ‘the Warrior’ who does not will to use any other weapon other than his own authenticity.

Maria Cristina Azcona.2002.


January 2006

1.- First prize in Prose

TAJ MAHAL by George Bradford Patterson

(To Bibhuti Yadav, Professor and Mrs. Tran Van Dinh, and Faridah Manaf)

The sun blazes over me and the golden rays diffuse into a panoply of streams suffusing rows of hedges - neatly trimmed and smiling at me - glittering, glittering, glittering flashes of emeralds.
Mango and papaya trees loom on both sides as the softness of the grass offsets the glaring sunlight and heat.
I stand for one moment amid the saturation of light and amble like an indigo angel to this monument of love.
I walk through the entrance and feel its stillness, so sublime. There is a serenity, an immense silence resonating from the white marble walls; and these walls vibrate with love pervading the entire chamber and imbuing me with their whiteness - an eternity of incandescence, flashes of little white candle lights , infusing me with quietude.
The angels of peace and love hover me , flying back and forth around me like white doves in infinite concentric circles of hues of auras, so dazzling. They whisper into my ears weeping purple melodies of love, and they caress me with their snow white wings. They shine at me with an infinity of whiteness as their rhythms - White Jasmines! White Jasmines! White Jasmines! - spiral around me into infinity.
Thick lights ripple through the room and beat upon me pillars of wisdom; and the winds sweep by me, blowing like a Himalayan breeze, dancing back and forth and around me like white ballerinas.

First prize in Poetry
CHANGE OF HEART by Bob Schweitzer
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Where does the blood go of those who die in vain?

Where does the blood go of warriors gone insane?

When will we learn that war is not the answer?

When will we learn to love one another?

Where does the love go when hate rages inside?

Where does the blood go when all the tears been cried?

When will we learn that anger's not the answer?

When will we learn to love one another?

And don't you think it's time to try to do it differently?

Don't you think it's time we do it peacefully?

Lo a new day's coming, I hope its coming fast.

I just don't know how long this crazy world can last.

Open up your hearts now as each new day begins.

Love one another and let the light shine in.

And don't you think it's time we try to do it differently?

Don't you think it's time we do it peacefully?
BILINGUAL MCA Poem of the week


By KADER Abdesslam
abdelkader abdesslam

Abdelkader Abdesslam: Born in HASSI BAH BAH; International poet awarded 5 times in Washington by ISP; published writer; teacher and responsible of the intensive foreign languages center at University of DJELFA ALGERIA.

a poem dedicated to Maria Cristina Azcona for her designation as Peace Ambassador in Universal Ambassador Peace Circle

Very proud of all that you have done.
Great honor !

Friend Maria’s nomination is done

All bilingual society, of you, are proud

Our friend’s name to history is bound.

You are the Asian white crane

Which Sadako Sasaki has seen

As a symbol of peace in human brain.

And a hate our dove Maria to clean.

From a long time

The World dreamt of Picasso’s dove

Now you gave her soul to move

And flies over every roof

Singing the eternal songs of peace and love.

We are honored!

We appreciate our Maria angel of peace

Your words are so warm as a love kiss

Your are a pearl never to miss.

Two thousand and Five a year

Of new angel to be seen alive.



Maria Cristina Azcona nominated as

Ambassador of Peace
in the framework of the Universal Ambassador Peace Circle.


dedicado a mis hermanos, los Poetas
Vicepresidente de IFLAC

y opta para cuando te detengas
el lado que ama la vida! ¡Su luz irradia!
Vivencia las voces del mundo, las voces de sus viudas,
las de los ecos que vienen de la historia del hombre, las de sus
las de los que ansían vivir sin el sordo dolor del hambre y su
Persecuciones y muertes por las guerras.
La permanente tortura...
Renace con lápices, perfumes de colores y notas musicales,
dibuja nuestra presencia intelectual y trata de ser aire
sin las partículas del mal y puro como debe ser
para respirar simple y comer en la tierra
y abolir las palabras que matan
¡Esas armas de violencia!
¡Opta ser semilla
y mi alma,


La fecha: junio 4, 2005 10:05 AM
Sujeto: Poema sobre el Crimen Horrendo de Educar a Jóvenes para
llegar a ser Hombres Bomba Suicidas

Ayer otra vez 3 jóvenes hombres bomba suicidas fueron atrapados
en Jerusalén, cuando ellos planeaban cometer un atentado

Bernard pregunta:

¿ "Cómo ayudamos nosotros a que las personas se den cuenta de que
entrenar a sus niños para ser hombres boma suicidas no es algo

Espero que quizás mi poema siguiente pueda ayudar un abrir poco los
ojos de potenciales futuros hombres bomba suicidas - si este
mensaje los alcanza

Pregunté a mi nieta de 14 años de edad esta misma pregunta , y ella
tuvo una sugerencia muy buena:

¡ "Las películas! ¡Hagan hermosas películas emocionantes en las que
el mensaje es que la vida es mejor que la muerte!"


Ada y Nitzan


Engañado suicida con el cerebro lavado
te mintieron cuando ellos te lavaron el cerebro
con suaves palabras asesinas
en sus estupendas lavadoras
de "shahid" donde ellos sólo lavan cerebros
jóvenes como el tuyo
con slogans apasionados
y con historias envenenadoras

Ellos mintieron cuando ellos te dijeron
- irás seguramente al cielo
¡ 72 vírgenes encantadoras te esperan -
cuando valientemente te explotes, y mates a muchos,
muchas personas inocentes - ellos mintieron!

¿Y nunca tuviste coraje para preguntarles:
"si eso es el caso, por qué no va Usted?"

Ada Aharoni


por Maria Cristina Azcona

Hoy está de moda estar de moda

Es el infierno moderno.

Las chicas se desviven por morirse de hambre

con sus piernas de alambre.

Se achica dos talles el cerebro del hombre

{algunos de renombre).

El amor se ha virtualizado.

La virtud de puntillas se ha marchado

Un chimpancé se mira en el espejo

y se pone colorado ante su propio reflejo

Sociedad que busca saciedades.

Soledad que esconde suciedades

Personajes mediáticos que duran lo que un lirio

Parejas que transan en la noche efímeros delirios.

En total desamparo los chicos de la calle

calladamente se desbandan como aves de paso.

El hombre calza nuevo número:

zapatilla del dos mil.

El progreso se acerca a un punto sin retorno.

Momento de pensar

sin miedo a la verdad.

Corregir un poco el rumbo de este mundo.

De vuelta a lo profundo.

Tal vez encuentre paz.



" Ya van dieciocho meses
que sufro hambre, pero cada
día parece una cosa nueva ".

" No me muero aunque me maten".
(Setiembre 1943 - Abril 1945)

Garras que aferran el estómago,
costillas que afloran . . . hambre,
ochocientas calorías
por hombre y por día,
sadismo, miedo,
ráfagas de vértigo
entre alambres de púas
ascendieron al cielo.

( En la oscuridad de las barracas
la música de un violin citó fantasmas
para ahuyentar la demencia
y abrazar hasta el carozo del alma )

arroyo engañador,
aguas que defraudan,
en Ramá se oyeron los gritos,
es Raquel que no quiere consolación . . .

Los mataron pero no murieron,
mil doscientos regresaron
de las fauces de la fiera
con la estrella de David en las ojeras.-

Pierde el sol su última ascua/
se aquieta el viaje del viento
y los pájaros suaves aletean /
los rebaños de corderos /
nubes del campo
regresan a los esteros/
el rocío moja lento
las silvestres moras /
el agua mansa
reza las horas.

Descenso del día / Serenidad /
En la garganta del silencio
se escucha un murmullo de oro
en armoniosa calma /
la voz de Dios habla
en la paz del mundo y del alma /


Comentario sobre los poemas de Francisco Gomes de Matos

Las estructuras poéticas provistas por Francisco Gomes de Matos
son originales porque ellas son aplicadas a la paz por la poesía. La
creación reside en la intención de estas estructuras que se dedican a
movilizar al lector hacia la transformación de su mente de una manera
positiva. Esta transformación es provocada por el estímulo que el
poeta hace sobre su actitud delante del mundo. El lector se siente
entusiasmado y alentado a dedicar sus esfuerzos a buscar los valores
abstractos como la Justicia, la Serenidad, la Libertad, eso es
relacionado a la Paz. Entonces, la él/ella necesita desarrollar un
pensamiento creativo, y una velocidad de pensamiento que ahora lo
obligan a expresarlos en muchas palabras diferentes que
tristemente, están fuera de uso: la compasión, la humanidad etcétera.

El lector es invitado a producir palabras, para expresar estos
ideales y para comunicárnoslos a nosotros.

Esta comunicación produce la paz en él mismo en una manera inmediata
y muy exacta. Los lectores, ahora transformado en escritores,
comparten entre ellos el concepto de la paz que se esconde en la
correlación de esas abstracciones.

Los seres humanos no estamos acostumbrados a intercambiar esta clase
de comunicación, en un nivel más alto del pensar

El nos hace poner nuestra mente en los techos de sus posibilidades,
donde la comunicación fluye a pesar de las diferencias de la
religión o raza.

La paz es posible sólo cuando somos capaces de viajar a nuestro mundo
interior ,profundo, y entonces, desde allí, compartimos este mundo
interior con el mundo interior del otro, nuestro hermano.

2.- Las aliteraciones son un instrumento fantástico de creación de
estructuras poéticas que se entenderá ,será asimilado fácilmente por
la mente del lector. Tengo muchos poemas, especialmente ecologicos,
donde las aliteraciones son la base de las rimas internas.

La ecología es también un tema relacionado a la paz porque destaca la
importancia de la vida en la Tierra.



El ruido (por Maria Cristina Azcona)

tus oídos, tus ideas
tus palabras, tu interior sereno,
tu canción, tus emociones,
tu mirada, tu ilusión,
tu quietud, tu entonación,
tu buen gusto, tu lectura,
tu atención, tu estupefacción,
tu solicitud, tu entumecimiento,
tu actitud,tu prontitud,tu quietud,
tu juventud, tu temprana senectud,

te extrapola tu quietud, te trepana tu quietud,
te traiciona, te retrae, te violenta,
te trastoca,te viola, te taladra,
te limita, te lima,te elimina,
tu, tu, tu, tu, tu
tu, tu ,tu.


LIST OF PEACE AMBASSADORS (featuring Maurice Bejart, Ada Aharoni, Maria Cristina Azcona and more))

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