To "two old crows" who lived down the road!

Here in the country we have kinfolk near,
They live down the road and bring us good cheer
We laugh and we cry and fuss alot, too,
But those are just things that all kinfolk do!

Uncle Leghmon,Aunt Dot, they're quite a pair
They've been thru alot but love is still there
2 girls and 3 boys they raised thru hard times
Now these try to make their life more sublime!

My unc lost a leg which caused lots of strife
A boar hog with tusks almost took his life-
He lost all his blood stared death in the face
But God wasn't ready, He gave him more grace.

Aunt had to work hard to help them adjust
To get thru hard times they found were a must
For God has become more dear to them now,
He proved that His love was greater somehow!

It takes good and bad to make life complete,
Nothing's so bitter it can't be made sweet!
Aunt Dot, Uncle Leghmon, hope by now you know
As kinfolk of ours, we sure love you so!

Donna S. Mullis