From the corner of my eye
I could see him: sleek, black hair,
Alert, intelligent eyes,
Watching my every reaction,
Wearing a teal Jaguars jersey,
Seated in a state-of-the-art wheelchair,
Was a stump of a man; no legs, no arms.
An ingenious gizmo was
Fashioned such that he can maneuver
The wheelchair with his chin.
Suddenly feeling guilty of my
Whole, healthy body
I averted my eyes and moved past him
To join the crowd entering the stadium.
Season opening game
Then, as I moved, I noticed the others
Tired, young women, with dull eyes
Were wheeling them in wheelchairs.
I know they are our heroes,
I know they fought for our liberties so I don't have to,
I know that minds brighter than mine
Know exactly why this war is necessary,
But in my simple mind
There was only one question: "Why?"

Rea-Silvia Costin