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Marvin Eli Kirsh

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The radiating lines

a shadowed the pines

     known for their cool by the north

and unknown for their knowing

in the south 

who saw only curves

illuminated their fields

    and their laying

       ignited their saying

          came right from their own heads

                 unknowingly back to the corns they sewed

                   so meticulously from their accrued wisdoms

Their fields

  unfamiliar with the crafts and penmanship’s

      endowed from the winds

          to those voted citizens

north south east and west come to know

what is best  consumed best

of the lines mark the curves

  of the fertilely cooled and easterly lighted  


         Held plain by the south

            and relieving of the strains

             of   the striving southerners;

                  had no means unravel the mysteries

                     of the  frivolous happenstances

                          served them of nature.



   the time piece maker of the northerners

       one of the wealthiest inhabitants

;          viewed also as possessing a final say

              in philosophical natures

     reveled privately with his position

         to ask no one but himself

            of those questions for which he knew no one was possessed  

                of  answers.              

      though he felt the world was open in this respect

       maintained his silence sufficiently

             to endorse silently those things

                      those things of vague content

                     and high curiosity

                      became so deliberately unspoken of

                          they became known commonly   

                              but possessing no content

                                  in name

                       had bolstered the confidences of all

         in their understanding of things

Their eyes warmly mating tangibly within encounters

     meeting together containing  that which did not tangibly exist 

but the heart  of a vast openness of each to each other

and to the vast world  now defined and filled with themselves  

and a subsequently filled curiosity sensed with a certainty that they were invulnerable  

 impregnable  to the unknown     

       within the cooled fields and lighted paths

          shadowed them throughout their lives.


Ottomore, surer minded than the rest 

      as he himself had confidence 

      that at least he knew this secret situation well 

        had become at least a reassuring pillar

           for any doubts arise  to the nature of life

                and their places amidst the elements.

Though Ottomore himself, a skilled and educated maker and craftsman                

     had, in reality no additional senses to add the

           penetrating uncertainties  of existence

only his skill, title, and vacuous confidences

           that shone on the faces of his encounters. 

                 He had never traveled to the South

                    hailed as a bastion of human wisdom

                         that the fields prospered

                            from a knowing wind generated from the pens and mouths of the more than humbly awed to the nature of things,

southerners.  When he rose on those days, endeavoring to travel,

his libidos assumed  more than his  energies could

     craft his excursions from his happily fitted bed 

       to venture very far.


Laying at the juncture of the northern climates

    in the straightly lineated shadows          

      marking the

border of the south and its' northern wife, stand a small prosperous community

     of  natives whose chief occupations

       consumed of neither the straight delineations of the sun rested on the lands nor the curved rays transcended from the obtuse angles of the southern plains, possessed a school of meteorology that they had landed and constructed in sharply contrasted rises born of the awkward encounter of the north and south.  The inhabitants of this land of  currents and contest found their energies not in the knowledge’s of the Southern fields,  nor in the  sanctuaries of time of the North, but  in the actualities of the unpredictable and unknowable natural behaviors juncture the most improbable of natural neighbors, border sharing antithesis’s of paradox and change , to mount for their comforts energy yielding meteorological industries born of the entropies of confrontation, that one with its jurisdictions possessed no senses but of the uplifting airs of wonder at nature in confrontation....the cool contented North and the spiritually knowing and confident South. 

    That this strange meeting of two nearly indistinguishable nations, one possessed of lines and the other of curves seens as lines  should produce other than a stale air, but a charged vibrant and unpredictable energy was not only a puzzle, but an amazement,   In ultimate perspective- curves not visible, unknown to exist  from the northern end, lines from the south, neither  present in whole view, nor any of the curiosities of Ottomore but he himself and an assortment of timepieces he crafted, nor any of the great book of wisdoms of the peoples of the south but the paper and ink of their books and the fertile fields that provided their nourishment.  The native town at the border of the simple appearing extremities whose chief industry, founded on the energies of nature, was an international monetary boon, kept warm, or should I say, cool, the entire of the globe  and its' rising 'global temperatures bore to witness, measured  from deep space probes, as earthly measurements were not trusted anywhere at all.

   Ottomore, in the construction of his time keeping pieces,  had occasion to visit the border area for technical. and marketing  advise, though he never traveled to the south.    It was here that Ottomore, encountered Klelitities, an environmental engineer with a similar background as himself, a college graduate and mechanical craftsman, with whom he was able to  confide his estimations of the state, the time of day, of night , least of which  the temperatures and elements made the currents and cycles of the weathers modulated the lives of, most importantly, but not exclusively, the North from which he had originated, least the South, just a plain flat plot of land to him, a closed system, solar system with life, resided right next door but beyond his reflections and active curiosities which he had unawaredly narrowed in witness to his political position as state philosopher, an invisible  censorship that had grown tangentially in the heavy-made-light air of mutual consent with respect to public inquiries and actual knowledges of the real state and functioning, symbiosis, of the self  and the natural elements.

 Keleities, had come to know Ottomore  occasionally as a personal consultant for his well being, delivered from within the state of censorship Ottomore  had unknowingly imposed, some of the most enchanting impressions as a light air that paralleled  the natural experiences of life in the border city yet reflected something diffferent in his eyes, a plain flat knowing, that contrasted starkly the unique experiences lended to life in the charged air and unexplainable exhilaration, never outgrown,    born at  the meeting of the  flat earth at the border with a wind not knowing its' own beginning and actual direction, as it existed in always less than a stale state in the border state, that if one were to call it a colony one might not find a reference population world  wide suitable to claim it as a parent or founder place. Klelities found Ottomore a delightful and anticipated visitor , not necessarily perplexing or perplexed, but one possessed  with a strength   of character that even the  stark emptiness’s of space might seem petty and insignificant in contrast to the stature of any single man embodied in the fully appearing palate, if not wealth and always calm presence of Ottomore , though in actuality it was only his self constructed time pieces that he was sure of, Kleltities only his mechanical engineering, renditions of nature fitted of the wishes and needs of man according to the learning of the schools of mechanics, and Ottomore.  

     In the border city housing Klelities , whose name I shall now reveal, as to my experience the folds of history have become seriously distorted in understanding from a scholarly but plainly given list of facts, events, and in advance of the timelines of their histories...I shall  reveal now as Belfry the Second. In Belfry were the most advanced and cunning of structured fields and engineered places, though the land itself was plain without rises and maintained that way so not only was there no point of higher perspective, towers or high structures, none was need as the land was flat and easily  surveyed with the naked eye for as long as the horizon supported it..   

Belfry had actually gotten its' name after Belfry Jedson, an air conditioning mechanic  from the South who had engineered a method to keep the indoor temperatures of the houses and homes, neatly lined along its'  only water source, the CanMan river,  in cool without employing the electric facilities of the generators placed along CanMans currents emptied several states below into the ocean.  Jedson had observed the unusual anomaly   happening along the desert and undeveloped fields beyond the central halls of the southern townships at the strange juncture of the mountainous walls heated by the sun from the east and the irregular shadow cast over a small range to the west, a border at which heat convections created not only a small breeze at noon hours,  from an unusually produced turning aligned at those same times, he was never able to explain fully, that  acted not only like a natural fan but somehow intersected at the same  joint simultaneously in some distinct temporal fashion, where the moistures generated from between  the bright sun and cool shadows cast by the mountains were carried  over at some necessary distance and velocity that no other sequence or combination could have the same effect.  and somehow stayed until late morning, the cool vapors of the convections rising at the junctures of shadow and shade laying just beyond the mountains up until noon time...producing in whole with a delay ,not only a natural air conditioning over a very small set of the lands rise, but appearing to give rise to a small and distinct living flora occupying a vary small fraction of the total land area and appearing to be so stably existing, but a hardly noticeable oasis  of, not different occupants from the rest of the area, but cooler, living and accommodated to lower temperatures, did their foraging, hunting  and birthing, intercourses at a different hour, a cooler hour of the day than the rest than the rest of the beasts occupying the south, or the north of that matter. .  From this serendipity Jedson had devised a way  to capture the cool flows at the edges and surfaces of CanMan   evaporated into a small air foil he arranged to divert to collect at a site adjacent to the towns edge, at which, hours later, the same rising sun had originally given momentum for their rises, caused the same cooled air flow from the CanMan pass through each of the towns dwellings at the highest sun, noon  times.  Though it remains so secret that I find it hard to discuss amidst all of the freely and openly passed along wisdoms of nature and writing owned by the south population,   the living habits and behaviors of southern citizens had also assumed a new and invisible trait that in actuality made it very distinct from the rest of the worlds peoples in that all of its industries as well as all of  its' intercourses and conceptions occurred at certain hours after sun rise and before noon as simple habit taken to custom,   in the plain looking region of plains, that if one were to investigate the peoples there he could hardly notice this phenomenon , yet to find explanation, as Jedsons  knowledge of the thermodynamics and the construction of airconditioners was no different anyone elses, inside cool offices or outside in the desert. That, in order for Jedson to say, he could not only refer to his science and mechanical knowledge  he would have to refer his observation of the strange  oasis in the mountain shadow together with his engineering construction which he knew bore some strange connection with his science knowledge itself but was itself in motion in contrast to his, or any ones perceptions of science fact, considered stabile entities such that now appeared to be rule, everywhere else an exception that this was not his conception but conception itself meant to be private that one might not feel to speak of an invisible difference between species and populations  that depending only on a time of day, of intercourse, sacred conception. Jedsons' own existence seemed to be demonstrated no different to him, or the sciences he knew also,  he had replanted what he had seen, that if a picture might reflect a thousand words, being in Belfry did also reflect the self, not just Jedsons motions,  the longer one experienced it working, whether man made, natural or both. Belfry was a process, not a place and had to be experienced as any great work or legend,   was not about to be about a man, but about any man.   Jedson, did not say, could not what he had authored, authored what  already existed, but what already existed universally and was contested only by ubiquitously appearing deceiving exception  to the natural rule of the universe itself, in doing so not only violating the privacy of the town itself, his own, but would be knowingly  creating a hypocrisy of himself, of any man of any name, making hypocrisy  a rule of everywhere rather than exception.

   The history of Belfry possesses also other mysteries. At the time  of its' naming it was not  considered that another  place existed also called Belfry,very distant,  could possibly be confused with their little town until the world had expanded to men that they could come to an intersection of multiple names, and named Belfry the Second.  As it also was apparent that Belfry had no tower, towers at all, such as Belfry Tower  the original Belfry was known for, it was secondarily important to them to distinguish the two cities, as the absence of to wers in Belfry was not only a feature of their, town,   but a necessity they had discovered very early on that any elevated structures  they constructed  caused a terrible change  to the orders of life in the town, not only to make invisible the cities topography as it was visible from anywhere, but to make invisible  them selves to one another to be placed individually in some other setting ,seemingly as if to put to mourning, as they knew it,  their community itself to be some other place.  Not that their hadnt been argument over the topic over the years, but it was discovered that elevated obstructions to the lines of sight  also effected environmental, cosmological changes to their industries as if the fertile climate itself was dependant on a flatness that simultaneously made them visible, exposed, exposed to one another, but also hid, covered and protected them from a naked cosmos that extended   not only one end of the town to the other but across the vastness of the cosmos, of life itself.  They did not settle to be called Belfry, know as place of towers, but Belfry Two, as Jedson Belfry Town of the world, Belfry the Second, a place of worldly view without towers.    


      Now it so happens as, either  Ottomore or Kletities were engineers, at least studied is science and geometry that an applicable and obvious fact to the situation of the South, North and Belfry is the triangle, the three sided geometrical figure, a ubiquitous entity since the first contemplations of life, land and people.  Oddly, Ottomore, and keletities compose only two sides of a figure that has three faces I use  'oddly' in description,, since nthe third face of this described situation does not involve a third known party, but a Town named after a person and its' history  so that in gross perspective there are three physical places, two present personalities  three unique social phenomenon that relate persons to he land, and an extraneous phenomenon that relates the land and a past person, as Jedson Belfry was no longer present, deceased,  and a land related to the land.  In the sciences of geometry and congruencies this situation might not  only escape the perceptions of Ottomore   and Kletities as two sides of this geometrical threesome have names and  numbers, land areas to associate with them and the third arrives with only the nominations of a town name and the dimensions of a town, that nether of the engineers was likely to form, according to their conventions and study, logical question or mental associations commensurate with the strange and unusual, compared to the rest of the world and its' living peoples,  of the very distinct and unusual flavor4s of life, experience of lands so closely united physically yet discontinuous  that ordinary continuities as a necessity for human endeavors, seem to breathe not in the minds of the people, but in the land itself  as if the universal force of gravity were the continuous part  of triangle composed of in its two other faces the continuous units of Ottomore, the North, the present wisdoms of the South, and Klelities, Belfry the Second: Three faces of three measures, two each of  names and places a third 9f a  grave and a force of gravity that bore witness to unspoken worldly motions embodied with in the strange atmosphere and strangely evolved culture  of Belfry such that it had come to be or  simply was  that Belfry as third in a set of angles to form a completeness, especially in the mind of engineers, was in a sense, took its meaning as 'self', so that the paradoxes of triangles and their mathematics  with three faces bore to their abstractions  men, land and places,  the earth, civilization  asan ever present passively present, continuous life itself -the necessity for all life, the meetings and meeting surfaces of people, history, and places , as well as  for the mathematics describe the angles, contours  ,and elevations of land   sea, and the surrounding cosmos.   At these mental departures from the customary habitual logics that arise to the eye of all surveyors , filling its spaces,  in the intercourses of Ottomore and Klelities , at the meeting of the North and South, the North  and South with Belfry, was motion and change that was embodied into all discourses, intercourse’s  life and living experiences, children of the past, of the grave of Belfry , of Jedson Belfry as all men were of the Earth, such that what I describe of the mind and relations of the North, South, Belfry the Second, possess an unnoticeable, nearly undetectable void of the type so profusely spoken against in the earliest thoughts of mankind, yet later became renewed with qualifications so as not to dispute it's actual absence though as justification itself of something absent as a real component to what is present that, in total, (so) change  to what is could not exist.   At this level all the lands and the void of Belfry did exist and went perfectly unnoticed.    

     What could transpire in the associations of men, in their witnesses and intercourses  within all of their meaning and interchanges and teaching if within the parts and wholes of the volumes persons are able to reference, capable to refer, their were to their possession a deficiency  of also referenceable content as a void-yet a concealed void only by virtue  of a synergy of plainly dividable parts if they were present together on any occasion for the witness at some time by a whole observer?   Those motions  of nature, of god?,  that seems always to eclipse some parts of a whole perspective without existing exception, becoming a matter of worship involving neither dark nor light, but motion as if it were breath, life, become and remain,  not symbols of life, but sacred life itself as a whole, not realized, to yet possess further divisions themselves of which at least one part, always, possessed the same universal life and breath as ordinarily perceived to existence,  lest there were to be a styming obstruction to exist everywhere to the modulations of volumes from which meaning is construe d, transmitted physically and propagated  temporarily. It would be a direct contradiction to call the the residents of the lands of Belfry either un whole, dishonest, insincere, or other wise hypocritical to belief, as these virtues existed solely as  a rudiment component to all of their hours and days, even regarded higher in priority, beyond the regular  principles assumed by the  citizens of other places.  Belfry had an elevated  height above the  land, but its' actual magnitude remained unknown and unsuspected to be other than what it was construe d to be.  ne might also argue, in this light of question, as to whether a synergy of parts can be judged according to its'  ultimate magnitude as either greater or lesser than but only different in comparisons, though the exact same ruler may measure either from the either the eye or the heart  if it is impossible that see differently.  It is thus an that an uncorrupted unusually broad openness existing in Belfry was in actuality an physical rather than spiritual extension the heart  whose units of dimension bore other names than of the ordinary inches, feet and miles suitable for even relative comparisons, though it could be construe d to be lesser than ordinary in breadth to a distant witness, how ever any or all real witness  was only possible to occur by the laws of nature in a proximal way and  impossible by any other means of witness, such that the breath and volume of those of the lands  and people of Belfry the Second was always secret by virtue of the laws of nature and might be known intuitively from the products  its' growths and changes as only the fertile components of a void, here unknown to be different from its'    whole,,  might yield  a harvest to measure.

   The industries of Belfry the Second went on and on and on as the winds seemed never to stop blowing across the flat horizon. One may had assumed all life there  to be a circle, having, as it only point of identifying reference, only the self and the tangible sense  of ones feet planted on the land. life and death always continued as the same circle on and on, ones feet upon the earth only a reference point of one to the next living experience that all became held in the same relations as a circle to the land, to the plains, a circle to a plane so neatly and easiy ordered cognitively, the secrets of time and life buried in the land and shared community experiences that even the most naive  witnesses to the life and industries of Belfry made for ready self assimilation, denovo as engineers and mathematicians themselves, the simply comprehendible geometry of a circle, as a circumference with a fixed center radius might almost had formed in exact engineering language, birthed immaculately from the mouths on moderate exposure to the people in the moderate climate of the  town.  Reality for the more pensive had no more stable  reference and least potential philosophical contest as the presence of nature and mathematics united themselves to the senses as one walked and engaged the lands and people.   There was nothing abnormal, unexplainable that required explanation, lest anything everywhere could be categorized as abnormal making unreality a norm-one woud have to deny the apriori assumption of his own existence not to be completely satiated emotionally and intellectually and at  this same moment prove his own existence, that even gravity and the physical laws became not only given with existence, but as easily understandable as the mathematics of a circle to common life.   

    The residents of Belfry the Second, of Belfry Valley, I shall now call it, though it was basically flat like a plane that a geometer would construe more to fit the definition of a plane than a round figure...the residents of Belfry Valley, to include also the North and South, did not engage the rest of the world as dramatically as for instance  a Londoner might seek his vacation in France or the Caribbean . They were home bodies, a population of home bodies that I do not want also to give one the impression that Belfry was isolated, special, or  fictitious, but a regular aware and modern place, a place of home bodies whose construe d diversities of the world might not had been taken as so unusual by anyone of chance or willed encounter, another, yet distinctive  place on the earth in a general, even life enduring accounting in which totals can never, within any human capacities, be given statistics or numbers  but names with vital statistics, viabilities, family histories that are evenly contrasted in exact correspondences with those of any place, even a parallel pace, if it were to exist, of such breezy air foils and strange living habits centered around noon day that gifts for barter  with other societies reflected its' excesses as naturally as those of all human economic transactions.  

   Already seeded in the middle region and outlying regions of Belfry Valley  were scholarly centers, industries, houses and educational facilities that were plainly ripe  for the investment of skills and monetary from the rest of the world.   Of those who found residence in Befry Valley their most notable experiences were  to be of the great exhilaration provided the senses, an uplifting air, relaxing temperature, mellow disposition provided by nature that anyone who to assess world problems in whole view from a personal perspective could afford to diagnose, from life experience  in the temperate air, that the moods and inclinations with respect to the insitu compatibilities with nature of all peoples in any environments to be  the only obstacles to world harmony, contentment and continuance, and might instinctively seek to make it marketable for other peoples.     Thus an air conditioning industry became created in the town of Belfry not only as an economic unit  but with collaborations and extensions throughout the intellectual sectors of not only Belfry the Second, the North, the South, the Whole Belfry Valley,  but all those corresponding endeavors and institutions existing world wide.  And Belfry had gained a status amidst all travelers, investors, the informed,  educated and even less aware,  not so fortunate unworldly indigents, as a 'cool' place, though this  description also needs more qualification so that one might also keep in his mind a good perspective of total and real meaning so that his  personal  conceptions do not become as flatten as the flat actual appearance of the plains in the Valley of Belfry, i.e.- to lose definition and sight of Belfry in whole, to  have it disappear from view, as Belfry was too  notable and unique to lose sight of, and some how in the same instance   those concepts  that span human experience from high to low , from mans' assembled  laws describing the motions of nature to  the irregular fluctuations of the random blowing of the wind.

    If one were to refer to Belfry as a 'cool' place  within the borders of its country and cities, using any type of language it would primarily mean that Belfry had a temperate climate that was cool.  If one were to try to explain to the indigenous persons occupying Belfry a new meaning for the word "cool" a slang, they might be met with only understanding smiles included with  hospitalities and open minds, as the coolness of Belfry was slang itself to have no different vocabulary meaning to them from what one might mean  in saying that the Pacific ocean was both pacifying and less violent than the Straits of Magellan, it was " a "cool" place as easily as might construe  a land called 'Freeland' to be free, the word "Free" synonymous with the word 'free' regardless of where one stood.  A person from Belfry hearing the word "cool" in another place would not only assume that it meant not hot, but was like the sense of being uplifted in Belfry.  No man had or could have a means but to speak to the land. From this perspective explanations and interpretations had no basis for existence or need for labored argument as all men come to know that truth when they are presented with it. It thus not only did not require the adoption of new customs to mediate international communications involving Belfry, but all parts of the world proceed in a good accord and harmony, in a regular and normal way  regardless of  the presence of absence of foreign diversities, -the slogan 'out of sight out of mind' might had become a symbol of anticipated joy as Belfrians  themselves  were not only "cool".  they sold air conditioners, any different or new meaning to the word had become inappropriate to meaning itself  as one always delights in real objects  when he employs slang, not that Belfrians  themselves were so easily associated   with slang, the immoral, they were without explanation, or possible self explanation of this fact,  were the opposite, moral regardless of their walk of life, any Belfrian  was always on the flat and cool plaln  that was engineered honestly without dissent from mother nature by Jedson Belfry.

      Those who came to visit Belfry the Second, either from the North or South, or from the distant lands found nothing unusual in the atmosphere there, a place of history as was their own  that if it had been rested on a tilt it would had been a part of its' history as level works only where the user uses it, and morality, either a matter of popular consent or a matter of nature was always the same matter  of history. as a prerequisite to the present. I myself cannot proclaim anything exceptional about Belfry either as I am not familiar with the histories of other lands and am forced by the ubiquitous laws entailed by and from the possession of  history to restrict my descriptions to Belfry. as it would be dishonest to adopt any other name to my descriptions but Belfry.   With respect to this matter I do want to point out that it would be statistically if not mathematically unreasonable to state that belfry was not odd- as an example all lands would not be competent to describe the whole surface of the planet with a summation of land areas if more than one was off the level, a round earth has maximum of area by the laws of geometry for spheres and a flat in multiple  particulars would ;leave suffering for explanation of a round earth. It is for this reason .that I am able to make a lesson of my experience in Belfry. Second to this it might be plausible to conceive of the situation where my lesson is old but I do not believe this to be so as the flat and winded and cool plains of Belfry are unique to the world by virtue of the special arrangement of nature elements literally grown through, as the quality of animos though the animal, the citizens of Belfry more of hybrids of the innert non molile earth and human sociology are hardly seen as alien, progenerated by only the same generations yield hybrids anywhere. Ottomore, Kleotities, Jedson belfry, all of their social and biological products added up to the same meetings and intercourses as the dogs and cats and men and woman known to biologists and sociologists or especially  philosophers should those described students of the sciences find a  dissident nature grown to the ordinary containments applied  by nature.  They though had within their relations a common  secret , as do all men and woman, even scholars that those interchanges one is universally endowed with  the likenesses of one to another as they generate at least a minimal intraspecies respect for their mutual existences, man and secret, secret and man contained together to form their wholes of motion endowed discourses structurally maintained by the dirt, earth or ground no matter how dirtier one was with respect to the other as it is only the ashes of life the reproduce.     

    . Things proceeded as usual without attention in the ordinary businesses of Belfry.  The University was famed for its' insights of nature, its' stores and businesses flourished, supported by the earth and people, whether by means of foreign barter or local vending, manufacturing, or homemade occupations, Belfrians also conducted their most important social times at the lunch hour as they had for nearly all of its history since Jedson had invented a way to employ the unusual geology .to  cool the very hot residences at noon hour more efficiently and naturally at  noon hour.  It might not only be said that odd is odd, as one cannot have odd numbers without even, but if a basket of even number is known, so is a basket of even numbers with one odd,  if a spade is a spade, all spades are neither breathing in this universe or not if one has no breath.  Thus it is not only not unexpected that the oddity of a land such as Belfry was totally concealed but that it would had been naturally illegal for it to have been otherwise, as men have no secret that is not  both a secret to to themselves and nature the  parent of all men but ,all men are not the progeny of all men and thus  a hand always shows on the round, round earth whether it gambles or not. A dark horse, earns his meals the same as white night, a crooked gambler, grave maker, or killer, goes in his mouth and out his ass, where, it absence in the balances of nature cannot be concealed.  









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The Crowded World of Solitude, volume 2, the collected poems by Albert Russo

PEDESTAL MAGAZINE: It is one of that rarest of books, one which seems to contain a hearty cross-section of the writer’s output over the past several years,its themes are j..  
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