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The "Whenever Newsletter" containing the wit and wisdom of LDS author Susan Law Corpany is put out several times a year, but not on any set schedule. You will find the stories behind the stories, excerpts from works in progress, humorous insights, ideas for how to avoid doing housework. In other words--whatever and whenever. (Just a touch of rebellion.) Subscription is free and free from the contraint of a publishing schedule, because after all, writers are under enough deadlines. Enjoy!

Newsletter Dated: 9/10/2005 4:24:36 AM


featuring the wit and wisdom of Susan Law Corpany

You are receiving this newsletter because I got your address from something connected with my writing. If you would prefer not to receive the newsletter, please send me an e-mail at or use the unsubscribe information provided. Of course, personally I think this issue is worth it just for the new word I invented. If you know someone else that would like to receive the newsletter, send me that information as well. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think will be interested.

I am the author of four LDS novels--Brotherly Love, Unfinished Business, Push On and Are We There Yet? Marketingwise I am at a disadvantage because I live in Hawaii (not that I'm complaining) and so I am hopeful this newsletter will help keep bookstores and readers abreast of my works in progress and aware of my books already published.

As you can surmise by the name, I publish this whenever I want and for that matter, fill it with whatever I want. I will try to make it interesting and humorous, full of insights, anecdotes and probably a few of my trademark run-on sentences. If you own or work at a bookstore, I hope it will inspire you to pick up one of my books and read it and perhaps move it from the bottom shelf and give me some visibility in your store. (Carry all four books. Put the covers out.)

If you are a reader, thank you in advance for the best promotion an author gets--word-of-mouth advertising. To all of you who have introduced new people to my writing by passing along a book, tell your friends to stop being such cheapskates and go buy their own copy, because you know they'll never return the one you've loaned them. Oh, and thank you.


Sinnergy - when a bunch of young people get together and commit misdeeds they never would have come up with on their own


Now that I have completed the Unfinished Business series, I have various people who are waiting for my works in progress. Like the woman who continued to build onto The Winchester House in San Jose, I subscribe to the notion that as long as I have an unfinished book in progress, God will leave me here to finish my work. Of course, I could slip on the soap in the shower tomorrow and have lots of people upset at me for five chapters here and eight chapters there, especially since most of them are not in sequence. If that happens, perhaps someone can put together a volume entitled, "The Unfinished Business of the author of Unfinished Business." In the meantime, I know there are many of you waiting patiently (except Amy Crosby) for books I gave teasers on at the end of other books. (Notice I have stopped doing this in recent publications.) I now only give teasers at the end of my books for works that are finished and available--only one of many mistakes I have learned from in my foray into the world of publishing.

I will give teasers in my newsletter, however, and what I am looking for is a handful of people who would be willing, once or twice a month to send me an e-mail asking about my progress on a specific book. These people will then be rewarded for their nagging with an excerpt from what I have written recently in that work. The more nag notes I get for a certain book, the more I will work on that book. So pick your favorite work-in-progress and start nagging. And yes, Amy, I know I could have cranked out a couple of chapters on the laptop computer during my husband's surgery.



Set at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, this is the story of a girl who is "one of the guys." When she falls for her Family Home Evening "brother" Steve, he neglects to tell her he is supposed to be waiting for his high school sweetheart to return home from a mission so they can be married. Steve plays both ends against the middle in this "romance gone wrong" story.

Beverly and her husband have just had a new baby and all is right with the world, until he is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Struggling to remake her life, she eventually reenters the singles scene and runs into Steve, her old college boyfriend. Steve is divorced and fighting for custody of his three daughters. Beverly is still grieving. As they begin to try to make a future together they realize that neither of them is done with their unfinished business.

Beverly finds herself in a position of having to choose between two very good but different widowers she has been dating. She remarries and becomes a stepmother of a teen-age son and young adult daughter. She struggles to maintain her own identify in the shadow of her husband's late wife.

The stepfamily adjustments continue. They have decided it is time to add a child of their own before Beverly gets any older. Unable to conceive, eventually they turn to fertility drugs and get more than they bargained for. This book is populated with lots of interesting subplots and characters you won't soon forget.


Please let me know if you are having trouble finding these at your local LDS bookstore. If they are not carrying all the books in the series, they should be able to order them through our distributor, Granite Publishing and Distribution.


Autographed copies are always available from the publisher. E-mail me at or the publsiher at


I am offering a free copy of the first edition (green cover) of Unfinished Business to anyone who sends me an e-mail requesting it. It has been reprinted with a new cover to match the others in the series and therefore we are using the first edition copies as marketing copies. We would like to get them in the hands of as many readers as possible to acquaint them with my writing. Please tell your friends. We'll even pay the postage. Can't beat that!



Five divorced ladies from the same stake have formed an informal support group. From victims to victimizers, these ladies run the gamut, and this book shows the many faces of divorce. It is about one-quarter of the way done. (I need some serious nagging on this one.)

This is the parallel struggle of a mother's battle with pride as her teen-age daughter battles cancer. Thrown into financial turmoil, Toni has never struggled to make ends meet and this tragedy does not always bring out the best in her. At the heart of it all is a homely old dog her daughter rescues from the pound because no one else would love him and he teaches Toni an important lesson about inner beauty. This one is also about one-quarter finished.

This book chronicles the challenges faced when a never-married 40-something driven businesswoman marries a widowed General Authority who is used to a very different sort of wife. One very funny chapter written.

This is the one I've got the most people waiting for. Karen Donaldson is an LDS grocery store clerk who buys a lottery ticket in a moment of weakness and WINS! Her bishop, who is also an attorney, is trying to help her handle her newfound wealth, and she manages to turn his life upside down at every turn. This one is about one-third of the way written.

A humorous yet insightful look at the unnecessary way we burden ourselves with stuff from the past. Four chapters done.

Inspired by recent active hurricane seasons, this is the story of Palm Beach real estate developer and billionaire Keith Hague. When a hurricane hits Palm Beach, he is left to face the results his choices have had in his life and on his family and begins work on his most difficult construction project--changing himself. Almost finished.



"The name is Irving. My friends called me 'Irv.' You knew me. I went to Ingraham High with you. Moved to Washington from Tennessee when I was eight. The kids used to tease me because they said I talked slow and funny."
"Called you? What do they call you now?" And why would I care? This guy's up to no good, just appearing out of the blue like that. Probably a looter looking for an easy haul. How'd he get in here when they gave me the third degree. "How'd you get in here, anyway." He surveyed the worn blue jeans and the calloused hands. "Pardon my saying so, but you don*t look like you live in Palm Beach, and I know most of the people around here pretty well."
"I've been here for a few hours, but I just materialized."
"Say what?"
"Do you believe in angels, Keith? It's important that you believe in me or I can*t help you."
"Okay, sure. You're going to help me?"
"I know where your family is."
Keith turned and grabbed him by the shirt collar. "I don*t know who you are or why you're toying with me, but if you know anything, you*d better cough it up!"
Irving talked calmly and slowly, even though Keith was anything but calm. "The rescue dogs were here earlier, and they didn*t find anyone in your home." Keith let go of his shirt collar. Irving continued, "Remarkable animals they are, so gentle, and you can see their intelligence in their eyes. And when they find someone, they don't yowl and paw. One short bark and then they lie down respectfully near the spot. They found a couple of surfers who took refuge in one of the beach houses along here, but there wasn't a trace of Miranda and the children."
"How do you know her name?"
"Oh everyone here knows your family, Keith. There was plenty of news coverage of the search today, but I guess you missed it because of your flight."
"Okay, now you*re creeping me out. Nobody knew I was flying today. It was a last-minute deal."
"Keith, do you remember the kid you pulled out of the lily pads in Haller Lake?"
"What the . . .?"
"That was me. Because you did that for me, I was able to live out the rest of my life, accomplish my purposes here on earth. I wrote in your yearbook, that someday I would find a way to repay you?"
"Nobody could know about that, nobody but . . ." He stopped. "Okay, I'm going to try to believe, only because I'll die if I don*t find out about Miranda and Elise and Rich."


Next month I finish my research by going to the place Keith and Miranda spent their tenth wedding anniversary and the site of the filming of the movie that started it all for them--the Grand Hotel on Macinac Island, Michigan for their annual Somewhere in Time Weekend. My goal is to have the last few chapters finished by then.

I am attempting with this book to write something for a mainstream and not solely LDS audience. I wanted to write something positive to values of home and family without limiting my audience to LDS members. It has turned into something between "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Touched By an Angel."


It is past my bedtime. Signing off until next time.



Hagoth Publishing Company, Hilo, Hawaii

Susan Law Corpany

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